Chapter 598 - The Iron Cage Fight in the Underground Pub

Bright Moon Palace was located in a rather remote part of the district, like a majority of private clubhouses. From the exterior, it looked like a residence belonging to a powerful official during the Qing Dynasty, in which was sealed off by the historic preservation unit. The place was quiet, secluded, and elegant, with an air of ancient dignity. However, this was just a facade. Stepping inside would reveal that it was dazzling with life and luxury, with passions radiating around the space. 

Although the Chevrolet Suburban Xia Lei was driving looked grand and beautiful, it wasn’t considered a luxury car in the eyes of Bright Moon Palace’s security guard. He blocked off Xia Lei’s Chevrolet Suburban. 

“Sir, we only let VIPs through here. Do you have a VIP card?” The guard was burly, with facial features as tough as nails. He moved towards the driver’s seat as he asked his question. 

“Can’t I just spend money?” Xia Lei asked. 

The security guard shook his head. “No. Please leave now.” 

That last sentence was expressed politely, but there was already a hint of intimidation in his tone of voice. 

Xia Lei furrowed his brow as he reached his hand into the inner pocket of his suit, and fished out a document. He handed it over to the security guard. 

The security guard flipped open the booklet for a look, and was dumbstruck.

The document Xia Lei handed him were credentials from the National Security Bureau, showing his identity as an investigator of the security bureau. Although these documents were fake, they were only fake for Bureau 101, but real for the rest of the world. Whoever dared to ignore its existence would face the consequences. 

Xia Lei extended his hand and spoke offhandedly, “This is my VIP card. Can I go in now?” 

“Sir, this…” The security guard hesitated. 

Xia Lei’s expression, and his eyes instantly turned dark. “I’m here on a case. Whoever stands in the way will be out of luck. Also, if you leak any of this, you’ll be in prison for three years, no matter who your boss is. That’s all I’ve got to say. Open the gate!” 

The security guard shuddered. He handed Xia Lei’s documents back to him, and opened the gate. The rules of the clubhouse were clearly important, but it was not worth it to go to jail for three years in order to defend these rules. Besides, his boss wouldn’t even dare to offend him even if he came over to sort out the situation! 

Xia Lei parked his car in the car park. There were quite a lot of luxury cars there — Lamborghinis, Bugatti Veyrons, and others, each one of them more lavish than the next. His Chevrolet Suburban looked very much like a bodyguard in the sea of billionaires, as if it was on duty to protect the others. 

Xia Lei walked into the entrance lounge of the clubhouse. A sexy young woman in a womens’ suit stepped forward to welcome him. A sweet smile was plastered on her charming face. “Sir, the match is starting soon. Would you like a drink before that? You could also take a look at the contestant profiles, to make it more convenient to make your decision.” 

“Match?” Xia Lei did not know what she was talking about. 

The sexy hostess looked at Xia Lei with a strange expression. “Sir, is this your first time here?” 

“No, I’ve been here before. I’ve been abroad for a very long time and I just came back, so I’m not quite aware of the situation here,” said Xia Lei. 

“I see.” The sexy hostess smiled and said, “It’s a boxing match. The contestants come from all over the world, and they’re all sexy, beautiful women. You can put down a bet, or spend money to have them serve you. They’re willing to do anything for money.” 

“Oh, how fascinating.” Xia Lei pulled out his wallet, and casually took out two 100USD dollar bills. He gave them to the woman. “This is your tip.” 

“Thank you, Sir.” The woman smiled cheerfully. “Sir, I’ll take you to the arena.” 

Xia Lei nodded, and followed the sexy hostess. He asked as he walked, “Right, is my old friend Gu Dinghai here yet?” 

“Mr Gu is your old friend?”

“Of course, our friendship goes back for years. I have overseas business partnerships with him,” said Xia Lei.  

“What a coincidence. He arrived half an hour ago. He’s also at the arena, so you’ll be able to find him very easily.” The woman had a rather favourable impression of this rich young man. She answered whatever questions he had, smiling the entire time. 

The woman guided Xia Lei as they through the main lobby, into a corridor, and finally stepping into one of the lifts down the corridor. They rode it to an underground space. 

It was an underground pub. There were bar counters, chairs and tables, and a catwalk stage similar to the one at Victoria Secret shows. At the end of the catwalk was a massive iron cage. I looked rather out of place in the bar as it was in disharmony with the amorous theme. However, its presence gave the pub an extra dose of violence and uniqueness, easily distinguishing itself from the other bars. 

An Eastern European woman was dancing on the catwalk. It was a simple yet alluring hip twisting dance when the sexy hostess led Xia Lei into the underground pub. She had barely any clothes on her. Her triangular bra and thong just barely covered up the important parts of her body, but because of her swaying dance movements, flashes of her secret, intimate areas could be seen, making for a very sexy viewing. 

“Mr Gu is over there.” The woman raised her arm and pointed over to a corner for Xia Lei. 

Following her finger, Xia Lei spotted a plump, middle-aged man. His facial features somewhat resembled Gu Dinghai. There were also two burly black bodyguards standing behind him, looking like two bears. 

So that was Gu Dinghai. He was looking over at the Eastern European woman on the catwalk with faint interest, clearly unaware that Xia Lei had his sights on him.

“Sir, would you like me to take you there?” The sexy woman was very courteous. She seemed to have many thoughts about this young man who had casually tipped her 200 USD. 

Xia Lei gave a laugh. “No need for that, thank you. I’ll come look you in the lobby if I have the time.” 

The sexy woman pouted and smiled, then winked at Xia Lei with her large eyes outlined with eye shadow. She turned and left.

Of course Xia Lei wouldn’t go to look for her. He had only said it that so that she wouldn’t keep bothering him. 

Xia Lei walked towards Gu Dinghai. Before he got close to Gu Dinghai, however, those two black bear-like bodyguards noticed him and stared warily at Xia Lei.

Xia Lei got closer to Gu Dinghai, and one of the black bodyguards raised his arm, blocking Xia Lei off.

The other black bodyguard spoke in broken Chinese. “Go sit somewhere else.” 

Gu Dinghai noticed Xia Lei then. He paused for a moment, but quickly calmed down as he said indifferently, “It’s fine, let him sit.” 

The black security guard blocking his way finally dropped his arm.

Xia Lei took a seat opposite Gu Dinghai. 

“Mr Xia. Would you like anything to drink?” There was a smile on Gu Dinghai’s face. “Red wine or whiskey? Or how about vodka?”

“You know I’m not here to drink,” said Xia Lei. 

“Oh, if you didn’t come to this bar to drink, then you must be looking for me, right?”

Xia Lei smiled. “I presume that you know why I came looking for you?”

“I know, of course I know. But this isn’t the place to discuss such matters. The match is about to start. Let’s watch the match first,” said Gu Dinghai. 

Xia Lei shut his mouth. This Gu Dinghai seemed to have known from the start that he would come to find him. He wasn’t shocked, he wasn’t nervous; he was calm and collected from start to finish. This showed that some planning in advance had been done, but he couldn’t imagine who his backer was. 

There was the clanging of a gong, and an Asian woman in a bikini came out from the catwalk entrance. 

“Wolf of the jungle——Ma——Li——Wan! She’s a contestant from Thailand, and she started learning Muay Thai in elementary school. She’s the undisputed champion of Thailand. She measures 165cm, and she weighs in at 100 pounds. Her chest, waist, hip measurements are 76cm, 60cm, 80cm!”  The host grew out his words as he announced the competitor.  

The female boxer from Thailand named Maliwani jumped a few times on the catwalk. Her breasts bounced in the air, and jiggled heavily when her feet hit the floor. Her breasts still jiggled after her two feet were planted firmly on the catwalk. She then waved her fist in the air, sending her regards to the audience.

Some applauded for her, and some put a bet on her. 

Manliwan stepped inside the iron cage, swaying her waist and her butt, and stretching out her legs. She only had a bikini on her, and her warm up movements pulled her fabric tight over the area between her legs and her chest, faintly outlining her groin and her nipples. It was extremely seductive. 

The host began the next announcement soon after, once again lengthening his words. “The Red Rose——Broni——Slava! This contestant comes from Russia. She started boxing from elementary school, and she won a glorious bronze medal in the Olympic Games. She measures in at 180cm and weighs in at 130 pounds. Her chest, waist, hip measurements are 81cm, 65cm, 84cm!” 

Bronislava got onto the catwalk stage, and she suddenly swung her leg up high in a straight-up kick as she approached the center. Her jade-like leg was straight in the air, and the muscles of her buttocks were tightened up. The muscles on her legs were clearly outlined too. However, these weren’t the parts which attracted the audience. What attracted their attention was the black bikini she was wearing. It had tightened abruptly around her body because of her movements, and that layer of material hugged her body like a second skin. The form and shape of that area had been outlined to perfection, and was very tempting.

Some applauded for her, and some laid their bet on her. 

This was the world of the rich. These were things that normal people could never think of, but never get the chance to play.

“Mr Xia, aren’t you betting?” Gu Dinghai’s gaze moved from the iron cage to Xia Lei.

“Is there any point in playing like this?” said Xia Lei.

Gu Dinghai scoffed. “Mr Xia, you make so much money, but what’s the point of making money if you don’t use it to play around, hmm?”

“Let’s talk privately.” Xia Lei had already lost his patience.

“The match is about to start,” said Gu Dinghai.

The sound of the gong echoed again, and the two women in the iron cage entered fight mode. Their flirtatious and charming attitudes from before was swept from their faces, and both became fierce and tough boxers. They battled in the iron cage. Fists met flesh, takedowns were executed, arm-locks were done, attacks from behind took place, and move after move was executed, one after the other. The metal cage filled with views of their surging nakedness as the sexiness and bloodiness of the fight blended together, incessantly stimulating the senses of the watching men.

“Mr Xia, I laid down a million-yuan bet on the Russian woman. Do you think I will win?” Gu Dinghai glanced at Xia Lei again.

“You will lose,” said Xia Lei.

Right after he spoke, the Russian boxer in the iron cage, Bronislava, slammed her fist heavily into the Thai boxer, Maliwan. She collapsed in the cage.

The referee blocked Bronislava off, as he started the count on Maliwan. 

“She won quite quickly. Looks like you don’t really have a good eye for this.” The corners of Gu Dinghai’s mouth curled with a hint of disdain. 

Xia Lei gave a laugh. “I already said that I’m not interested in this match. I’m talking about you. You will lose.” 

Gu Dinghai’s gaze turned cold. “Mr Xia, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

Gu Dinghai sneered and said, “I am not my brother. I’m much more cautious than him. Besides, I do legitimate business. What could you possibly do to me?” 

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