Chapter 594 - Power Struggle in the CIA

Washington DC, Langley, CIA Headquarters.

Liang Siyao walked into the lift and was just about to press the ‘close door’ button when a woman suddenly came in. 

Liang Siyao’s gaze went to the woman and she stared blankly when she saw who it was. From what she remembered, this woman had already died in Japan. She didn’t expect that she’d actually appear in front of her, alive, and even riding on the same lift.

Gu Kewen grinned at Liang Siyao. “We meet again, Miss Liang.” 

“You...” Liang Siyao still hadn’t recovered from the shock. She didn’t dare believe her eyes.

“I’m still alive. Are you shocked, Miss Liang?” A meaningful smile hovered on Gu Kewen’s lips. 

“It’s good that you’re alive.” Liang Siyao quickly recovered her calm, and she probed, “What are you doing here?” 

“This is where I work. Am I not allowed to be here?” Gu Kewen replied. 

“How do you even have the authority to come here now? Who gave it to you?” 

“Mr Sean,” said Gu Kewen. “I’m working for him now. Our collaboration ended long ago in Jerusalem, didn’t it? I was lucky that time, and wasn’t killed by you.” 

Liang Siyao’s eyes turned cold. “You’d best think before you talk. Don’t speak like that so happily now or you’ll soon regret it.”

“Hehehe…” Gu Kewen giggled. “Liang Siyao, I was afraid of you before because I was weak and had no choice but to take everything lying down. But now, I don’t have to worry about anything when I speak with you.” 

Her meaning was clear. ‘I am no longer the same Gu Kewen from before. I am not afraid of you now!’

Liang Siyao sneered too. “Strange, why you look just like the previous Gu Kewen to me? Arrogant and bossy. You at least had the basis to act like that before, but what do you have now? You’d better smarten up a bit, or the last of the Gu clan bloodline will be broken.” 

“Are you threatening me?” 

“Think what you like.” 

“Hehe, then I’ll take as a threat. But I don’t care.” Gu Kewen added, “I, Gu Kewen, have returned. You can tell that to Xia Lei. I’m guessing you still have feelings for him, right?” 

“What nonsense are you saying?” Liang Siyao suddenly raised her hand, and swung it down at Gu Kewen’s cheek. 

Gu Kewen drew back immediately, her body nimble as a lynx, and easily avoided Liang Siyao’s slap.

Liang Siyao was filled with astonishment. The current Gu Kewen really was different from before. Not only was she much nimbler, she also seemed far more confident. It made her feel like the previous Gu Kewen had been just a fledgeling, and that the current Gu Kewen was a full-fledged professional fighter!

Gu Kewen’s voice was cold as she said, “I told you I’m different from the old Gu Kewen. No matter who wants my life, they’d better stake their life in return if they want mine. You are no exception, Liang Siyao.” 

“Your skills aren’t bad. Let’s test it out some more since you dare to speak to me like this.” Liang Siyao walked menacingly towards Gu Kewen. 

There wasn’t the slightest bit of fear on Gu Kewen’s face. Her hand moved to her waist, a movement which indicated that she would draw her gun at any time.

Liang Siyao came to a stop, slightly worried about the consequences. 

The atmosphere suddenly turned tense in the lift. 

At this exact moment, the elevator doors opened. 

Liang Siyao took a step back and smiled as she shrugged. “You do have some skill now, but if this is all your confidence is based on, then let me give you a piece of advice. Gu Kewen, you won’t live long.” 

“I also believe in an old adage: those who escape calamity will get good fortune. You and Xia Lei both want my life, but I’m still alive. I’ll settle the score I have with you two, every last bit of it.” Gu Kewen walked out of the lift when she was done speaking. 

Liang Siyao thought, ‘This girl not only lived, but even went to Sean’s team. She definitely has some secret, but what is it? Looks like I really need to tell Xia Lei about this…’

Liang Siyao went through the security checks with a heavy heart, and entered a meeting room. 

There were already quite a few people sitting in the meeting room, including the new director of the Americas, Rampadu, director of the European branch, Sean, director of the African branch, and Oceania’s director, Robert. Add her, the director of Asia, and all the executive officers in the CIA’s intelligence sector were gathered here. 

Apart from the intelligence sector, the CIA also had a supervisory sector as well as an operations sector and technology sector. Amongst all of these, the intelligence sector was the most important. Everyone in the intelligence sector had to have a very strong educational background, concrete military accomplishments and espionage skills. 

Apart from the intelligence sector executives, Liang Siyao also saw Gu Kewen. She was sitting next to Sean. 

This was unusual. This was an executive-only intelligence sector meeting, and Gu Kewen had not right to be here. 

“Miss Liang, we haven’t met for a long time. I haven’t even had the time to give you my congratulations since you were promoted to director of the Asian branch. Do excuse my rudeness.” Sean broke the silence in the meeting room. 

“There’s no need for that,” said Liang Siyao indifferently. 

“Miss Liang, you probably also know about what happened in Germany. Could you tell me what intelligence you’ve gathered on it?” Sean’s tone was questioning. 

“I have not gotten any information on that. If there was something, I would’ve told you,” said Liang Siyao. 

“Huh.” Sean snorted softly, “You were in charge of Asia and you didn’t even know Xia Lei had slunk off back to his home country. Can you be any more neglectful in your work?”

Liang Siyao knew that Xia Lei had already returned to China, but she wanted to delay reporting it to the higher ups. 

Sean spoke up again, “The Germans actually knew that Xia Lei has returned to China more quickly than we did. Aren’t you going to give us an explanation?” 

“What explanation?” Liang Siyao spoke indifferently, “You’re in charge of Europe and I’m in charge of Asia. Since when did you start caring about Asia’s intelligence? Furthermore, the people who you captured actually managed to escape, so shouldn’t you be the one giving explanations? Could you be anymore neglectful in your work?” 

“You—” Sean was furious. 

They had been ambushed by the FA Organisation. The FA Organisation’s free agents had had the advantage of timing and location, plus heavy weapon superiority. He simply had no way to stop them from ruining his operation, and Xia Lei had then been able to take advantage of the chaos to escape. Liang Siyao bringing up this old topic right now brought him shame and anger.  

The meeting room door was pushed open and a bald man walked in. The intelligence sector’s executives all stood up in respect. 

This old man was the CIA’s Chief of Intelligence, William Mussi. 

Apart from being the CIA’s Chief of Intelligence, he was also a Major General of the United States Navy. 

William Mussi wasn’t very tall but the impression of strength and vigour. His stare was also like that of the Bald Eagle in the United States Emblem, which hung on the wall in the meeting room, sharp and ruthless. 

“Take your seats.” William Mussi sat in his chair and went straight to the point. “I’ve gathered you all here today to announce two important things. The first is Liang Siyao. You are discharged from your position as the director of the Asian branch.” 

Liang Siyao was stunned. 

“Your work capability has been called into question. Furthermore, we suspect that you have personal feelings involved in your work, so you are no longer suitable to be in charge of Asia’s intelligence. Administration has already decided that Gu Kewen will take over your position,” said William Mussi.  

Liang Siyao’s gaze went to Gu Kewen. 

Gu Kewen was also looking at Liang Siyao. 

The women’s gazes collided. There was no sound, no sparks, but it was like two sharp blades had clashed. 

A faint, self-satisfied smile appeared in the corners of Gu Kewen’s mouth. 

William Mussi spoke again, “Liang Siyao, would you like to appeal against this decision?” 

Liang Siyao shook her head. “No. Since it’s already been decided, it should be executed.” 

“Stay in the United States for now and wait for your new work arrangements,” said William Mussi. 

“Yes, Sir” said Liang Siyao. 

“Now for the second announcement.” William Mussi continued, “Xia Lei’s XL2500 sniper rifle and Gust assault rifle assembly lines, and the Thunder Dragon Intelligence Lathe in Germany ran into problems and can’t function normally. The Germans are furious and are complaining to us about capturing Xia Lei earlier than scheduled. Germany is our ally and we have a large range of collaborations with each other. We have to find a way to get our hands on the Thunder Horse Military Factory technologies. Gu Kewen, as the new director of CIA Asia, what suggestions do you have for us?” 

Gu Kewen glanced at Liang Siyao, and her voice held a hint of ridicule as she said, “Mr William Mussi, there’s somebody here who is no longer qualified to be here, so why hasn’t she left? I have a plan, but she’s not qualified to listen and could pose a big threat to my operation if she hears it.” 

At that moment, Liang Siyao wanted nothing more than to rush up to Gu Kewen and tear her mouth to pieces!

“Liang Siyao, you can leave now. Do not leave the country during this period of time,” said William Mussi.

“Yes, I understand.” Liang Siyao got up to leave. She gave Gu Kewen a backward glance as she went out the door. 

Gu Kewen gave Liang Siyao a cold smile. 

This time, she was the victor and Liang Siyao was the loser. 

Liang Siyao stepped out of the meeting room, and the door closed automatically behind her. She could no longer hear any of the voices inside. Every room in this area had top grade soundproofing so good that nothing could be heard even if a doctor came with a stethoscope and placed on at the door.

‘Gu Kewen said that she had a plan… that’s probably the reason why William Mussi decided to pick her to replace me, huh? William Mussi’s also going as far as to restrict me from going out of the country. He’s hinting that he’s going to act against me. I can’t wait any longer, I have to see Xia Lei…’ Liang Siyao thought as she walked. 

Gu Kewen stood in the meeting room. “Mr William Mussi, my plan has actually already been put in motion.” 

“Oh?” William Mussi was astonished. “What’s your plan? You say that you’ve already put it in motion but I am not aware of it. What’s this?”

Gu Kewen said, “Mr William Mussi, my father was one of the top businessmen in China. My family is also one of the most influential and powerful families of China, so I have many friends and connections there. My plan relies on these things as a foundation, and is…” 

A smile appeared on William Mussi’s face.

Replacing Liang Siyao with Gu Kewen had truly been a wise decision. 

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