Chapter 589 - Viktor und Viktoria

Three days later.

Rheinmetall AG.

“Boss Barbie seems to have lost her soul. I’m really worried about her,” whispered a machinist in the precision processing workshop.

His colleague looked at Sylvia, who was processing a part at an intelligent lathe, and said, “It might be because of that Chinese guy. To be honest, after working with that Chinese guy for such a long time, I think he is a pretty good guy. He’s the most skilled machinist in China, and an electrical engineer too. I admire him a lot. What a pity that such a great person like him was actually kidnapped by terrorists.”

“You think we would still need to stay and work overtime if those terrorists hadn’t kidnapped Mr Xia? The project would’ve been finished already if Mr Xia were here, but we need to stay overtime in order to complete what was originally Mr Xia’s work. How would we have abilities like him? Let’s hope we don’t make any mistakes.”

“Even if we do make mistakes, it is not our fault. I’m just worried about our Boss Barbie. She seems to like that guy a lot. Ay, that Chinese guy probably doesn’t have much hope of surviving since he fell into the hands of terrorists. She probably won’t be able to see that Chinese guy for the rest of her life.”

“It doesn’t matter if she can’t see him. There’s still me. I can take care of her her whole life.”

“Hey! I’m still here. I should be first in line if any sleeping is to be done with her, aye?”

The two machinists went further and further off topic.

Sylvia finished what she was working on then, and said loudly, “Everyone, put the parts you’ve processed in order. You guys can get off work after you deliver them to the Thunder Dragon Workshop.”

The machinists in the precision processing workshop nimbly sorted the processed parts, classifying and packing them into boxes, then delivering them to the Thunder Dragon Workshop.

The Thunder Dragon Workshop was the new workshop where Xia Lei had built the production lines for the XL2500 sniper rifle, the Gust assault rifle, and the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. However, the name ‘Thunder Dragon’ was only picked by Rheinmetall AG after Xia Lei had been “kidnapped”.

Sylvia also packed the precision-processed parts she had completed and brought the box to the Thunder Dragon Workshop.

Mark Armin was talking with a few of Rheinmetall AG’s elite electrical engineers in the Thunder Dragon Workshop when he saw Sylvia walk in. Mark Armin waved at her and said, “Sylvia, come over here for a bit.”

Sylvia placed the box with the parts on the ground, then walked over. “What is it, Mr Mark Armin?”

Mark Amin did not talk about it immediately. Instead, he let the elite engineers leave before he began talking. “Xia Lei has been kidnapped. This matter…”

Sylvia scoffed. “Mr Mark Armin, I was present that day too. I know full well whether Mr Xia was kidnapped or not. Stop talking like this. I’ve already done the media interview and spoke of it according to what you guys prepared for me. What more do you want me to do? I am lying and my conscience condemns me. Is this not enough?”

Mark Armin laughed. “Miss Sylvia, what you’re doing is not for me, but for the interests of Germany. Politics has always been repulsive and full of lies and cheating.” 

“You called me over to talk about this?”

“Of course not,” said Mark Armin. “Xia Lei isn’t here anymore so you will be in charge of the work he has left. It is your responsibility to complete the XL2500 sniper rifle and the Gust assault rifle production lines, as well as the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. It is very important too. We have paid a high price for this and we need it to generate value.”

“Mr Xia completed most of the work. The rest isn’t that complicated. Those engineers from earlier can complete this,” said Sylvia.

“You have worked with Xia Lei the most. You are also our company’s best machinist. We have evaluated this and it’s best to have you complete the last bit of work. Do not decline this. This is the company’s decision so just carry out the job.” Mark Armin reached over to pat Sylvia’s shoulder, and smiled as he said, “Do a proper job and the company will promote you, and give you an increase in salary.”

Sylvia hesitated, but nodded in the end.

“From now on, you will have the authority to go in and out of this workshop freely, till you complete the work Xia Lei has left. That’s all, then. Goodbye.” Mark Armin left the Thunder Dragon Workshop.

Sylvia stood there still, looking like her mind had wandered off.  

“Boss Barbie.” A machinist smiled as he said, “Congratulations. You have to buy us drinks after the promotion and the salary increase, eh?”

Sylvia gave a laugh but said nothing.

The machinists of the precision processing workshop left the Thunder Dragon Workshop, one after the other. Sylvia took the finished processed parts to the side of the incomplete Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe, then stood there and stared blankly. The Thunder Dragon Workshop was empty but she thought she saw Xia Lei’s silhouette. He was concentrating on his work, occasionally wiping the sweat off his forehead, and smiling at her. 

‘Is this because of my conscience? Remorse? Or do I like him?’ A thought popped into Sylvia’s head. Then, she shook her head and laughed bitterly before leaving the Thunder Dragon Workshop too. 

There wasn’t an unforgettable romance between her and Xia Lei. But… Maybe it was because it was her who had lured Xia Lei to Mark Armin’s house, then lied to the media when they were interviewing her. These weighed on her conscience, condemning herself. Maybe she did like him, a little bit. Which woman wouldn’t like an outstanding man like him? She herself did not know specifically what the reason was for her to have Xia Lei in her heart. 

After leaving Rheinmetall AG, Sylvia drove her car back to her home in Düsseldorf city.

Sylvia opened the door to her home, and reached over to switch the lights on. However, the door was suddenly closed behind her before her hand touched the switch. 

“Who’s there?” Sylvia was instantly anxious, and she turned back to look. 

A hand struck her on her carotid artery in that moment. She groaned, and fell limp in the person’s arms. 

Pop. The lights in the room turned on with a small noise.

If Sylvia could open her eyes now, she would’ve seen that the person she couldn’t stop thinking of for the past few days was in front of her. 

“Sorry about this. You can lie to the whole world for Germany’s interests, so I can also do some things against my conscience for the sake of my motherland’s interests,” said Xia Lei. He carried Sylvia in his arms, and headed to her bedroom. 

Sylvia couldn’t hear his words. She wouldn’t know what had happened clearly even after things were over and she woke up. 

Long Bing and Tang Yuyan had been waiting in Sylvia’s room for Xia Lei to bring her over. 

Long Bing was carrying a black box, and she opened it when Xia Lei put Sylvia on the bed.

The box contained some things which Xia Lei had personally prepared over the past three days. There was the silica gel mixture he used to make human-skin masks. There was also dye and a high-quality wig in the same wavy hairstyle as Sylvia’s, and so on. 

Tang Yuyan took out a tape measure, and took Sylvia’s height. “1.82 metres. She is only three centimetres shorter than you. It’s likely that no one would notice if you wore flats.”

Three centimetres. Adding one more curl to the hair would be enough to make it up. 

“Leave this to me,” said Xia Lei. “We need to leave Germany after tonight’s operation. So Bing, go prepare what you need to.”

Long Bing nodded. “I will go start on the retreat plan right now.”

“Then what should I do?” said Tang Yuyan.

“I need you to take off her clothes, including her underwear. Hm, I also need to know her chest and hip measurements. You must measure it precisely,” said Xia Lei. 

Tang Yuyan’s mouth fell open slightly. “You are even going to include her chest and butt in your disguise?”

“You can make the butt simple, but a woman’s chest is a very attention-grabbing area. Sylvia has a very good figure so many men would look at her chest. The disguise will be seen through if her chest shrank all of a sudden, no matter how well I do her face,” said Xia Lei.

Tang Yuyan shrugged. “Okay.” She suddenly reached over and pulled at the zipper of Sylvia’s work outfit...

Long Bing, who had just walked to the door, glanced back and smiled at Xia Lei. She then disappeared from the doorway without a word.

Tang Yuyan stripped Sylvia rather efficiently and shot Xia Lei a dirty look. “It’s your lucky day, huh?” 

Xia Lei smiled wryly. “Get to work.”

An hour later, Sylvia’s car went back to Rheinmetall AG’s main gates. 

The security guard by the gate smiled and greeted Sylvia, who sat in the driver’s seat. “Miss Sylvia, didn’t you go home? How come you’re back?”

“Working overtime,” said Sylvia lazily. 

The security guard verified the pass, and opened the electronic gate to let Sylvia in. 

The security guard had no idea that the real Sylvia was lying naked on her bed. The woman smiling and talking to him right now was actually a man, and Germany’s agents and America’s CIA were looking for this man all over the world. 

Xia Lei parked the car in the car park and walked towards the Thunder Dragon Workshop.

Two security guards carrying loaded rifles stood in front of the Thunder Dragon Workshop doors. The two security guards stared at Xia Lei’s chest, which had been padded with silica gel, and smirks hovered in the corners of their lips. 

“Miss Sylvia, what are you doing at the workshops at this hour?” asked a security guard. 

“I suddenly remembered that I have a very important bit of work to do. I don’t want to come either, but I have no choice. Mr Mark Armin put me in charge of that Chinese man’s work. I need to be responsible for it,” said Xia Lei. 

“I see.” The other security guard smiled as he said, “We are changing shifts at twelve. Would you be interested in having a drink with us?”

“Sure, no problem. I will probably leave earlier. I’ll wait outside for you guys.” Xia Lei winked at the security guard, then handed him the security clearance document. 

That security just glanced at it, business as usual, before passing it back to Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei put the document away and entered the Thunder Dragon Workshop. 

He spat out a piece of miniature electronic equipment he had in his mouth. The device helped him change the tone of his voice. “I wouldn’t have come here if not for the technology exchange agreement. But you guys want not just my technology — my life too. I must get a bit of justice for myself, right. You guys want the XL2500 sniper rifle and the Gust assault rifle production lines, as well as the Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe? Dream on!” muttered Xia Lei to himself.

He strode towards the incomplete Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. 

He had designed and built everything in this workshop. He knew what he had to destroy in order to ruin everything. This was easy as pie to him. 

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