Chapter 586 - A Way Out

Dark Mona frowned as she stood on the hill. She had shot Xia Lei’s left leg, and by her estimations, his leg had a 90% chance of being crippled, and he had a 70% chance of fainting.  But Xia Lei gone into the grass right under her nose. His quick reaction didn't give her the time to shoot a second time.

Xia Lei had disappeared from the sniper’s lens in the blink of an eye.

“I've wounded your leg. You can’t run away this time, Xia Lei.” Dark Mona put the sniper away and whistled. She yelled, "Kill them all!"

This loud whistle was the signal for an all-in attack.

The FA Organisation free agent operating the multi-barrel mini machine gun had just put on the crawler clip when he heard Dark Mona's yell. In that second, it was as if he were injected with a stimulant — He came out from behind cover and ran down the hill slope in big strides with the machine gun in his arms.

Ptoo ptoo ptoo…

Flashes of fire. As the smoke dispersed, 7.62mm bullets rained down on the German special forces and CIA agents on the road.

The off-road vehicles were spotted with bullet holes one by one. Parts flew. One by one, the German Special Forces and the CIA agents were ripped apart, arms, feet and organs were strewn all over the place. The strong stench of blood filled the air, and no amount of wind blowing cleared the smell.

Dark Mona was the last to rush out as a sniper, but the first to get on the road. She was like a sharp knife, giving the desperately struggling CIA agents and German Special Forces soldiers the last stab.

A German Special Forces soldier leaned against a blasted tyre, breathing heavily. There was a bullet hole in his belly and blood was oozing from it, nonstop.

"Don't… kill me… I surrender…" The German special forces looked pleadingly at Dark Mona, who had appeared before him.

Dark Mona glanced at him. She raised her arm slightly and a ball of fire shot from the modified gun.

Bang! A gunshot rang out and the German Special Forces soldier's head suddenly disappeared.

Dark Mona raised her arm and pointed at the forest opposite the road.

The FA Organisation's free agents followed her instructions and crossed the road to start searching for Xia Lei’s tracks.

Dark Mona walked to a Chevrolet Suburban SUV. She reached out and opened the car door.

Two dead bodies lay in the car.

The two bodies in the Chevrolet Suburban SUV were wedged in the gap between the front and back seat, one above another. The body on top had been shot to a pulp by machine gun bullets. The body underneath was more intact, and only the face was covered in blood.

"Acting dead?" Dark Mona sneered. She took the cigar from the corner of her mouth and blew a puff of smoke at the intact body.

The body showed no signs of movement.

“Did the CIA's acting-dead courses only teach you to wipe blood on your face? If you want to fool me you would need the courage to shoot your own neck, at least.” Dark Mona suddenly grabbed the collar of the body and yanked, pulling it up.

This body was Sean.

Sean opened his eyes. He couldn't act anymore.

His heart had sunk the moment the car door was pulled open. He had successfully hidden from the machine gun and the FA Organisation agents’ search when he hid in the Chevrolet Suburban and covered himself with a dead body, but he wasn't able to hide from Dark Mona.

"Who are you guys?" Sean clamped down on the fear in his heart, and asked.

"We are warriors from ISIS," said Dark Mona. "Kneel down, I'll make it quick for you."

Sean knelt on the ground. "You guys aren't the warriors of ISIS. There is no way they'd come to Germany for battle. The people of ISIS also don't have such good armor. The fighting skills that you have demonstrated isn't something the ISIS warriors can achieve either. You guys are…"

He seemed to have guessed something but he didn't say it out loud.

There was no use in saying it either because the organization that he’d thought of had never left anyone alive to talk.

"Allahu Akbar." Dark Mona raised the modified gun and put it to the back of Sean's head.

Sean closed his eyes. He was trembling.

And at this moment, where life and death hung by a thread, a motorcycle suddenly came zooming in from the side of the off-road vehicle. The motorcycle rider raised an MP5, and the muzzle seemed to lock on to Dark Mona instantly.  

Pew pew pew… 

Dark Mona was shot in her shoulder and lower abdomen. Blood spurted from her body, splattering onto Sean's face.

Dark Mona dove to one side, and rolled twice. She went into the grass.

The rider came screeching to a stop by the road. A woman's voice came from inside the helmet. "Mr Sean, get on, quick!"

Sean snapped back to his senses. He hurriedly stood up and climbed up the backseat of the motorcycle.

The female rider accelerated, and the motorcycle roared and it sped forward.


Dark Mona suddenly stood up from the grass and shot at them. The modified gun's high-impact bullet scraped past the motorcycle and hit the Chevrolet Suburban SUV. The Chevrolet Suburban SUV shook violently, and a huge piece of metal fell off.

The female rider returned fire, and a string of fire shot from the MP5.

Dark Mona lay flat on the ground, dodging the bullets which flew toward her.

The female rider wasn't looking for a fight, and the motorcycle quickly moved out of the battle zone.

"Who are you?" asked Sean. His voice was shaky.

"Gu Kewen," replied the female rider.

"Gu Kewen?"

"I'm a member of the CIA's Asian branch."

"You’ll be one of mine in the future," said Sean.

"Thank you, Chief." Gu Kewen smiled a cold smile under the helmet.

Meanwhile, Dark Mona stood up from the grass. She took off her leather jacket and threw it on the grass. Blood still came from the jacket. It wasn't actually blood, but an oozing blood bag hidden in the jacket.

The director of the CIA's European branch acting dead, and the FA Organisation's top assassin acting like she got shot... This was like some acting competition between the two big agent organisations. 

"I'm coming, Xia Lei." Dark Mona looked at the dense forest in front of her, and gave chase.

A gust of wind blew and the forest swayed. It was as if it were whispering of mercy, persuading the humans who were killing each other to put down their weapons.

"Fuu-- " Xia Lei leapt and jumped over a big fallen tree covered with moss.

A few drops of blood from his left leg spattered onto the tree trunk, bright, red.

Although he had ripped some cloth from his clothing to bandage his wounds, but this sort of treatment could not stop the blood from flowing. If he had more time, he could have found several ways to get the bullet out of his wound and stop the bleeding, but the FA Organisation's free agents wouldn't give him this sort of time.

Time was life. Even a second was precious.

Both his feet landed on the ground, and Xia Lei's body swayed. He almost fell to the ground. The wound on his left leg sent acute pain through his body, causing him to inhale sharply.

Shouting came from behind him, the weird language that he had heard in Japan. He could not understand it, but he could still guess that the one shouting was reporting information of his whereabouts to his comrades. He had fled all the way here, with his blood dripping the entire time. Under these circumstances, they could still find him even if none of them had received special tracking training.

"This can't go on. I can't hang on for much longer. Dark Mona and her people will catch up to me." Xia Lei clenched his jaw and forced himself to endure the terrible pain from his left leg. He kept running.

Although his left leg was injured, it was not easy for the FA Organisation agents to catch up to him. He had only one good leg, but he was still someone who had learnt the Tang Sect's Qinggong. He shifted the centre of gravity of his body to his right leg, and his left leg only touched the ground for a second to maintain his balance. By adding the inertia of movement, he could decrease the pain and damage to a minimum while maintaining a decent running speed.

Two minutes later, Dark Mona appeared in front of the dead tree which Xia Lei had rolled over. She touched her hand to the blood on the wood, then put it in her mouth. She then pointed to the other side of the tree. "The blood’s still warm! He's right ahead. Go after him, quick!"

A group of FA Organisation free agents dashed over.

50 metres ahead was Xia Lei, limping as he ran. He really couldn't last very long. The more blood he lost from his left leg, the worse his stamina. Losing blood affected both the heart and the brain, and this directly affected the function of the bodily organs and the nervous system. These tens of metres felt like a marathon, and he could collapse at any moment.

"He's over there!" Someone suddenly yelled in English behind him.

Bang bang bang...


Gunshots rang out and the silence of the forest was suddenly broken.

Bullets flew through the forest one by one. Tree trunks were hit, and bark and wood were sent flying.

However, it was obvious that the FA Organisation's free agents didn't want to kill Xia Lei. Most of the bullets hit the trees beside Xia Lei. Some went for Xia Lei's leg, but actually landing a shot on a pair of running legs needed great luck.

"Shit!" Xia Lei cursed. He returned fire, squeezing the trigger. The FA agent who had reported his whereabouts suddenly found a bleeding hole between his brows.

The free agents of the FA Organization wanted him alive, but Xia Lei wanted them dead.

If he had an XL2500 sniper rifle in his hands, and 2000 metres between him and the free agents of the FA Organisation, he was confident that he could kill all of Dark Mona's subordinates. However, this was impossible.

Xia Lei had killed one of them in one shot. The people chasing finally slowed down.

Xia Lei gritted his teeth and continued running forward. 30 metres later, he suddenly heard the rushing sound of water. His heart thumped. Using the last of his strength, he sped up and dashed over.

A row of trees were behind him, and a cliff was in front of him. A big river ran from the forest, down wards, forming a waterfall on the broken cliff. Xia Lei stood on the edge of the cliff and looked down. It looked to be 30 metres high. Jumping from this height into the water was very dangerous, but he only hesitated for half a second before jumping own.

Jumping from the cliff was dangerous, but compared to getting captured by the FA Organisation, he would choose jumping from the cliff a thousand times over.

Splash! Xia Lei's body hit the pool under the waterfall like a missile. The great force of the impact almost made him faint. His head felt heavy and he was about to faint, when that miraculous energy reappeared in his brain. His brain suddenly felt very awake and his body seemed to have gained some power.

The feeling was like a machine that had its power suddenly cut off, then suddenly turned on again. It was unbelievable.

The water was cold. Xia Lei's body stopped before he hit the rocky bottom of the pool. Just then, bullets suddenly came down from above his head. The bullets were met with resistance when they came into the water, and they trailed bubbles.

Xia Lei hugged the rock at the bottom of the pool and hid under them.

Bullets rained down, uncountable.

On the cliff, Dark Mona suddenly raised one of her hands. "Stop!"

All of the FA Organisation's agents stopped shooting. They all stared at the waterfall pool, where waves rolled about on the surface, but Xia Lei did not appear from the water. The water flowed rapidly, and no water dyed red from blood could be seen.

It was like Xia Lei had melted in the water; he was nowhere to be found.

The ear-piercing sound of a police siren suddenly came from afar. Some military helicopters also appeared in the sky.

Dark Mona sighed. "Retreat!"

The big group of FA Organisation agents disappeared into the dense forest.

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