Chapter 575 - Who the Hell Is She?

A black car came to a slow stop by the kerb under a block of flats. 

The driver was a middle-aged man. After stopping the car, he got out and walked into a fast food shop by the side of the road.

In the car, Long Bing and Tang Yuyan stared at a special computer monitor. They were following a signal, and that signal represented Xia Lei.

“Bing, what do you think that guy is doing with that little German slut right now?” Tang Yuyan broke the silence in the car.

Long Bing said, “You can just speak your mind. You don’t need to test me for a reaction.”

Tang Yuyan laughed. “I bet that rascal is being intimate with that little German slut right now.”

Long Bing said, “Xia Lei isn’t who you think he is. He isn’t doing this for himself, he’s doing this for Rheinmetall’s technologies. Rheinmetall’s artillery technology is ranked first in the world, and five of the internationally famous tanks, including America’s M1, Germany’s Leopard 2, Merkava IV, Type 90 Kyū-maru, Italy’s C1 Ariete all use Rheinmetall’s smoothbore tank artillery. If he can get Rheinmetall’s artillery technology, Thunder Horse Military Factory will have its own artillery, and that could increase the fighting strength of our country’s main battle tanks and self propelled artillery.”

“He really doesn’t want to stop. He just made the XL2500 sniper rifle and Gust assault rifle and now he wants to start making tanks?” Tang Yuyan sighed as she continued feelingly, “Sometimes I really want to open up his head and see how it works.”

“He is a genius.”

“I have met many geniuses, but all of these geniuses seem like bratty kids who’d just started primary school compared to him.” After a pause, Tang Yuyan added, “Oh, he’s also a pervert on top of being a genius.”

Long Bing didn’t want to continue the conversation. She picked up the headphones used for monitoring and made to put it on to hear Xia Lei and Sylvia’s voices.

Before Long Bing could put them on, Tang Yuyan went ahead and turned on the speaker system.

Xia Lei and Sylvia’s voices came out of the monitoring equipment immediately, and the computer even translated their conversation to Chinese.

“You have so much hair there.” Sylvia’s voice was sweet.

“You have so much hair there too.” Xia Lei’s voice carried a hint of laughter.

The two lines of dialogue which had suddenly come through the speakers made the two women in the car blank out. Long Bing had an awkward expression on her face and a pang in her heart. Tang Yuyan’s reaction was more intense. Her cheeks turned red and her expression became strange.

“You don’t need to use that much force. You broke skin.” Sylvia’s voice.

“Hehe... okay okay. I’ll do it more gently.” Xia Lei’s voice.

In the car, Tang Yuyan couldn’t help but spit out, “Pervert! Slut! They suit each other!”

Long Bing’s lips moved for a moment, as if she wanted to defend Xia Lei, but her heart was thrown into chaos and she didn’t know what to say.

Bang, bang, bang. A pounding sound came from outside the car and these pounds ended the scene at hand. 

“Come in.” Long Bing opened the car door.

The driver appeared at the door, holding two cups of hot coffee and two hamburgers in a paper bag. “Section Chiefs, your dinner.”

“Go guard the downstairs area of the flat. Report back to me immediately if you find any suspicious people,” said Long Bing.

The driver who had opened the door nodded, closed the door, and quickly stepped towards the apartment building.

Xia Lei and Sylvia were plucking a goose in a room on the third floor of the building. They had bought the goose from the supermarket, and it should have been plucked, but the workers at the supermarket had not done a clean job of it. Sylvia, who had planned to make some roasted goose for Xia Lei, proposed that they pluck it again. This was what had led to this misunderstanding. It was inevitable for Long Bing and Tang Yuyan to think of it the wrong way based on their dialogue from just a moment ago.

When they had plucked the goose clean, Sylvia said, “Mr Xia, please wait for a moment. I will put the goose into the oven and then come over to you.”

Xia Lei smiled. “Go on, I’ll wait for you. Oh, can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course you can.” Sylvia went to the kitchen after she spoke.

Xia Lei went into the bathroom to take a look. As he walked, his left eye twitched, awakening his X-ray vision. Sylvia’s home immediately became a place without defences as each and every room, and each and every drawer entered his left eye’s view, one after another. The layout of every room, and every sock, underwear, and piece of underwear in the drawers were all clearly visible, and they appeared in his head,  unable to hide from his sight.

Xia Lei’s eyes suddenly stopped on the innermost room of the hallway when he got to the bathroom door. It was Sylvia’s study. He saw a desk, a very big bookshelf and over a hundred books. His X-ray vision went through the bookshelf, and he immediately spotted a safe.

‘What’s inside that safe?’ Xia Lei couldn’t help guessing at its contents in quiet excitement.

“Mr. Xia, didn’t you want to go to the restroom?” Sylvia’s voice came from behind him.

Xia Lei stopped using his X-ray vision. He calmly turned around and laughed. “You don’t have any cameras installed, do you?” 

Sylvia paused for a moment before bursting into laughter. “Mr Xia, you’re so funny. Why would I install cameras in my own bathroom? Who would I peep at? Myself?”

“Then I’ll take it that there aren’t any.” Xia Lei pushed the door open and walked in.

After several seconds, Sylvia’s voice came from outside the door. “Mr Xia, have you found cameras yet?”

Xia Lei’s head secretly started hurting, and he intentionally made some noises louder.

Footsteps came from outside the door again. Sylvia had entered her room.

Xia Lei left the bathroom. He glanced at the study room that was at the end of the hallway and couldn’t help wanting to go inside to take a look. Safes were special things, and he had to get closer before he could see what was inside. He was far away from it, and to see its contents, he had to look through a wall and a bookshelf, and finally the alloy steel plate on the safe. He could not accomplish that with his current level of ability. 

What could be inside Sylvia’s safe, as the chief machinist of Rheinmetall, in charge of the precision processing workshops? As far as he knew, it definitely wouldn’t be a massive sum of Euros, gold bars, or drugs, and so on.

Even though he really wanted to go take a look in the study, Xia Lei still suppressed the urge. He returned to the living room and sat on the sofa to watch television.

After several minutes, Sylvia came to the living room as well. Her outfit had changed, and she was in soft, tight-fitting pyjamas.

Sylvia stood in front of the liquor cabinet to get some alcohol. Her back was to Xia Lei but she made a motion to get something from her bra. Although it had been a covert motion, it was impossible for her to hide it from Xia Lei.

What had she taken out from her bra?

What was she planning to do?

Xia Lei’s left twitched, awakening his X-ray ability. Before he could see through Sylvia’s body, she turned around and brought two cups of German Schwarzbier over. He looked at the two cups in her hands and found the anomaly very quickly. There was a pill that was still in the process of dissolving in one of the cups.

Xia Lei went on the alert immediately. He said to himself, ‘She’s drugging me. What the hell is her identity?’

Sylvia walked over, and sat on the sofa. Her electrifying hips pressed tightly into Xia Lei’s hips, resulting in some very intimate contact. She gave Xia Lei a cup of beer and laughed as she said, “Try this beer, Mr Xia. It’s the best Schwarzbier in Germany. It’ll definitely be better than the beer that you Chinese people drink.”

However, Xia Lei put the beer on the table. 

“You’re not drinking it?” Doubt and wariness appeared in Sylvia’s eyes.

Xia Lei abruptly reached into her pyjamas and pulled down. He moved one hand up, along her thighs, heading straight to the goal.

“You…” Contrary to expectations, Sylvia got nervous.

Xia Lei kissed her lips, pressing her down on the sofa. Sylvia was forced to put her beer on the table during the process. She couldn’t see it, but Xia Lei’s other hand switched the two cups at lightning speed the moment she put her cup of beer on the table.

Sylvia finally started taking the initiative, and they were really about to do the nasty when Xia Lei suddenly pretended to be nervous. “Oh no, your goose!”

“Why are you still worrying about a goose at a time like this?” Sylvia was gloomy.

“We just plucked so many feathers. Wouldn’t all our efforts be in vain if it overcooks? There’s still some time. We can eat dinner first, then do it,” said Xia Lei with a smile.

“All right, I’ll listen to you, but you have to listen to me too. We have to finish this cup of beer first.” Sylvia picked up the cup of beer from the table.

Xia Lei picked up his cup too and touched his cup to Sylvia’s. “Cheers.”

The two of them finished their beers.

“I’ll go get the roasted goose. Hey, Sweetie? I want to eat a banana after we have the roasted goose.” Sylvia winked at Xia Lei. Whether it was through her words or that enticing expression of hers, she could make men excited, and give them an urge to push her down, and fulfil all their desires. 

However, Xia Lei was still trying to guess at her identity and motive.

If she was only the chief machinist of Rheinmetall, there wasn’t any point in drugging him. But if she was from the CIA or the FA Organisation, then she had a motive to drug him.

Was she Rheinmetall’s chief machinist, or a secret agent planted in the Rheinmetall by the CIA or FA Organisation?

Before Xia Lei could come to a conclusion, Sylvia, who had just stood up, suddenly swayed and fell back onto the sofa.

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