Chapter 566 - Three Woman And A Sofa

And at that moment, the leg under the dining table stretched over again, and kicked him lightly. The previous kick had been with a shoe one, but this time, it was shoeless. He could feel the silkiness of stockings. 

Xia Lei kept upright, and still. He made no outward moves, but his left eye was already at work, looking through the table to catch the owner of that misbehaving leg. 

It was neither Annina nor Long Bing. It was actually Tang Yuyan. 

Her high-heel-less jade-like foot was still raised, and the black lace wrapped her petite foot enticingly, attractively. 

It wasn’t just her foot. The lace hugged her beautiful legs, and because of the position of her questing leg, Xia Lei was able to see a more secret part of her with the help of his left eye. 

He had seen Tang Yuyan’s body more than once — in the changing room in Moscow, and in the small hotel in Jordan. Her body was no secret to him. However, the temptation was very strong every time he saw her like that. 

This woman, Tang Yuyan, was different from Shentu Tianyin, who blew hot and cold. She was different from the ice-cold yet wildly passionate Long Bing. She was not the sort of adorable, submissive woman like Jiang Ruyi. She was like a mischievous little wild cat, difficult to predict and giving a person headaches aplenty. However, once she quieted down, the people who interacted with her would feel like there was something missing. 

Tang Yuyan’s foot came searching again while Xia Lei was absorbed in his thoughts, and rubbed lightly against his calf. She was doing something like this under the table, but acting all normal above, eating ham and drinking red wine. She didn’t forget to praise Annina’s cooking skills either. 

What was she up to? 

Xia Lei knew what she was up to. She was probing, testing for his reaction. Doing something like this under the table and pretending it wasn’t her — she was testing to see if he had a relationship with Long Bing, or with Annina, wasn’t she? If he had no reaction, then she could draw the conclusion that he had an illicit relationship with Long Bing or Annina. Why else wouldn’t he have a reaction when being teased like this? 

He had to admit that she was a smart woman, with a brain full of naughty ideas. 

‘If you’re going to play, then I’ll play with you,’ thought Xia Lei. He cut some ham for Long Bing, put it on her plate and said with a smile, “This meat is quite delicious. Have some more.” 

Long Bing paused, and looked awkwardly at Xia Lei. She found it weird how Xia Lei had specially maintained some distance between them all this while so that Tang Yuyan would not discover their relationship, only to put food on her plate in an intimate way, right in front of Tang Yuyan. Wasn’t this smashing his own foot with a rock? 

Sure enough, before Long Bing could speak, Tang Yuyan laughed and said, “Oh! You two are close, huh? Xia Lei, you put food on Long Bing’s plate but not on mine and Annina’s. What’s the meaning of this?” She thought to herself, ‘Ha! You must have thought it was Long Bing teasing you with her foot, huh? I’ve caught you by the tail now, huh?’ 

Tang Yuyan shuddered as soon as she finished her thought. Another foot had appeared on her thigh — a shoe-less foot. The foot rubbed against her stockings twice, then pinched the flesh of her thigh, and squeezed lightly. She knew full well whose foot it was, because there was only one person sitting opposite her — Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei’s toes released Tang Yuyan’s thigh, but did not stop there. It slid along her inner thigh, deeper. 

Tang Yuyan grew nervous, and her pretty face turned red. She glared at Xia Lei, afraid that his stinky foot would go deeper into her skirt. She would have stopped him long ago if it were just the two of them, but she had Long Bing and Annina on either side of her, so she dared not make a peep, even with Xia Lei’s perverted foot poking at her! 

She had teased Xia Lei first, but he was teasing her now. Looking at the situation now, however, she was obviously at a disadvantage. She had smashed her own foot with a rock. 

The perverted foot was getting closer and closer to that sensitive area. 

Tang Yuyan bit lightly at her cherry lips, and she glared right at Xia Lei. Her eyes were fierce, but there was something else in her gaze, a little watery, and quite complicated. 

That foot did not get close to that place in the end. It moved away. 

Long Bing stood and said, “I’m done eating. You guys enjoy.” 

Annina took her plate and moved away too. “I’ll make up the rooms for you all.” 

Just Xia Lei and Tang Yuyan were left at the dining table. 

Tang Yuyan tore into Xia Lei as soon as Long Bing and Annina were a distance away. “You pervert! How shameless can you be?” 

“I was just about to ask you that. What were you trying to do earlier?” said Xia Lei slowly. 

“I…” Tang Yuyan faltered. Would Xia Lei have disturbed her back if she had not disturbed him first?

Xia Lei gave a laugh. “You don’t have to do this. I am an upright citizen. Long Bing and I are just friends, and it’s up to you to believe it, or not. Okay, enjoy your meal. I’m done.” He picked up his plate and left the table too. 

Tnag Yuyan stared blankly at Xia Lei’s back. After a while, she said, “Pervert. Like I believe you.” 

Liu Zhengnan’s friend arrived an hour later. He was a true-blue German by the name of Sergey. He had a head of blonde hair, and was about the same age as Liu Zhengnan. He wore a wrinkled suit and his shoes were well-shined, but old. 

The first impression this Sergey gave was not that of an architect, but of a struggling university graduate who had no fixed income and lived in a poor, dirty slum. 

“Oh, my friend! I’m glad to see you.” Sergey walked up to Liu Zhengnan and they hugged. 

Liu Zhengnan gave a dry laugh. “What’s up with you, Sergey? You should have dressed more appropriately. My boss is not one who judges people based on appearances, but you should wear a proper suit, at least. You know, my boss is going to be discussing a big project worth millions of euros with you, but you…” 

An embarrassed look appeared on Sergey’s face. “My friend, as you can see, this suit I have on me is one that I have borrowed from someone else.” 

Liu Zhengnan had no words. 

“Take me to meet your boss.” Sergey recovered quickly. “I know that Chinese bosses take appearances more seriously, but… You have to let me try, at least. I could, maybe, move your boss.” 

“Come with me,” said Liu Zhengnan. He paused, and said to Sergey, “Oh, right, I have to warn you that my boss has three women with him now. They’re all sexy and beautiful. Be careful, though. Don’t be disrespectful, and don’t stare. Well, it’s no use even if you stare.” 

He had experienced it himself. Those three women had not even spared him a second glance when he had sat next to Xia Lei. Sergey would have even lower chances.  

“Don’t worry, heh heh. My brain is full of thoughts about the castle now. I will design the most beautiful castle in Europe if your boss gives me the opportunity to do so,” said Sergey. 

“Come on, follow me.” Liu Zhengnan led the way. 

“Why are there so many Special Forces soldiers here?” Sergey had spotted the Special Forces soldiers with guns, guarding the house. 

“Don’t ask. Just do your job and you’ll be fine,” warned Liu Zhengnan. 

“Okay, okay.” Sergey smiled and said, “Your boss sure has style.” 

The Special Forces soldier at the door patted Sergey down, and only let him in when it was confirmed that he did not have any guns or weapons. 

Xia Lei was in the living room, on the sofa, watching a football match. It was Bayern Munich versus Dortmund, and they were playing for the German nationals. Xia Lei was not actually interested in football, and he had only watched football matches because Annina was a Dortmund fan. The three women were watching the match with him, of course, and they were squeezed on one sofa with him. It was rather crowded on this sofa. 

Long Bing was on Xia Lei’s left, and Tang Yuyan was on his right. Their generous hips squeezed him, and this position made him feel rather wedged in. Annina sat next to Long Bing. She took no notice of the situation that Long Bing, Tang Yuyan and Xia Lei were in, because she was such a loyal fan of yellow and black that she had long been absorbed in the game.

Liu Zhengnan led Sergey through the door, and Xia Lei’s gaze moved from the television to Sergey. Liu Zhengnan had not made introductions yet, but Xia Lei had already guessed Sergey’s identity. Sergey’s poor appearance made him worry a little too, since it was quite different from what Liu Zhengnan had described to him.    

“Director Xia, this is Sergey.” Liu Zhengnan made the introduction. 

Xia Lei got up and walked over in welcome. He reached out a hand first to shake with Sergey, and said in German, “Hallo, Herr Sergey.” 

Sergey was very surprised. “Your German is very good, Mr Xia.” His peeked at the three women on the sofa out of the corner of his eye as he spoke. It was as Liu Zhengnan had said. The three women did not even spare him a glance. 

“Let’s go talk in the study, Mr Sergey,” said Xia Lei. 

The three men went to the study. 

“Annina, Xia Lei is having a house built for you. Aren’t you going to see what’s going on?” said Tang Yuyan to Annina. 

“Good shot!” Annina yelled all of a sudden. 

Tang Yuyan looked wordlessly at Long Bing.

“Go if you want to go. Why look at me?” said Long Bing indifferently. 

“No I’m not. It’s not as if he’s buying a place for me.” Tang Yuyan rolled her eyes at Long Bing. 

The three women continued watching the match. 

One hour later, Xia Lei, Liu Zhengnan and Sergey walked out of the study. 

Xia Lei sent Sergey to the door. “That’s decided, then. I will let Zhengnan be in charge of this matter. Money is no object. It’s fine as long as you build the castle I want.” 

“No problem, no problem. Thank you, Mr Xia,” said Sergey politely. He peeked at the three women on the sofa out of the corner of his eye again and was disappointed to find that they had not even glanced at him. 

Having sent Sergey out the door, Xia Lei went back to the sofa, to that same position between Long Bing and Tang Yuyan. The roundness of the two women pressed at him, and it felt quite good. 

“It’s settled. We can go about our business tomorrow,” said Xia Lei. 

The eyes of all three women were focused on Xia Lei. 

Sergey would have had his pride about his manly charm severely hurt if he had witnessed this. 

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