Chapter 562 - Meeting of Old Lovers

No one would be able to believe that Shentu Tianyin and Xia Lei had no plans to go on a honeymoon after their wedding if told so. To ordinary folk, people like Shentu Tianyin and Xia Lei were those who would spend their honeymoon in Hawaii, Las Vegas or Paris or something, somewhere foreign and exotic. The real situation was, however, a honeymoon in Leiyin Home. 

Shentu Tianyin wanted to go somewhere overseas, of course, like Hawaii, Bali, or Las Vegas, but when she took Xia Lei’s other identity into consideration, she had no choice but to give up on her honeymoon plans. 

It wasn’t too bad to have her honeymoon at home anyway. There was no time wasted in travelling, and no need to go to work. She could spend the whole day with Xia Lei, or read, or watch a movie, or have hot, unbridled sex. 

Xia Lei put aside all of his other matters too — Thunder Horse Military Factory, Alloy X Project, the meeting with Liang Siayo. He put all of those aside, and did nothing and thought nothing of them. He did just one thing, and that was to stay by Shentu Tianyin’s side, to be her husband. 

Love was complicated at times, and simple at other times. Eating, sleeping… those were part of love too, and a very real love. 

Time passed quickly, and it was soon the fifth of the first month. 

The sun was up but Xia Lei was still in bed snoozing. In his half-dream, he saw Shentu Tianyin pregnant, and with twins too. Jiang Ruyi and Long Bing were pregnant too, and he was about to become the father of several children. 

Smack! A slender hand landed on Xia Lei’s back. 

“Time to get up, lazybones.” It was Shentu Tianyin’s voice. 

Xia Lei opened his eyes and saw his wife. Shentu Tianyin had a smile on her lips and her eyes were full of tenderness for her husband, who was lazing in bed. She was gentle, refreshing and oh so charming. 

Shentu Tianyin was the domineering chairwoman most of the time to Xia Lei, but the Shentu Tianyin before him now was a gentle wife. 

“Hubby, I’ve made an appointment at a private hospital. Let’s go for a check-up today,” said Shentu Tianyin cautiously. “Um, if you’re not willing to go, then I’ll call and cancel.” 

“No need to cancel. I’ll go with you for the check-up,” said Xia Lei. 

He had to deal with this problem sooner or later anyway, and there was no hiding from it. It was better to let Shentu Tianyin know the result than to run away from it. She had the right to know too, since she was his wife. 

An hour later, Fu Mingmei drove Shentu Tianyin’s Rolls Royce Phantom to a private hospital. This hospital was small but it was well-equipped, and specially catered to the rich. Only a hospital like this would be able to accomodate Shentu Tianyin, and not a public hospital, because the service Shentu Tianyin wanted was to have the entire hospital for her and Xia Lei for the day. Just two “patients”.

Shentu Tianyin called the hospital after she alighted. Fu Mingmei turned to Xia Lei and hissed, “Hey, Son-in-law, you’d better listen to the doctors when you go in there. Take medicine if you have some sort of problem, got it?” 

Xia Lei gave her a look of annoyance. “I’m not a child. There’s no need for you to nag me like this.” 

“I’m just sayin’. I don’t mean to nag, but Old Master wants me to nag. He specifically told me to nag you. Ah, he’s almost crazy with the desire to hold a grandchild in his arms.” 

Xia Lei laughed dryly and said nothing more. He did want Shentu Tianyin to grow round with his child, but things like these couldn’t be rushed. This was also related to AE, so it was useless even if it was found that he could not reproduce, because technology right now could not solve his body’s problem. 

“Let’s go, Hubby. They’re all prepared now. Let’s go in.” Shentu Tianyin put her phone away and gestured at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei walked over and entered the hospital with Shentu Tianyin. 

Shentu Tianyin had actually already done a check-up, but this check-up now was not for her. She had done this in consideration of Xia Lei’s feelings. Men were especially sensitive and felt strongly when it came to matters like these, and their moods could make mysterious changes. 

Shentu Tianyin went into an examination room after they entered the hospital, and Xia Lei went into another. 

They took blood, did scans, and took samples. After all these processes, the professionals in charge of Xia Lei’s “treatment” asked him to lie down on a surgical gurney. 

“Please take off your trousers, Mr Xia. I shall examine you,” said the professional politely. 

Xia Lei was a little embarrassed but he pulled his trousers off in the end. There was no hiding sickness from a doctor, and this doctor was an elderly man too so there was nothing to be embarrassed or avoided. 

“Please wait while I change my gloves.” The professional went elsewhere in the examination room. 

Xia Lei lay on the surgical gurney, his feelings churning. ‘I wonder if this experienced doctor will be able to find the problem with my body. But even if he finds it, there’s no way for them to fix it, right? Would Tianyin be very sad if the results of the examination say that I will never be able to make a woman pregnant? What should I do then?’ 

A sound suddenly came from within the room. 

Xia Lei heard it, but he did not react. He was in no mood to be wondering what that elderly doctor was doing. 

Footsteps drew closer. 

A few seconds later, a female doctor in a white coat and a surgical mask on her face walked around the curtain and appeared by the surgical gurney. 

Xia Lei was surprised to see a female doctor appear all of a sudden. It wasn’t the male doctor! He hurriedly reached his hands out to cover the place between his legs. 

“It’s not as if I haven’t seen it before. What are you covering up for?” said the female doctor. 

This voice, and her eyes, and her figure… Xia Lei realised right away after his initial embarrassment. She was no doctor — she was Liang Siyao. 

True, which part of Xia Lei’s body had Liang Siyao not seen? 

She had taken Xia Lei’s first time, and he had taken hers. There was nothing for Xia Lei to hide from her, given their history. 

But Xia Lei still pulled his trousers on. He did not want to talk to Liang Siyao butt-naked. 

“I said that I would come meet you as long as you’re willing to meet. I’m here,” said Liang Siyao. 

“It’s very dangerous for you to do this. Is it worth it?” said Xia Lei. 

“For you, I would do more dangerous things. This is nothing.” 

“More dangerous things?” 

“Didn’t Uncle Xia tell you? He’d promised me that he would talk to you.” 

Xia Lei stared blankly. “Dad and you… have met?” 

“We didn’t just meet. I helped him out too,” said Liang Siyao. “In Jerusalem. I worked with Uncle Xia for a bit. We could have finished Gu Kewen off then, but she escaped.” 

“Why are you doing this?” 

“I’ve told you that I joined the CIA at a young age, and because of my uncle too. I had no real choice. I got to know you through a mission, and the time I spent with you was the happiest time of my life. I… I did something wrong, but I have received my punishment… Can you forgive me?” Liang Siyao looked at Xia Lei, her eyes filled with sorrow and longing, and a mix of other complicated emotions.

Xia Lei was silent for a bit before he let out a sigh. “Is my forgiveness very important to you?” 

“Of course it is.” 

“Actually…” Xia Lei gave a flat laugh. “What’s the need for me to say it personally? If I hated you, I would have had you arrested back then in Haizhu, when I discovered your identity. I let you go and I didn’t tell Bureau 101 your secret. I cannot hate you. This is all I can do. If you must have me say it, then I will. I forgive you. But what about it? We cannot go back to the time when we were together anymore.” 

Liang Siyao abruptly let out a sob, and dove into Xia Lei’s arms. She held him tight. 

Xia Lei did not push her away, and let her hug him. He could feel the heat of her body, and the temptation too. He was familiar with everything about her. However, he had no other reaction this time. His heart had only pain. 

If Liang Siyao was not one of the CIA, and had not been the one to steal fluids from him, she would probably have been his wife now, and helping him manage his company. But she was in the enemy’s camp right now. 

Liang Siyao’s tears came rolling silently down, dripping on Xia Lei’s shoulder. She had thought of so many things she wanted to say to Xia Lei before meeting him, and even practiced what to say, but she could say nothing now. She held Xia Lei. His body was in her arms, so real, so close physically, but she felt like there was a wall between them. This feeling was breaking her heart. 

“Don’t, Siyao.” Xia Lei broke the silence between them. 

Liang Siyao then let go of Xia Lei. She turned away and used the sleeves of her clothing to wipe at her tears. 

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