Chapter 557 - The Great Occasion

Why would an Arab prince, an ambassador of a foreign country, and a world-class football star turn up to attend the marriage of someone who had risen up in the world abruptly? A person with the background of a simple construction worker? This was a question that perplexed all of the guests of the bride.

This question wasn’t really that complicated. It was before their eyes — Xia Lei. Xia Lei was the answer.

Xia Lei had established Thunder Horse Military Factory and developed the world-famous XL2500 sniper rifle and Gust assault rifle. There was a high demand for these two types of weapons in the Middle East and South America, and part of this stemmed from how Europe and America suppressed the Middle East and South America. Take Argentina, for example. After Argentina and England battled on the Falkland Islands, it became impossible for them to gain advanced weapons from Europe and America. Thus, Argentina became China’s friend, and the two countries collaborated extensively in economic and military affairs. Argentina needed China’s weapons and Xia Lei’s Thunder Horse Military Factory was an eye-catching dark horse of China’s arms industry. It wasn’t surprising at all to have Argentina’s ambassador attending the wedding with these circumstances.

In fact, Xia Lei didn’t actually recognise all of the honored guests who had come to congratulate him. He had only sent invitation cards based on the client connections Thunder Horse Military Factory had. He had sent out these invitations, the other parties responded, and they all actually came. Brazil, in particular, had not only sent their ambassador, but specially got Brazil’s international football star, Neymar, to come to his wedding. Xia Lei didn’t even know Neymar. The fact that the other party had done this expressed their sincerity and also spoke of their wish to collaborate with him.

This was Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin’s wedding, but it also doubled as a friendly get-together for Xia Lei to expand his social circle and build connections in actuality.

Xia Lei was in his moment, shining. No one dared to mention that he had his beginnings as a construction worker, and no one mocked or ridiculed him for being undeserving of Shentu Tianyin. As a matter of fact, Shentu Tianyin was only playing a supporting role to Xia Lei. She couldn’t shadow the brilliant light that was Xia Lei. The wealthiest woman in China was already reduced to a supporting role, so how could the guests on the bride’s side dare to belittle him?

In fact, a lot of people were already thinking about Shentu Tianyin’s insight. How could the man she took a fancy to and the man she wanted to marry be a mediocre person?

Shentu Tianyin wanted the most excellent man in this world, and there was only one man who could satisfy her conditions — Xia Lei.

In the past, every one of the men who had pursued Shentu Tianyin had been extremely talented or the elite of the elite. There was Gu Kewu of the Gu clan and Ahn Suhyeong from Korea —  these two had all the money, good looks, high education, power and connections one could want. They had whatever a woman could ever desire, but they never caught Shentu Tianyin’s eye. She had fallen for Xia Lei, and Xia Lei only. Gu Kewu and Ahn Suhyeong had already sunk into the deep river of time, but Xia Lei continued to increase his standing constantly. Who had the guts to question Shentu Tianyin’s insight on men right now, in the face of Xia Lei’s success?

“That punk…” In bride’s guests area, Ren Wenqiang wanted to say something that mocked Xia Lei, but he swallowed those words. The only thing left in his heart was admiration and jealousy, and an admiration he wouldn’t admit to himself.

He had appeared between Xia Lei and Ning Jing in the past, when Xia Lei was still an entrepreneur, and used his favourable standing to gain Ning Jing’s parents’s favour. Right now, however, Xia Lei was already at a place where Ren Wenqiang had to look up to see him. He was only a high official who worked for others, so what right did he have to mock Xia Lei?

Xu Lang felt the same way as Ren Wenqiang. He had looked down on Xia Lei and fought with Xia Lei. He could be considered a rival back then, but he didn’t even have the qualifications to be Xia Lei’s rival now.

Right when all the guests were thinking that this was the very pinnacle of the event, a huge group of people came down the red carpet. The MC hadn’t dared to announce them because agents dressed in black suits and in-ear headsets from Bureau 101 had already made him leave. It was because the people coming down the red carpet was a group of military figures, as well as some people from the Equipment Department. Ling Han and Shi Boren were also in the group. These people had come to attend Xia Lei’s wedding, and they didn’t want their identities to be announced.

Long Bing and Tang Yuyan were also part of the group.

The two women had completely different styles.

Long Bing was wearing a black women’s suit which had been specially tailored so that it brought out her lithe and graceful curves. The areas which were supposed to be well-rounded were ample and well developed, and her slender areas were slim and soft. When coupled with her chilly temperament, she gave people a feeling of danger and distance, but her sexiness enticed people, making them want to approach and conquer her.

Tang Yuyan was wearing her favorite navy blue cheongsam. She had big breasts, long legs and a perky butt which was firm and well-rounded. With her delicate and beautiful face, she seemed like a rich young lady who had transmigrated from the Republican era. She was a sexy and beautiful person if one just looked at her, and her aura was noble and impressive. The sexiness and nobleness of her were perfectly fused to form a mature and attractive charm. If one were to really pick at her noble roots, then the blood of the Tang flowing through her veins was the truest of true of the ancient noble bloodlines. This sort of ancient noble bloodline was not something people of modern times buy or affect with just money.

Xia Lei was very happy when Ling Han, Shi Boren and the big military figures entered his line of sight. He was actually happy to see Long Bing too, but he was afraid that the smart Shentu Tianyin would sense something fishy if she and Shentu Tianyin interacted. It was when he saw Tang Yuyan that his head suddenly began to ache dully.

But she was already here — he couldn’t tell her that she wasn’t welcome here, could he?

Xia Lei braced himself and went up to them, smiling and greeting, “Brother Ling, welcome, welcome. Hello, Boss Shi. Hello, senior officials...”

Shentu Tianyin stayed next to Xia Lei, smiling and greeting these esteemed guests. These people were true VIPs, and she would have had a hard time meeting them, or even befriending them if it wasn’t for her husband, Xia Lei. She had to be careful and polite too, and not slight them in the slightest when interacting with them. 

Shentu Tianyin occasionally appraised Long Bing and Tang Yuyan out of the corners of her eyes as she greeted and interacted with the honored guests.

“Xia Bro, today is your special day. Come over to drink with us later,” said Ling Han with a smile.

“Of course, of course. I’ll drink more for my Brother Ling, and all the senior officials,” said Xia Lei politely.

The people from the Equipment Department and the military figures shook hands with Xia Lei and exchanged some typical greetings, conversing happily. There was no reason to dislike a Chinese fellow who had made the entire world develop a whole new level of respect for Chinese manufacturing, and made the Chinese military proud. In fact, they were very willing to honour him. This was also why they had turned up uninvited. Xia Lei hadn’t even given them invitations but they had come anyway.

“Boy.” Shi Boren’s huge olympic-sized discus-hand, landed on Xia Lei’s shoulder as he chuckled. “Now that you have your own family, you’d better still have guts. There are some things waiting for you still.”

Xia Lei knew what he was talking about and he gave a laugh. “Don’t worry, Boss Shi. I’ll have a good drink with you later.”

Shi Boren suddenly moved next to Xia Lei’s ear and whispered so that Shentu Tianyin couldn’t hear what he was saying. “Boy, don’t arrange to go on a honeymoon or anything. Germany has sent news that their engineering team is coming soon. You should also start preparing to go to Germany. Oh yes, bring Tang Yuyan along this time.”


“Do me this honour.”

Xia Lei braced himself and nodded. Shi Boren’s honour was made of iron — How could he not honour him?

He did him this favour, but Xia Lei didn’t even want to imagine what would happen afterwards. What he could foresee, though, was that he would have to prepare some headache medicine for the trip to Germany…

Xia Lei subconsciously glanced at Tang Yuyan after agreeing to Shi Boren’s request.

And what a coincidence — Tang Yuyan was also looking straight at Xia Lei.

Their gazes met in the crowd, and there was a strange pause. It was also in that moment that Tang Yuyan suddenly pursed her lips in a smile, and even winked at Xia Lei.

Her expression was filled with mischievousness and provocation. Xia Lei wouldn’t have thought much of it if they were somewhere else, but this was his marriage with Shentu Tianyin, so it became a completely different matter. He avoided Tang Yuyan’s provocative gaze and looked at Shentu Tianyin’s reaction from the corner of his eye. Fortunately, Shentu Tianyin was exchanging pleasantries with Ling Han right then, and had not noticed.

‘How has no man defeated that witch?’ Xia Lei smiled wryly to himself.

After greeting all the important people, Xia Lei pulled Shentu Tianyin away to prepare to leave. He was not prepared to greet Long Bing and Tang Yuyan. Those two women were ticking time bombs to him, and they could blow up without warning. He was trying to avoid them, so there was no way he would approach them on his own. 

“Isn’t that Miss Long and Miss Tang? We should go greet them,” whispered Shentu Tianyin in Xia Lei’s ear.

“Oh…” Xia Lei drew a blank for a second, and he replied awkwardly, “Look at me. I’ve been so busy that I became confused and disoriented. I totally forgot about them. You’re right. We should go say hello.”

Xia Lei said those words, but he let out a stream of curses in his head.

“Oh, um, congratulations on your marriage.” Long Bing became inexplicably nervous when she saw Shentu Tianyin and Xia Lei coming over, hand-in-hand.

“Heh heh.” Tang Yuyan let out a laugh which tinkled like silver bells. “Big Brother Lei, Big Sister Tianyin, you two are a match made in heaven. I give you my blessings!”

Even Long Bing couldn’t help shooting Tang Yuyan a look at her words and reaction to the marriage. Tang Yuyan was actually not starting any trouble today. Had the sun risen from the west?

“Hello, Miss Long and Miss Tang. Thank you for your blessings. There are many people today, so we haven’t been attentive enough to you. Please forgive us.” Shentu Tianyin appeared very polite.

Xia Lei spoke then. “Uh, Miss Long, Miss Tang, why don’t you take a seat? We’ll come over to have a drink with you.”

Long Bing gave a slight nod.

Tang Yuyan smiled as she said, “Of course you have to come drink with us. You have to apologise too. You didn’t even give us an invitation to your wedding, so you have to drink three cups as punishment.”

“I… I actually did send you the invitations. The delivery person must have gotten it wrong and sent the invitation to your old home.” Xia Lei pulled Shentu Tianyin away as he spoke. “All right, all right. Make yourselves comfortable. See you later.”

There was a small glimmer of sadness in Long Bing’s eyes. 

Tang Yuyan pouted. “I don’t know what he’s thinking. What’s so good about Shentu Tianyin? She’s just a dull woman. What does he see in her?” She pulled Long Bing’s hand. “Bing, I actually think that you and Xia Lei make the best well-matched pair.”

Long Bing rolled her eyes at her. “You mean to say that you’re the one who actually suits Xia Lei the most, right? Why drag me into it? We’re just friends.”

“Hmph, you guys are just friends? Do you think I’m a fool?”

“Are you very smart?”

“Do you still remember the time I went to your place, and I found that hair on your vest? I got someone to conduct a DNA test on it, and I got the results today. It’s Xia Lei’s hair from that… area. You adulterous pair. You disgust me.”

Long Bing was speechless.

“You want me to keep it a secret? Don’t try to leave me behind on the Germany trip, then.” Tang Yuyan smiled sweetly. As she looked at the backs of Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin walking hand-in-hand, and a voice said in her head, ‘No one takes away anything that I, Tang Yuyan wants unless I don’t want it. But I want it. What should I do? Hehehe…’

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