Chapter 555 - The Gay Plane Party

The airport was as busy as ever at night. Planes were landing and taking off, people were hurrying to catch their flights, and people leaving the airport, all making a busy, bustling picture. It was like a dream which one could lose himself in.

Jiang Ruyi took Xia Lei to the hall. She wanted to say something to Xia Lei, but she saw Xia Xue, who was next to Xia Lei, and decided that it was inappropriate to speak of it.

Xia Lei said, “Xue, you can go in first. I need to talk to your Sister Ruyi.”

Xia Xue looked at Xia Lei, then looked at Jiang Ruyi and asked curiously, “What are you guys going to talk about? Can’t I listen?”

Xia Lei was her brother, and Jiang Ruyi was her next-door Sister who watched her grow up. She was sort of like a biological older sister. Why couldn’t she as a sister listen when brother and sister were talking? This was probably what she could not understand, and she thought it odd.

Xia Lei felt it troublesome and did not know how to explain it.

Jiang Ruyi cleverly explained, “It’s, it’s, it’s about returning the money. I borrowed money from your brother for my Da’s treatment. I wanted to tell him that I couldn’t pay it back right away.” She added, “This kind of thing, it’s... it’s kind of awkward.”

“So it’s about that. There’s no need to return it — our family has no lack of money. Sister Ruyi, you and aunt and uncle helped us a lot in the past. We should help you too when you guys are in need,” said Xia Xue.

Jiang Ruyi laughed and said, “ How can I do that?”

Xia Xue winked at Jiang Ruyi. “Sister Ruyi, you don’t know what my brother gave my sister-in-law as the bride price, do you? Golden bricks which are worth a billion yuan! My sister-in-law used them to build a gold wall. So, see? The money that you owe isn’t much. You don’t have to return it, really. No need at all.”

Jiang Ruyi’s expression suddenly darkened. She had been looking forward to her wedding with Xia Lei from her teenage years, and had never dreamed of something like receiving a billion in bride price, or a luxurious wedding. She only wanted a normal ceremony with friends to come to celebrate their banquet. That was enough. But now, the man she had waited so long for was going to hold a wedding with another woman. This feeling was not one that was comfortable, not at all. 

Xia Lei glared at Xia Xue.

Xia Xue realized her mistake. Jiang Ruyi had liked her brother since they were children, yet she had just said things about her brother and Shentu Tianyin’s wedding in front of her. Wasn’t this just adding salt to her wound?

“Uh, I’ll… I’ll go first.” Xia Xue felt guilty and finally gave Xia Lei and Jiang Ruyi space to talk.

Jiang Ruyi’s tears started falling as soon as Xia Xue was gone. “Forgive me, I can’t attend your wedding anymore.”

“It’s fine if you want to go, you want to go with me?” said Xia Lei.

Jiang Ruyi smiled wryly, “What would I go for? To cry? A woman as smart as Shentu Tianyin will find out. I would only bring you trouble if I go, so I’d rather not.”

Xia Lei’s heart softened and he reached out to embrace Jiang Ruyi, to comfort her.

But Jiang Ruyi stepped back. “Don’t. There are many people here. We’d both be in the news if someone took a picture.”

Xia Lei froze on the spot. Jiang Ruyi was right. He was a celebrity so there were lots of people following each and every action of his. There were so many people here that it would be difficult to guarantee that no one was taking a picture of him right now. If he were to hug a woman in the waiting lounge, it would definitely go on the news, and there would definitely be some hot gossip in the tabloids.

“Xia Lei, my…” Jiang Ruyi changed the subject and hesitated, “My that-thing came.”

“What?” Xia Lei was confused. 

“My period.” Jiang Ruyi bit her cherry lips. “It was a misunderstanding. I wasn’t pregnant. I’m sorry, I…”

Xia Lei said gently, “Why are you saying sorry to me? You did nothing wrong. There’s nothing wrong with not being pregnant. We’re still young, so you can definitely still get pregnant in the future.”

A smile appeared on Jiang Ruyi’s face at that. “You should get going now. Come find me after your honeymoon with Shentu Tianyin. I’ll wait for you. We’ll definitely have a child, as long as we work hard.”

Xia Lei smiled too.

“Do you want to leave first, or should I?” Jiang Ruyi looked at Xia Lei tenderly.

“Wait for me. I can’t give you a proper status, but I can give you happiness,” said Xia Lei. He then turned and walked towards the VIP aisle.

Jiang Ruyi stood there quietly, watching Xia Lei walk further and further away before he finally disappeared from her sight. Xia Lei’s last words keep echoing in her heart and in this moment, she was happy.

Xia Lei entered and boarded the private-use Boeing 747 which Shentu Ren had him.

The pilot was called Chen Xiao, and he was very young and handsome.

Each one of the crew on the plane was a man, and very handsome. These flight attendants, as well as engineers, were all handpicked by Shentu Ren. Even their salaries were paid by the Vientiane Group.

The Boeing 747 took off from the airport, and flew towards Jingdu.

Haizhu City slowly disappeared from view. Xia Xue took her eyes off the window and said while laughing,  “Brother, your father-in-law sure is worried about you. Look, there are only hot men all on this plane. You won’t be able to sow your wild oats if you’d wanted to.” 

Xia Lei rolled his eyes at her. “You’re getting cheekier, huh. You’re actually making such a joke at your brother’s expense.”

“Brother, are you happy to be marrying Shentu Tianyin?” Xia Xue looked at Xia Lei, and her eyes were questioning.

“Of course I’m happy,” said Xia Lei.

“Then do you like this arrangement?” Xia Xue lowered her voice. “There are so many hotties on this plane that it makes me feel as if I’m on a gay plane party.”

Xia Lei was speechless.

Xia Xue would never have said something like this in the past. In Xia Lei’s eyes, she was a good girl, quiet and elegant, kind and cute. But now, this good girl had grown up and had developed her own views on people and things.

What was happening now was an example. 

Shentu Ren had bought her brother a plane, but arranged to have it staffed by men. This showed that he was afraid that Xia Lei would be seduced by some other woman. Shentu Ren had his basis for worry, of course, but if she looked at it from Xia Lei’s perspective, it took on a different meaning. Her brother was the Father of Rifles of China, the hero of millions of Chinese. Although her brother wasn’t as wealthy as Shentu Tianyin, he was still a billionaire. This sort of arrangement by Shentu Ren tarnished her brother’s honour, and some ill-meaning reporter could write an article about this and use it to mock her brother. 

“I’ve actually always thought that sister Ruyi would be the daughter-in-law of our family. She not only loves you, but she also loves me.” Xia Xue thought of Jiang Ruyi once again as she said that.

Xia Lei smiled wryly. “You wouldn’t understand an adult’s world.”

Xia Xue curled the corner of her mouth. “I’m already 20. I’m still a kid?”

“All right, you’re an adult. But don’t think too deeply about this stuff. Some things are actually very simple, and there’s no need to be too sensitive. Your sister-in-law is a really good person, and her father is also a really good person. We will be a family in the future. As family, we need to get along and try to understand each other.”

“All right, this is your choice. I’m your younger sister, so I will support you, no matter what choice you make. In the future, when I choose my other half, you need to support me as well,” said Xia Xue.

“Huh? You’re in a relationship?” Xia Lei stared at Xia Xue, and felt uneasy. “Who is it?”

Xia Xue laughed. “What kind of expression is that? Don’t worry, I’ve learned my lesson. I won’t be deceived again.”

“Just who is it?” Xia Lei felt anxious and added, “You know what your brother is capable of. Even if you don’t tell me, I will still find out.”

“Okay okay, you win. He’s my senior, and his major is in economics. His hometown is in Sichuan, in the mountains. He has an ordinary family background, but he’s very optimistic and hardworking. He’s got a full scholarship and works two jobs. He pays for his own tuition and living expenses and even sends money home to his family. He’s very capable, right? Hehe.” Xia Xue smiled sweetly. 

“He does sound nice. What’s his name?”

“I can’t tell you right now, or you’d scare him. He doesn’t know my identity yet. I told him that my family is quite poor too,” said Xia Xue.

This was like a realistic version of a romance drama. A girl from a rich family falls in love with a poor boy, but considering his pride, purposefully tells him that she is also from a poor family.

Xia Lei was at a loss. “Just what is his name? If you don’t tell me I’ll get Lu Sheng to go find out.”

“Okay, I give in. He’s called Lu Zijing.”

“Lu Zijing... That’s a nice name. What stage have you guys progressed to?” Xia Lei’s eyes were burning.

“Brother, this is my private matter, can you not ask? Let’s keep talking about your wedding with sister-in-law. Tell her to toss the bouquet to me when it’s time to toss the bouquet.”

“You won’t talk, huh. I’ll let Lu Sheng look into it.”

Xia Xue rolled her eyes at Xia Lei. “Okay, I’ll tell you. We’ve only got to the stage of reading books together and drinking tea. Uh, we’ve seen a few movies as well, but they were all in the school hall.”

Xia Lei finally breathed a sigh of relief. “Hehe, I’m just asking. Do you have his picture? Is he handsome? Let me see.”

Xia Xue took out her phone and showed Xia Lei a picture.

The young man in the photo was cheery and handsome, and he had an unwavering smile. His skin was a little dark, but it was compatible with his robust body. His size and skin tone made him look like a professional athlete. He also had the sincere, honest air of a young farmer-boy, natural and with no pretense at all.

This person was indeed pretty nice.

“Brother, he is about to graduate, and he majors in economics. He could be of help to you. Give him a chance. How about letting him come to your company?” Xia Xue looked expectantly at Xia Lei.

Xia Lei suddenly felt as if he was being tricked. He had been asking his sister for information on Lu Zijing, but he didn’t think that she would use such a request to end the conversation.

Xia Xue curled the corner of her mouth. “If you don’t agree, I’ll follow him to the mountains to rear goats. He said that he’ll start his own business if he can’t find a good job. If he wants to rear goats, then I will rear goats with him.”

Xia Lei sighed. “Ay, a girl will marry away when she is of age. Fine, let him come to my company. I can also test his ability and character. You are a woman of the Xia family, and only the best man is worthy of you.”

But Xia Xue said, “No, I’m not the same as my sister-in-law. I don’t need the world’s best man. I only want a man I love, who loves me, and can give me happiness.”

Xia Lei fell silent.

A question suddenly popped up in his head.

If he had not eaten the AE capsule... If he weren’t as outstanding as he were now, would his wife, Shentu Tianyin, love him without his current achievements? Whether in sickness or in health, for richer or poorer, would she spend her life with him?

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