Chapter 55

Get Outside and I’ll Fight You

“Lei, what are you doing here?” Ning Jing walked up to Xia Lei and Liu Ying, a pleasant smile on her face; she was not hiding the joy in her heart at all.

Xia Lei returned her smile, “I came here with Big Sister Liu.” He followed with an introduction, “This is Liu Ying. Big Sister Liu, this is Ning Jing, she is an archaeologist and very knowledgeable.”

Liu Ying and Ning Jing shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. Liu Ying seemed to be uninterested in mingling with Ning Jing and chatted only briefly before excusing herself, “You two continue your chat. I’m going to look for my friends.”

“Okay, sure.” Xia Lei did not feel it appropriate to go with her when she put it that way.

After Liu Ying walked off, Ning Jing asked, “Who is she?”

“A friend from business. She owns a sports equipment company and I’m her parts supplier now,” said Xia Lei.

“That’s great. I knew you would succeed,” Ning Jing smiled as she said, “I am really happy for you.”

“That’s right, what are you doing here?” said Xia Lei.

“My uncle brought me here. I… I didn’t think that Ren Wen-Qiang would be here too,” said Ning Jing.

Xia Lei quickly understood the situation. Ning Yuan-Shan must have brought Ning Jing to the party partially due to her parents, to create an opportunity for her and Ren Wen-Qiang to interact, and partially because of the wind power plant project that East Wind Heavy Industries was doing with the Shentu clan. It was like killing two birds with one stone, so why not bring Ning Jing?

“Can you accompany me out for a walk?” Ning Jing looked at Xia Lei, “I don’t like the atmosphere here.”

“Sure, let’s go out for a walk.” Xia Lei actually wanted to remain in the hall and get to know more business people but he did not want to refuse Ning Jing her request.

Before Ning Jing and Xia Lei could go, however, Ren Wen-Qiang walked over. Crisp suit, handsome face, eyes full of confidence; Ren Wen-Qiang had an aura of the elite. Xia Lei was not as impressive compared to Ren Wen-Qiang but he had a calm and determination that Ren Wen-Qiang lacked. If you used cars to compare these two men, Ren Wen-Qiang would be a Ferrari racing on the highways while Xia Lei would be a Jeep Wrangler trudging through the Gobi Desert. Different environments, different men and different manly charm.

“Oh, if it isn’t CEO Xia. Why didn’t you come over for a chat since you’re here?” said Ren Wen-Qiang with a smile on his face. He called Xia Lei ‘CEO Xia’ but the seemingly flattering words were full of contempt.

Xia Lei replied indifferently, “There doesn’t seem to be anything we can talk about.”

“What are you doing here?” Ren Wen-Qiang looked at Xia Lei with a provoking gaze.

“There’s no need for me to explain my presence to you, is there?” said Xia Lei.

Ren Wen-Qiang laughed, “Ah, I forgot. You’re here with Liu Ying. Her husband passed away quite recently and you’ve paired up with her already. How impressive. Then again, you do suit each other very well. You are both budding entrepreneurs so you’ll have lots to talk about.”

Xia Lei’s temper flared, “Watch your words. You can take jabs at me but not at Big Sister Liu. She is a woman worthy of respect and not someone you, with a shit-smeared mouth, should be making irresponsible remarks about.”

The smile on Ren Wen-Qiang’s face disappeared. “You, the one surnamed Xia. I don’t know where you get the guts to talk to me like that. I can have you thrown out right now. How can a person of your low status even be here? The people here will be insulted by your commonness!”

Ning Jing could not keep listening to him any longer and spoke angrily, “Wen-Qiang, Lei is my friend. How can you talk to him like that?”

Ren Wen-Qiang sneered, “Some people are not worthy of respect. I’m protecting you. Don’t be conned by someone with ulterior motives.”

“Lei has never lied to me. You’re mistaken.” Ning Jing looked mad. She never had a happy minute whenever she was with Ren Wen-Qiang.

“No need to explain anything to him. Some people think that the world revolves around them and think very highly of themselves. It’s useless to explain anything to him because he will not listen, much less understand you.”

“I think highly of myself? Sure, I do, but I am still better than someone who relies on women to climb up, aren’t I? Can you say that you didn’t sleep with Liu Ying and waited on that widow? Why would she bring you out to this party if you hadn’t?”

Xia Lei suddenly splashed the wine in his hand at Ren Wen-Qiang’s face. Purple-red alcohol blossomed on Ren Wen-Qiang’s face and dripped down to his white shirt. It was very eye-catching.

Ren Wen-Qiang was also quick to react. He threw a punch at almost the same moment that Xia Lei threw the wine at him and the punch connected with Xia Lei’s chest. There was a dull thump and Xia Lei was knocked one step backwards. However, he seemed better off than Ren Wen-Qiang, who cut a sorry figure indeed.

Ren Wen-Qiang was still raring to go but Ning Jing stood in his way, “What are you doing?”

“Get out of the way!” Ren Wen-Qiang said fiercely.

“Go outside. Get outside and I’ll fight you,” said Xia Lei.

All eyes of the guests in the hall were turned towards Ren Wen-Qian, Ning Jing and Xia Lei. Some guests whispered their conversations while others just stared.

“Get outside! I’ll cripple you!” Ren Wen-Qiang was like a beast in a primitive forest in that moment.

Xia Lei sneered, “Don’t think so highly of yourself. So what if you have an eighth-degree black belt in judo? I’m not afraid of you even if you were ninth-degree.”

An eighth-degree black belt was an impressive level and Xia Lei was actually not very confident of beating Ren Wen-Qiang but he had no fear of him at all.

“You two…” Ning Jing was so anxious she teared up and her tears rolled from the corners of her eyes.

At that moment, a tall and big man accompanying a young woman walked over. The entire hall quieted when she appeared.

This young woman was the Gu clan’s second daughter, Gu Ke-Wen. She was tall and well-proportioned, curvy in front and back, and had attractive body lines. Her exquisite facial features were matched with a swan-egg shaped face. She looked like an Eastern Barbie doll, so pretty that it made people think that her face had been photoshopped.

“Miss Gu…” Ren Wen-Qiang looked a little nervous when he saw Gu Ke-Wen, and a trace of guilt crossed his face.

There was no excuse for fighting, whatever the reason, especially in a venue such as this.

Gu Ke-Wen’s eyes flicked from Ren Wen-Qiang to Xia Lei, and she spoke indifferently, “Both of you should leave out of respect for me.”

Nothing less from Jing-Du’s Gu clan’s second daughter. Even words meant to chase people away sounded polite when it came from her lips, making others lose some of their dignity while feeling her imposing and overbearing aura.

“Please, let me explain, Miss Gu,” said Ren Wen-Qiang, his face red. It was as if he were a different person. He was a wolf before Gu Ke-Wen turned up and now he was a little white rabbit.

Gu Ke-Wen did not repeat herself. The bodyguard by her side suddenly stepped forward and stood before Ren Wen-Qiang and Xia Lei like a tower of iron.

Xia Lei turned to leave. He was not going to be as thick-skinned as Ren Wen-Qiang and ask to stay. It was shameful to be kicked out but compared to the time he worked in construction sites where he suffered the cold, rolling eyes of others for the sake of Xia Xue’s education, this was nothing and he could bear this much.

Ning Jing looked at Ren Wen-Qiang and at Xia Lei’s disappearing back. She did not know if she should stay or leave with Xia Lei; she was a woman who lacked assertiveness and courage.

Before Xia Lei walked out of the hall, black-suited bodyguards surrounding a woman walked in. Xia Lei looked at the woman’s face when he was striding out and his steps came to a halt.

The fashionably late woman was the head of the Shentu clan, Shentu Tian-Yin. She was as cool, elegant and unapproachable as always.

Shentu Tian-Yin glanced at Xia Lei, then looked away, going straight towards Gu Ke-Wen. Xia Lei was just like a passing stranger on the streets to her.

Ren Wen-Qiang bent at the waist in a bow, “Greetings, Lady.”

Shentu Tian-Yin barely nodded and said nothing.

Gu Ke-Wen moved to welcome her with a smile on her face, “Big Sister Tian-Yin, why couldn’t you come earlier? I’ve been waiting half an hour for you.”

Shentu Tian-Yin spoke softly, “Company meeting.”

“My brother is waiting for you in the Heavenly Tone Pavilion. I’ll take you there.” Gu Ke-Wen seemed used to the icy demeanor of Shentu Tian-Yin and did not mind it one bit, holding onto Shentu Tian-Yin’s arm intimately as she walked to the inner area of the hall with her.

Shentu Tian-Yin’s name meant ‘heavenly tone’ and the Gu clan’s private club had a Heavenly Tone Pavilion. There had to be some sort of story behind it.

Xia Lei looked away and turned to walk out of the hall. Whatever story it was, it was nothing he should worry about and he was not interested.

Xia Lei remembered that he had come to the party in Liu Ying’s car after he stepped out of the hall. Liu Ying was still inside and he was considering calling her to drive him out of there but changed his mind after thinking about it. He got ready to call Jiang Ru-Yi to get her to come fetch him.

“Sir.” A voice came from behind.

Xia Lei turned to see the bodyguard who had been prepared to throw himself and Ren Wen-Qiang out of the hall. “What is it?” asked Xia Lei.

“You don’t need to leave, sir. Our young miss has instructed me to tell you that you can stay,” said Gu Ke-Wen’s bodyguard.

“Why is this so?” Xia Lei asked, uncomprehending. Gu Ke-Wen’s attitude earlier was completely different.

“I’m sorry, I do not know,” said the bodyguard.

‘Gu Ke-Wen changed her tune as soon as Shentu Tian-Yin arrived. This may have been due to Shentu Tian-Yin. Ren Wen-Qiang did not come out either so that may also be because he is one of her people. Should I stay or should I go?’ thought Xia Lei.

“Please come in, sir,” the bodyguard said politely.

Xia Lei hesitated, undecided.

Just then, Liu Ying appeared in the doorway of the hall. She spotted Xia Lei and waved at him, “Lei, hurry, come here. I’ve discovered something new.”

Xia Lei’s heart thumped and he walked over.

Gu Ke-Wen’s bodyguard also returned to the hall. He was just a messenger and did not care if Xia Lei stayed or left.

As soon as Xia Lei got close, Liu Ying pulled him aside and spoke nervously, “I just received an SMS. Someone is threatening me.”

“Wha-? Who’s threatening you?” Xia Lei was shocked.

“I don’t know. Look.” Liu Ying handed her mobile phone to Xia Lei.

Xia Lei read the message: 10,000,000 yuan for what your husband left behind or there is no guarantee that an accident will not happen to your son.

Flames of anger burst in Xia Lei’s heart after he read the message. “This person is forcing a sale after failing to steal what he wants. He has no regard for the law! Have you made a police report, Big Sister Liu?”

Hesitation was written all over Liu Ying’s face, “Not yet. I thought if I reported this to the police, if they really do something to my son… I…”

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