Chapter 492 - Banquet Queen

Two weeks later, Jingdu International Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

China’s “International Weapons Exhibition” banquet. 

A silver Rolls Royce Phantom came up to the doors of the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, and an elegant young man and an ice queen stepped out from the car. They walked into the Centre. 

“Isn’t that Thunder Horse Military Factory’s Xia Lei?” 

“Isn’t that Vientaine Group’s Shentu Tianyin?” 

“I heard the two of them got married in secret and they’re holding their wedding at the end of the year.” 

“What secret is that? The media covered that already.” 

“These two really look good together. I'm so envious.” 

“Xia Lei can’t be with Shentu Tianyin because of her money, can he?” 

“What are you talking about? Xia Lei made his own money. He became a billionaire in the short time of over two years. Would a guy who’s so capable be gunning for Shentu Tianyin’s money?” 

“I wonder what new weapon Xia Lei will bring out this time. He made waves in Moscow the last time.” 

“A small private business is lucky enough to enter the arms dealing industry. So what if he’s making waves? Xia Lei is just a little monkey who can’t shake the Heavens like the Monkey God, not with Hanwu Weapons and China Industrial Group keeping him down.” 

“You can’t say that. The times are changing. The country’s reforming itself too. I believe Xia Lei can make a name for himself in the arms market.” 

Discussions flowed, and some opinions were good, some bad. 

These whispers were heard by Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin but they did not respond. They treated these words like the wind. Their lives were theirs to lead, not anyone else, so these people could say what they want. 

The wine reception being held in the Centre was luxurious and the space huge. There were already a lot of guests when Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin entered the reception. Some of the guests’ gazes went to them and the situation was the same. People started whispering among themselves, talking about Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin. 

The two of them drew attention wherever they went. 

This was because of Xia Lei’s handsomeness. His sturdy and well-toned body lines, his confidence and this special aura of his drew the attention of all. And Shentu Tianyin’s beauty was unparallelled. She had a great presence and after marrying Xia Lei, she was stained by love and her aura had an added tinge of sexiness to it. Her special status as the wealthiest woman in China also made it impossible for people not to notice her. 

Whether it was looks, poise, or capability, Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin were a perfect match. Their marriage was like a perfect combination and it made everyone envious. 

Of course, there were those who saw this newlywed couple as a thorn in their side too. 

Ye Kun and Mu Jianfeng were examples of people like these. 

“That punk is here.” A smile of distaste appeared in the corners of Ye Kun’s mouth. He was in the corner of the banquet hall. “He’s probably still enjoying the looks he’s getting with Shentu Tianyin, huh? He must be thinking of surprising everyone at the exhibition tomorrow, huh? Humph. What’s waiting for him is a painful lawsuit.” 

Mu Jianfeng held a glass of red wine in his hand and said softly, “Kun, is your team of lawyers prepared?” 

“Of course they are.” Ye Kun laughed. “We’ll just wait for Thunder Horse Military Factory to display their gun at the exhibition tomorrow. I’ll make sure that Xia Lei would have a one-way ticket to hell then.” 

“That’s good. I’ll go talk to an old friend.” Mu Jianfeng walked away from Ye Kun’s corner. 

Ye Xiaoqi brought a glass of orange juice over to Ye Kun. Her voice was gentle, “Have some orange juice, Chairman Ye. It’ll be better for your body afterwards when you drink alcohol.” 

“How thoughtful of you.” Ye Kun reached out to take the glass, and he grasped her little hand as he did so. Her soft hand made him flood with lust as he recalled the exertions of the last night. 

Ye Xiaoqi pretended to be shy. “I’m already yours. Who will care for you if I don’t?” 

“Hm. That Katou Takasuke hasn’t contacted you?” 

A trace of hate appeared in Ye Xiaoqi’s eyes at the mention of Katou Takasuke’s name. “Don’t talk about that bastard. He tricked me. I couldn’t contact him at all.” After a pause, he added, “Don’t be mistaken, Chairman Ye. I only contacted him about company matters. I won’t give him a second look even if he kneels down before me right now. He can’t even compare to a toe of yours.” 

Ye Kun loved hearing that and he smiled as he said, “I told you that Japanese people cannot be trusted. You just be with me and you’ll have a good life.” 

“Yes. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” Ye Xiaoqi blinked flirtatiously at Ye Kun. She had her tricks in dealing with men. 

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to see my rival.” Ye Kun started walking in the direction of Xia Lei and Shentu Tianyin. 

Ye Xiaoqi followed Ye Kun, and her gaze fell on Xia Lei. It was her first time seeing him, but for some reason, she felt like he was familiar. That build… that height… it was similar to Katou Takasuke’s. However, this feeling quickly vanished. The presence of Shentu Tianyin next to Xia Lei was too strong, and Ye Xiaoqi felt like she was being defeated somehow the closer she got to her. She could not look closely at Xia Lei because of this. 

Xia Lei’s gaze fell on Ye Xiaoqi too but he just glanced at her and looked away. He had no feelings for a woman such as her, and he had just used her. There was nothing beyond that. 

“I hope you’ve been well since we last met, Mr Xia.” Ye Kun said pleasant words but a smile of disdain was in the corners of his mouth. 

“Mr Ye.” Xia Lei smiled too as he said, “We’ve known each other for a while now, so we’re sort of friends. I’ll give you a friendly warning. I see your Yintang point is growing dark. It looks like you’re going to have bad luck.” 

“Humph. When did you learn how to do fortune-telling?” Ye Kun scoffed. “But you should be changing your career path. I’ll introduce some customers to you if you open up a fengshui shop. You’ll make money for sure.”  

Xia Lei did not react to the barb and said, “Oh, and Mr Ye, your eyebags are quite puffy. You don’t look so good either. Don’t be too greedy for women now, you hear?” He glanced at Ye Xiaoqi as he spoke. 

Ye Xiaoqi looked away. 

Ye Kun looked at Shentu Tianyin. “Miss Tianyin, look at what your husband is saying. This is a very serious venue.” 

Shentu Tianyin spoke casually, “My husband has always varied his words according to who he’s speaking to. It’s best for you to take his advice.” 

“Heh heh heh.” Ye Kun let out a few laughs. “I’ve said too much. You are Xia Lei’s wife, so why would you listen to my words of kindness? Never mind, Mr Xia. Let’s talk about business.” 

“What would you like to talk about with me?” said Xia Lei. 

“The weapons exhibition will start tomorrow. Our companies are both manufacturing light weapons… I wonder if your company has any weapons to put on exhibition?” said Ye Kun. 

“Why would I tell you?” 

“Heh heh. Still trying to keep it secret from me? It’s all right. I’ll see it tomorrow,” said Ye Kun, “But I’ll have to remind you that you have to keep to your own role when doing business. Don’t copy the designs of others or you’ll get in trouble.” 

“What do you mean by that?” Xia Lei put on a quizzical look. 

“You don’t get it? You’ll see for yourself.” Ye Kun laughed. “You’re still young. You’ll know the meaning of this in time. You don’t have to worry about losing out either. Get some lessons and you’ll get smart.” 

“But I’m afraid that there are those who think they’re all superior and won’t ever learn.” Ye Xiaoqi interjected. She was helping Ye Kun put Xia Lei down. 

Xia Lei did not react. 

Shentu Tianyin, on the other hand, glared at Ye Xiaoqi. “What did you say? Who are you?” 

Ye Xiaoqi dared not respond, and dared not look Shentu Tianyin in the eye. 

“She is my secretary. Is there a problem?” said Ye Kun. 

Shentu Tianyin spoke flatly. “Oh, so you’re his secretary. What a good match. Secretary, a word of advice. It’s best that you think about what you’re going to say before anything comes out of your mouth. You can’t just say anything, especially for people like you. What right do you have to say such things to my husband? What are you to my husband? Nothing.” 

“You…” Ye Xiaoqi was angry but she could not retort. She also lacked the courage to go up against Shentu Tianyin. 

“Enough. What’s the use in bullying a young girl, Shentu Tianyin?” Ye Kun shot back. “Say what you need to say to me. I’d like to see how strong the relationship is between you two as husband and wife.” 

“Don’t get cocky too soon, Ye Kun. There’s an old saying that goes ‘tragedy comes from joy’. Why don’t you try to amass good karma? Be wary of retribution.” 

“Xia Lei, just you wait. You’ll see who sees tragedy.” Ye Kun sneered, and left with Ye Xiaoqi in tow.  

There was no need for this exchange of verbal attacks, whether it was Xia Lei or Ye Kun. Neither of them could be easily toppled by harsh words. The exhibition on the next day was to be the true time to go all out, and today was just a warm-up.

Ye Kun took Ye Xiaoqi with him and Shentu Tianyin smiled. “I couldn’t help imagining what he’d look like earlier when he’s fallen into the trap.”

“Shh.” Xia Lei pulled her hand and squeezed it gently, telling her not to talk about things like this in this venue. 

Shentu Tianyin resumed her ice queen persona and was all lofty again. 

“Xia Lei!” A gruff old voice suddenly came from behind. 

Xia Lei looked back to see the old master of the Tang clan, Tang Yunhai. Tang Yuyan was there too, in a beautifully embroidered blue-white cheongsam. Around her neck was the necklace which Xia Lei had given her. She was a classical beauty, dignified, beautiful and sweet-tempered. She was also a rare good-looker who made eyes light up when looking at her. 

Tang Yuyan would be the most beautiful person to look at if Shentu Tianyin were not attending this banquet. With Shentu Tianyin there, however, she could not surpass her in beauty and become the best-looking at this banquet. 

Shentu Tianyin’s gaze went to the necklace around Tang Yuyan’s neck, and she glanced subconsciously at the necklace around her own neck. However, women with gemstone necklaces at this event were everywhere and she did not suspect anything. Besides, she was sure that the necklace Xia Lei had given her were the most valuable, and the only one of its kind, because it was a treasured item of the last Queen of Jerusalem. 

Xia Lei had sensed a raging headache about to happen when he saw Tang Yunhai, Tang Yuyan and the necklace around her neck. He couldn’t help thinking ‘Why have Old Master Tang and Tang Yuyan come? The Tang clan is not involved in arms dealing, are they? If they’re not, then are they here to cause trouble for me? That’s impossible, right?’ 

His thoughts were a mess of guesses.

Tang Yunhai and Tang Yuyan had come over by then, and right behind them was Mu Jianfeng. 

It was a meeting of enemies on a narrow road!

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