Chapter 491 - Stick and Carrot

Xia Lei became another person in the short span of two minutes. His skin became rough, dark, and pockmarked. He looked like a mean and vicious person.

“How did you…” Shentu Tianyin was so surprised she could not speak.

Xia Lei smiled. “I made this. I can make one for you too if you’d like one.”

Shentu Tianyin shook her head. “No thanks.” 

“I’m going over. Wait here for me.” Xia Lei left the room. 

Shentu Tianyin looked at the screen of the notebook computer. She could not contain the excitement she felt. She had never experienced something like this before and everything was new to her. However, what made her happiest and most touched was that Xia Lei had brought her along to see him carrying out his plan. This proved that he was truly treating her like family and that she had an irreplaceable position in his heart. 

On the screen of the notebook computer, Xia Lei used the card and opened the door. 

Shentu Tianyin watched the screen closely. The video was showing some things which should not be seen but she did not want to look away. She wanted too much to know what Xia Lei was going to do. 

In the other room, Xia Lei scared Zheng Xu with his sudden entrance. Zheng Xu was still naked when he pointed angrily at Xia Lei and roared, “Who are you? Get out!”

Xia Lei rushed forward and grabbed Zheng Xu by the wrist. He wrenched, and Zheng Xu shouted in pain.

Zhang Yingying crawled out from under the covers and slowly started putting her clothes on. 

Shentu Tianyin wrinkled her brows. “How shameless.” 

In the other room, Xia Lei said fiercely, “You! The one surnamed Zheng! You dare touch Big Brother’s woman? Are you sick of living?!” 

“Who’s your Big Brother?” Zheng Xu was scared silly. 

“You’re not qualified to know who my Big Brother is but I can tell you that he is powerful in Jingdu’s underworld and politics. Even Ye Kun has to bow to him.” Xia Lei’s claims were big indeed. 

Zheng Xu looked over at Zhang Yingying. He could not figure out how this woman had become an important person’s woman. 

Zhang Yingying suddenly got to her knees next to Xia Lei and wailed, “Brother Scar, I,I,I was wrong. Please, please don’t tell Big Brother! I’ll die if he finds out!” 

Zheng Xu’s face grew pale; all the blood had drained from it.

“Big Brother already knows. I would not have come here otherwise,” said Xia Lei coldly. 

“What? I’m dead... I’m dead! What do I do? What do I do?” Zheng Yingying was on the verge of collapsing. 

Xia Lei glared fiercely at Zheng Xu. “Speak. Tell me how you want to die. Buried alive? Hacked to death? Strangled? Or shot?” 

“I, I, I…” Zheng Xu was so scared he could not speak. 

“I’ll choose for you. The gun is best.” Xia Lei took out a gun from his waist and pressed its dark muzzle on Zheng Xu’s forehead. 

A warm puddle formed between Zheng Xu’s legs, and the blanket covering him was wet. He was a cowardly man and he had been scared into pissing himself. 

“Well, my Big Brother is willing to let you live.” Xia Lei changed his tone, and even put a faint smile on his face. “And if you do as he says, you’ll get to reap some benefit too.” 

Zheng Xu saw a ray of hope and he grabbed at it like a drowning man grasping at straw. He quickly asked, “Wh,Wh,What does he want me to do?” 

Xia Lei spoke slowly. “My Big Brother also had a request. This person is an important person, so don’t ask. Just do as Big Brother says.” 

“What do you want me to do?” 

“Simple. You’re in charge of the gun testing in Hanwu Weapons. Didn’t you just complete the Shenwu assault rifle testing this week?” 

“Yes.” Zheng Xu calmed a little. “The design of that gun is quite unique but it has a very big flaw. The first and second tests were no problem and it performed very well. The problem appears in the third test. The trajectory is off, the range is halved, and the overall performance of the gun is unstable. Jamming and damage from the recoil of firing appears.” 

“What is your analysis?” 

“This gun cannot be put into production. Problems will occur after firing only a few bullets, and putting it into production would be as good as producing scrap,” said Zheng Xu. 

“When do you plan to tell Ye Kun?” asked Xia Lei. 

“I’d planned on telling him today, but…” He glanced at Zhang Yingying and stuttered, “She said she was pregnant and she wanted to negotiate with my wife. I, I had no time to meet Ye Kun. I planned on settling the problem with her first before meeting with Ye Kun… B, But then you came.” 

Zheng Xu was a man who was afraid of his wife, but he was also a lustful man. In his world, the mistress meeting the wife was a matter which was much more critical than company matters. Xia Lei had investigated this, otherwise he would not have arranged things this way. Everything that was happening was due to his meticulous scheming. 

“Good thing you haven’t told Ye Kun,” said Xia Lei. 

“Ah? Why do you say that?” Zheng Xu did not understand. 

“Big Brother doesn’t want you to tell Ye Kun. And you’ll have to modify the test results of the Shenwu assault rifle. You’re to report that there are no problems with this gun and that it is excellent.” 

“Th, This…” Zheng Xu was troubled. The consequences for this would be dire. 

Xia Lei scoffed. “If you don’t do this, your wife will see the video of you checking into a room with this woman. Your precious daughter won’t want to see you ever again. And Big Brother will send you down to hell.” 

Zheng Xu’s face turned ashen again. His voice trembled as he said, “I can’t do that. I’ll be fired if I do that. And… And I’ll be held accountable. My life afterwards would be ruined.” 

“Big Brother has thought it out for you.” Xia Lei took out a bank card and threw it at Zheng Xu’s face. “There’s 5,000,000 on that card. It’s enough for you to do something else. The code is the last six digits on the back of the card. You can withdraw the money at any time.” 

One side was threat of death by a figure in the underworld and his family being ripped apart, and on the other was 5,000,000. Zheng Xu made his decision after thinking for only a few seconds. “I, I’ll do as you say.” 

Xia Lei smiled. “You’re a smart man. You made the right decision. But I have to warn you – no tricks. Our Big Brother has given you 5,000,000 so you have to do as he instructs or you’ll die.” 

“I won’t play any tricks. I’ve long become weary of Ye Kun. I can just quit and not work at Hanwu Weapons anymore. What can he do to me?” Zheng Xu blabbered. 

“Very good. That’s it, then.” Xia Lei put the gun away, then said to Zhang Yingying. “What are you still doing here? Go kneel to Big Brother and beg for forgiveness!” 

“I, I’ll go right now.” Zhang Yingying crawled to her feet and rushed out the door. 

A minute later, only Zheng Xu was left in the room. He held the card Xia Lei had given him and looked at it for a long while before a smile suddenly appeared in the corners of his lips. 

5,000,000 was a huge sum for a salaried worker. One would have to work his whole life to maybe get that much. Zheng Xu was better off than a lot of the salaried people but 5,000,000 was still a large sum to him. This money seemed to have come down from the heavens for him. 

“I’ll go check the balance. If the number in there is as he’d claimed, I’ll go back to the company and give my report right away!” Zheng Xu left the room too. 

In the other room, Shentu Tianyin hugged Xia Lei, who had just removed his mask. She smiled a dazzling smile. “I didn’t expect you to solve the problem this way. I think it you’ll be a big star if you change career paths and tried being an actor.” 

Xia Lei put his arms around Shentu Tianyin’s slender waist and said gently, “I didn’t know how to do these before. I learnt it all at Bureau 101. Some things cannot ever be accomplished via legal channels. I only did this because I had no other choice.” 

“I understand,” said Shentu Tianyin. “State-owned enterprises occupy the best part of the market. They’re rich and also arrogant. The privately-owned businesses cannot compete with them and get the upper hand at all. You snatched the cake from the hands of Hanwu Weapons and China Industrial Group so they will surely try to take you down and chase you out of their territory. You can only use these sort of methods to protect your own business and rights, to get some justice for yourself. It’s all right. I’ll support you, no matter what you do.” 

Her words touched Xia Lei and he kissed her cherry lips. Shentu Tianyin let out a soft moan, and Xia Lei melted her instantly. Only one man in this world could make Shentu Tianyin this way, and that was Xia Lei. 

Clothing dropped to the floor, piece after piece. A passionate collision of flesh occurred, over and over. 

Half an hour later, everything quieted down. 

“Hubby, a month is almost up. Gu Kewen…” Shentu Tianyin started to say something, then stopped. Her brows were wrinkled with worry. 

“Don’t worry. I’ve already obtained permission. Boss Shi of Bureau 101 is allowing me to take Gu Kewu to Japan,” consoled Xia Lei. 

“You got permission for something like this?” Shentu Tianyin was astonished. 

“I do things for them, so they have to give me something in return,” said Xia Lei. “Anyway, you don’t have to worry about this. Run Vientaine Group well. I’ll help you settle your other matters.” 

“Nn. But I’m still worried about your trip to Japan.” 

“It’s all right. You saw that I can make a very realistic mask. I’ll change my face and go to Japan. No one will recognise me.” 

“But Gu Kewen is not an amateur. You said yourself that she’s one of the CIA now. She must have people helping her. You’ll be in danger.” 

Xia Lei drew close to Shentu Tianyin’s jade ear and said in a low voice, “The higher-ups have given me instructions to kill Gu Kewen and Gu Kewu. I won’t negotiate with her. Plus, I’m not working alone. Bureau 101 will support me.” 

Shentu Tianyin relaxed. She lay peacefully in Xia Lei’s arms, the flush of exertion still not gone from her cheeks. 

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