Chapter 489 - Pinhole Camera

Hanwu Weapons Headquarters Building, Chairman’s office. 

Ye Xiaoqi put a cup of tea she’d spat in on Ye Kun’s desk, then went out of the office to call Katou Takasuke. Unfortunately, Katou’s phone was off and she could not get through. 

‘Why did he turn it off? Even if he is in the UAE, he wouldn’t need to mind the long-distance fees, right? Did something happen to him?’ Ye Xiaoqi’s head was full of guesses, and her mood plummeted. 

A woman like her would never truly fall in love with a man, and what moved her was only Katou Takasuke’s money and what she could get out of him. 

“Ahem.” Ye Kun appeared in the doorway with mockery in the corners of his lips. “What, you boyfriend’s not taking your calls?” 

Ye Xiaoqi paused. She did not look back at Ye Kun but suddenly spoke into her phone. “Katou, the wind storms there are terrible, so take care when you’re out and about. It’s best if you wear a face-mask whenever you go out… Me? I’m doing fine. You’re so sweet for showing me so much care. Mm-hm, I’ll wait for you to come back.” 

Ye Kun paused then. He’d thought that Katou Takasuke had been playing around with Xiaoqi, but the two of them were unexpectedly in a relationship. 

Ye Xiaoqi put her phone down then looked back at Ye Kun. “Is there something you needed, Chairman Ye?” 

Ye Kun gave a laugh. “Nothing. I just wanted to remind you that you can’t rely on Japanese people. If he really is good to you, then it’s no problem to be with him. If he’s just playing with you, however… I’d advise you not to do anything foolish.” 

Ye Xiaoqi was unsettled. “What are you trying to get at, Chairman Ye?” 

Ye Kun scoffed. “You don’t get what I mean? You’re one of the employees of Hanwu Weapons. You’d better watch yourself as long as you’re working here. Don’t be telling outsiders about company matters!” 

“Chairman Ye, you…” Ye Xiaoqi flushed red. She wanted to retort but lost her courage midway. She’d begun to waver then, wondering if Katou Takasuke was only playing with her because he wasn’t taking her calls. Going against Ye Kun would then be the stupidest thing to do. 

Ye Kun spoke coldly, “I would have fired you because of your behaviour yesterday if not for you getting hold of the drawings from Thunder Horse Military Factory.” 

Ye Xiaoqi hurriedly got to her feet and put a smile on her face. “Chairman Ye, I’m a loyal employee. Why else would I have brought Katou Takasuke to Hanwu Weapons to make his order? Furthermore, we are both surnamed Ye. Aren’t we family?” 

Ye Kun’s expression softened a little. He walked towards his desk. “I didn’t sleep so well last night. Give me a massage.” 

‘Pervert!’ Ye Xiaoqi cursed him silently but still put on a pleasing smile. “Nn, it’s my honour to tend to Chairman Ye.” 

Ye Kun sat on the leather chair in the office and laid the backrest down and the chair was turned into a recliner. Ye Xiaoqi stood behind him and reached her hands put to give him a massage. 

The soft kneading of fingers and the fragrance of a woman made Ye Kun comfortable and he was in a good mood. Then he thought of a person – Xia Lei. 

‘That punk must still be dreaming about beating me at the weapons exhibition and taking the huge order from the military, eh? Hahaha… what awaits you is an infringement lawsuit. I’ll laugh as I watch you get ruined’ thought Ye Kun. 

“Feel better now, Chairman Ye?” said Ye Xiaoqi sweetly. 

Ye Kun smiled and reached his hands backwards to grab Ye Xiaoqi’s round buttock. Her rump was soft and firm, and the bounce was astounding. 

“Chairman Ye, you…” Ye Xiaoqi was nervous and she struggled for a bit, but Ye Kun’s hands held her in place like a rope, not letting her leave. 

Ye Kun laughed. “Don’t you know how I feel towards you, Xiaoqi? It’s more beneficial for you to be with me than with that Japanese man. I can give you tangible benefits. That Japanese man is just cheating you, playing with you.” 

Ye Xiaoqi hesitated. 

“Think about it. I can promote you and give you a raise at any time, plus the company’s benefits are going to be allocated soon. I can give you a flat that’s 200 square metres big. That’s worth a few million, you know. Can that Japanese man give you all these? Don’t believe his words. The benefits you can have in your hand is better.” 

“Chairman Ye, I…” Ye Xiaoqi was shaken. Katou Takasuke’s handsome face appeared in her head, but it was overshadowed by a large flat, and an annual salary of over a million, plus subordinates who would do her bidding. 

Ye Kun’s hand slid into her skirt and started wandering about. 

Ye Xiaoqi’s breath grew short and she thought, ‘Ye Kun has a wife and children. He won’t leave them for me. The most he’d do is to keep me and make me his mistress. Katou Takasuke isn’t here either, so why don’t I agree to it first? I’ll get these benefits while I wait for Katou, and if Katou really was just playing with me I don’t lose out either. Why should I put all my eggs in one basket?’ 

At that thought, Ye Xiaoqi stopped resisting the probing hand under her skirt and her attitude changed noticeably. She welcomed his advances though she said the opposite. “Chairman Ye, you can’t do this. No… No, don’t be like this.” 

Ye Kun was an old hand at this. Ye Xiaoqi did not avoid him or move away though she said no, so he knew what she meant. Honestly, he couldn’t wait anymore – he pulled Ye Xiaoqi over to himself, into his arms and kissed and nibbled. 

“No, no. People will see.” Ye Xiaoqi pretended to resist, to reject him, but her body was pleasing Ye Kun, tempting him in the way only women could. 

This was the workplace and Ye Kun did not dare do the deed, no matter how anxious he was for it. However, he also had a place for such things. He stood up and wanted to carry Ye Xiaoqi to the rest lounge, but he floundered after two attempts and dragged her into the room. Throughout the process, Ye Xiaoqi was pushing and pulling, saying she didn’t want it but taking her clothes off and acting like she would do the deed at any time. 

As the two of them rolled about the rest lounge, a pinhole camera hidden in the bookcase in the room recorded everything that was happening. 

Xia Lei had been in this rest lounge yesterday, and he was the owner of this pinhole camera. 

A few minutes later, Ye Kun and Ye Xiaoqi walked out of the rest lounge. Ye Xiaoqi’s face filled with contempt when her back was to Ye Kun. 

Ye Kun, on the other hand, was fairly satisfied and totally comfortable with himself. 

Just at that moment, Mu Jianfeng appeared in the doorway of the office. He looked at Ye Kun, then at Ye Xiaoqi. Ye Kun had not pulled his zipper up and Ye Xiaoqi’s face was still flushed. He seemed to understand what had just happened but he did not react. 

“Why have you come, Teacher?” Ye Kun greeted him. 

“You know why I came. Would you have called if I didn’t come?” said Mu Jianfeng mildly. 

Ye Kun paused. He’d sensed discontent in Mu Jianfeng’s tone of voice and he guessed what Mu Jianfeng had come for. 

“Please leave us for a bit, Miss Ye. I have something I’d like to discuss with your Chairman Ye,” said Mu Jianfeng. 

“Yes, Elder Mu, Chairman Ye. Please take your time. I’ll go out.” Ye Xiaoqi left the office. As she walked, she straightened her short office skirt and the underwear underneath. 

“Let’s talk in the rest lounge, Teacher,” said Ye Kun. 

Mu Jianfeng nodded and followed him in. 

“I know why you’ve come, Teacher. I was just about to call you.” Ye Kun addressed the matter as soon as they entered the room. Speaking about the matter first showed some sincerity, and it would be bad if Mu Jianfeng spoke about it first. 

Mu Jianfeng was curt. “Ye Kun, I single-handedly pulled you up through the ranks to get to this position you have today. You cannot forget your roots. You signed a deal for USD 200,000,000 yesterday selling the Shenwu assault rifle which belongs to us. You didn’t even tell me about something like this. You’re breaking my old heart.” 

“Teacher, what you say is…” Ye Kun looked ashamed. “Teacher, the workday was over by the time I signed the deal with the Japanese man, so I decided to call you today. I was just about to call you when you arrived. It was just a little delay in informing you, wasn’t it?” 

“All right, I believe you.” Mu Jianfeng said evenly, “Tell me, what are you planning to do?” 

Ye Kun thought for a bit and smiled. “It’s best for you to make the decision, Teacher. I’ll do whatever you tell me.” 

“Have you checked that Japanese man’s identity and his company’s background?” asked Mu Jianfeng. 

“I’ve checked. I had someone verify the information yesterday and there are no problems. That Japanese man is named Katou Takasuke, from Hokkaido. He has a registered international trading company in the UAE which deals in arms, oil and the like. His company’s books look good,” said Ye Kun.

“Who is his client?”

“Teacher, as you know, the Middle East is chaotic. Besides, this is his client and his business secret. We can’t find out even if we want to.”

Mu Jianfeng nodded. “It’s good so long as his company and money are good. Looks like you were quite careful. All right, you work on this order. You know what I mean, though.” 

Ye Kun laughed. “Teacher, I won’t forget you. Rest assured. The Shenwu assault rifle is a collaboration between us. It is the product of both our research and development teams working together. The profits will be split as agreed, be it military orders or international orders. Hanwu Weapons 60% and China Industrial 40%. As for credit, you are always far above me, Teacher.” 

This made Mu Jianfeng smile. “That’s good. I did not nurture you for nothing.” After a pause, he suddenly said, “Kun, pull up your zipper.” 

Ye Kun looked down, and his face turned the colour of pig liver. 

Mu Jianfeng spoke slowly. “Kun, it’s okay to play around but don’t let anyone get hands on evidence against you. We are public officials and investigations are strict now. Do not rock the boat.” 

Ye Kun quickly said, “I will be careful, Teacher. It’s just playing around. Nothing will happen.” 

The pinhole camera in the bookcase recorded everything. 

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