Chapter 457 - Protect the Frail Wife

“Mr Ahn, you say that my husband stole your sword. Do you have proof?” Shentu Tianyin said, “If you have no proof then this is libel. I have the right to sue.” 

Ahn Geungan sneered. “Sue me? In Chinese court or in Korean court? Looks like you can only do so in Chinese courts. You are nothing in Korea. You’re just a Chinese woman who is richer than me. And your so-called husband is just a boy toy.” 

“You… Impudence!” Shentu Tianyin could not tolerate someone treating Xia Lei like that. 

Xia Lei pressed a hand on Shentu Tianyin’s shoulder. “No need to get angry over this arrogant person. His aim is to make you angry and make you mess up.” He then looked at Ahn Geungan and said softly, “Ahn Geungan, who do you think you are? You really think you’re the President of South Korea? You’re not the president now but even if you were, you’re just scum to me.” 

Ahn Geungan said angrily, “Xia Lei, you think I cannot touch you? I could put pressure on your government and make them release my son. I can pressure them again now and give you the punishment you deserve!” 

Xia Lei was unaffected. “Sure, go ahead. Call them now.” 

Ahn Geungan wanted to put pressure on the government as part of the South Korean Grand national party? It would work in getting Ahn Suhyeong out of prison but it was pointless to try it on punishing Xia Lei. Xia Lei was charged with the task of researching the ancient alloy, and he was also the owner of China’s dark horse, Thunder Horse Military Factory. If the government punished Xia Lei, it would be equivalent to giving up on the ancient alloy research and the world’s most advanced light weapons. Based on these factors, the Chinese government was not going for prosecute Xia Lei. 

Ahn Geungan was a big figure in South Korean politics but he was not the President of South Korea. To put it plainly, it was enough that China had given him some respect, and he now wanted more? He was inviting more dishonour upon himself!

Ahn Geungan hesitated when Xia Lei told him to make the call. He actually knew that making demands once was overreaching and this second time would be overboard. 

“Don’t want to make the call, or can’t make the call?” A small sneer appeared in the corners of Xia Lei’s lips. “Let me tell you, Ahn Geungan, I am not someone you can take care of easily. You came to China this time to talk about the problem with Era Mobile with my wife. You’re pulling me into this to try to pressure me and force my wife into making concessions. Your little tricks should not be used again; they’re useless.” 

Ahn Geungan’s face darkened. He had come personally to China not just to use Xia Lei to put pressure on Shentu Tianyin, but also to get the Sword of Attila back and his lost pride too. However, so far he had reached not one of his goals but been absolutely pummelled by Xia Lei! 

The atmosphere in the meeting room grew heavy, and the smell of gunpowder seemed to thicken. 

After a short silence, Ahn Geungan said, “My goal is simple. I can withdraw from Era Mobile but my condition for the withdrawal is that Vientaine Group has to pay us 2,000,000,000 on top of the shares in the electronics company in Korea. Additionally, the Sword of Attila has to be returned to its original owner. We can sign the contract if you fulfil these two conditions.” 

“Shinyeok Group has only invested under 800,000,000 in Era Mobile and you’re now asking for 2,000,000,000? Vientaine Group has invested 1,000,000,000 in that eletronics company in Korea and you want to take it all. You really know how to do business, huh. Is this how Koreans so business?” said Shentu Tianyin. 

Ahn Geungan scoffed. “We put our technology and our equipment into the Era Mobile project. You want to swallow it all now, once the production line has been established? Is this how you Chinese do business?” 

They were tit for tat and neither party was willing to give in. 

What had passed earlier was just a prelude. The real negotiations started now. 

“I refuse.” Shentu Tianyin was stubborn. “My best offer is the return of shares in both projects, that’s it. Even so, Shinyeok Group is profiting 200,000,000 from this deal. Do not be too greedy, Ahn Geungan. Do not overstep.” 

Ahn Geungan sneered, “It’s you who wants to gobble up Era Mobile. The compensation I’m asking for is a matter of course. If you don’t fulfil my two conditions then we can go to court over this in China. There is no way you can start production for Era Mobile before a victor has been decided in court. Also, I have the means to make sure you’ll get nothing from your investment in Korea.” 

“It’s just a few billion; nothing much to me. I can just throw Era Mobile away. You people won’t get any profit from it then.” 

“Then what is there to negotiate? You should not have invited me over for talks.” Ahn Geungan looked like he was not going to let things go. “As for your attitude, let me tell you that this is not over with you losing money. I will put pressure on the South Korean parliament to change previous agreements with your country. You shall bear the final consequences of these. It may be a little more difficult for me to deal with your husband since he is a thug but you are much simpler - you are just a normal business-person.” 

“You’re threatening me?” Shentu Tianyin was beside herself with rage but she could not help the trace of fear in her heart. Her opponent was the leader of a large political party in South Korea after all and Ahn Geungan was sure to have connections with the officials on the China side too. If Ahn Geungan really did as he said then she would have no way of bearing the consequences. 

Shentu Tianyin’s gaze turned subconsciously to Xia Lei. She needed her man to step forward most at this moment to help her, protect her. 

Just then, Xia Lei’s phone rang all of a sudden. 

Xia Lei looked at the screen of his phone - it was a number from South Korea. He had a feeling he knew who it was when he saw the country code and he said, “Wait for me, Tianyin. I’m taking this call.” 

Disappointment surfaced in Shentu Tianyin’s eyes but she nodded. “Nn.” 

Xia Lei walked out of the meeting room, phone in hand. 

“Hahaha…” Ahn Geungan laughed. “Tianyin, is this the man you chose? Looks like it’s some woman calling.” 

“Humph! Don’t talk nonsense!” Shentu Tianyin said that but her gaze went to the door. Too bad she couldn’t see Xia Lei. 

“I don’t know how our Suhyeong doesn’t measure up to this punk. He’s a thief, a thug. You will regret this, really. You will never be at peace with him. I know you picked him because he is capable and strong enough. You hope that he will protect you, take care of you - but you are wrong. He is a burden. He can’t even protect himself!” Ahn Geungan knew some insider information, of course, and he had his own opinions. 

Shentu Tianyin did not retort. She was indeed marrying Xia Lei for the reasons Ahn Geungan said but the most important thing was that she loved Xia Lei. If there was no foundation of love, she would not marry Xia Lei even if he were a king.

“I’ve made myself clear enough. The choice is yours. 2,000,000,000 is nothing much to you and it isn’t much to me either. My goal is to get my Sword of Attila back, and Xia Lei’s apology. I would not have set these conditions if he weren’t your husband. So who made him your husband? You chose him, so his problems are your problems. I heard that you were kidnapped once. This is an example.” Ahn Geungan took the opportunity of Xia Lei’s absence to shake the determination of Shentu Tianyin to marry Xia Lei. 

“It’s no use for you to say all these. I love him. By choosing him I am prepared to face all his troubles with him. You can threaten me but I don’t think you will be able to carry out your threat,” said Shentu Tianyin. 

“Heh heh, you’re still such a youngling.” Ahn Geungan said meaningfully, “I’ll be frank. I know a lot of people in the government here in China and we are on good terms. I also know that you acquired a number of assets of the Gu clan after their fall, and that a large number of these assets are government-owned. You paid very little for government assets of high value, and this is no small matter. I can get the evidence from Gu Kewen. Now, what do you think will happen to you if this evidence lands in the hands of someone highly-ranked here?” 

Shentu Tianyin’s expression changed right away. She abruptly remembered Xia Lei’s warnings to not touch the Gu clan assets. She had not listened to his warnings and she was starting to regret it now. 

This was the card Ahn Geungan was playing and Shentu Tianyin had no counter. 

“Be a smart woman. I don’t think much of a few billion, including Era Mobile. I do mind about you. Leave Xia Lei. Our Suhyeong has his heart set on you, and only you can be the next lady of the house of Ahn. Think it over carefully. I will stay in China for one day, and you give me a clear answer after this one day. Before you make your decision, I have to remind you that choosing Xia Lei is the same as choosing extermination. Choose our Suhyeong and you will get peace and prosperity.” Ahn Geungan smiled. 

This seemed to be his true motive. He didn’t care about the projects worth billions. 

Shentu Tianyin was flustered and her fear became more evident. She couldn’t help glancing again at the door to the meeting room. Xia Lei walked in right then. 

Xia Lei returned to Shentu Tianyin’s side and held her waist gently. “Don’t worry. I am your man. No one can threaten you if I’m here, much less harm you.” 

Shentu Tianyin’s tense body relaxed. 

“Haha…” Ahn Geungan laughed. “What is this manly act, Xia Lei? Fighting with me? You’re not qualified to fight me.” 

“Is that right?” Xia Lei smiled. “You use Gu Kewen to threaten my wife - you think you can reach your goal like this? You’re advanced in years but still so immature. I really wonder how you became the leader of the Great National Party. Oh, you have Gu Kewen as a trump card. Not bad, but I have something up my sleeve too. I think you should take a look.” 

“What something?” Ahn Geungan was not impressed. 

“Oh, nothing good. Some things which could land you in prison,” said Xia Lei. 

Ahn Geungan’s expression changed. 

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