Chapter 449 - Hidden Daggers in the New Recruit’s Smile


Over 30 bodies were laid out in the morgue of a hospital. Some of these had died of gunshot wounds, some from an explosion. The ones killed by guns were a little better - at least they were intact. The bodies which had been blasted apart had been picked up in a hurry and were a terrible sight for the eyes. 

Gu Kewen stood in the morgue. She had a mask on but the burnt smell of the bodies was still thick enough to make her frown. 

Goodson’s body lay in a body bag. He was missing a leg which could not be found anymore. His face had been half-burnt away; one eye was missing and half his lips were gone, exposing white teeth. 

Gu Kewen looked emotionlessly at Goodson in a body bag and a cold voice said in her head, ‘You wanted to make use of me and kill me? I, Gu Kewen, am not some chess piece you can just use as you please. I am not your cannon fodder! Look, now you’re dead and I’m still alive and healthy.’ 

Goodson was not able to respond to this provocation. He had died in the explosion in the Israeli residential area and over ten hours had passed since then. From a physiological point of view he was utterly and completely dead. Not one cell in his entire body was alive. 

‘I had people in China and I could get my hands on information you people could not obtain. If you thought I had no more use then you are very wrong. If I had not got the information that Xia Lei had come to Jerusalem this time, would you have known he was here? You couldn’t capture him and you want me to take the blame? In your dreams!’ A sneer appeared in the corners of Gu Kewen’s lips. 

The morgue door was pushed open and a CIA agent walked in. “Miss Gu, the higher-ups have sent someone. This person wants to see you.” 

“Who is it?” Gu Kewen asked reflexively. 

“What are you asking that for? I’m just the messenger. Come with me.” The messenger-agent turned and left. 

Gu Kewen looked at Goodson’s body in the body bag again. “Bye, Mr Goodson. I guess the CIA will appoint me to another position. Just you wait - I will climb up one day. I, Gu Kewen, am a born leader, not a foot soldier. Too bad you didn’t get this into your head, not even till your death.” 

If Goodson could hear her and if he could move, he would probably grab Gu Kewen by the throat and strangle her to death. 

Gu Kewen left the morgue and followed the messenger to the rooftop of the hospital. The messenger-agent didn’t say anything more either, and left after he brought Gu Kewen to the rooftop. 

At the edge of the rooftop stood a tall woman with long legs. She had a pair of beautiful legs in a body ratio of 3:2. Her back was to the stairs and her profile was slender. She stood quietly at the edge of the rooftop, looking in the direction of Jordan. The city’s lights were not enough to illuminate her features but the sight of her back was already vaguely familiar to Gu Kewen. 

Gu Kewen walked over and said in English, “May I know who you…” 

The woman turned around. Pretty features and a superbly sexy body - a real live femme fatale. 

This woman was none other than the woman Xia Lei had seen on Golgotha hill. Liang Siyao. 

Gu Kewen’s expression changed when she saw Liang Siyao’s face clearly. “It’s… you.” 

Liang Siyao spoke softly, “We meet again, Gu Kewen. Surprising, isn’t it?” 

“You’re CIA?” Gu Kewen was astonished. “How is this possible?” 

Liang Siyao scoffed. “If the young lady of the Gu clan can be a CIA agent, then why can’t I be CIA?” 

Gu Kewen shut her mouth. Questions popped up in her head all at once, all related to Xia Lei and Liang Siyao. 

It was normal for her not to know about Liang Siyao’s identity because even Long Bing was not quite sure about her; she’d only suspected her before. 

“Surprised?” Liang Siyao walked up to Gu Kewen and watched her eyes. 

Gu Kewen was surprised but she put on a facade of calm. “It is indeed a surprise. But now I know why you were with Xia Lei back then. What secret does he have that makes it worth it for us to treat him in this way? Killing him is much easier than capturing him live, isn’t it?” said Gu Kewen. 

A chill flashed in Liang Siyao’s eyes but it disappeared quickly and a faint smile appeared on her lips. “How long have you been in the CIA? You’re just a fresh recruit. You think you have the authorisation to know the secret Xia Lei holds?” 

Gu Kewen shook her head. “No, it’s true, I don’t have authorisation. Take it as I’ve asked nothing.” 

“This operation should have succeeded. Unfortunately, you and Goodson screwed up,” said Liang Siyao softly, “The higher-ups sent me to take over. You are under my command from now on.” 

“You’re taking over?” Gu Kewen’s expression changed and her heart filled with worry. 

“Yes. The Director of CIA Asia stands before you,” said Liang Siyao with a smile. 

“Congratulations.” Gu Kewen looked away from Liang Siyao’s gaze. “I will do my tasks well. We will surely capture Xia Lei.” 

“Oh, really? I look forward to your excellent performance,” said Liang Siyao. “America is a free and open-minded country. You can realise your dream if you put effort into it. Looks like your dream is to kill Xia Lei to avenge your father and brother, hm?” 

Gu Kewen was silent, but she checked on Liang Siyao’s expression out of the corner of her eye. 

“The drive for vengeance cannot be underestimated. I believe we will capture Xia Lei with your help,” said Liang Siyao.

“Miss Liang, I’ll tell you honestly that my joining the CIA was forced. Your people kidnapped me. I have no other choice now. Is there anything I can do other than complete my mission? I have no way of going back to China. America is my new home. If you’re testing my loyalty then there’s no need,” said Gu Kewen. 

“Heh heh, of course I trust you to be loyal. You did quite well in this operation. Goodson could not see your value but I can. The Gu clan was one of the elite in China and you have several important resources available to you. Perform well. You can definitely become an irreplaceable asset to the CIA one day,” said Liang Siyao. 

“Thank you. I will work hard.” Gu Kewen seemed humble. 

Liang Siyao spoke again, “I have a small task for you. You can treat this as my test.” She pointed at a building under construction opposite the hospital. “My people have caught a Chinese intelligence officer. Go kill him.” 

“You’re commanding me to kill?” 

“What, you don’t dare to kill?” 

“No. Am I going alone?” asked Gu Kewen. 

“No, I will send an assistant to go with you,” said Liang Siyao. She looked up at the sky. “It’s almost dawn. Move quick. Don’t forget to clean up the scene after you kill that person.” 

“I know what to do. I’ll go right now.” Gu Kewen turned and left. 

Liang Siyao took out a satellite phone after Gu Kewen left and dialled a number. “She’s coming, Uncle Xia. Kill her, and the person I send.” 

A male voice came from over the line. “The debt you owe me is paid. I’ll give you a warning as a gift too. The CIA promoted you to Director of Asia but it’s not a true promotion. They’re using you one last time.” 

Liang Siyao was quiet for a bit before saying, “I know what I should do. Goodbye.” 

In the building under construction opposite, a man put away a satellite phone. He had an unfamiliar face but if he took off his mask and revealed his face, the CIA and FA would be in hot pursuit. He was Xia Changhe. 

“Uncle Xia.” Yelena’s voice came from out of the darkness. “Why did you warn that woman? She’s the person who wants to capture your son.” 

Xia Changhe smiled. “You’ve got to remember that turning an enemy is way more valuable than killing ten of them.” 

“So you want her to work with you?” 

Xia Changhe did not reply. 

“Forget it.” Yelena released the safety on her gun. “That Gu woman is a bad one. Let me kill her.” 

“We have to leave Israel once we’re done here,” said Xia Changhe. “We’re going to Jordan.” 

“You want to meet your son?” 

“No, that’s too dangerous,” said Xia Changhe, “He has two Bureau 101 chiefs with him. We’ll be discovered if we’re not careful. I just want to see him. Maybe he will leave me some hints too.” 

“That woman and the CIA agent are here,” said Yelena.

Xia Changhe stopped talking. A gun with a silencer appeared in his hand. 

Gu Kewen walked out of the doors of the hospital. She looked back up at the rooftop of the building but she did not see Liang Siyao. 

“Let’s go,” urged the CIA agent. 

“Have you been under Liang Siyao’s command for long, sir?” asked Gu Kewen as she walked. 

“Don’t ask me any questions.” The CIA agent’s face was a mask of cold. 

Gu Kewen smiled. “Sorry, I’m a new recruit. I don’t quite know the rules. I’ll repay you if you show me the ropes.” 

“Eh? What sort of repayment are you going to give me?” The CIA agent’s gaze went to Gu Kewen’s breasts. 

“Oh, you’re very handsome so you should know what I mean. Um, hold on. I need to relieve myself over there.” Gu Kewen did not wait for the agent to agree before she tottered into some greenery by the side of the road. She pulled down her skirt over a patch of grass and peed right in front of the agent.

The agent smiled. He knew well what sort of repayment Gu Kewen was talking about. 

“Can you turn around? I can’t pee with you looking like that.” Gu Kewen put on a bashful look. 

“Sorry. You hurry up. Let’s finish this task and I’ll treat you to a drink. How about it?” 

“Of course,” said Gu Kewen with a smile. 

The CIA agent turned his back on her. 

Just as he turned around, Gu Kewen swiftly took out a handgun she had hidden on her inner thigh and aimed at the back of his head. She fired.

Bang! Blood spurted. The CIA agent had been fantasising about Gu Kewen’s lewd spot but his fantasies ended there. 

Gu Kewen pulled up her bottoms and dashed into the trees, disappearing quickly into the night.

It would be daylight soon. Some people would be able to embrace the daylight, while some others sank in darkness. 

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