Chapter 447 - Modifying the Mask

The passageway ended not outside of the Israeli residential area but in a sewer. A functioning sewer. The sewer was filled with thick black sewage which was accompanied by a choking putrid smell, so bad it made one scowl. 

The trio went in the direction of the sewage flow and they moved quickly. Xia Lei looked up once in a while to use his X-ray vision on their surroundings.

Half an hour later, he stopped under a manhole cover. He spotted traces of sewage on the metal ladder, and these traces were still fresh, meaning someone had recently climbed up from here. 

Xia Lei looked up. Above him was a house with a few rooms and a yard. He saw no one, only an off-road vehicle. 

“Let’s go up.” Xia Lei grabbed hold of the ladder and climbed upwards.

“Wait,” said Tang Yuyan. “Do you know what’s up there? If you just climb up like this… What if we get surrounded again? We won’t get a chance to escape.” 

Xia Lei did not explain himself. He reached out and pushed the manhole cover open. 

Light came streaming down into the sewage drain. Long Bing and Tang Yuyan both used their hands to block the light from their eyes. Artificial light and natural light was different, and they needed time to adjust. While they had their eyes covered, Xia Lei’s sexy buttocks went out of their field of vision and up as he climbed up. 

Long Bing and Tang Yuyan climbed up too. Even if there were enemies above, they would not let Xia Lei fight alone. 

The house was as silent as a tomb. 

The doors and windows of the house were tightly shut too, and no human activity was to be seen. 

Xia Lei looked about, then discovered that this place was already outside the Jerusalem Old City. It was an isolated location with no other houses close by. 

Add the traces he’d spotted in the sewage drain just now and Xia Lei was sure that this was his father, Xia Changhe’s safehouse. 

Xia Lei looked up at the sky again and suddenly remembered something. He ran to hide under the eaves of the house, saying, “Don’t stand there. Gu Kewen said that the CIA is using satellites.” 

Tang Yuyan and Long Bing also ran to hide under the eaves of the house. 

Xia Lei pushed a door open. Behind it was a bedroom. There was a bed, a wardrobe and even a dressing table with several pieces of makeup. 

“What the? Whose room is this?” Tang Yuyan’s face reddened, and she sputtered as she spoke. 

Xia Lei looked where she was looking and saw two ‘sticks’ of womanly-pleasuring items, of the transparent silicone variety. 

Long Bing spotted those two items too and she wrinkled her brows. 

Xia Lei laughed all of a sudden and walked over quickly to snatch up the items in his hands, chuckling as he said, “Great stuff. Real great stuff.” 

“Gross.” Tang Yuyan’s face grew redder. “I’ll tell Shentu Tianyin once we get back. I’ll tell her you’re a pervert.” 

Xia Lei went to Tang Yuyan and Long Bing and waved one of the silicone sticks in front of the two women. “I’m going to use this on you two.” 

“Huh?” Tang Yuyan was so shocked she could not close her mouth. 

Long Bing was flabbergasted too. She could not believe that Xia Lei would say such a thing, and right to Tang Yuyan’s face too. 

Did this mean… that he wanted a threesome? 

This was too disgusting… and such greed! 

Xia Lei laughed and said, “What are you thinking? I’m serious.” 

Tang Yuyan suddenly swung a heavy fist at Xia Lei’s heart and Long Bing, too, kicked at the place between Xia Lei’s legs. 

He wanted to enjoy the pleasures of having several partners, and two at once? Beat him up! 

Xia Lei did not retreat. He used the stick-like items to block their attacks, one hand, one leg. 

Tang Yuyan and Long Bing dodged like they were being approached by a demon, afraid to get touched by the evil of the items in Xia Lei’s hands. 

“I’m serious. I’m not kidding,” said Xia Lei. 

“You… You play with Long Bing. I’m not going to do it with you,” said Tang Yuyan with a red face. She cursed him silently for being such an incorrigible pervert. 

Every spot on Long Bing’s face was coloured red, and she could not speak clearly. “D, Don’t even think about it. I don’t use those things.” 

Tang Yuyan looked oddly at Long Bing. Did this mean that Long Bing didn’t want to use fakes… and would do it with Xia Lei if it was the real thing? 

Long Bing suddenly snapped to her senses and said fiercely, “Bastard! That’s not what I mean!” 

Xia Lei shrugged. “What weird things are you two thinking of? I mean I’m going to melt these two items down and change our current appearances. We can drive the car out of here if I do that. Our appearances would have changed and the chances of us being discovered would be much lower.” 

“You…” said Tang Yuyan.

“Uh…” said Long Bing. 

The two women exchanged glances, so embarrassed they would die. 

The main ingredient for the realistic masks Xia Lei made was silica gel. By melting the silicone, he could modify the masks and make the faces fatter, or change the nose bridge, chin and forehead. Most importantly, he could use the makeup products to change the skin colour of the mask. With these materials, he was able to completely change the masks of himself, Tang Yuyan and Long Bing. The likelihood of them being discovered if they ran into security checks would be much lower. 

Xia Lei did as he said he would and went straight to the kitchen. He put the two silicone items in a stainless steel bowl, then used a gas burner to melt them down. In the process of melting, he threw in some makeup to colour the material. 

Tang Yuyan and Long Bing stood in the kitchen doorway, watching. 

“I’ll go take a shower first. You do what you need to do.” Tang Yuyan peeled the mask off her face. 

“Uh, I’ll go take a shower too. You can make the mask look like anything.” Long Bing walked off too. 

The three of them stank badly after coming out of the sewers. Xia Lei could bear the smell but the two women had had more than enough of smelling it. 

“Hurry up, you two. You have only five minutes,” said Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei took the melted materials back to that room after Long Bing and Tang Yuyan went off. He then used the makeup tools to change the features of the masks. This was not complicated at all; if one wanted the forehead of the mask to be higher, putting more silicone on the forehead section was enough to change it. Raising the nose bridge, fattening the cheeks, pulling the chin down - all very simple modifications. 

Long Bing and Tang Yuyan were showering in the bathroom of the room Xia Lei was modifying the masks in. They were not far apart. 

Five minutes were soon up and Xia Lei was done modifying all three of their masks. Long Bing and Tang Yuyan were still in the bathroom. 

“Are you two done? We don’t have any more time,” urged Xia Lei. 

Tang Yuyan’s voice came from the bathroom. “Xia Lei, can you look in the wardrobe if there’s any clothing suitable for women? Our clothes were dirtied in the sewers. I don’t want to wear them anymore.” 

“I want a set too. Best with underwear too,” came Long Bing’s voice. 

Xia Lei smiled wryly and shook his head. He opened the wardrobe and found that there was enough clothing for five sets. The owner of the clothing seemed to be have about the same measurements as Long Bing and Tang Yuyan and he soon picked two sets of clothing which were fairly ordinary. He found bras, underwear and socks in the bedside table and went to the bathroom with a small pile of clothing in his hands. He kicked the door open. 

The shower door opened a crack, and a snow-white hand reached out. It was Tang Yuyan’s arm. 

Tang Yuyan grabbed the clothing but there were too many pieces and she dropped several on the floor. She was flustered and bent to pick up the dropped pieces, just as Xia Lei bent to pick them up. Their heads collided through the gap in the door. 

“Hahaha…” laughed Long Bing. 

Two minutes later, Tang Yuyan and Long Bing walked out of the bathroom. Long Bing was all smiles but Tang Yuyan was all gloomy, and looked uncomfortable. She did not hit Xia Lei, though. It was not the time to make a fuss. Once those CIA agents found the tunnel they would very likely begin expanding their search range. This place was only a few kilometres from there and it would be easy for them to find them here. 

Xia Lei pretended nothing happened. He put on the masks for Tang Yuyan and Long Bing, then used the remaining materials to cover the gaps between skin and mask, making it appear seamless. 

The three of them were transformed into fatties, and they were more tanned too. They looked like local Middle Eastern people, and one could not tell that they were Chinese. 

“Let’s go,” said Xia Lei after he was done. 

Tang Yuyan pulled Xia Lei towards the bathroom. “You stink to high heaven. Your stink is going to draw suspicion if there’s a search going on. Go shower. I’ll get the car.” 

“Okay.” Xia Lei entered the shower and did a quick wash. 

Tang Yuyan and Long Bing went to the car. She pulled at the car door, testing, and it opened unexpectedly. She looked in the driver’s seat and said in surprise, “Strange, there’re keys in there.” After a pause, she said, “And some food and water.” 

“It looks like it was specially prepared for us. What is the intention of these people? Even if they’re the Hamas they needn’t take such good care of us, right?” said Long Bing. 

In the shower, Xia Lei washed the sewage off his body while mulling over a problem, ‘Those two silicone items were probably left on purpose by Dad, right? If it’s not, then it’s Yelena’s toys… Ew, gross.’ 

Yelena’s used toy, now part of the mask on his face… Just thinking about it was quite disgusting. 

One minute later, the car moved out of the house. It did not head towards roads but to further out, to empty areas. Good thing it was an off-road vehicle and could go over rough terrain. If it was a normal car, they would only be able to go on normal roads and it would be very dangerous. 

The off-road vehicle went in the direction of Jordan. Jordan bordered Israel, and it was chosen because it was the quickest route out of Israel.  

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