Chapter 441 - Ancient Drainage System

They followed the drain to the Old City and there was sewage in the drains. It was the city sewage, black and horrendously smelly. Xia Lei was still all right but Tang Yuyan and Long Bing were past their limits. 

“How much further?” asked Tang Yuyan, frowning. “You sure this is the right way?” 

“This drain is obviously modern. How can it be part of an ancient drainage system? Xia Lei, review your route - could we have gone the wrong way?” 

Xia Lei turned back to the two women and said with a smile, “You can return to the surface if you can’t take it anymore. I can go on by myself.” As he spoke, his eyes were uncontrollably drawn to their beautiful legs. 

The rancid sewage water had stained their knees and the thighs above the water line were like lotus stalks. Lotus buds sat between these stalks, the shape and outlines of petals plain to see, and very clearly too. 

Tang Yuyan put both her hands between her legs to block the sight. She said fiercely, “You’re a pervert. Keep looking and I’ll gouge your eyes out.” 

Long Bing reacted in a more exaggerated fashion. She put the torchlight in her hand between her legs, shining the light from there to Xia Lei’s eyes. 

“Let’s go. We’re almost there.” Xia Lei smiled wryly and looked away. He continued leading the way. 

After advancing for about a kilometre, Xia Lei stopped. This section of drains did not have sewage and was fairly dry. It was not far off from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, roughly a kilometre away.  

This part of the sewers ended in a cement wall. There was a metal ladder on this wall and a rusty manhole cover at the top of the ladder. There was no way forward. 

“So it was the wrong way.” Tang Yuyan looked depressed. 

Xia Lei took out his hammer and walked to the foot of the wall. He swung hard and struck at the base of the wall. 

Bam! A great thud echoed throughout the drains, going far and wide. 

“Be careful. People outside may hear what’s happening here,” said Long Bing. 

“A building is on top of us and we’re three metres below the surface. No one’s going to hear us,” said Xia Lei. 

Long Bing did not believe him. She went around Xia Lei and grabbed the metal ladder, climbing upwards. She went up to the manhole cover to listen for sounds outside but heard nothing. She then reached her hand out to push the manhole cover outwards. The cover did not budge. It was like a mountain was pressing it down. 

There was a thick metal cover on top but Xia Lei had already checked the situation outside with his X-ray vision. There was a metre of concrete above that cover and no one could move it. 

Long Bing’s buttocks were right above Xia Lei’s head, about three inches away. The rubber clothing wrapped her lovely buttocks tight, so tight it was like she was wearing nothing. There was a deep groove and those plump, luscious ups and downs which sat temptingly, unobtrusively, in his line of sight. 

Long Bing obviously had no intention to seduce Xia Lei or anything but he was stimulated by the sight still and a tent formed in a certain part of his clothing. 

Tang Yuyan suddenly shone the light of her flashlight in his eyes. 

Xia Lei knew why she was doing this and said nothing; he bent his head and continued hitting at the wall. 

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Xia Lei’s hammer fell again and again, dancing with a rhythm, with strength. 

Tang Yuyan and Long Bing were the ones staring now. The buns of Xia Lei’s muscled butt were wrapped nicely in his rubber suit and his movements made his muscles ripple, especially in certain places. These made the two women stare in admiration, and become a little dumb with awe. 

The wall was not thick and there was hollow brick behind the thin layer of cement. Every hit of Xia Lei’s hammer broke a brick, and he quickly knocked a hole roughly one metre in diameter in the wall. What lay behind the wall was dirt. Very dry dirt. 

“Ha, you were just bluffing,” said Tang Yuyan mockingly. “There’s no way through. I say, Comrade Xia Lei, do you plan to dig a tunnel under the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? How long do you plan to dig? A year, or two?” 

Xia Lei put down the hammer and took the foldable shovel from his bag. He started digging. 

“You really…” Tang Yuyan’s gaze went to Xia Lei’s butt and she didn’t say more. 

Long Bing jumped down from the metal ladder and stood behind Xia Lei, blocking Tang Yuyan’s line of sight. “Want me to help?” 

Xia Lei did not look back. He kept digging as he said, “No need. I’ll be done soon.” 

“Done soon?” Long Bing thought she was hearing things. 

Sure enough, ten minutes later, Xia Lei’s shovel struck the dirt and a hollow sound came from it. He swung his shovel again, hard. Boom! The wall of earth before him collapsed, revealing an inky-black cavity. 

Tang Yuyan drew close and shone the light in the hole. The white light shot forth, chasing the darkness away. Behind the dirt wall was an ancient drainage ditch, almost two metres high and 1.5 metres wide. The walls and domed roof were made of stone and the floor was made of mortar slabs. 

There was no sewage in the ditch and the ground was very dry. There were several black marks and residual sediment on the slabs, and who knew how old they were. The drain went straight on, and there as no end in sight. Every stone brick and every stone slab seemed ancient. 

“You…” Tang Yuyan gave Xia Lei an odd look, and paused for quite a while before saying, “How did you know that there’s a passage behind the wall?” 

“Yeah.” Long Bing snapped back to her senses, though still surprised. “It’s like you can see what’s behind the dirt.”  

Xia Lei laughed. “If I had that power then won’t I be able to see your bodies at a single glance, with you two wearing that? Wow, if I did have this sort of power then won’t all the pretty girls on the streets be naked to me? Haha!” 

“Bah, a pervert’s still a pervert.” Tang Yuyan huffed, her face red. “Dream on. No one on this Earth has that sort of ability.” 

Xia Lei put his smile away. “It’s that map. The entrance was marked on the map. I remembered this entrance so I brought you here. You can go to the museum to look at the map if you don’t believe me.” 

Tang Yuyan and Long Bing exchanged glances. They had that feeling again; their intuition told them that matters were not so simple but they could not find any other explanation for it. No matter how they speculated, however, they would not believe that Xia Lei could see behind the dirt, and that he could see through their clothing. 

Xia Lei put his tools away. He was the first to enter the ancient drainage system. 

Long Bing and Tang Yuyan followed. They were full of doubt but this was not the time to be getting to the bottom of it.

Xia Lei mulled over a little question as he walked before the two women. ‘How would they react if they knew I have X-ray vision and that I can see through their clothing? Will they hit me?’ 

He had already seen through their clothing, just that he wouldn’t tell anyone. 

After walking for roughly a kilometre down the ancient drainage, Xia Lei stopped in his tracks and said, “Long Bing, take out the compass. We’re almost there.”  

Long Bing took the compass out of the travel bag and held it in her hand. The needle of the compass trembled violently, reacting the same way it had yesterday in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Xia Lei looked at it and said excitedly, “It’s here. We’re already here.” 

Tang Yuyan raised her head to look at the domed roof of the ancient drainage system and said, “You mean we’re already under the Church of the Holy Sepulchre?” 

Xia Lei nodded. “Yes. To be exact, we are now standing under the red marble where Jesus was laid to rest.” 

Long Bing looked down at the stone slab beneath her feet. “Is the place we’re looking for under our feet?” 

“Right under our feet. Let’s get to work. We need to dig through this drain,” said Xia Lei. 

The three of them took their bags off their shoulders and took out their various equipment to dig. 

There was mortar between the stone slabs and this ancient ‘mud’ was still very hard even though it was over a thousand years old. Shovel and hammer struck at stone and sparks flew as the sound of metal rang out. However, the drainage canal was sloping downwards and their current position was about ten metres from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre above them. The people above could not hear a peep from them. 

Pounding, lifting, trembling… lots of jiggling. Xia Lei had his jiggling and Tang Yuyan and Long Bing had their jiggling which were miles better to look at than Xia Lei’s jiggling. Tang Yuyan and Long Bing’s breasts didn’t seem to get any rest from swaying and jiggling, from what Xia Lei saw. He couldn’t help worrying that their breasts would jiggle all the way to the floor and roll far off like rubber balls. And their buttocks. Every movement brought a bit of an electrical shock, like fine ripples moving up and down. Between their legs too. The shaking there was very small but still discernible, especially for Xia Lei’s eyes. 

Man and women working together complemented each other well. 

Maybe it was because Tang Yuyan and Long Bing had started to like the clothing they were wearing, or perhaps it was some other reason, but they did not say anything - they just kept looking at Xia Lei once in a while as they worked. 

They moved the stone slab aside and dug up the earth below. The two piles of dirt on either side of the hole grew as they dug deeper. Two hours later, a pit roughly two metres was formed but there was still no end in sight. 

“How much longer do we need to dig?” Tang Yuyan wrinkled her brows. “We won’t be able to move the dirt up to the top if we keep digging.” 

Long Bing also threw the shovel in her hand to the ground defeatedly and sat on the dirt. “I’m hungry. Let’s take a break. Eat something, then keep digging.” 

“You two go up first. I’ll be right up after I dig some more,” said Xia Lei. 

Tang Yuyan looked at the dirt which stretched up above her head and thought for a bit. “It’s so high up. I can’t climb. You be a stool for us.” 

“Huh?” Xia Lei made a face. “You’re the young lady of the great Tang sect. This pit is only about two metres deep - you can’t climb out?” 

“Rubbish. Would I still need you to be a stool if I can climb out?” Tang Yuyan pressed down on Xia Lei’s shoulder before he could respond, moving to climb up using his body. 

“All right, all right, I’ll act as a stool for you guys.” Xia Lei did not want to quibble with her and he bent. 

Tang Yuyan climbed onto Xia Lei’s back, but she was not in a position of higher up in a horse-riding position. She gripped Xia Lei’s waist between her thighs as she said, “Hey, help me get up.” 

Long Bing got to her feet and jumped to step on Xia Lei’s butt. Xia Lei fell to the ground before she could reach out and grab the edge of the pit, and the three of them fell in a tangle, one pressing on another, another pressed up against another, legs around waists and a head between breasts… 

The pit contained a scene which would have to be censored if shown on television. 

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