Chapter 410 - Only Condition

Ling Han and some Scholars from the Academy of Sciences were in a meeting room on the surface. The Scholars looked at Xia Lei and Long Bing as they walked in and their gazes were doubtful. 

Ling Han went straight to the point after Xia Lei and Long Bing were seated. “Mr Xia, you should already know why we have invited you here this time.” 

Xia Lei nodded. “Yes.” 

“You have seen the members of the expert group. You have taken a look at the research area. What are your views?” asked Ling Han. 

Xia Lei thought for a bit before answering. “The members of the expert group have all gone mad, and their intelligence have deteriorated to that of a child of five and below. The doctor tells me that no cause has been found. I cannot find a cause either. As for the research laboratory, I did go in but all useable methods and apparatus have been used by the experts. I think there is no way to unravel the mysteries of the alloy and the bronze book with the current methods. This is what I think, Mr Ling.” 

Ling Han was silent. He’d been expecting a different opinion, one that was constructive, but Xia Lei’s opinion was the same as his - it was as good as not saying anything. 

“Mr Xia,” said an elderly Scholar, “Do you mean to say that you have no solution either?” 

Another Scholar sighed. “I knew it. How could we get a machinist to come solve something like this? What we need are scientists, not a person who builds guns.” 

These were impolite words but Xia Lei took no offense. Those involved in the sciences were not good at communicating with others, and there was no need to argue with an old scientist over such a remark. 

“I propose,” said an elderly Scholar, “that we build a new team, and begin research anew on the mysterious alloy and the bronze book.” 

“Yes, I agree. The earlier we take action the sooner we shall solve it,” said someone. 

“What if more die, or go mad?” said Ling Han. 

“The sacrifice is an invaluable honour for the sake of the nation’s great rejuvenation,” said someone. 

Ling Han laughed. “I do not doubt the noble intentions of all of you here, but every scientist is a precious resource to us, especially you elderly Scholars. It would be a terrible blow if anything happened to any of you.” After a pause, he looked at Xia Lei again. “Mr Xia, are you confident that you will be able to solve the mysteries of the alloy and the bronze book if I let you handle this matter?”

Xia Lei was silent for a bit before saying, “I am about 60% sure.” 

Ling Han’s eyes gleamed. “60%? This is more than half. Tell me - what gives you such confidence?” 

“Just a feeling,” said Xia Lei. 

“Ah? Hahaha,” laughed an elderly Scholar. “You say you are 60% sure based on a feeling of yours? For something like this? Mr Xia, are you jesting?” 

“This is a very serious matter. How can you joke around with us,” said someone in discontent. 

“It’s logical for you not to trust me. I have my own reasons for saying I’m 60% sure but it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe me. I don’t have to be in charge of this matter. Besides, it’s also very dangerous.” 

Xia Lei did want to be in charge of the project but he still put on a disinterested front. He could have this much confidence because he knew well that he would not have been invited here if these people had another solution.

Putting on this attitude now was a bit of preparation for the next step. 

Long Bing, however, was afraid that Xia Lei would offend Ling Han and the elderly Scholars, so she kicked Xia Lei’s foot  lightly under the meeting table. 

Xia Lei did not react. He was waiting for Ling Han’s reaction. 

Ling Han was quiet for a bit. “Then tell me, Mr Xia, what do you plan to do after you take charge?” 

Xia Lei was about to voice his thoughts when his left eye suddenly twitched on its own. Princess Yongmei appeared. 

Xia Lei’s mouth opened but no words came out. It wasn’t because Princess Yongmei had appeared, but because she had triggered his left eye’s X-ray ability to appear and make him see her! 

Princess Yongmei was a foot away from him on the meeting table. 

She was naked and under the natural light, she seemed like a Celestial, come down from above. The sense of ‘realness’ about her was much stronger than it had been underground. Her skin, her chest, her waist, her everything was so sexy and beautiful, so clear and splendid. The horror from before was gone and Xia Lei was actually stimulated; he had a very male instinctive reaction. 

There was no avoiding it. Normal men would have some reaction even from watching videos - this was a really realistic naked princess here! And she was the most beautiful, most sexy woman Xia Lei had ever seen. 

Princess Yongmei had appeared without a sound and was standing on the meeting table. She looked at no one else. She stared straight at Xia Lei, then slowly bent to sit on the meeting table. Her hands gripped the edges of the table and she swung her legs gently; the posture was elegant and charming. 

‘Why did she appear again? What’s she doing sitting next to me?’ Xia Lei was a mess of feelings and images inside. ‘Is she attached to me now? If she leaves this place with me, and she appears when I’m eating, showering or having sex with Annina… Shit, what am I going to do?’ 

He was beginning to suspect that he had triggered something after using his X-ray vision on the alloy and the bronze book, and Princess Yongmei had appeared and stuck to him because of it! 

“Mr Xia, are you all right?” Ling Han stared suspiciously at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei snapped back to his senses. His gaze went from Princess Yongmei to Ling Han. “If I’m taking charge then I want to move the research laboratory to Thunder Horse Military Factory. You guys will provide me with whatever I need. Plus, the items found with that compass have to be sent to Thunder Horse Military Factory too.” 

Ling Han wrinkled his brows. “How can that do?” 

Xia Lei shrugged. “I need to handle the matters of Thunder Horse Group. This is one of the reasons. Another reason is that I don’t wish to work in an environment where I’m being watched by others, much less disturbed and hindered.”

Ling Han wrinkled his brows further. “Mr Xia, these conditions of yours put me in a bad spot.” 

“I just have this one condition. Satisfy it and I will take charge of the project. Don’t, and I will wash my hands off it.” 

Yeah, I’m risking my life here to take over this mess. Why should I talk further with you when you’re not going to be willing to meet this condition? - This was Xia Lei attitude! 

The elderly Scholars started talking amongst themselves before Ling Han spoke of his position on the matter. 

“What sort of joke is this? Moving the research laboratory to his company? What does he take such an important project as this for?” 

“Yeah! He is just a machinist. Sure, he’s good at making guns but research? He’s a total greenhorn.” 

“Such big words. And we haven’t even discussed what happens after it fails. Who’s going to take responsibility?”

They talked and not one of the elderly Scholars had a good opinion of Xia Lei, and they were all disproving of Xia Lei’s condition. 

Xia Lei did not seem to hear them. He looked quietly at Princess Yongmei sitting next to him. 

Princess Yongmei looked quietly at him too, swinging her pretty legs. She seemed tranquil; not speaking, not smiling. 

Xia Lei reached out and pressed his hand through her thigh. His palm felt icy-cold. Princess Yongmei flickered twice, then disappeared into thin air. 

‘She disappears if I touch her. Why? Is it because I disturbed her structure? Or is she avoiding me as some sort of defense mechanism?’ 

Before Xia Lei could think of an answer, his left eye abruptly twitched again and Princess Yongmei appeared. She did not appear on the meeting table this time but under a window. She stood silently before the window, leaning on the windowsill and looking out into the distance. 

Beyond the window was a view of mountains which went up and down, leaves as fiery as fire and blue skies and white clouds. And in a scene like this, a naked princess had appeared. Hips pale as snow, peaks high and proud. It was a strange indeed. 

“Mr Xia, look, can’t you change your condition? The research laboratory stays here. Other conditions are entirely negotiable. How about this?” said Ling Han. 

Xia Lei did not look away from Princess Yongmei. “I just have this one condition. I will take the job if you agree to it and I won’t take the job if you won’t.” 

“You really are…” Ling Han laughed dryly. “All right, I’ll have a phone call and ask for further instructions. If the higher-ups agree then we accept. If they don’t, then you go back.” 

Xia Lei nodded; he said nothing. 

Long Bing drew close to his ear and looked where he was looking. “What are you looking at?” she asked curiously. 

“Nothing,” said Xia Lei. 

Long Bing rolled her eyes discontentedly at Xia Lei and didn’t say more. 

Ling Han made a call outside the meeting room. It took less than five minutes. He returned to the meeting room and said, “The higher-ups agreed. The research laboratory will be moved to your Thunder Horse Military Factory. But there is a condition: You cannot take the mysterious alloy and the bronze book out of your company. The higher-ups will post some Special Forces soldiers to guard your laboratory and put restrictions on you at the same time. Are any of these a problem for you?” 

Xia Lei smiled faintly. “No problem.” 

This result had been within his calculations and was based on the same reason - if the higher-ups had any other solution then they wouldn’t have called him here. 

“Whatever manpower you need, whatever equipment, just ask and we will provide. But you have to ensure the safety of all the manpower we loan to you. Is there any problem with this?” said Ling Han. 

“I may need some equipment but I don’t need manpower. I cannot take on that sort of responsibility. If anyone has to die, then just myself would do,” said Xia Lei. 

Ling Han laughed. “Die, you say? You’ll be fine. I wish you success. Success for the nation.” 

Xia Lei stood and shook hands with Ling Han. “Thank you for your kind words.” 

“You can start packing now and bring the things back with you when the Special Forces the higher-ups sent arrive here,” said Ling Han. 

“Nn, okay.” Xia Lei turned and left. 

Princess Yongmei followed right behind Xia Lei. She really was a stalker - a naked stalker. 

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