Chapter 360 - Gangnam Hotel

Ahn Suhyeong parted with the staff of the Korean embassy and brought Cha Gori and Kim Jiyeon to a Korean-owned hotel called Gangnam Hotel. The Gangnam district in Korea was a place Koreans were proud of and this hotel also had some capital investment from Shinyeok Group. This hotel could be considered to be the base camp of the Ahn family in Jingdu, China. Most of Shinyeok Group’s business in China was conducted and negotiated here. 

Long Bing stopped the car by the road opposite Gangnam Hotel. She leaned close to the glass of the car window to look at the many floors of the hotel and said, “I don’t think it’s likely that Lu Sheng is in this hotel.”


“People keep going in and out of the hotel and it’s not good for hiding people. If Lu Sheng makes any noise it will be heard by the guests of the hotel too. I wouldn’t hide Lu Sheng in a hotel if I were to do the job,” said Long Bing. 

Xia Lei thought for a bit. “What about an underground room?”

“Underground room? Possibly.”

“Can we get the blueprints for this hotel?”

“Of course. The fire brigade in this area has all the blueprints of the buildings. Hold on, I’ll make a call.” Long Bing took out her phone and dialled. 

A few minutes later a document from the fire brigade arrived in her inbox. It was Gangnam Hotel’s blueprints. 

Xia Lei went almost cheek-to-cheek with Long Bing to look at the blueprint with her. Interestingly, Long Bing did not find it repulsive; she just looked quietly at the blueprints. 

Xia Lei actually just needed one or two seconds to finish looking at a blueprint without forgetting it but considering Long Bing’s memory, he waited for for her to move on to the next drawing. While waiting, his gaze went unintentionally to the area under her collar. The skin under there was nicely boosted up, pale as jade, with a deep groove which could intoxicate a man. 

It was unintentional but Xia Lei was still ashamed of himself. ‘What’s with me? Why am I looking at her breasts at a time like this…’

Long Bing took about five minutes to finish with the few pages of blueprints. She said, “Done looking?”

“Done,” said Xia Lei. 

“Have you looked enough?” 

Xia Lei paused. “What do you mean?”

“Were my breasts great to look at?”

Xia Lei was speechless. 

“Look more and I’ll gouge your eyes out.” Long Bing put her phone away and gave Xia Lei a fierce glare. 

Xia Lei smiled sheepishly but did not explain himself. He couldn’t explain himself anyway and it would just make things worse if he did. 

“You’ve seen the blueprint of the hotel. What are your plans?” asked Long Bing. 

Xia Lei looked at the darkening sky outside the window. “Let’s wait for a bit more and go in to have a look around when it’s dark.”

“Tell me - what will you do if Lu Sheng is dead?” Long Bing looked at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei smiled wryly. “You’ll stop me for sure if I say I’m going to seek revenge for him. You won’t believe me if I say I’m going to do nothing either. What I can tell you is this - I don’t know what I’d do.”

“What kind of answer is this?” Long Bing was not satisfied. 

“Let’s wait till there’s something confirmed. Anything’s possible at this point.” After a pause, he sighed and added, “Many things will always have this or that, changes happening which are unexpected. People are always changing too.”

“Did you think of Liang Si-Yao?”

Xia Lei shut his mouth. 

“You changed a lot after Liang Si-Yao broke up with you,” said Long Bing. 

“Don’t talk about her.” Xia Lei did not want to talk about Liang Si-Yao, especially with Long Bing. 

“All right, I won’t,” said Long Bing, “What I’m trying to say is no matter what the situation the first thing you should believe is in this country and our laws. Whoever who killed Lu Sheng will face justice and pay accordingly. But it won’t be wise of you to do something extreme. I don’t want you to ruin your future for Lu Sheng, and throw away all that you have now. Remember - you are not just one person. There are others who care about you too.”


“Your sister.”

It grew a little awkward in the car, and quiet. 

The sky darkened and the street lamps were lit. Countless lights were also switched on in Gangnam Hotel, and it was resplendent with light.

A couple came out of a fashion boutique and walked towards Gangnam Hotel, hand in hand. The man had a baseball cap on, and he had a beautifully trimmed goatee. He was very manly and sexy. The woman was in a flowing dress and had beautiful long legs. She had all the right curves and was also sexy and a feast for the eyes. She had a small blue top hat on her head with a veil of white lace coming out from under it. The blue and white matched well and gave her a fairly fresh and pleasant image. It was difficult to see either the man’s or the woman’s face clearly with hats covering half their faces. 

This couple was Xia Lei and Long Bing. 

It wasn’t their first time working together. They had acted as husband and wife in Germany and even slept on the same bed for over a month. Having gone through that, this little lovers’ act was child’s play. 

They booked a room on the fourth floor and went to the room. 

A member of the service staff soon pushed a food trolley into their room. The cabinet of the food trolley was opened and two sets of hotel staff clothing were removed, as well as handguns, a notebook computer and some spy equipment. This service staff was definitely one of Bureau 101’s agents. 

“This is Xiao Wu.” Long Bing did a brief introduction. “He will be providing technical support for our mission.”

Agent Xiao Wu greeted Xia Lei. “Hello, Consultant Xia. I’ve heard of your respected name. It is an honour to work with you.”

Xia Lei shook hands with Agent Xiao Wu and made idle chatter. He found out from Xiao Wu that he was a celebrity in Bureau 101 and was of no less standing than Long Bing or Tang Yu-Yan. This wasn’t very odd, considering his performance when stealing the sword in South Korea and rescuing the hostages in Afghanistan. His amazing performance had left the agents of Bureau 101 in awe. 

Agent Xiao Wu quickly entered work mode. He connected the notebook computer to the network port and his fingers flew across the keyboard as he started to hack into the hotel’s security system. 

Xia Lei and Long Bing begun changing. 

Long Bing did not cover herself up at all. She was left in just her bra and black lace underwear after taking her dress off. Her height of 175cm, perfectly proportioned body and long legs were particularly eye-catching. Fat had also gathered very nicely in her breasts and buttocks, achieving the perfect curves on her body. Even more exceptional were the faint lines of muscle due to her long years of training; she had the beauty of strength coupled with gentleness. 

Agent Xiao Wu was immersed in his work and didn’t even look back. Xia Lei, on the other hand, was gaping. It wasn’t his first time seeing Long Bing in underwear but it had been quite some time and seeing her like this again made him fill with amazement. 

Long Bing’s figure was about the same as Liang Si-Yao’s and the similar figure of hers made Xia Lei think of Liang Si-Yao. 

Long Bing glared at Xia Lei, but her gaze carried no dislike. 

Xia Lei hurriedly looked away and quickly and easily peeled his own clothing off, then changed into the uniform Agent Xiao Wu had brought, and equipped himself with the spy equipment. 

“Chief Long, Ahn Suhyeong is on the roof,” Xiao Wu said as he stared at the computer display, “The roof is not open to regular guests. There’s just Ahn Suhyeong and his bodyguards there. Oh, and a few women.”

Xia Lei drew close to look at the screen. It displayed a luxurious hall and four bikini-clad women fawning over Ahn Suhyeong. Two of the bikini-women were dancing an erotic, hip-swaying dance. One was feeding Ahn Suhyeong fruits from a fruit platter and one other was pouring him red wine. Two of the bikini-women were Asian, one blonde and one a black rose; all four were sexy and beautiful. 

Xia Lei also saw the two which Qin Xiang had specially mentioned, Cha Gori and Kim Jiyeon. However, these two only showed on the screen for a few seconds before they exited the hall. 

It wasn’t appropriate for a bodyguard to hang around in a situation such as that. 

A faint sneer appeared on Xia Lei’s lips. “He sure knows how to enjoy himself. Xiao Wu, save the recording and hand it to me later.”

Agent Xiao Wu smiled. “No problem, Consultant Xia.”

Long BIng pursed her lips. “Whatever. Time to go.”

Xia Lei followed Long Bing out the door. He had not asked for the recording for his own enjoyment. A recording such as that would be useful for him in various ways - he could reveal it at some high-class banquet, or when Ahn Suhyeong got too hot in his pursuit of Shentu Tian-Yin...

It was not a bad haul even if he did not find Lu Sheng this night. 

Xia Lei and Long Bing went down to the basement working area in the employee lift. They avoided the hotel security guards and other staff with Agent Xiao Wu’s directions and came to the entrance of the basement smoothly. 

The entrance to the basement was an electronic door and needed a passcode and an ID pass. However, the tightly shut door opened automatically in a few seconds. Xiao Wu’s voice came from the receivers in their ears, “Go in. The surveillance cameras are out of order.”

Xia Lei and Long Bing entered the passageway behind the door. 

Cameras were installed in the passageway. It would have been fairly difficult indeed for them to enter without Xiao Wu’s assistance. 

The passageway lead to a lift. The doors to the lift opened by themselves when the two of them walked to it. 

Xiao Wu’s voice came again, “There’re no cameras down there so I can’t see what’s going on there. You two be careful.”

Long Bing spoke into the transmitter at her collar, “Got it. Keep watch on Ahn Suhyeong and his people.”


The lift came to a stop and the doors opened. Long Bing and Xia Lei walked out and what they saw was an underground space of about a few hundred square metres. However, this was not a place for storing goods but a lavishly decorated place. 

Their gazes then went to the centre of this space - a boxing ring. Lu Sheng was in this boxing ring, tied to a post. His naked top was covered with ghastly whip-marks. 

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