Chapter 313 - Longing

Xia Lei had gone through numerous life-and-death situations in his time of over a month in Afghanistan, and Thunder Horse Military Factory had taken some shape during that time. The manufacturing workshop had been launched and the relevant equipment installed, just waiting for personnel to begin operations. 

Behind the factory, a three-storey villa rose from the ground. It had a unique design, with lots of pretty vegetation planted all around it to create a beautiful environment. It was a place built for Annina to live in and could be counted as Xia Lei’s house in Jingdu too. 

“Everything’s going smoothly. The ribbon-cutting is next week, and the beginning of production too,” said Qin Xiang to Xia Lei on the way there, “I won’t know what to do if you didn’t come back.” 

“It’s been tough on you during this time. The ribbon-cutting next week is no problem. This week, however, there’s something I’d like you to help me with,” said Xia Lei. 

“What is it?” Qin Xiang had a smile on his face. Every time Xia Lei asked him for ‘help’ it was not for something normal, but tinged with thrill and danger; he was happy to do it. 

Xia Lei leaned in to Qin Xiang’s ear and said something, then looked at him. “Any problems?” 

“To South Korea.” Qin Xiang chuckled. “No problem. When do we move?” 

“The day after tomorrow,” said Xia Lei, “But you have to go back to Haizhu with me tomorrow.” 

“No problem. With us working together there’s nothing in this world we can’t steal.” Qin Xiang was all eager to get started. 

“Wait for my call. I’ll call you when I’m done dealing with things over here.” Xia Lei patted Qin Xiang’s shoulder, then walked to the villa behind the factory area. 

“Take good care of her. She’s tired out by all that’s been happening,” said Qin Xiang. 

Xia Lei knew what Qin Xiang was talking about and he laughed a little awkwardly but didn’t respond; he continued on his way to the villa. 

The ‘her’ Qin Xiang spoke of was Annina, of course. The factory was standing now all thanks to her. Annina had done it all - from equipment purchasing to talent recruitment. It could be said that the factory would not exist now if it were not for Annina’s expert knowledge and hard work. 

What was Annina doing now?

This question could be answered with a look with his left eye but Xia Lei did not do so. He would rather keep this air of secrecy and sneak up on her to give her a surprise. 

An agent from Bureau 101 stood outside the villa. He had been posted here by Long Bing to protect Annina. He gave Xia Lei a nodding greeting when he saw him walk over. 

Xia Lei greeted him too and entered the villa. 

There was no one in the living room. Xia Lei went upstairs but the bedroom was empty too. He then went to the study, and the door had been shut lightly, leaving a gap. He could see Annina working on design plans in the study through the gap. Golden hair, blue eyes like gems and a smoking hot body. She was as beautiful and arousing as ever, like the first time they’d met. 

Xia Lei pushed the door open gently and walked in. 

Annina was still buried in her work and did not sense that there was another person in the study. 

‘What a workaholic.’ Xia Lei was fairly touched. He went stealthily to stand behind Annina and covered her eyes gently as he said warmly, “Guess who?” 

Annina froze when her eyes were covered, but she let out a squeal of joy after hearing Xia Lei’s voice. “Lukas! You’re back!” 

Xia Lei removed the hand over her eyes and said with a with laugh, “Aren’t you going to play along and guess who I am?” 

Annina pulled him to the desk and started discussing her design plans with him. 

The drawings for a sniper rifle lay on the table; smooth design and state-of-the-art technology. Xia Lei felt that this rifle would not lose out to the global standard - it would even surpass some of the well-known gun brands, like Barrett M99, M110 or AWP.

Xia Lei read the drawings carefully and said, “Annina, you’ve designed our first sniper rifle so beautifully. The functions are so advanced and it’s more complicated that I expected… Can our factory manufacture it?” 

He was a businessman and the first thing he had to consider was no whether this was the best sniper rifle in the world but if he can produce it and sell it. What was the use of having great designs when it could not be manufactured due to it being too advanced or too good? 

“It is a little difficult but I believe we can produce it. Lukas, this sniper rifle design includes my father’s efforts. He cannot complete this design anymore - I dug it out from my memory and revamped it. I have a feeling that it will become the world’s most advanced and most powerful sniper rifle in the world if we manage to manufacture it. Thunder Horse Military Factory will also become famous!” 

Xia Lei was moved. “All right, let’s finish it since it’s a combination of your and your father’s efforts. I can even build Josef’s intelligent lathe, so how can I not make a sniper rifle? Let’s do it!” 

“I knew you’d like it.” A smile bloomed on Annina’s pretty face. “I’ll handle the designs. Let’s discuss the intelligent lathe. We need the most advanced lathe to make a sniper rifle like this. I can’t do this so I’m going to have to rely on you to finish it.” 

“No problem. Do what you can first. I’ll handle matters regarding the intelligent lathe,” said Xia Lei. 

Early next morning, Xia Lei drove out of Thunder Horse Military Factory and to Tang Yu-Yan’s home in the city. 

Dayetia and Szlamy had been transformed from their tribal appearance in the span of one night. They made eyes light up now. 

Dayetia had a long black dress on and it suited her height very well. The black highlighted the graceful curves of her body and added a touch of clam and seriousness to her, which was very fitting for her status as chieftain. 

Szlamy wore a red round-neck tee with a cartoon girl printed on it. 

Dayetia and Szlamy dressed like this made them even more beautiful and alluring than before. 

However, Xia Lei could still tell at once that the clothing on them were not high-quality goods. The dress and shoes Dayetia wore did not go over 400 and Szlamy’s denim casual wear and locally-produced shoes did not cross 400 either. 

‘I gave them 100,000 and they went to buy cheap clothing? What did they use the rest of the money for?’ Xia Lei was a little curious about that but he did not mention it. He had no intention of asking for his money back after giving it to Dayetia. 

Dayetia seemed to have sensed something in Xia Lei’s eyes and she said, “I’m going to use the rest of the money to buy presents for the children in the tribe. Is that okay?” 

Xia Lei smiled. “Of course.” 

Afghanistan was a poor country and the White Hun Tribe led fairly isolated and poor lives. 100,000 was a small fortune to the White Hun Tribe and as chieftain, Dayetia was surely not going to use the money Xia Lei had given her to dress Szlamy in branded clothing. It was not the sort of life she or Szlamy needed. 

“When do we start getting the sword, Xia?” asked Szlamy. 

“I was just about to discuss this with you. I’d like you two to stay here. I’ll bring the sword of Attila back within a week, and we’ll return to your tribe,” said Xia Lei. 

“Are we not participating?” Szlamy was surprised. 

Dayetia wrinkled her brows too. “How can this do? The sword of Attila is our sacred relic. We want to reclaim our things ourselves.” 

“That sword is in South Korea. Do you speak Korean? What can you two do besides shooting and killing? You going would not be helping but causing chaos, and my mission might fail because of your participation. There is only one chance. I’ve thought long and hard about it last night. It’s best if you two stay here. You only need to take the sword of Attila back with you, so why bother about the process?” said Xia Lei. 

“Xia, I want to go with you,” Szlamy said stubbornly, “I have great gunmanship. I won’t drag you down.” 

Xia Lei shook his head. “You’re thinking of it too simply. This is not about gunmanship but about strategy, wits and methods you’re not familiar with. I do need an assistant but not a gunman; I need a professional.” 

“But I…” Szlamy was still not giving up.

Dayetia cut her off. “Szlamy. We stay. Xia is right - we just need to take the sword of Attila back to the tribe. We have no need to bother about the process.” 

Szlamy pouted and was still discontent but she dared not override Dayetia. 

“Then we’re agreed. You stay, and I will bring the sword of Attila back with me within a week,” said Xia Lei. 

After a while, Xia Lei left Tang Yu-Yan’s home and dialled Long Bing’s number. “Hello, Long Bing? I’m ready. Let’s meet.” 

Long Bing’s voice came over the phone, “Okay.” 

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