Chapter 300 - Historical Remains

The rain finally stopped at dawn. A layer of mist hung in the forest and visibility was reduced to just a few metres. The tweeting of birds woke up the couple on the bed of hay. 

Both of them heard the birds and opened their eyes at the same time, then looked at each other at the same time. Eyes met and Tang Yu-Yan’s face was just centimetres away from Xia Lei’s face. One of Xia Lei’s arms had become a pillow for her too. 

This would’ve been a very loving position if they were a couple but the problem was that they were not husband and wife at all - not even lovers. 

Xia Lei quickly retracted his hand and turned his head away. He said a little nervously, “I didn’t see anything.” 

Hearing that, Tang Yu-Yan kicked Xia Lei on the butt without warning. 

“Argh-” Xia Lei cried in pain. She had kicked the wound on his buttock. 

Tang Yu-Yan was still pissed and wanted to kick him again. She was already in this state and he said he didn’t see anything? Was he blind? 

Xia Lei endured the kick but he was not angry. The fault may have been with the cold but she was a woman and he was a man. He’d taken advantage of her in many ways so what was a kick compared to that?

This kick also seemed to be the conclusion to her fever. The two of them exited the hut ten minutes later and went deeper into the forest. The tracker in Tang Yu-Yan’s hand became their guiding beacon and they walked towards the location it indicated. 

The mist in the forest was a good thing for them - their speed was not affected much but the White Hun Tribe warriors would be unable to catch up on a misty day like this. Even taking hunting dogs with them wouldn’t work since the wet air and smell of rot in the forest would affect the dogs’ sense of smell. 

The mist dissipated close to noon and Tang Yu-Yan and Xia Lei were close to the area indicated on the tracker at that time. 

Tang Yu-Yan had ignored Xia Lei all the way, obviously still angry about last night. However, she begun to talk more when they got close to the location. 

“We’re going to be there soon. I wonder what situation the experts are in now. What do you think?” Tang Yu-Yan glanced at Xia Lei. 

“No idea.” Xia Lei shook his head. 

Tang Yu-Yan wrinkled her brows. “You punk. You’re so smart and you have no opinion? You must still be upset at the kick I gave you in the morning, huh? You’re too petty!” 

Xia Lei touched his butt and wrinkled his brows too. “What you kicked was my wound. It still hurts. If I hadn’t saved you last night you probably won’t be able to walk now. Is this how you repay my kindness?” 

“You’re not allowed to talk about last night!” Tang Yu-Yan raised a clenched fist and threw it at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei dodged it but he couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face. “Okay, don’t hit me. I’ll tell you.” 

Tang Yu-Yan put her fist down and rolled her eyes at Xia Lei. “That more like it.” 

She was lively and loved to make jokes and that was why Xia Lei couldn’t help teasing her. He liked to see her get annoyed and embarrassed. 

Xia Lei arranged his thoughts and said, “I think we’ve overlooked something very important - this is White Hun territory. You think the people of the White Hun Tribe don’t know that Ning Jing and the team of experts are doing something in this area?” 

“You mean… The experts have been captured?” 

“We can’t discount the possibility. It’ll be great if we knew what the experts were here for.” Xia Lei watched Tang Yu-Yan’s expression and he asked probingly, “It’s got to this point already. Tell me. What did the experts come here for?” 

“Don’t ask me. I really don’t know. I came here to complete the mission, not to engage in scientific research. I’m not interested either,” said Tang Yu-Yan. 

“What are we going to do if our experts have been captured?” asked Xia Lei. 

“Find some way to steal our satellite phone back and call for backup,” said Tang Yu-Yan. 

Xia Lei recalled the ruthless women of the White Hun Tribe and he couldn’t help the pained smile which appeared in the corners of his mouth. Steal a satellite phone from the White Hun Tribe? That’s like playing with fire. 

Nothing came of their discussion but their field of vision improved drastically as they talked. The forest had disappeared and empty wasteland stretched ahead, with mountains stretching up in the distance. Under the sun, the snow on those peaks was white and pretty as a picture. 

Xia Lei scanned the wilderness and a pile of rocks entered his field of vision. It appeared to be a pile of rocks at first glance but he discovered upon a closer look that that rock had some vestiges of a town. Some uncollapsed areas could be recognised as buildings. He came to the conclusion that that was an ancient city which had fallen into disrepair and had crumbled, become remains.

This discovery excited Xia Lei and he took the device from Tang Yu-Yan’s hand to point it at the rocks. The signal was coming from the ancient stone town. 

“You found something?” Tang Yu-Yan did not have Xia Lei’s ungodly eyesight but she had keen intuition. 

Xia Lei pointed ahead. “There seems to be a stone city there. The signal’s coming from there.” 

Tang Yu-Yan eagerly snatched the device from Xia Lei’s hand. She compared the difference and got excited. “It’s there! Let’s go take a look!” 

Xia Lei did not move. “Our experts are doing some sort of activity here and the White Hun Tribe is being so peaceful?” 

Tang Yu-Yan calmed down and said, “Give me the sniper rifle. I’ll check it out with the scope. Damn it, those bitches took my binoculars.” 

Xia Lei did not hand the sniper rifle to Tang Yu-Yan but removed the scope and handed it to her. This scope was just for decoration anyway and was useless to him. 

Tang Yu-Yan didn’t say anything about it. She took the scope and used it to observe that patch of wasteland. 

Thoughts ran through Xia Lei’s head. ‘Something is fishy here but I don’t know anything. If we go over… The White Hun Tribe might have set a trap there, so won’t I be walking into it? Hold on… How had I forgotten about Dad? He must know something - he left a note. After I reach the White Hun Tribe…’

His father had told him to lose the people with him and the Russian woman who had delivered the note, Yelena, would meet with him. 

Last night was actually the best opportunity to meet but Tang Yu-Yan had been in a difficult situation and he could not leave at that time. 

“You keep watch here, Yu-Yan. I’ll go observe from another spot. Let’s meet here again in half an hour.” Xia Lei quickly made his decision. 

It was now time for him to meet Yelena. 

Tang Yu-Yan thought for a bit. “Okay. We’ll meet here in half an hour. Don’t alert them if you discover any of the White Hun Tribe and avoid them.”

“You too. Be careful.” Xia Lei nagged her too. 

Tang Yu-Yan suddenly drew close and gave Xia Lei a hug as she said in his ear, “Don’t die. I have scores to settle with you, okay?” 

Xia Lei laughed. He knew what score she wanted to settle. He just didn’t know how she was going to settle such an unclear score with him. 

Xia Lei quickly disappeared into the forest behind him.

Tang Yu-Yan continued using the scope to watch the historical remains, and suddenly remembered something after looking for while. “Oh no, his scope is still with me. He…” She turned back to look for Xia Lei but all she saw was a patch of dense forest. 

Xia Lei went slowly in the forest. He moved carefully while making bird calls, hoping to draw Yelena out with this method. 

He finally got a response after about ten minutes.

“Kukuku…” A sound similar to a cuckoo’s call came from somewhere - a female cuckoo.

Xia Lei heard the sound and a small smile appeared on his lips. He headed in that direction. His eye twitched as he walked and a large number of things became visible to him; ants on trees, birds on branches, snakes slithering in the grass. None escaped his eye. 

A woman soon entered his field of vision. It was Xia Chang-He’s assistant, Yelena. She was hidden in a tree and cautiously sneaking her way over. She slid down the tree only after Xia Lei entered her field of vision.  

“I waited for you the whole night yesterday!” complained Yelena as soon as she saw Xia Lei, “You made me stay outdoors in the rain the whole night while you hugged that woman to sleep in that shack! I would’ve thrown a grenade into that shack if it weren’t for your father.” 

Xia Lei couldn’t help feeling a little bit of shame. “I’m sorry. She got sick so I couldn’t just leave her.” 

Yelena snorted. “You were savouring having her in your arms, weren’t you? You forgot about me.” 

Xia Lei had no words of retort and a faint blush bloomed on his face. 

“Forget it. I won’t hold it against you on your father’s account.” Yelena’s tone changed. “What are your plans?” 

“Rescue the experts who’ve been trapped, then retreat.” Xia Lei did not hide anything. “Where’s my father?” 

“You want to meet him?” 

“Of course. Tell me - where is he now?” 

“I can’t tell you. You’re in a dangerous situation now and he has always been in a dangerous environment. He was able to keep things under control at first but things are afoot in his locale now after you turned up.” 

“What the hell’s his identity? And yours?” Xia Lei was losing it a little. He wanted so much to know and to make sense of what was going on. 

Yelena was quiet for a bit. “We are all free agents.” 

This was similar to what Liang Si-Yao had said at that time, but Xia Lei was not satisfied with an answer like this. This answer made an unnamed flame of anger flare in his heart. “What did he send you here for if he isn’t willing to meet me? To chat with me?” 

Yelena looked straight at Xia Lei. “You are not a rebellious child anymore. You should know your father’s situation. He is your father and he’s done all of this for you. Isn’t this enough for you to be understanding of his actions and forgive him?” 

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