Chapter 277 - Related to Duty

Early the next morning, Xia Lei received a call from Long Bing and he drove to Bureau 101. 

Long Bing was waiting for him in front of the building, dressed all in black. She was wearing a womens’ suit, close-fitting and stunning. For some strange reason, Xia Lei felt a little guilty. Long Bing couldn’t see him with X-ray vision, so why did he ever use his X-ray vision on her? 

“That was quick. Thought I’d have to wait longer for you.” This seemed to serve as her greeting. 

“It’s more convenient with a car.” Xia Lei looked at her. “So what did you ask me to come here for?” 

“Didn’t I tell you the night before? We’ll have a good talk when things aren’t so busy.” Long Bing turned and walked towards the lift. “Follow me.”

Xia Lei followed her to the lift, thinking, ‘I need to hide it no matter what she or Shi Bo-Ren asks. They won’t be able to find out anything if I don’t say anything. Even if they know about the AE pills and have investigated my father’s identity, they can’t do anything to me as long as I don’t break the law. Besides, I’ve contributed so much to this country!’ 

Long Bing had her retina scanned, entered her password and the lift went down. She looked at Xia Lei, her gaze sharp and piercing. 

Xia Lei looked at her too. He was calm, and a faint smile lingered in the corners of his mouth. If there was anyone who could look into the heart of someone on this Earth then it had to be Xia Lei, and not Long Bing. People who wanted to visually investigate his secrets were just displaying their tiny skills before an expert. 

Xia Lei thought they would be going to Shi Bo-Ren’s office when they went down but Long Bing brought him to one of the round rooms. There was nothing in the room. The walls were a silvery metal, and the ceiling too. Long Bing and Xia Lei’s reflections were all over the walls and ceiling, here, there, countless Long Bings and Xia Leis as far as the eye can see; it was confusing. 

“What’s this place?” Xia Lei had a bad feeling. 

“Chat room,” said Long Bing. 

Xia Lei looked at her, nonplussed. “Stop joking. This isn’t funny.”

Long Bing shrugged. “Okay, wait here. I’ll go get Boss Shi.”

“What’s Boss Shi coming here for?” asked Xia Lei probingly. 

Long Bing did not answer. She turned and left. The curved metal door in the circular room closed behind her with a swish as soon as she stepped out. 

Xia Lei was the only one left in the curved space and there was no sound; the silence was scary. 

Xia Lei did not have claustrophobia but he couldn’t help feeling nervous being closed in a room like this. He thought of using his X-ray vision to see through the metal door but he closed his eyes and gave up on the idea almost immediately. 

This was obviously arranged by Long Bing and Shi Bo-Ren to test him, and investigate him. The room looked like an all-metal enclosed space but this was Bureau 101 and it must be under full surveillance. If he used his ability and roused their suspicions, then a whole host of professionals will come and give him a ‘consultation’!

He could not let that happen. 

Long Bing’s investigation of him had always been ongoing since the time they were acquainted. Following his increase in abilities, the growth of his business and the recent collapse of the Gu clan, her suspicions of him had already reached great heights. He had to keep himself from using his abilities here and he had to put on an act!

Having made his decision, Xia Lei walked to the metal door and reached to push it open. He couldn’t open it, of course, but he did not give up. He faced the door and shouted, “Hello? Long Bing? Where did you go? Hello? Open the door!” 

In another room, Shi Bo-Ren stared at a row of monitors with his arms folded and frowned heavily.

Long Bing and Tang Yu-Yan stood behind Shi Bo-Ren. The two women also stared at the monitors and watched Xia Lei quietly. 

On the screen, Xia Lei kicked at the metal door, his face ugly. He started grumbling and cursing at them. “Old fart Shi! You’re a stupid old man! What are you closing me up in here for? Don’t let me see you or I’ll rip your beard off!” 

Long Bing wanted to laugh but she kept herself under control; she looked like she was having trouble holding it back. 

Tang Yu-Yan couldn’t hold on any longer and sputtered with laughter. 

Shi Bo-Ren turned to glare at Tang Yu-Yan. 

Tang Yu-Yan didn’t fear Shi Bo-Ren at all. She laughed as she said, “Why glare at me, Godfather? That Xia Lei dared to curse you, and wants to tear your beard off… I don’t know how he’s so brave.” 

Shi Bo-Ren didn’t bother talking to her. He turned back and continued watching Xia Lei on the monitors. 

Xia Lei started scolding more people. “Long Bing, you’re a stinking bad woman. You tricked me here! What are you planning? The injustice! I taught you Wing Chun… I cooked so many delicious things for you…” 

“Heeheehee…” Tang Yu-Yan couldn’t stop her giggles. “This guy is so interesting. He definitely doesn’t know that you two are watching him. I didn’t expect that he’d complain and curse like a woman. This is hilarious.” 

Long Bing glared at her too. 

Tang Yu-Yan waved a hand. “I’m saying the truth. I don’t get why you two are treating him this way. From what I know this guy has contributed a lot to our nation. He’s not a bad guy and even less of an enemy.” 

“When did I say he is a bad guy? When did I say he is our enemy?” said Long Bing. 

“Then why are you treating him this way?” asked Tang Yu-Yan uncomprehendingly. 

“He’s the smartest person I’ve met and there’s something, some secret we cannot find about him. Don’t you think it’s strange? He built the world’s most advanced lathe with his own two hands. He also modified two sniper rifles for us and made them into the world’s only two rifles with an effective range of 3,200 metres. Additionally, he was just a labourer on construction sites last year but he now owns three companies. Is this normal?” said Long Bing. 

Tang Yu-Yan shook her head. 

“I don’t want to treat him this way either but we are Bureau 101. It is our responsibility to investigate this and find out what’s going on with him exactly,” said Long Bing. 

“Yes ma’am, Understood.” Tang Yu-Yan patted Long Bing on the shoulder. “Take it as I’ve said nothing.” 

“Can you two shut up? Go out and face the wall if you make more noise.” Shi Bo-Ren spoke at last. 

Long Bing and Tang Yu-Yan exchanged glances and shut their mouths. Their gazes went back to the row of monitors. 

In the round room, Xia Lei had stepped away from the door. He walked along the circular wall, reaching out to knock a spot once in a while, seemingly looking for a hidden door. 

Shi Bo-Ren reached out to the control panel and pressed a switch. 

Metal plates extended from the walls at the room’s twelve, nine, six and three o’clock positions and four scanners stretched out from the metal wall simultaneously to throw invisible waves at Xia Lei’s body. 

Xia Lei got anxious and roared angrily, “Enough! What’s this? Are you trying to kill me? I want out! I want my lawyer!” 

No one responded. The four scanners did a full scan of his body. 

“He’s not that brave.” Tang Yu-Yan couldn’t help commenting. 

“He dared to enter Gu Ding-Shan’s Baisui Garden alone. You say he’s not that brave?” said Shi Bo-Ren.

Long Bing sighed. “He’s really mad now. I don’t know how to explain it if there’s really no problem with him in the end.”

Behind the three of them, a white lab coat-wearing expert stared at the monitor displaying information from the scanners and scribbled on a report. 

In the round room, Xia Lei was making a lot of noise and scolding people on the surface and looked mad but he was very calm inside. 

‘What can they get from using these scanners to scan me? I’ve used my X-ray ability on my own body countless times. I would’ve known about any problems long ago without waiting for them to scan me. Whatever. They won’t feel assured if they didn’t do this. I’ll play along this time and let them feel as ease’ thought Xia Lei to himself. 

He was not afraid of anything scanning his body simply because his abilities were in his left eye. His brain may have had some degree of influence but which machine in this world could scan for his miraculous ability? It did exist but it could not be seen. 

He had to go to the AE Research Center in America to unravel this mystery. It was possible that he would go in this lifetime but now was definitely not the time. 

A few minutes later in another room, the Bureau 101 expert in a white coat walked up to Shi Bo-Ren with a report. “The results are out, Boss Shi.” 

“Report,” said Shi Bo-Ren eagerly. 

“His skeletal structure, organs and brain are all normal. Additionally, according to the blood and skin tissue test results provided by Chief Long, his blood and cell tissues are also normal. Based on all these, I conclude that he is a normal human,” said the expert. 

“Are you sure?” For some reason, Shi Bo-Ren doubted the results. 

“I am sure. Our machines are the most advanced. They do not lie,” said the expert. 

Shi Bo-Ren sighed. “All right, I understand. You’re dismissed.” 

The expert left. 

“Heh heh.” Tang Yu-Yan smirked. “I’d guessed it. You two must’ve watched too many Hollywood sci-fi movies. There aren’t any super-humans in this world.” 

Shi Bo-Ren glared at Tang Yu-Yan. “This is our duty!” 

Long Bing suddenly held her stomach. “Ah, my stomach is hurting all of a sudden. I have to go to the washroom. Yu-Yan, you go let Xia Lei out.” She turned and ran off once she finished speaking. 

“Huh? Hey!” Tang Yu-Yan was nonplussed. 

Shi Bo-Ren coughed. “What are you standing there for? Go.” 

“Why me?” Tang Yu-Yan looked gloomy. Whoever went to let him out would bear the brunt of his anger. She wasn’t even the one who started it, so why her? 

Shi Bo-Ren put on a stern face. “Not you? Is it going to be me, then? Now, don’t mention me to him. If he asks, tell him I went on business to Russia yesterday.” 

Tang Yu-Yan was speechless. 

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