Chapter 198 - Be Safe

It was dark in the room but this was no obstacle to Xia Lei. He saw Liang Si-Yao hiding under the covers in bed the instant he walked in. She was covering her face with the blanket. 

Xia Lei closed the room door gently and locked it. 

He did this not to lock out burglars but to lock out her father, Liang Zheng-Chun.

Xia Lei quietly approached Liang Si-Yao’s bed but did not know what to do when he got to her bedside. 

“I…” He finally spoke one word. 

Liang Si-Yao swiftly popped her head out and put on a startled act. “Huh? Wh, Why are you in my room?” 

She was unaware that Xia Lei could see her every movement clearly. Liang Si-Yao thought Xia Lei had the same visibility as she had and could not see the bed clearly. Xia Lei was tickled by her pretense but he held his laughter in. He pretended to be shocked too. “Huh? This is your room? Oh no, I’ve walked into the wrong room. I’m sorry, I didn’t do this deliberately.” He turned to leave after he spoke. 

“Go. You go. If you go then you’ll have to wait till our wedding night to touch me,” said Liang Si-Yao slowly. 

Xia Lei was speechless.

Her words were like a paralysis spell and Xia Lei froze in place. 

The night was long and their touches of love lingered infinitely. 

Liang Zheng-Chun woke the next morning to find Liang Si-Yao changed - she actually made breakfast. He found that she was like a whole new person, glowing and radiating happiness like she had met with several fortuitous events. He also quickly saw that the way Liang Si-Yao was walking was a little odd. She was not lame, but not normal either. 

“Si-Yao, what’s wrong with your foot?” asked Liang Zheng-Chun worriedly. 

Liang Si-Yao blushed mysteriously. “N, Nothing. I slipped in the kitchen earlier due to carelessness. Maybe it’s sprained.” 

“Put some herbal liquor on it. The liquor I make is very effective for sprains, “ said Liang Zheng-Chun. 

Liang Si-Yao quickly said, “No need, it’s fine, it’ll be okay in a while. If my leg still has problems I’ll ask Xia Lei to use acupuncture on me. He’s really good at it.” 

“Is Lei still asleep? Call him to wake up and eat breakfast,” said Liang Zheng-Chun. 

“Nn.” Liang Si-Yao limped towards her room. 

Liang Zheng-Chun watched her suspiciously. 

Liang Si-Yao remembered something when she opened the door and laughed sheepishly. “I’ve gone to the wrong room.” She closed the door and turned to go to Xia Lei’s room. 

Liang Zheng-Chun smiled wryly and shook his head, seeming to have understood something. He was a little disappointed but happy. 

Only men who had daughters would know how he felt. 

Xia Lei was still snoring in his room; the previous night’s activities had tired him out. He’d probably be sleeping in Liang Si-Yao’s bed till noon if he had not been chased out at five in the morning. 

Liang Si-Yao patted Xia Lei’s cheek and said gently, “Rise and shine, lazy pig. The sun’s on your ass.” 

Xia Lei opened his bleary eyes and said groggily, “Let me sleep for a while more. Yawn… I’m so sleepy.” 

Liang Si-Yao frowned and reached to pinch Xia Lei’s nose. “Get up. Dad’s waiting for you so that we can have breakfast together. It’s going to be so embarrassing if he sees through us.” 

Xia Lei climbed out of bed at that and found that he was aching all over and that his legs were wobbly. 

Liang Si-Yao poked Xia Lei with a finger. “You greedy man. It wasn’t enough for you to go again and again, huh? Know what tiredness feels like now?” 

Xia Lei grinned. He enveloped Liang Si-Yao in his arms. “I can’t get enough of you for my whole life.” 

Liang Si-Yao was in bliss. She kissed Xia Lei on the cheek. “Okay, okay, enough. Let’s go out now. Dad is waiting.” 

Xia Lei went to the dining room when he was done washing up and greeted Liang Zheng-Chun respectfully. “Good morning, Master.” 

“Let’s eat. Send me to the martial school after breakfast,” said Liang Zheng-Chun. 

Xia Lei made a sound of agreement and buried his head in his breakfast, avoiding Liang Zheng-Chun’s gaze. 

Liang Si-Yao continuously put food in his bowl. “Eat more. It’s tiring at work so you need more nourishment.” 

Xia Lei was speechless. 

After breakfast, the three of them went downstairs and Liang Si-Yao asked, “Lei, where’s your car?” 

Xia Lei hesitated, wondering if he should tell Liang Si-Yao and Liang Zheng-Chun that his car had been ruined by Gu Ke-Wu. They would worry if he told them but if he kept mum, he would be hiding things from Liang Si-Yao and he didn’t want that. This was no small matter either. 

At that moment, a brand new black BMW M6 came in from the entrance of the neighbourhood and stopped before the three of them in an instant. 

The door opened and Fu Chuan-Fu stepped out. 

“Uncle Fu? This is…” Xia Lei had a suspicion. 

Fu Chuan-Fu smiled. “My apologies, Mr Xia. The car you lent me has met with an accident and cannot be repaired. I’m returning you a new car.” 

“This…” Xia Lei was gobsmacked. 

“Your car was new too, so it is only right that I give you a new one. The paperwork has been processed and the keys are in the car. Please accept it,” said Fu Chuan-Fu. 

Before Xia Lei could speak, Liang Si-Yao jumped in and said, “Thank you for the hard work, Uncle Fu. We’ll take the car.” 

A housekeeper was a housekeeper - of course he had to compensate her Lei for damaging his car! It was a car which cost over two million yuan!

Since Liang Si-Yao had accepted it, Xia Lei did not feel it appropriate to reject it and said, “Then, thank you.” He knew that the car must’ve been sent by Shentu Tian-Yin. The clever woman had even thought up an excuse for Fu Chuan-Fu. 

Fu Chuan-Fu bowed deeply to Liang Si-Yao. 

Liang Si-Yao hurriedly helped him up and said in surprise, “What are you doing, Uncle Fu?” 

“This is a show of Milady’s appreciation. She instructed me to convey her thanks,” said Fu Chuan-Fu. 

“I didn’t do anything. What’s she thanking me for?” said Liang Si-Yao awkwardly. 

“I don’t know about that. You can ask her the next time you meet. All right, I’ve finished what I came here to do. Goodbye,” said Fu Chuan-Fu. 

“I’ll send you off,” said Xia Lei. 

“No need. Jin Da-Hu is waiting for me outside. He’s driving,” said Fu Chuan-Fu. 

“Have a good day then, Uncle Fu,” said Xia Lei. 

Fu Chuan-Fu gave him a wave and strode towards the exit. 

Xia Lei thought for a bit and decided to tell them. “My car was actually destroyed by Gu Ke-Wu.” 

Liang Si-Yao paused, then giggled. “I knew it couldn’t be like that. Even so, it’s only right that you accept the car she’s given you. Your car wouldn’t have been destroyed if it weren’t for her, right?” 

Xia Lei felt more at ease for having said the truth. Liang Si-Yao and Liang Zheng-Chun were both good people and he did not want to hide anything from them nor lie to Liang Si-Yao. 

“Is the problem serious?” asked Liang Zheng-Chun worriedly. 

“It’s fine, Master, don’t worry. The problem has been solved,” said Xia Lei with a smile. 

“Mm, it’s good that it’s solved. Let’s go - we have to open up.” Liang Zheng-Chun did not pursue the matter. 

“Drive the car and try it out. You can get it changed at a 4S shop if there’re problems,” said Liang Si-Yao. She drew close to Xia Lei’s ear and said softly, “I know why she wants to thank me - it’s because she borrowed my boyfriend. Good that she admits it, but she’s only borrowing you that one time. No more lending.” 

Xia Lei was speechless. 

A short while later, the brand new BMW M6 stopped in front of the martial school and Liang Zheng-Chun alighted. He walked two steps forward and turned back to say with a deeply meaningful tone, “Be safe, you two.” 

“Yes, Master. You be careful too.” Xia Lei was all warm inside. 

Liang Zheng-Chun walked off after saying that one line.

Liang Si-Yao’s face was red and she froze for a while before she reached to pinch Xia Lei on his thigh. “My dad knows! It’s all your fault!” 

“He knows? What? What are you blaming me for?” said Xia Lei uncomprehendingly. 

“Didn’t you hear him? He said to be safe. Be safe! We didn’t use condoms last night!” 

Xia Lei was speechless. 

“You’ve got to steal some boxes from our supermarket when we get to the company.” 

“Steal some boxes?” 

“You’re the boss. Won’t all the supermarket employees know if you buy condoms? And if the supermarket employees know, the entire factory would know. Go steal from the warehouse, they’re yours anyway.” 

Xia Lei was speechless. 

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