Chapter 148 - It’s Easy For Men To Pick Up Bad Habits

The people who should’ve left, left, and the tense atmosphere in the private room dissipated. 

A smile appeared on Zhang Sen’s face and he signalled. “What are you sitting about for? Pour us some alcohol.”

The women quickly got into work-mode and assumed their roles as drink-pourers and hangers-on. Every man had two women accompanying him and they were all young, sexy and pretty. 

Two women were seated, one on either side of Xia Lei as well, but Xia Lei did not put his arms around their waists or take advantage of them like Lin Wen-De and Ding Yun did. He just sat there and did nothing. 

“Pick a song, Boss. I’ll sing with you,” said a woman in a sweet voice, “How about ‘Burlak’s Love’*? I’ll sing the little sister’s part and you’ll sing the big brother’s part, okay?”

“No,” said Xia Lei disinterestedly, “I don’t know this song.”

The other woman brought him a glass of red wine and gave him a seductive smile. “Let’s cross arms and drink, Boss.”

“Drink it yourself,” said Xia Lei disinterestedly.

The two women exchanged glances and looked gloomy. This was the first time they’d encountered a customer like Xia Lei. Men who came here were those looking for fun - why was this one so serious? It was easy to hook the other men and get them to give them money. If the man wanted sex, they’d get a room and the process was simple. However, all their usual tricks were not working on Xia Lei. 

The two women then looked almost pleadingly at Zhang Sen. 

These women had received instructions in advance from Zhang Sen - who should accompany whom and how. Each person had their role. Lin Wen-De and Ding Yun were no problem as they quickly loosened up and went into play-mode but Xia Lei was an exception; he was immovable. The women needed further instructions from Zhang Sen. 

Zhang Sen pushed the hands of the two women fawning over him from his body and went to Xia Lei with a glass of red wine in hand. He sat and smiled as he said, “Bro, let’s have a drink, a toast to your boldness. Let me tell you, I was very impressed today.”

Xia Lei lifted a glass and clinked glasses with Zhang Sen. He laughed and said, “I am actually worried that I’d left a bad impression on you. I’m not really a reckless person, it was just… that rascal Xu Lang is very punchable.”

“Hahaha! Well said!” Zhang Sen drained his glass of red wine in one go. 

Xia Lei was quick to respond and drained his glass too before getting the bottle. “I’ll pour for you, Big Brother Sen.” 

Zhang Sen laughed and covered his wineglass with his hand. “Ah, how dare I be your Big Brother?”

“You called me your ‘Bro’ so you’re my Big Brother - why don’t you dare? You should.” Xia Lei said smoothly.

Zhang Sen took his hand off his wineglass and laughed cheerfully. “Good! So we’re Brothers now. I’ll drink it all, even if it’s the whole bottle.”

Xia Lei smiled. “Oh no, that won’t do. How can you play around if you’re drunk?” He poured a good portion of wine into Zhang Sen’s glass and then poured about the same for himself. 

Zhang Sen went close to Xia Lei’s ear and said in a low voice, “Bro, these women were picked by the manager here. They normally service the VIPs only and not the regulars. They’re clean, don’t worry. Heh heh… You know what I mean. Relax and play with them.”

That’s true - Zhang Sen had status. The women he called were not those that just anyone could afford to play with. 

These high-class girls were indeed clean and only available to the rich. Xia Lei’s headache grew worse after hearing Zhang Sen’s words; two women had cautioned him against touching the women here. One was Long Bing and the other was Liang Si-Yao. These two women were special to him and he didn’t want either of them to be disappointed in him. 

An idea came to him and he put on a smug, mischievous smile. “Big Brother Sen, I’ll tell you honestly… I just had two yesterday and I don’t think I can do more today.”

“I’ve got pills. Want them?”

Xia Lei was speechless. 

Zhang Sen fished out a foil-wrapped brown pill; it was viagra. He pressed it into Xia Lei’s palm discreetly and patted him on the shoulder with a wicked smile. “You can make the bed shake so hard it flips over with this. Haha!” 

‘Bastard. I’m in good health. Why would I need pills like these?’ Xia Lei cursed him silently but plastered a smile on his face. “Thanks, Big Brother Sen. I’ll eat it later.” He put the viagra in his pocket.

Zhang Sen laughed heartily and clapped his hands. “Why don’t you guys dance.”

The music blared and it was the type which was accompanied by moaning women. Some of the women stood and started dancing provocatively in front of the four men.

Lin Wen-De went over to Xia Lei, glass in hand. “Xia Bro, here’s a toast! I don’t often admire others but I admire you. I definitely want to be your friend.”

“Big Brother Lin, let’s not be formal amongst us Brothers.” Xia Lei stood and clicked glasses with Lin Wen-De, then drained it. 

Ding Yun also came to have a drink with Xia Lei and he was very polite. 

Their attitude had taken a 180-degree turn from when Xia Lei first walked in. They now saw him as a special person worth befriending. 

“Wen-De Bro, Xia Bro’s company’s making some awesome selfie sticks. He’s looking to sell them now. Can you see if you can do some sales with them?” said Zhang Sen. 

“No problem! I’ll send someone over to Xia Bro’s company tomorrow to order stocks. Xia Bro can bring his products to my sales avenues,” said Lin Wen-De loudly. 

“Thank you, thank you. A toast to Big Brother Lin.” Xia Lei happily lifted a glass and drained it.

“Xia Bro, I don’t have sales outlets but I have some friends. Don’t worry, I’ll contact those friends tomorrow. Your product will definitely be very visible in the market.” 

“Thank you, thank you. A toast to Big Brother Ding.” Xia Lei lifted a glass again and drained it.

China’s markets were like a marketplace and many business deals were made over drinks. This was why Xia Lei had to play along like he did now. Lin Wen-De and Ding Yun were treating him well, wanted to be friends with him and help him solve his problem of selling his products. He had to give them toasts or they wouldn’t think him sincere so he had to drink even if he didn’t want to. 

“I say, Brothers, one person’s matter is everyone’s matter. Let’s make money together and bear tough times together.” Zhang Sen raised his glass. “Come, let us four Brothers have a toast!”

After one round of drinking, Xia Lei started to get a little dizzy. He rarely drank and though his body was strong, he hadn’t ever got used to drinking. He sat on the sofa, reflexes dulled. He knew, though, that he should not be drinking more. 

Zhang Sen gestured at the dancing women and they returned to the sofa in pairs to fawn over the men. 

The two women accompanying Xia Lei returned to him, one on each side, and stuck to him like glue.

“Xia Bro, so you’re a player, haha,” joked Lin Wen-De. 

“You’re teasing, Big Brother Lin.” Xia Lei laughed too, but it was a dry one. He was not thinking of the sexy bodies of the two women next to him but of Long Bing and Liang Si-Yao’s warnings. He didn’t know why he was thinking of them at that time but the thought of them made him feel ashamed of himself. 

“Let’s drink.” Lin Wen-De started pouring again.

“Yeah, let’s drink.” Xia Lei braced himself and lifted the glass.

Entrepreneurship was tough. Everything Xia Lei was experiencing was tough. He didn’t want to drink but he had to force himself with a smile on his face. He didn’t want to touch these women but he had to. If he were a business person of Shentu Tian-Yin’s caliber, he wouldn’t have to flatter others or do anything he wasn’t willing to do. Unfortunately, he was just a small business owner and his business was in its beginning stages at that. Everything depended on him; to build the business and to grow it. 

Time flowed away with the music, wine, beer and between the women’s legs. Xia Lei had kept his head in the beginning but he eventually became completely and totally dead-drunk. 

“Take my Brother down and treat him well. I’ll reward you accordingly,” said Zhang Sen. 

“Thank you, Big Brother Sen.” The two women accompanying Xia Lei supported him as they walked to the room door. 

“Let’s break up in our own groups to have our fun,” said Zhang Sen with a smile. 

“Heh heh, we won’t hold back then.” Lin Wen-De pinched a woman’s thigh. 

“Ah! You’re so naughty, Boss,” said the woman coquettishly. 

Lin Wen-De laughed. “Is this naughty? You’ll see what ‘naughty’ is later.” 

The three men laughed and walked out of the private room in the embrace of six women.

A woman suddenly strode over from the other end of the corridor. 

Zhang Sen’s face froze when he saw who the woman was, then he smiled. “Miss Liang, what… Why are you here?”

“I came to get someone.” Liang Si-Yao strode over to Xia Lei and shoved the two women aside in one movement with the palms of her hands. 

Xia Lei tipped towards Liang Si-Yao. 

Liang Si-Yao caught Xia Lei by the waist and moved him to her shoulder in one fluid movement. Xia Lei weighed at least 70 kilograms but she lifted him like a bundle of straw. 

The three men looked at each other. 

“Goodbye, gentlemen. Enjoy yourselves.” So saying, Liang Si-Yao turned and left with Xia Lei on her shoulder. 

“She… Who?” Lin Wen-De managed to say after unfreezing.

Zhang Sen smiled wryly. “Liang Si-Yao. Xia Lei Bro’s woman. She’s a Wing Chun expert. Next time… let’s not arrange activities like these for Xia Lei Bro. We wouldn’t want to anger her.” 

*Burlak’s Love

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