Chapter 147 - Don’t Touch Those Women

Not very many in China would dare to drag a police inspector into a washroom to beat him up and treat him to the ‘nutritious liquid’ in the toilet bowl but Xia Lei did. This made him appear reckless, violent and brought him no advantage but he had his reasons. 

Why would a rich man like Zhang Sen help him? He didn’t believe that it was out of goodwill. Zhang Sen didn’t care at all about the bit of money he had, so if it was not money, then what? It could be one of two things - his connections or his second identity as a consultant for Bureau 101. 

It was impossible for Zhang Sen to know about his second identity but he would know for sure that he had someone helping him in Jing-Du. Zhang Sen must have had this in mind when he made friends with him and called him ‘Bro’. 

Xu Lang had sneered and looked down on him in front of Zhang Sen so if he did nothing, Zhang Sen would look down on him too and the business introductions he had lined up would also fall through. That was why he had to do something and establish his power to let Zhang Sen and potential business partners like Lin Wen-De see his might. Xu Lang had to drink toilet bowl water for this.

He dared to beat Xu Lang up because he was not afraid of him taking revenge. 

He was a consultant for Bureau 101 and not formally employed by them but Shi Bo-Ren valued him highly. He had just done a huge service to Bureau 101 by stealing industry secrets of the most advanced intelligent lathe in the world for them. With his status and capabilities, would Shi Bo-Ren allow a person like Xu Lang to put Xia Lei in prison? Furthermore, this was the period of time before China Industrial Group had finished building Josef’s intelligent lathe. 

This was his attitude towards the matter - I’ve poked the hornet’s nest; are you going to help me? If you’re not, I won’t help you in the future either!

It would be an easy decision for Bureau 101. Shi Bo-Ren would not side with Xu Lang unless something was wrong with his head. 

And so, Zhang Sen, Lin Wen-De and Ding Yun witnessed a powerful Xia Lei and were hard pressed to say that they weren’t impressed. If he dared to beat up an inspector like Xu Lang, then he was not afraid of his backer, Xu Zheng-Yi, at all. 

Didn’t they want to see how good my connections were? Look now, my connections are so good I can beat Xu Lang up for fun!

Businessmen from ancient times have always bowed and scraped to powerful people, so much so that it was a characteristic of theirs. He had displayed his power tonight not just for the business connections but to send a message to everyone - Don’t mess with me!

Zhang Sen, Lin Wen-De and Ding Yun looked at Xia Lei with surprise and awe in their eyes. 

The women accompanying the men in the private room were all staring at Xia Lei too. They had heard the screams and bits of conversation from the washroom and knew what had happened and that had thoroughly convinced them. Xia Lei had become an aggressive main lead in a movie in their eyes. His bearing, his handsome appearance and his violent methods had their hormones abuzz. 

“So sorry, I forgot myself a little.” Xia Lei returned to the sofa and spoke with a smile. 

Everyone else snapped back to reality. 

Zhang Sen laughed, “Bro, that was…”

“Just some personal matter. I hope it hasn’t affected everyone’s moods?” Xia Lei appeared relaxed. 

“No, no, it’s just that…” Zhang Sen spoke probingly, “Xu Lang is an inspector and he won’t just let this matter rest. What if he seeks revenge on you?”

Xia Lei spoke disinterestedly, “He’s just an inspector. I don’t care. He wants revenge? Well then, he can expect to be ruined.”

He wasn’t usually one to say such things but, every once in a while, these words were needed. 

At that moment, Xu Lang walked out of the washroom. His head was dripping and his suit wet; he looked rather haggard. 

“Xu Bro.” Zhang Sen walked to him. “What was that about? It’s all my fault - I didn’t know that there was this sort of conflict between you two or I’d not have invited you both to the same venue to sing and drink.”

Xu Lang spoke coldly, “Big Brother Sen, this has nothing to do with you. Don’t bother about it.” He pointed at Xia Lei and said fiercely, “He’s looking for an early grave and I’ll fulfil that wish!” 

Xia Lei sneered and said nothing. 

Zhang Sen cautioned him hypocritically, “Xu Bro, about this matter, could you maybe…”

“No, Big Brother Sen. I’ve said that this matter doesn’t concern you.” Xu Lang took out his phone and dialled a number, then put the phone to his ear and spoke loudly. “Wu, bring your men to Tuberose KTV immediately. A person needs to be arrested.”

He spoke loudly on purpose for everyone in the room to hear. 

The atmosphere in the room became tense. It was very quiet and stifling.

Zhang Sen and everyone else looked at Xia Lei again, wanting to know how he’d react. 

Xia Lei also took out his phone and dialled a number, then spoke mildly, “Hello… It’s me. I’m in a karaoke bar.”

Long Bing’s voice came from the phone. “Heh. Picked up some bad habits, have you? Never saw you going to those places before.”

“It’s to talk business. I can’t help it. I’m calling you about something.”

“What something?”

“You know a guy named Xu Lang?”


“He wants to arrest me now.”

“What?” Long Bing sounded surprised. “Why?”

“I beat him up.”

“Why were you so reckless?”

“He’s called someone to come arrest me. My friends are next to me. I don’t want to be shamed in front of them.”

“You already knew the outcome so why did you do something so reckless? Didn’t I already tell you? Keep your calm. The things I’ve taught you, you…”

Xia Lei cut her off. “If I’m arrested and put behind bars by him I’ll quit. I’m not going to bother with the matter of China Industrial Group either.”


“Xia Lei deliberately said ‘I’ll quit’ extra loudly for Zhang Sen and the others to hear. 

Everyone had a question when they heard that - Did he have some sort of governmental pull in Jing-Du? 

Long Bing’s voice came from the phone again. “Wait. I’ll settle this. No talking to me like this ever again. I don’t like it.”

“Nn.” A small smile appeared in the corners of Xia Lei’s lips. “You’re smart. You know why I’m talking to you like this.”

Long Bing was quiet for a bit before she let out a light laugh. “You’re getting more sly, huh. Makes me want to punch you.”

“Heh heh. Come over here if you’d like to punch me. Oh, right, I’ve sent the selfie stick you wanted via express mail. Remember to check your packages. Bye.” Xia Lei said goodbye and hung up. 

The group of people stared oddly at Xia Lei. He was actually in the mood to talk about selfie sticks in this sort of setting? 

Xia Lei’s calm attitude was a refreshing contrast to Xu Lang’s anxiousness. 

Xia Lei looked at Xu Lang. “If I were you, I’d leave now and not remain to be shamed.”

Xu Lang sneered. “Are you pretending to put on airs? I don’t believe that you can circumvent the law! If I can’t arrest you tonight, I’ll write ‘Xu’ upside down!”

Xia Lei shrugged. “Then get your people to arrest me.”

“Pah! They’re on their way. We’ll have a good talk when we get to the station!” said Xu Lang vehemently. A scenario was already playing out in his head - Xia Lei with his hands and legs shackled, lying on the ground like a trussed pig while he kicked at him…

The thought of this scenario pleased him greatly. 

No one spoke. The atmosphere in the private room was tense again. 

Ten minutes later, the door to the room was suddenly pushed open and a group of Special Forces men rushed in, armed to their teeth with weapons.

Xu Lang had actually called up the Special Forces and not regular policemen. It seemed he had calculated this because the Special Forces were direct subordinates and it was difficult for other departments to intervene. Even if Xia Lei had connections, his connections couldn’t command the Special Forces!

The leader of the group saluted Xu Lang. “Inspector Xu, the squad has assembled. What are your orders, sir?”

Xu Lang sneered and lifted a hand to point at Xia Lei. “Him. Arrest him.”

The group of men suddenly rushed at Xia Lei and pointed their various weapons at him.  

“Don’t move!” The leader shouted, “On your knees! Hands in the air!”

Xia Lei did not move, did not kneel and neither did he put his hands in the air. 

The leader’s eyebrows went up and he pressed the muzzle of his gun to Xia Lei’s head. 

At this moment, another person shouted, “Stop!” 

It was like a scene from a movie - an unexpected situation was happening every second.

A familiar face appeared in the doorway. Xia Lei remembered his name - Ke Jie. He was Long Bing’s subordinate. 

“Who are you?” asked the leader rudely. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

“I want to know what you are doing,” said Ke Jie. 

“Arresting him!” said the leader, “We’re following orders.”

“Orders? Whose orders?” asked Ke Jie. 

“My orders!” said Xu Lang loudly. “Who are you? Do you know that you’re obstructing official matters? If you interrupt again, I’ll have you arrested as well!”

Ke Jie laughed dryly. “Your orders? I’ve just received notification that you’ve been suspended. Who can you order around?”

His words hit everyone like an icy wind and they all froze. 

“Ignore him, Wu! Arrest him!” Xu Lang was too invested to stop now and he was gambling it all. 

The leader of the team hesitated. He did not move but gave one of his men a look. 

The man grabbed Xia Lei’s hand and made to pull him off the sofa.

Ke Jie suddenly moved his hand and when he stopped moving, a black handgun had appeared, pressed right to Xu Lang’s temple. 

“You…” Xu Lang was shocked and angry and his voice trembled. “W,What are you doing?”

Ke Jie spoke coldly, “Let me tell you that I have the right to shoot you.” He looked at the Special Forces leader and spoke in a louder voice, “Do you want to be dismissed from your positions? Who gave you the right to arrest people willy-nilly? Are you the nation’s Special Forces or Xu Lang’s Special Forces?”

The Special Forces leader was stunned by his words and quickly said to his men, “Stand down.”

His men withdrew. 

At this moment, Xu Lang’s phone rang. 

Xu Lang did not dare move. Ke Jie took the phone from his hand and unlocked it. 

“You fucker! I told you not to anger that woman but you went ahead and pissed her off anyway! I’m suspending you for now. Come back for an investigation, now!” It was Xu Zheng-Yi’s voice. 

Xu Zheng-Yi had indeed cautioned Xu Lang not to mess with Long Bing but hatred had clouded his judgement and eyes. He’d forgot the warning and lost his perception of the situation. 

“Heard that?” Ke Jie said loudly. 

The leader waved his hand. “Withdraw!”

The Special Forces came quickly and left even more quickly. They were fairly respectful towards Xu Lang when they’d arrived but did not even spare him a backward glance as they left for fear of being connected to him in any way. 

Ke Jie put his gun away and spoke to Xu Lang. “You too, leave. If you don’t, I’ll make you leave.” 

Xu Lang looked at Xia Lei. He’d bitten his lip so hard that he was bleeding but was unaware that he’d done so. He glared at Xia Lei, then looked away and exited the private room. 

The atmosphere in the private room was still tense. 

Xia Lei broke the short silence, smiling as he said, “Have a drink with me, Ke Jie.” 

Ke Jie smiled wryly. “I’m not as idle as you are. She told me to tell you something.”

“What?” Xia Lei knew that the ‘she’ he spoke of was Long Bing and he was curious as to what she would have Ke Jie tell him at this time.

Ke Jie walked to Xia Lei and came close to his ear to say in a low voice, “She told me to tell you that ‘the women in entertainment establishments are dirty. Don’t touch those women’.”

Xia Lei was speechless. 

Ke Jie turned and left. 

Xia Lei was still frozen. 

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