Chapter 1189 - No Gentlemen Here!

The hand appeared without a sound or warning. It felt exactly like a horror movie scene, a shrivelled hand emerging from a grave to grab the character’s heel. 

The difference between this and a movie was that the hand that grabbed Eva’s heel was not shrivelled but a powerful hand. 

“Ah----” Eva screamed and instinctively struggled out of its grip. 

Before she could move further, the hand dragged her down into the water! 

“No---” Kestin pounced forward. Splash! Eva had already fallen in but the hand did not let go, dragging her further down. When she finally saw the owner of the hand, she recognised Xia Lei. What greeted her was a terrifying face with eyes as black as ink without a spot of white. His face was expressionless indifference. 

She struggled for her life but could not break free of his grip. The cold quickly sapped away any heat in her system, her limbs going numb at an alarming speed. She could no longer move or breathe. Only ice-cold water entered her mouth. 

“Gulg--- gulg--- gulg---” Eva calmed down, her mouth still open but she stopped drinking any more pool water. 

He’s not dead? 

That was her last thought. 

“YOU BASTARD!” roared Kestin by the lake. “I’LL KILL YOU!”

Bang bang bang! 

Kestin pulled the trigger of his pistol but it would not work. He’d forgotten that it was already frozen by the pool water, the bullets would not fire. 

“Dammit-- AHH!” He tossed it angrily into the pool. 

Bang bang bang! 

Charlotte fired her gun. It was still working. 

However, the bullets flew towards the stone platform and disappeared. She’d forgotten that guns were useless here. 

“Get out! Get the fuck out!!” roared Kestin. 


A head broke through the surface. It was Xia Lei’s head. His face was icily expressionless. 

He had emerged by the edge, about ten metres from Charlotte and Kestin. He supported himself on the edge and leapt out of the water, landing on the edge. 

When he jumped, his clothes shattered into pieces of ice on the ground, along with all his weapons and his guns. He had turned into a nude caveman the next moment. 

His body could withstand extreme cold but not his clothes. The sudden movement had shattered them all. 

The perfect lines and symmetrical muscles, fair and soft skin… They were a sight to behold that would make any person fall in love. If only he covered that impossibility striking part, then the sight would be perfect. 

Although his gun and clothes had fallen, he was holding an army knife. 

The knife was sharp and glinted coldly. 

Within this underground pyramid’s energy field, the larger the potential energy of an object, the more it would be affected. A knife was not affected here. 

“You bastard!” Sirita pounced on Xia Lei also with a knife in her hand. 

In the blink of an eye, both blades clanged together, causing a few sparks to fly. 

Ding ding ding! 

After the first impact, their blades collided three more times. 

Kestin appeared soundlessly by his side with a Delta Forces knife, ready to ambush Xia Lei. 

Ding ding ding! 


There was the sound of a knife cutting into flesh. Charlotte stumbled back, for there was a cut across her large chest, her bra had also been torn through, revealing snow-white skin. 

Spotting his chance, Kestin lunged to thrust his knife into Xia Lei! 

Without even turning around, Xia Lei slashed his knife sideways. 


More sparks flew as both army knives collided. Xia Lei pushed his blade towards Kestin’s chest, Kestin did the same. The two knives were pushed in two directions at the same time, grinding piercingly. 

Xia Lei was privately shocked because he never expected Kestin to be strong enough to fight back. This was his first time engaging in hand-to-hand combat against Kestin. Before this, he thought Kestin was just a cunning, intellect-type enemy. He didn’t know this man was both smart and strong! 

Charlotte had no time to care for her chest wound, pouncing forward as the knife in her hand swung in an arc towards Xia Lei’s back. 

Xia Lei was sandwiched between two enemies now. 

At such a critical moment, his brain switched into super mode. Kestin and Charlotte’s moves and potential moves were all simulated in his brain. 

If he pushed Kestin, he would be stabbed by Charlotte! 

If he dodged Charlotte, his throat would be slashed by Kestin! 

If he crouched, both would stab him to death! 

If he moved horizontally, he would not be able to avoid them both either! 

Every possible scenario was simulated in his head, his brain eliminating each scene until the correct solution surfaced. 

He suddenly fell backwards. When his body was still midair, his right leg kicked Kestin’s crotch while he waved his knife backwards. 

Kestin was forced to lift a knee to block Xia Lei’s kick. 

Charlotte’s knife missed its target but Xia Lei’s knife had stabbed her thigh! 

This was the best solution formulated by his brain. 

Such a complicated calculation process only took one second in reality. In this negligible moment of time, his brain raced faster than a computer and processed all the information based on his eyes and ears, then sent instructions to his body. He did not only save himself from both their attacks but severely injured Charlotte! 

He had used his brain’s super mode to study the drone and war machines countless times but this was its first time in battle. 

“Ahh!” Charlotte screamed and fell backwards. 

Xia Lei’s back hit the ground. Supporting himself with both hands, he flipped quickly back on his feet. 

Kestin had already charged forward, taking advantage of the split-second Xia Lei took to get on his feet. 

Xia Lei twisted his hips, his legs opening like a pair of scissors, then spun and kicked powerfully and lodged his knife deep in Kestin’s chest. 


There was a dull thud as Kestin’s body flew backwards, the knife in his hand falling on the ground. He flew a few metres away and slammed heavily onto the black pyramid, then on the ground. 

Xia Lei rushed forward, slashing his knife repeatedly at Charlotte. 

Ding ding ding… 


Charlotte successfully defended herself but due to the injuries on her chest and thigh, upon the fifth move, she was half a second late and his blade found itself in her stomach. 

“Pfft…” Blood sprayed out of her mouth. 

Xia Lei remained expressionless, showing no pity or mercy. He pulled his knife out and stabbed it into her belly again, then again and again… 

Charlotte had run out of strength to retaliate. While none of the stabs were fatal, her life was draining very quickly. He pushed gently and she fell backwards on the ground, fresh blood spewing out of her stab wounds, red patches dyeing her clothes and the ground around her. 

“No…” Kestin, who had just scrambled onto his feet, roared angrily at Xia Lei. 

Xia Lei walked over and spoke mildly, “What about it? You don’t want her to die? Why didn’t you say so earlier? I would have granted that wish.” 

Kestin stepped back. He no longer had his knife and guns were useless within the energy field. He could not kill Xia Lei together with Charlotte, now she was dead and he had lost all confidence. 

Xia Lei leaned closer. “Who the hell are you? I refuse to believe that you are the CEO of Lockheed Martin.” 

“The CEO of Lockheed Martin? My family owns stocks of the five major American firearms companies. I can be the CEO of any company I wish,” said Kestin as he stepped back. 

Was there such a family? 

If that was true, then they were more mysterious than the legendary Skull and Bones Society of Yale University! 

“What family?” 

“Let’s fight fairly, the kind gentlemen engage in. If you win, I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Not just about my family but anything you want, “said Kestin. 

Xia Lei’s footsteps halted. “What do you know?” 

He shrugged. “My conditions are clear. A fight between two gentlemen. If you win, I’ll tell you.” 

Xia Lei smiled. “You want me to fight you without my knife?” 

Kestin nodded. “Yes.” 

“But I’d enjoy stabbing you better. Plus I want to know how much pain you can endure just to keep your secrets.” 

Kestin’s nonchalant demeanour disappeared instantly. 

Xia Lei suddenly pounced on Kestin like a leopard on its prey. He was even faster than a leopard, much fiercer too! 

Kestin wanted to dodge but he would never let his back face Xia Lei’s knife. However, if he ran backwards, he wouldn’t ever be as fast as Xia Lei! 

Both of them were tangled in a wrestle in the blink of an eye. 

Xia Lei slashed, cut and thrust his knife, speeding up as he fought. 

Kestin dodged bitterly, dodging left and right. He would never want to touch the blade. 


A cold glint flew past his shoulder. Fresh blood sputtered. 


The sharp blade cut across his stomach, tearing his expensive suit as blood flowed. If he had not sucked in his stomach, his intestines would have spilt out!

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