Chapter 1163 - Taking the Last AE Capsule

The lights in the room were dim and it outlined Tang Yuyan well. 

The fifth wife of the Xia household had just gotten out of the shower and all her husband could do was stare at her. In that period of time, Xia Lei’s mind had forgotten about Zhu Xuanyue, the prehistoric chosen one and the last AE capsule. 

Tang Yuyan slowly approached him as she worked on drying her moist hair. 

She stopped before him. “What are you looking at? What is there left for you to see?” 

Xia Lei chuckled. “There is always something left to admire.” 

“What is it?” Tang Yuyan’s lips had the ghost of a smile. 

“Everything,” said Xia Lei tenderly. 

Tang Yuyan raised her arms and placed it atop his shoulders. With a light push, both of them fell onto the bed. “Since it’s everything, I’ll gladly give you my all.” 

For the sake of the birth of Xia Lei’s fifth child, Tang Yuyan was ready to do her best. 

The sex was a double-edged sword that was both pleasurable and exceptionally tiring. After a passionate round of rolling in the sheets, Tang Yuyan was fast asleep with a smile created from pure bliss. The woman was content. Xia Lei, on the other hand, could not allow himself to rest. He woke up, left Tang Yuyan’s room and entered the secret basement. 

He closed the door behind him and the suffocating atmosphere in the underground space greeted him. The dim yellow lights and stale air made this feel like the interior of a tomb. 

Xia Lei made a beeline for the safe and opened it to retrieve a small box. 

The last AE capsule was contained inside. 

Tonight, he must make a decision to either take the last AE capsule or not. Both choices he had were equally as difficult to stomach. If he ate it, he’d become a demon. If he didn’t eat it, his wives and children would become absolutely vulnerable targets to the prehistoric chosen one’s attacks! 

Xia Lei desired power but with power comes a hefty price that’d demonize him. Worse, that was an inevitable outcome! 

The last AE capsule laid in its container silently while Xia Lei’s gaze bore holes into it. One second… One minute… One hour… Xia Lei could no longer feel the passing of time for his brain was busy replaying everything that had led up to this moment. 

After god knows how long, he finally combed out a conclusion. Xia Lei brought up the satellite phone and dialled the only number in its contact list. 

Ten seconds later, the call got through. “Inhale… Exhale…” 

Xia Lei asked, “Are you listening?” 

“I’m here.” The prehistoric chosen one’s voice came ringing through the device. “I’m assuming that you’ve made your decision, yeah?” 

Xia Lei answered, “Yes, I’ve decided that I’ll take the last AE capsule but on one condition.” 

“You dare to talk about conditions with me?” 

“Of course. Even if you’re god himself, I’d still do the same.” Xia Lei’s voice was chilly. “Aside from that, I need you to promise me something. You are not allowed to touch anyone by my side, especially my wives and children. If you dare touch a single hair on their heads…” 

“And what are you going to do about that?” The prehistoric chosen one interrupted Xia Lei. 

He kept mum, his seething anger flaring in the depths of his heart. 

“I’ve made it clear that you’re not the one in control of the situation. I’m the only one in control of your fate now. You may be a praised hero in your country yet you’re nothing but a pathetic worm in my eyes. I can kill you with a stomp like a bug any time I please. So with me here, you have absolutely no right to be suggesting conditions.” Came the prehistoric chosen one’s warning. 

Xia Lei smirked coldly. “Is that so? You’re able to destroy my everything and I can do the same to you. If you don’t agree to my terms, I’ll throw everything I’ve collected into the Box of Worlds. I don’t know if you’re afraid of the world within the box but I know Zhu Xuanyue had once feared it. I’ll throw in everything relevant to you. The compass, the crystal skull and the last AE capsule. Hmm… I wonder if you’ll have the courage and capability to retrieve it from within.” 

Inhale… Exhale…” A series of breathings wafted through the air that held murderous intent and fury.

“There’s nothing absolutely invincible in this world. You too have your weaknesses.” Pausing for a moment, Xia Lei taunted, “How’s that? Can I state my terms now?” 

There was a beat of silence before the prehistoric chosen one spoke, “Speak. But I must warn you to not push this too far.” 

Xia Lei began, “My condition is simple. I want you to protect my wives and children. Zhu Xuanyue must not have any chance to harm them. Before I succumb to you, they must not be harmed in any way. The Thunder Horse Organization too must be protected from any of Zhu Xuanyue’s assaults.” 

“Xia Lei!” The prehistoric chosen one raged, “I’m warning you! You’re asking for too much!” 

“This is just a small matter to you. I don’t think I’ve gone over the line with that. If you can promise me that, I’ll take the last AE capsule right away and let everything play by your script. If you reject me, I’d rather destroy everything because it would end badly both ways for me. After all, Zhu Xuanyue is bound to seek me out for her revenge. If my children and wives have perished in the process, then I see no point for me to continue living.” Xia Lei had completely ignored the black-robed man’s threats. 

This was the outcome he had analyzed after an hour worth of combing through thoughts. If there was one thing that could stop the prehistoric chosen one and Zhu Xuanyue in this world, that would be the ancient alloy box that they refer to as the Box of Worlds. When Zhu Xuanyue’s soul was ‘incomplete’, she had already shown signs of fear towards the Box of Worlds. Both the prehistoric chosen one and Zhu Xuanyue were already an existence at the apex of human evolution. What Zhu Xuanyue had feared was certainly the man’s fear too, right? While he had no idea why the prehistoric chosen one was so adamant on having him take the last AE capsule, if it was thrown into the realm within the Box of Worlds, the prehistoric chosen one would have to end his script right there! 


Do you really think you’ve got everything under control? Despite you being the emperor of the world or a god that has descended to our realm, even a bug can detect your weaknesses and bite you well! 

“So yes or no?” Xia Lei urged, “I’m giving you three minutes to consider it.” 

“You’re asking for me to be your bodyguard.” 

“You have me under control and I’m just a pathetic worm to you. Who am I to ask you to be my bodyguard? From what I understand, I’m now an asset to you and you’ve got a duty to protect your assets to avoid damages.” Xia Lei continued, “Come on now, three minutes isn’t plenty of time. You should think it through fast or I’m throwing the crystal skull and the last AE capsule into the Box of Worlds. You don’t want to regret this for eternity.” 

No voice was coming through the satellite phone now. Even the eerie breathings had died down.

Beads of cold sweat were forming across Xia Lei’s forehead. While he had managed to pick up on the prehistoric chosen one’s weakness, he could not guarantee that he was correct. This was a gamble that risked his everything. If his judgement was correct, he’d be able to protect his wives and children and the Thunder Horse Organization. This would give him a chance to breathe and to retaliate! 

Two minutes later, the prehistoric chosen one’s voice had returned to the satellite phone. “I can promise you that. I’ll protect your wives and children before your death along with your Thunder Horse Organization. However, you must promise me to report any intel regarding Isitabu through this phone. Otherwise, I won’t be able to protect what you wish to protect.” 

“That’s a deal,” said Xia Lei. 

“Then what are you waiting for?” 

“Can I trust you?” 

“Do you look like you have any other choice?” 

Xia Lei took the last AE capsule out from the box, placed it on his tongue and swallowed it. That was true. Xia Lei was left with no other choice. He had forced the prehistoric chosen one to heed his condition. It was just a verbal agreement with no solid guarantee. But other than choosing to believe that the prehistoric chosen one would stick to his word and grant his wish, Xia Lei really had no other viable option. 

Honestly, Xia Lei would rather work with Zhu Xuanyue. After all, two women that harboured feelings for him in the past had resided within her body. There would be less risk imposed on him. Unfortunately, Xia Lei was no longer useful to Zhu Xuanyue at this point. Most importantly, Zhu Xuanyue’s plan was to use the extracts she got off the six faceless warrior statues to establish a portal to summon more of her kind to this world. Zhu Xuanyue’s script was to destroy and dominate this realm. And it so happened that Xia Lei was an obstacle to her plan. Under those circumstances, how could he still work with Zhu Xuanyue? 

The last AE capsule glided along his throat into his stomach. Soon, the signature odd coldness that accompanied each capsule slowly bloomed across his stomach. 

Xia Lei had taken eleven of the same capsules in the past but none of them had quite felt the same as the final one. He did feel the same coldness with the last eleven capsules but those had felt more like a lovely popsicle on a summer afternoon. The effects were gone as fast as it had appeared. But this time, the iciness did not fade away. It continued to grow stronger as it slowly encompassed his whole body! 

In his body, the mysterious surge of energy that had been dormant all this while was awakened. In all of a sudden, Xia Lei was aware of every moving cell coursing through his brain and bloodstreams. They were all blending into the newly-entered substance! 


An indescribable feeling ravaged his insides before seeping out to the surface. One minute later, Xia Lei’s clothes stiffened and began absorbing the remaining moisture in the air. It began to solidify. 

“Why… Why is this happening?” Xia Lei was terrified. 

The substance continued to flow through his vessels to reach every organ and every cell. The mysterious energy was starting to grow stronger with every particle absorbed off the substance. Soon, an entirely unique form of hunger was birthed. The sensation brought absolute fear to Xia Lei. He was fully aware of what he wished to consume! 

If there was a demon dwelling within everyone’s body then his demon was now completely awakened. 

Could this be what the prehistoric chosen one was after? 

What good would he bring to the prehistoric chosen one after turning into a demon? 

As the thought was manifested, Xia Lei was not given enough time to ponder as his brain thundered loudly. Following that came a blanket of darkness. His body slumped off his chair and remained there. 

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