Chapter 1160 - The Fifth Wife has Arrived

It was near midnight after the whole ordeal. Despite that, the streets seemed as busy as ever. Contrastingly, this felt like its most livelier times. 

A Knight XIV halted by a river. Xia Lei hopped off the car and pulled Tang Yuyan along the riverbank’s pedestrian walkway. Under the streetlamp’s illumination, their shadows overlapped. There was him in her and her in him. 

The only thing not very romantic about this was Tang Yuyan’s odd walking stance. This was the price she had to pay for a child. But \this pain had come with great happiness. 

“Yuyan,  are you sure you won’t mind?” Xia Lei’s voice interrupted the gentle silence between them. “They all had ceremonies for the occasion but not you. I hadn’t even gotten a chance to prepare you a ring and a wedding dress. Plus… I even made a huge scene at your house.” 

Tang Yuyan’s reply was soft. “Don’t be silly. Being with you was all I ever asked for. All the things you talk about, I don’t care. Even if you bring me into a farmer’s village now, I’d be willing to spend the rest of my life with you in total tranquillity.” 

That was a clear indication of her loyalty. 

“Will you ever go back again?” Xia Lei asked her. 

Tang Yuyan was silent for a moment. “No, I don’t wish to return any more.” 

He sighed. “I guess that’s for the best too. If you don’t wish to return, there’s no need to do so. Without me beside you, they’d probably vent their frustrations on you.” 

“I was thinking about that one whip from grandpa’s crutch. How could he bear to do such a thing to me? I’m his granddaughter for god’s sake. Was he really serious about wanting to break my legs?” 

“I’ve seen many with his personality. He’s the lord of an ancient clan and your family has been a martial arts clan for many centuries. He has the same mindsets as the ancient emperors or the head of a Wushu alliance typical of Wuxia novels. Everyone has to heed his words and serve his ambitions. You and I had gone against his wishes. While he did not dare to hit me, he’d certainly not hold back against you. To break your legs might have already been great restraint on his end.” 

“Jeez. You really do treat me well.” Her eyes glimmered with love and dependency. “When my grandpa tried to hit me, I couldn’t help but be reminded of that night on the Dawang snow mountain. To save me, you were willing to offer me everything you had and fought against heaps of enemies all alone. I think you’re really closer to me than my blood relatives ever were.” 

Xia Lei laughed and brought her closer by the waist. “We are family now, yeah?” 

“Ouch…” The sudden action caused Tang Yuyan to gasp out loud. Her walking shifting into an increasingly awkward position. 

Xia Lei halted in his tracks. “What’s wrong? Did you roll your ankle?” 

Tang Yuyan stared at him blankly before flashing him a coquettish eye roll. “Dude, would anyone roll their ankle on flat land? Dumbass, can’t you see that this is all your fault? That was my first time and yet you were rough like a bull. All you did was thrust, thrust, thrust and I…” 

Xia Lei was speechless. 

Now that they were married and had bedded each other officially, Tang Yuyan found it easier to talk of topics that she’d feel embarrassed about before. 

At another streetlamp ahead of them along the river, there was a young couple making out. Their age was evident from the school uniforms that they yet to change out of. The young teenager had his hands all over his girlfriend. They kissed with so much fervour that it felt like things would escalate further any time soon. Despite that, the girl was very grounded. Whenever his hands would hover too close, she’d stop his advances. 

“My god. What has become of youngsters these days?” Tang Yuyan remarked. 

Xia Lei grinned. “We all used to be so young too. I don’t think anything of it. I mean, who hasn’t been through a time of raging hormones?” 

Tang Yuyan suddenly snuggled into his chest. She hooked her arms around his neck and kissed him. Speaking of raging hormones, she too did not wish to hold herself back. After all, this was her consummation night. 

“Are you asking me to be as handsy as that kid over there?” Xia Lei’s lowered voice was filled with temptation. 

Tang Yuyan answered with a bashful lowering of her chin. She replied meekly, “I’m yours. You know you’re allowed to do anything you wished.” 

Xia Lei shifted his gaze onto the young couple again. The boy had already slid a hand into the girl’s shirt. He couldn’t help but cackle a little. As he hesitated if he should mirror the boy’s advances, the teenager turned and glared at them. The boy roared, “Oi! There’s already someone here, go find another corner!” 

Xia Lei was stunned. He hadn’t been yelled at like that in ages. He had almost forgotten what it felt like to be on the receiving end. 

Tang Yuyan frowned. She was having a moment here and the boy’s yelling had ruined the mood. She glared daggers at him, contemplating if she should head over and throw him into the river. 

“What are you still looking at? Look more and I’ll beat you up!” The young boy released the girl and rolled his sleeves up. The boy looked ready to fight. 

“This little bastard. Hubby, wait a moment please. I’ll go handle him,” hissed Tang Yuyan.

Xia Lei stopped her. “It’s alright, he’s just a child. There’s no need to stoop as low. Let’s go home.” 

But Tang Yuyan had a different idea in mind. “Can we not go home tonight? We’ve gotten married on this day and I’d like to have you all to myself tonight. Is that alright?” 

Xia Lei nodded. “How about we move to a hotel now?” 

“No, the car is fine. It’s big enough to be a room,” said Tang Yuyan instead. 

“Alright then, the car it is.” Xia Lei picked her up bridal style and carried her back to the parked Knight XIV. 

The car shall be the room for their wedding night. 

Tang Yuyan rested her head in the crook of his neck and studied her husband quietly. She had fantasized countless weddings in the past but none of them was like the present. She was kicked out of her family home and then was about to get bedded in a car. Despite the unexpected turn of events, Tang Yuyan was happy to say that she wouldn’t trade this for anything else.

By the riverside, the young boy rolled his sleeves down. “Hmph! If the two assholes had no plans to move, I’ll definitely beat them to a pulp!” 

The young girl stared at him with starry eyes. “Wow, you were so cool just now.” 

In the heat of the moment, he hugged her tight and then picked up from where they had last stopped. This time, she did not stop his advances.

Next morning, Xia Lei drove Tang Yuyan back into the small residential area. 

She was about to meet Xia Lei’s other wives as a fellow wife herself. Understandably, Tang Yuyan was a bundle of nerves because things were bound to be a little awkward in the beginning. She didn’t know what she was supposed to say or what she was supposed to do! 

Fan Fan was the first to come forward and welcome her. The woman delivered two red-covered marriage certificates into Tang Yuyan’s palm and smiled. “The chief sent someone over to deliver this last night. Welcome to this naughty family.” 

It was Fan Fan’s line that successfully chased away all the existing awkwardness among the women. 

Long Bing went to her side and hugged her shoulders. She whispered to her, “Judging by the way you’re walking now, you must’ve had a night of strenuous activities, yeah?” 

Tang Yuyan’s face turned red. She swatted Long Bing’s side lightly. 

Liang Siyao paced over and offered her a small smile. “I know we had issues in the past but now that we’re a family, how about we let bygones be bygones and bury the hatchet?” 

Tang Yuyan nodded and spread her arms. They hugged. 

Two women with prominent full breasts pressing against each other was a nosebleed inducing sight to behold. 

Jiang Ruyi brought Xia Jianghe over. “Jianghe, this is your fifth mom.” 

Xia Jianghe reached her chubby hands out and gurgled, “Hughug… Mm… Hug… Hug.”

“Aiyoh, you’re so smart. Come here, Jianghe. Fifth mom will hug you.” Tang Yuyan extended her arms and picked the baby up. 

“Fifth mom… Milk…” Xia Jianghe’s small hands were now probing Tang Yuyan’s front. 

Tang Yuyan froze. 

Jiang Ruyi quickly slapped Xia Jianghe’s buttocks lightly. “All you know is to feed. Fifth mom has no milk to spare you. Her milk was sucked dry by your father.” 

Xia Lei froze. 

At this point, Tang Yuyan was red all over. The woman had no idea Xia Lei’s wives were more ferocious than the other. 

Xia Lei could only clear his throat to hide his embarrassment. “Ruyi, I’m sure you’re aware of how smart our children are. You can’t go around saying things like that, it’s a bad influence on the children.” 

Jiang Ruyi retorted, “And why were you not worried about being a bad influence when you fight your own babies for breastmilk?” 

Fan Fan huffed, “There’s no need for you to worry about the children. The babies have so many mothers looking after them, we’ll do a good job educating them. There’s no need for a rascal like you to teach them. I taught Xia Jianghe some words yesterday night and she had no problem memorising one hundred Han characters off the bat. She could even write at this age without a single mistake. I bet she already knows how awful you are long ago.” 

Xia Lei was dumbfounded. 

On the other hand, Tang Yuyan couldn’t help but conjure up a mental image of Xia Lei fighting his own babies for breastmilk. That truly was a cursed image. 

Long Bing suddenly tugged Tang Yuyan aside and passed her a small glass vial. 

Tang Yuyan studied the vial curiously. “What is this?” 

Long Bing inched closer to her ear and whispered, “An antidote to help with pregnancy. If you want a child, you need this. This is something Fan Fan made. Without it, you won’t be able to get pregnant with Xia Lei’s child no matter how hard you try.” 

Tang Yuyan quickly placed the antidote into her pocket. “Thank you.” 

“There’s no need to be so courteous, we’re a family now. If you need some help with it, all you need to do is ask and I’ll be there,” offered Long Bing. 

“Huh? Huh?! How… How are you supposed to help with something like that?” Tang Yuyan’s mind started to supply images unhelpfully. As soon as it manifested into something recognizable, Tang Yuyan was already at her limit. She quickly shook her head. “No… No need. There’s no need to help.” 

Long Bing patted her shoulder. It was obvious she had no idea what was coming next. “We all had the same thought as you in the beginning. Now, all five of us sleep together most of the time. He’s pretty darn strong, are you sure you can last?” 

All Tang Yuyan could think of now was getting railed by a train.

“Ah Bing, since when have you started to smack talk me? Are you asking for a spank on the ass?” Xia Lei felt offended. 


Long Bing giggled melodiously. 

Suddenly, Xia Long picked up his toy excavator and slammed it against Xia Lei’s calf. 

The man could only stare at his son wordlessly. 

Tang Yuyan was now considered as an official part of the family. While the women of the Xia household had their own unique way of welcoming her, it didn’t take long for Tang Yuyan to feel comfortable. It actually felt like home to her. 

A day had gone by in a lively bliss and soon night arrived. 

The messy orgy situation Tang Yuyan was worried about had thankfully did not come into fruition. Xia Lei spent the night with her and she put the antidote to use. 

Before dawn broke, Xia Lei received a call from Giovanna. 

“Boss, there’s a bit of a situation here. Can you come out for a minute?” said Giovanna over the phone. 

“What’s the matter?” He asked. 

“Someone brought us a parcel meant for you,” revealed the woman. 

“Where was it sent to? Who is it from?” 

“The parcel was sent to the Holy Thunder Church. A villager had passed it to one of our brothers. He mentioned that someone had paid him to deliver this but the sender himself was in the car back then. The villager did not manage to catch a glimpse of his face,” answered Giovanna. 

“I’ll be there right away.” Xia Lei quickly ended the call. 

Wrapped in the blankets, Tang Yuyan mumbled something but did not stir awake. The thin blanket covering her body haphazardly did not do anything to hide her pale ass and slim legs. She was the kind of woman that was effortlessly sexy. 

Xia Lei swept a gaze across her gorgeous body and sighed in contentment. A beat later, he quietly made his exit. 

Who could’ve sent him a parcel? 

Xia Lei had no idea.

But he had a feeling that a new battle was just around the corner. For the sake of his women and children along with the Thunder Horse Organization and the country, he must fight. 

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