Chapter 1156 - Asserting Marriage

Initially, there was no reason for the three Tang men and Zhang Yumei to not be pleased over Xia Lei’s agreement. They were about to get their hands on Thunder Horse’s original shares. If things progressed well according to their script, all of the Tang family’s wildest dreams were about to come into fruition! But it was at this vital point that someone they were least expecting to stand in their way had spoken up. Tang Yuyan! 

“I don’t need a will!” Just as those words escaped her lips, Tang Yunhai instinctively gripped the wooden crutch resting against his leg harshly. If his hands were around Tang Yuyan’s neck instead, it was almost certain that the woman would already be dead. 

Zhang Yumei’s smile had vanished as soon as her daughter had spoken up. The tight line of her lips that replaced the warm reception was icy and devoid of temperature. 

Tang Bochuan’s eyes too immediately turned chilly in a beat. He was angry and caught aback. He wasn’t expecting his own sister to be against it. 

The atmosphere in the dining hall quickly shifted into something ugly. 

Tang Tianlong slammed his fists on the dining table. He fumed, “Yuyan! What the hell are you doing?! Are you drunk even if you have not drunk a drop of wine?!” 

There was only the slightest flinch to Tang Yuyan’s stance. The woman quickly calmed her nerves and met her father’s eye. She raised her volume. “I’m not drunk. I’m fully aware of what I’m saying and I’m clear about what I want. I want Xia Lei as a person. I don’t want his money or a share in the Thunder Horse Organization.” 

“You idiot!” Tang Tianlong could no longer control his wrath. He stood up. The dining table did not serve as a blockage for him to hurl a slap towards Tang Yuyan, who was seated opposite him. 

Tang Yuyan did not dodge it nor stop it. She clamped her eyes shut and anticipated the searing pain. Before her father’s slap had even managed to establish contact, tears were already rolling on her face. 

Just as his palm was about to graze her face, a hand caught Tang Tianlong’s wrist. Tang Tianlong was only three centimetres shy of her cheek, but he could no longer move his hand. 

Xia Lei had stopped his assault. 

“Xia Lei, what are you doing?!” Tang Tianlong yelled, “Let go!” 

Xia Lei released his grip. 

Following that, Tang Tianlong once again hurled the same arm and attempted to slap Tang Yuyan’s cheek again. 

Xia Lei held his wrist once again. 

“You…” Tang Tianlong could not believe this. He was blinded by his rage. 

Tang Yunhai slammed his crutch onto the floor again like a grandfather clock. “Xia Lei! This is the Tang family’s residence! You shall not interfere with our familial affairs!” 

Xia Lei regarded them coolly, “I’m fully aware of where I stand. But I will not allow you to hit my woman. No one in this world is allowed to hurt my woman.” 

No one in this world is allowed to hurt my woman.

What an assertive statement! 

Perhaps only Xia Lei was able to utter such a bewildering statement to the Tang family. If he was someone else, said person would’ve been skinned alive! 

Those simple words were enough to overwhelm Tang Yuyan’s senses with affection. It felt as if it had tipped over a full pot of honey in her heart. The affection she felt was like nothing she had ever experienced. Xia Lei’s declaration was even sweeter than a hundred kisses and gentle caresses. Tang Yuyan’s heart was positively humming with excitement and bliss. 

“Discuss this like civilized adults, please.” Xia Lei released Tang Tianlong’s wrist for the second time. “One more time and I’ll bring Yuyan elsewhere for dinner.” 

Bring Yuyan elsewhere? 

The underlying message was clear. While it was polite, Xia Lei’s intentions were blatant. If you dare raise an arm towards her again, I’m bringing her away from the Tang residence and never to return! 

Tang Tianlong’s hovering arm trembled slightly, no longer having the drive to slap Tang Yuyan’s cheek. He huffed loudly and plopped down onto his seat. 

Xia Lei smiled. “Yuyan, sit down and talk. There’s no need to stand. Come, sit.” 

“Okay.” Tang Yuyan obediently made a noise and sat. 

“Hahaha…” Tang Bochuan smiled in an attempt to save the atmosphere. “Father, your temper has never changed with age. Sister is no longer a child. You can’t possibly educate her as you did in the past. Even if she rejects it, Xia Lei would still offer it to her. He can’t possibly play favourites among his wives and treat our Yuyan unfairly, right?


“Yeah.” A hint of a smile crept up Xia Lei’s face. “I’m bound to give one to Yuyan. Why is there the need to dissect it so particularly?” 

“It’s all settled now, isn’t it?” Zhang Yumei too heaved a sigh of relief. A smile finally returned to her face. “Xia Lei, when are you going to marry our Yuyan?” 

Xia Lei smiled handsomely. “How about now?” 

“Now?” Zhang Yumei’s eyes widened with shock. 

The three Tang men were equally surprised. 

Xia Lei said, “Didn’t grandfather bring out the wine reserved for Yuyan’s wedding? Mother, you too have prepared a feast for dinner. Why not now?” 

The Tang family was silent. They had their own planning. While Tang Yuyan was bound to marry Xia Lei, it certainly wouldn’t be today and not in such a simple setup. 

Ignoring their odd looks, Xia Lei held up one of Tang Yuyan’s palm. He looked at her straight in the eyes and popped the question with as much sincerity as he could muster. “Yuyan, will you marry me?” 

Tang Yuyan nodded heavily, tears of happiness began flooding out her eyes like a string of pearls. She loved him very much. While she had sustained a body full of scars throughout her battle for his love, looking back at those happy and painful times sure made her efforts felt like it was worth it. 

Xia Lei smiled. “Then today shall be our wedding day.” 

She nodded. “Yeah.” 

“Ehem.” Tang Bochuan cleared his throat. “Xia Lei, isn’t this a little too hasty? Even if your love is mutual, Yuyan is a woman of the Tang family. How can she marry you over a hasty excuse for a ceremony?” 

Zhang Yumei could no longer hold in her frustration. There was an edge to her words. “I believe I’ve already made myself clear just now. You need to give my daughter a will before marriage. Did you not hear me correctly?” 

Xia Lei answered, “We’re going to register our union before holding the banquet. Isn’t that the same? Weddings can be done at any time we please. I can go retrieve our marriage registry before holding a ceremony cum banquet later. Yuyan, are you okay with that?” 

“Yes,” answered Tang Yuyan. In her eyes, anything that Xia Lei said was correct. Plus, the current situation felt as if the Tang family members were all holding her at gunpoint. Tang Yuyan was literally forced to marry Xia Lei in a sense. How could she dare to bear any deviating opinion? 

Xia Lei flashed her a smile. “Then I’ll make a call now to ask.” True as told, he produced his phone and dialled for the chief. 

Tang Yunhai stood up abruptly and slammed his crutch harder against the floor. “Xia Lei! You’re not here to ask for our approval but to wreak chaos, no?” 

Xia Lei ignored his words, placing most of his attention on waiting for the call to get through. 

Tang Yuyan quickly stood. “Grandpa, that is not Xia Lei’s intention.” 

Tang Yunhai pointed at her. “Shut up! Don’t you ever call me grandpa again! I don’t have a pathetic granddaughter like you!” 

The woman felt like the world was spinning around her. Those words stabbed into her heart like a sharp dagger. 

The call had gotten through right at that moment. Xia Lei turned on the loudspeaker. 

“Chief, I’m terribly sorry for disturbing you at such an hour.” 

“Don’t sweat it, it isn’t too late at night.” The man’s voice rang through the device. “You’re more than welcomed to phone me at any hour of the day. It’s alright. Speak, how can I help you?” 

“This time I brought you some intel.” Xia Lei continued, “Lockheed Martin has launched a Dragon Slayer Project that involves building a new fighter jet for their country. If they get it done, our newly attained aerial advantage would be gone.” 

“Huh? Is this real? Is the source of your intel reliable?” 

“Yes. My wife, Tang Yuyan, is the one who brought me the intel.” 

“What? Tang Yuyan is your wife too?” 

“Yes. I’d like to request for another special permit again.” 

“Jeez… Okay, got it. You’ve gotten the intel yourself and yet you’re giving the credit to your woman for the sake of a special permit, no?” 

“Haha. Nothing gets past you, sir.” Xia Lei chuckled over the phone. 

“You’re really pushing it, kid.” 

“I’ll present to you a strategic bomber plane within the year. With that, the B2 bomber won’t be able to have their way,” offered Xia Lei in exchange. 

“I’ll have someone deliver it to you now,” said the man. 

“Thank you so much, chief.” 

“Hehehe, you cheeky boy. Congratulations on your marriage once again. Go make more babies, yeah? Your children… The more the better.” Suddenly, there was a sharp tonal shift. “Is Tang Yuyan beside you?” 

“Yes, chief. Do you wish to speak to her?” 

“Pass the phone to her. I wish to speak to her.” 

Xia Lei brought the phone to Tang Yuyan’s lips. Tang Yuyan instinctively saluted. “Greetings, sir.” 

“No need to be so formal.” The man began, “Yuyan, I have a task for you.” 

“Yes, sir?” 

“Go make a few more babies.” 

The woman was speechless. 

Xia Lei laughed. “Rest assured, Chief. I will complete that mission in due time.” 

“Hahaha. Well then, I’ll look forward to your bomber plane.” The man hung up. 

Tang Yuyan was flustered by the notion. 

But there was no doubt she was happy. While the woman basked in unprecedented bliss, her grandfather, parents and brother wore dark expressions. They were not able to find a single ounce of joy in the whole matter. Xia Lei was obviously trying to force the marriage on them. With a special marriage permit from that person, who were they to say no? They had little initiative, to begin with. Now, they were forced to be passive. All the benefits Tang family had lusted after was at the mercy of Xia Lei’s jurisdiction. If he didn’t wish to give them any, they could do nothing to him! 

There was an invisible barrier across the dining table. One side was seething with rage and frustration while the other side was beaming with happiness. 

Xia Lei blissfully ignored the Tang’s feelings. He grabbed Tang Yuyan’s palm and said, “The chief might’ve already signed the permit now. Though we have yet to obtain our marriage certificate, we’re already husband and wife.” 

“Hubby…” Tang Yuyan murmured under her breath, cheeks pink with shyness and joy. If they weren’t her in the eyes of her family members, she probably would’ve pounced on him and submitted her everything to him. 

“Hahaha!” Tang Yunhai chortled, his laughter bouncing off the walls in echoes. “Xia Lei, oh, Xia Lei…You’re incredibly smart. Though you’ve gone on a rampage in my home, I’ll consider your misdemeanour a good one. Very well. Since things have already progressed to this stage, there’s nothing else we can say about this. What else can I do besides giving you my blessings?” 

“Thank you, Grandfather,” said Xia Lei. 

Tang Yuyan murmured lightly. “Thank you, Grandpa.” 

Hatred flashed through Tang Yunhai’s eyes but he maintained his generous smile. He requested, “Xia Lei, Yuyan is a part of our family. I think it’s time for you to dedicate a bowl of alcohol to her parents and her sibling.” 

“Of course.” Xia Lei held up the wine bowl. “Father, Mother, Brother and Grandfather. This is for you.” 

Tang Tianlong, Zhang Yumei and Tang Bochuan gave no response. 

Tang Yunhai smiled at him. “After this sip, we will be family.” 

Xia Lei lifted his chin and gobbled down the Banquet Booze. 

Tang Yuyan extended an arm over to wipe his lips. She cooed softly, “There’s no need to wolf it down. Take it slow. If you can’t finish it, there’s no need to force yourself.” 

Just as her words died on her tongue, Xia Lei’s knees gave out and he toppled over to the ground.

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