Chapter 1113 - The Allure of A Beautiful Man

Las Vegas at night is truly a sight to behold. The brilliant neon lights, never-ceasing traffic flow and the merging of different forms of lusts painted the city a vibrant colour. This canvas reeked of nothing less than the finest luxuries. 

MGM Mirage Casino. 

A few people were in the middle of a gamer of Texas Poker in the VIP lounge. Three Causiasians, one Mexican and one Asian-Caucasian were seated together. A sexy bunny-suited dealer was in charge of their crowd tonight. 

Thompson was one of them. Seated beside him was his young and gorgeous girlfriend, Alice. The young French woman had crossed the sea to chase her dreams in America. She loved music but sadly was unable to find a record company to sign with. Her last interview was about two months ago. 

Thompson was in a sour mood tonight. He had lost his newly obtained salary in one night. 

The young mixed man opposite him was the luckiest of the table tonight. He had gathered chips worth a total of five hundred thousand USD. Not only was he bloody lucky, but he was absolutely stunning. His face and hair were similar to how Justin Bieber looked when he first won the Grammys. 

Alice’s gaze would linger on him at least three times within a minute. If Thompson wasn’t present, perhaps she would have gazed more intensely. 

“Babe, I’ll be right back. Gotta go exchange more chips.” Thompson stood and left his seat. 

Alice plopped down onto his warm chair and played in his stead. When the dealer dealt their cards, she allowed herself to ogle the mixed youngster without restraint. The man cast her a smile. In that instant, she felt like her heart was on fire. 

Thompson arrived at the chip exchange counter and swiped his credit card for one hundred thousand USD worth of chips. If he lost this round again and the house wasn’t sold in time, he would have no choice but to breach his contract. 

He carefully brought the chips back, stopping at a bunny girl’s side for a moment to grab some refreshments. His beverage of choice was a glass of wine which he downed like a shot. Thompson drawled a deep sigh and mustered enough courage to continue his game. 

Doot doot doot… Doot doot doot… 

Suddenly, his phone began to ring. 

Thompson scowled. He brought out the offending device and checked its screen before answering the call. In an unfriendly tone, he uttered, “Who’s this?” 

“Hello, Mister Thompson. My name is Baholi. I happened to come across your property from a listing website and I’m interested in purchasing your house. Are you free to discuss this?” The person over the line had an Indian accent. 

As soon as he learnt that the man was interested in buying his villa, Thompson’s tone immediately turned warm. “Hello, Mister Baholi. Unfortunately, I’m outside at the moment and night time is just not ideal to discuss deals. How about you come over to my place tomorrow morning? We can discuss this then.” 

“Sure, no problem,” answered Baholi. 

“Oh, before I forget, how are you planning to pay?” Thompson questioned. 

Baholi’s answer came almost immediately. “By cash. I don’t wish to apply for a bank loan. Their interest rates are out for blood.” 

“That’s great news. We can avoid a lot of trouble with some procedures.” 

“Do I need to invite one of the housing agents over?” 

“There’s no need for that. If you’re sure about purchasing it, I can even have the agency cancel their sales and purchase agreement. You can get it for a much better rate,” said Thompson. 

“Hehe, alright. That way you can save up on agent handling fees too,” Baholi mused with mirth. 

“Then that is settled. See you tomorrow, Mister Baholi.” 

“Goodbye, Mister Thompson.” Baholi hung up. 

Ending the call, Thompson’s mood had improved by a fraction. His weighted steps had felt lighter. His return to the table was welcomed by the knowledge of Alice losing most of his remaining chips in the previous round. 

“She has tits for days but can’t think with her brain.” Thompson cussed her out in his mind. Despite that, he regarded her with a gentle smile. “Babe, here. Let me handle this.” 

Alice gave up her seat and returned to her spectator position. She took another daring look at the mixed man. The corners of his lips created a smile with a beautiful curvature. While it looked candid, it was also mysterious. It felt almost as if he was dropping her a hint. 

A new round of Texas Poker began. The handsome mixed man had revealed a pair of Queens. Thompson’s visible cards were an Ace and a King. As far as the community cards were concerned, the mixed man had bigger cards. However, when added with the cards in their hands, Thompson’s combination had a higher chance of winning. 

“One hundred thousand USD.” The handsome man boldly proclaimed. 

The other three players abandoned their cards, grumbling about how lucky the man was. 

“I’ll play.” Thompson pushed the freshly-exchanged chips into the middle of the table. 

The mixed man furrowed his brows. “You’re only left with one hundred thousand USD?” 

Thompson could feel his scrutinization. He huffed, “Oh, I’m certainly not wishing to win over your loot.” 

The mixed man shrugged and told the dealer, “Please deal the cards.” 

Thompson was all in. Even if the handsome mixed youth had won more money than him, the cards would be dealt with completion in the game. That was how it worked in this casino. 

The dealer dealt the river cards. This time, the mixed youth’s community cards were three Queens and one Joker. On the other hand, Thompson’s was two Aces and two Kings, his final hole card was an Ace. That would mean he had a full house. Just with that, it was safe to say that Thompson had this game in the bag. The only thing that would weaken his combination was if his opponent’s hidden card was a Queen. But even so, Thompson reckoned that the probability of that was small. 

“Babe, Lady Luck has finally decided to bless us.” Alice hovered over his shoulder and huffed sweetly against the shell of his ear. One of her feminine palms made its way to the top of his thigh as she palmed his flesh sensually. 

Thompson snorted. He grinned at the mixed youth. “You can’t be lucky all night. Come on, show me your cards.” 

The man flashed him a smile and opened his cards with confidence and poise. His hidden card was a Queen. He had Four of a Kind! 

Thompson paled. He was so sure about his victory before his opponent had revealed his card. His dreams and hopes were battered into pieces. 

The mixed man extended an arm to sweep all his winnings to his side. Subsequently, he picked out one thousand USD worth of chips and handed it to the dealer. “Consider this a small piece of appreciation for giving me such good luck all night.” 

“Thank you.” The dealer broke into a joyous smile. It was rare to come across such generous customers. 

The mixed youth brought his chips away from the table and headed towards the washroom. He took a few steps forward and turned around slightly to cast one glance at the table. He met Alice’s gaze, sparks birthing from the tension. 

Sadly, Thompson had no idea what was going on beside him. He could only replay his last hand again and again. It ate at him. He had only lost by a mere card. Why did it have to be a Queen out of everything? 

The mixed youth tore his gaze away and continued his trail to the washroom. Everything about him was scrumptious. From the way he held himself, to the firm muscular buttocks that were shown through the curves of his slacks. 

Alice said to Thompson, “I’m going to the washroom for a bit. You should go retrieve the car and call it a night already.” Then, she stood and left. 

She had lost sight of the handsome young man as soon as she arrived at the washroom. Without him in sight, she felt empty. It felt almost as if she had lost something important to her. She hesitated but finally willed herself to enter the female washroom. Just as she found a cubicle, the little wooden barricade shielding her was pulled open. That wonderful, gorgeous face had reappeared like a light. 

“You…!” Taken by surprise, Alice stood up right away, forgetting that her G-string was just above her knees. Thankfully, she was wearing a skirt today. The pile of fabric had draped over her genitals to provide her with some form of modesty. 

The mixed youth brought her closer with strong arms and seized her red lips. 

Alice struggled a little but her restraint was quickly let down. Everything had happened so fast but the lightning-fast attraction between the opposite sex could never be explained. There was no need for complications in the face of primal instincts.

Alice quickly took control of the situation. She pried his jaw open and coiled her pink tongue around his greedily. The young man had taken the initiative to slide a palm under her skirt. 

Just as things were about to be heated, someone entered the female washroom. The newcomer stammered at the sight of two passionately entangled bodies. There was a moment of stunned silence before she spluttered, “Sorry, am I in the wrong place?” 

The two gingerly pulled themselves apart. 

The mixed youth turned around to face the newcomer with a soft smile. “Sorry, we were too caught up.” 

It seemed like good-looking men were still equally well-received in female washrooms. The newcomer did not press the issue further. Instead, she offered him a sheepish smile. 

Alice frantically tried to regain some composure while the mixed youth had exited the space. 

The young woman quickly chased after him. But her wandering sight could only see passing faces with no gorgeous man in sight. He was like a mysterious angel that invaded her heart barbarically and let her behind with a taste of heaven. She couldn’t help but fixate her thoughts on the heated events that transpired in the washroom. Alice darted out her tongue, in search of his traces along her lips desperately. 

A few beats later, she abruptly realized that something was iffy. She reached into her underwear through the waistband of her skirt. A slight search had produced her a note.

Tomorrow at 8 pm. See you at the Hawaii Cinema. 

There was no name and there was no phone number. 

She smiled. “You must be a present from Cupid. An exceptionally wonderful gift. See you soon.” 

Alice returned to the washroom and flushed the note away. She was not in a hurry to leave. As her mind lingered on a face crafted by the Gods, she indulged herself with a quick work of her fingers.

In one of the casino’s numerous elevators, the mixed youth vehemently cleaned his right middle finger with a tissue. He grimaced at it. 

This man was no stranger. He was none other than Xia Lei, who had an interest in purchasing Thompson’s house. Never had he expected to meet a military officer in the process of solving their accommodation issues. The information he had collected this afternoon had spiralled the unassuming property purchase deal into something way complex. 

Why? Well, that was because Thompson really was a military officer involved in Area 51’s security network. 

To approach Thompson himself was not possible. They were running tight on time and there were huge risks. However, some things could be easily solved through his woman. Hence, the whole washroom risque ordeal. 

The allure of a beautiful man was always a surefire winner. 

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