Chapter 1111 - The Many Deaths of the Hattori Clan

Twenty-four hours later, Tokyo, Japan. 

A middle-aged man was about to leave his residence. His wife had meticulously arranged his tie before passing his briefcase to him. 

His driver dutifully opened the car door and waited for him to board the vehicle. 

His transport today was a Mercedes-Benz S Class sandwiched by twoToyota Land Cruiser off-road vehicles on the front and back. Every car, including the driver, had carried a total of four bodyguards. A line of eight bodyguards stood by the side of his porch, waiting for the man to get in the car. 

This man was Hattori Jiro, Hattori Masao’s brother. After the death of Hattori Masao, Jiro was now second to Hattori Mei’s position in the clan. 

His wife, Ikeda Kazuka was a gentle and virtuous woman who served as a wise asset to Jiro. It was all thanks to her help that Hattori Jiro was able to gain a lot from V Science Corp. 

“My dear, that woman has called all of the family fighters to America. We’re no longer under the protection of elite fighters. Please be extra careful out there,” reminded Ikeda Kazuka. 

Hattori Jiro scoffed coldly. “That damned bitch… I’m fully aware that she was the one who killed my brother. She and her mother should not have existed. I am the rightful successor of the Hattori clan!” 

“Shh.” Ikeda Kazuka placed a finger gently above his lips. “Be careful with your words. She might’ve bought over the favour of people around us. If she finds out, your life will be in danger.” 

Hattori Jiro nodded solemnly. “Alright, I should leave now.” 

“Safe trip, love.” Ikeda Kazuka bowed at his retreating figure. 

But as she bent over, something hot splashed against her head and neck. Confused, she raised an arm and wiped at those spots. When her manicured fingers were presented to her eyes, she froze. Her fingers were coated with blood! 

Hattori Jiro toppled forwards onto her body with a fist-sized crater on his head! 

“AHHHHHHHH!” Ikeda Kazuka let out a blood curdling scream. 

The bodyguards quickly drew their guns and dashed over as they scanned for danger. But before they could reach Ikeda Kazuka, a bullet was shot into her skull. 

The couple had died within seconds of each other. 

This was something a lone sniper could not achieve. 

As Ikeda Kazuka and Hattori Jiro’s bodies fell for the floor, a White sniper yelled at a fellow sniper three hundred metres away. They were stationed on top of two buildings located beside each other. 

The other sniper was courteous, only flashing the fuming White sniper a middle finger. 

They acknowledged each other’s presence for a moment before returning their focus on the scene. Together, they worked their sniper rifles to take out Hattori Jiro’s bodyguards. Even bodyguards had a bounty. These snipers had travelled all the way from the American continents for money, not some petty fight. If they had the time to cuss each other out, they might as well utilize it to take out two more of them to add to their running bill. 

At another location, the V Science Corporation Headquarters. 

An elevator came to a halt on the top floor of the building. The metal doors opened and a young delivery man exited it. In his hands was a birthday cake in a delicate box. He trailed over to a door and entered an office space. 

“Hello, is there a Miss Hattori Hyakuei here?” He asked politely. 

“That would be me.” A young woman stepped forward. “Is that for me?” 

“Yes, Miss Hyakuei. Happy Birthday.” The delivery man dropped the box into her proffered hands. 

Hattori Hyakuei, daughter of Hattori Jiro. She was one of the core members of the Hattori clan. 

“Who is it from?” Hattori Hyakuei studied the box curiously. 

“He didn’t leave me a name but he mentioned that he has been in love with you for years,” the delivery man said with a smile. “However what I can tell you is that the man is very handsome. I thought he looked like Takeshi Kaneshiro when I saw him.” 

“Takeshi Kaneshiro?” Hattori Hyakuei giggled. “You have such a way with words. Here, please accept this tip.” She held out a crisp one thousand yen bill. 

Receiving it with thanks, the young deliveryman soon left the office. 

He quickly entered the elevator. Just as it began to move downwards, he dug out a remote control from his pockets and pressed on the button. 


The windows on the top floor were shattered by its violent shockwaves. Suffocating smog began to seep out from a certain office as the flames continued to engulf everything in its reach. 

On a golf course just outside Tokyo city. 

Hattori Masao’s uncle, Hattori Kai swung his club on a grass field. A caddie walked up to him. As their shoulders brushed, the older man’s neck was sliced open by a knife. Before he realized what happened, he had gone into a state of eternal rest. 

V Science Corporation Limited office building, Las Vegas, America. 

Hattori Mei watched the crowd of Japanese samurais disguised as regular employees through her office window. She seemed to be a in good mood. With a smile, she turned to face Yagyu Yuichi. “Sir, our men have already blended into their surroundings. The Americans are stationed nearby too. As soon as Xia Lei and his folks appear, we can end this whole ordeal for good.” 

Yagyu Yuichi said, “Plans always seem perfect and flawless but the outcome is typically not what we’re after.” 

“Do you think Xia Lei will come?” 

“I’m concerned about that.” Yagyu Yuichi furrowed his brows very so slightly. “He’s one of the most cunning people I’ve ever met.” 

Hattori Mei reassured him. “Sir, I’m convinced that he’ll show up.” 

“Why are so sure?” 

Hattori Mei answered, “Sir, don’t you forget that the Japanese samurai alliance had sent guerilla fighters to assassinate his wives and children. If we went after him alone, he would’ve most probably brushed it aside. But if we target his family instead, he’d be driven out of his mind.” 

Yagyu Yuichi uttered nonchalantly. “Let’s hope for the best. This time, we’ve utilized all resources available to us. If we can’t kill him this time, I…” 


“If we can’t kill him this time, I think it’s high time you consider giving up,” relented Yagyu Yuichi. 


“You’ve taunted a lion time after time. If you don’t have the ability to kill it, it will kill you,” warned the older man. 

Weirdly, Hattori Mei began to laugh. “Sir, the American government is backing us up. The strongest hegemony in the world is our ally. Our interests are aligned with theirs. Lion? China claims itself to be the dragon of Asia, but it’s no stronger against America’s suppression and taunting. If a dragon can’t even deal with the situation, what is there to worry about a mere lion? If he survives, it just means that the man is lucky. I believe his luck will run out.” 

Yagyu Yuichi wanted to retort but as soon as he caught the glimmer of hatred and twisted excitement in her eyes, he swallowed his words. She claimed that Xia Lei was going out of his mind but the woman was beyond insane. 

At this moment, someone knocked at her office door fervently. It was rushed and very rude. 

“Who’s there?” Hattori Mei regarded it with a look. 

“It’s me! Nakamura!” A man’s voice was heard. “President, open the door! I have bad news!” 

That earned a scowl from Hattori Mei. She did not rush over to answer him but paced over to her desk to check the surveillance footage to confirm his identity. Only then did she pressed on her keyboard to let him in. 

Ever since she decided to become part of the bait to lure Xia Lei over, she hired a German expert to renovate this space. The doors were made of alloy material and the windows were reinforced to be bulletproof. A few shots from a tank would be required to knock this office down! 

The office door opened to allow a Hattori family fighter to stumble in. He was evidently panicking. “President, your family… your family…” 

Hattori Mei roared, “What are you so nervous about? What’s going on? Speak clearly!” 

That did nothing to help Nakamura’s nerves. “Japan… Japan became a money heaven for assassins within a night. They’re… They’re all fighting to see who can kill… kill off your family first.” 

Hattori Mei froze. 

The man continued, “Hattori Jiro and his wife, Ikeda Kazuka were assassinated at their doorstep. Their assassins did not spare their bodyguards and drivers. Everyone on scene was killed. Your cousin, Hattori Hyakuei received a bomb at the V Science Crop Headquarters. Including her, everyone in the office has been killed by the explosion. And also Mister Hattori Kai… His throat was slit by an assassin in a golf course…” 

“AAAAAHHHH! THAT MOTHERFUCKER!” Hattori Mei screamed at the top of her lungs. “How dare he commit such sin! How dare he trample over the clan!” 

That motherfucker in question was obviously Xia Lei. 

She seemed to have forgotten how nonchalant she felt when planning the Jingdu Army Hospital attack. It was ironic that she found it unforgivable when Xia Lei reciprocated her cruel ways. 

The Hattori clan fighter did not dare to mutter another word in the face of her wrath. He lowered his head further after he was done talking. 

Yagyu Yuichi was the only one that paid no mind to her anger. Calmly, he repeated, “I told you that you’ve taunted a lion. If you don’t have the ability to kill it, as soon as it begins to hunt you down, it’ll certainly shred you apart.”

“What about my mother?” Hattori Mei snapped and grabbed Nakamura’s collar. 

“Your mother is fine,” reported the family fighter. 

It was only then that some tension escaped Hattori Mei’s being. “Go, find out which assassin organization is involved in this attack. I’ll make sure to return the favor tenfold!” 

“Yes, Madam!” Nakamura hurriedly left. 

The office door was closed once again. 

Hattori Mei slammed her fists on the desk with a loud thump. She maniacally hissed, “Xia Lei, I swear I’ll snap your neck myself!” 

Yagyu Yuichi merely regarded the scene before him with disinterest. “You better not think that way. He’s trying to enrage you. I have a feeling that he’s already in America as we speak. Give up on seeking revenge. You can’t afford to divide our concentration now. The person the Japanese Samurai Alliance needs to face is Xia Lei and not the assassins.” 

“Sorry.” Hattori Mei lowered her crown, eyes averted away from Yagyu Yuichi. Despite her humility, her gaze was as menacing as a venomous viper. 

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