Chapter 1077 - Invading The Base!

When they were about a kilometre away from the military base, Xia Lei walked up to E’er Demutu. This was necessary because even E’er Demutu was unable to grasp the complete situation in the forest. 

The special task force had already camouflaged themselves. They had camouflage wear on so one might not even see them if they were in front of you. However, once they saw you, you could be sniped down very quickly.

Xia Lei walked cautiously towards the radar and then stopped one hundred meters away. “Yelena and Kyoko are here.” 

E’er Demutu turned but did not see anyone. He was about to ask when he saw Tsukino Kyoko jump out from behind a tree. He was curious to know how Xia Lei noticed that but he didn’t. 

However, he did not ask any questions because he had witnessed too many quirks around Xia Lei and this was nothing compared to the rest. 

She was followed by Yelena, Anjum Khan and four other knights. His gaze fell on the two blond Americans. Without asking, he knew that they were the American pilots who shot his helicopter down. 

Xia Lei looked at the watch on his wrist. Two minutes until his estimated time. He turned to walk towards the hostages. 

“Boss, these are the two you wanted,” said Yelena. 

Xia Lei nodded and said, “Two nights before, you shot down a Chinese helicopter. Tell me, whose idea was it and who shot the helicopter?” 

Both of them looked at each other but did not answer the question. 

Xia Lei said, “You two have one and a half minutes left. If you two don’t speak, I will kill you both after.” 

“What do you mean by this? Who are you?” David asked Xia Lei. He was terrified but still bold enough to act like he wasn’t.

“What I mean is that only one of you will live today. If I gave you two one knife so you both could decide your own fate? Then you can ignore my questions.” Xia Lei’s tone was flat but there was a chill in it. 

“We are war prisoners. You need to deal with my partner and I based on the Geneva Agreement,” said David. 

Kane also said, “Yes, we are American soldiers. You all must know the consequences of killing us.” 

“What kind of consequences?” asked Xia Lei. 

Kane answered, “I’m sure you know the answer, no? If you kill us, you will be hunted down by the American government’s agents.” 

Xia Lei smirked slightly. 

Giovanna hit Kane on the back of his head with her gun. He yelped in pain and touched his head. Warm blood flowed from the wound. 

“What do you all want?” demanded David angrily. “We’re the ones who shot the helicopter down! But we were operating on orders. We are soldiers, soldiers obey orders. If you think we did anything wrong, you should bring us to the international court. Let the jury decide if we are in the wrong.” 

He spoke arrogantly as if he was in the right. But the entire Zodiac Battle team looked at him, amused, and also smirked with contempt. 

International court? 


“Alright, I know a court and the judge isn’t too bad. I can bring you two there for judgement,” said Xia Lei. 

“What court is that?” asked Kane curiously. 

“The Court of the Underworld,” said Xia Lei. 

“What?” Xia Lei had spoken in Mandarin, so it was obvious they did not understand what he meant. 

Xia Lei suddenly took out his viper handgun and pulled the trigger without hesitation. 

Bang! With a gunshot, a ping-pong ball-sized hole appeared on Kane’s head. 

One second later, Kane’s body collapsed. There was no emotion in his death. Even until death, he did not believe the Chinese man had shot him. He had thought of many things to explain and persuade the Chinese man but he did not have a chance for any of it. 

‘My goodness, no…” David, who initially had a little hope, broke down the moment Xia Lei fired his gun. Deep terror ensued. “No, no, no, I’ll tell you… He was the one who gave the orders. He was the one who fired at the helicopter. I don’t have anything to do with this! I swear!” 

“I believe you but you’ve also made your point very clear. Let the jury decide if you did anything wrong. Go talk to the judge at the Court of the Underworld,” said Xia Lei. 

As he spoke, he lifted his gun… 


The viper handgun shot out a bullet of vengeance, which buried itself in David’s head. 

The Chinese navy soldier who had been killed was avenged. 

Xia Lei once said his enemies must bleed double and he had just fulfilled this promise. 

David’s body hit the ground, his eyes fixed in an angry glare. 

The Zodiac Battle Team looked at the two bodies coldly without a word. 

Xia Lei looked at the watch on his hand. “We have twenty more minutes to take down the base. Tiem to get to work!” 

Rosa took the XL-2500 assault rifle from her shoulder and tossed it to Xia Lei. “Boss, you should use this. I’ll take yours.” 

He took the XL2500 and tossed his Gust assault rifle at Rosa. “Do you all know what to do?” 

Yelena said, “Is that even a question? Boss, you and Anjum Khan will be the snipers, we will lure them out of their hiding spots.” 

“Honey, we will be watching your asses at the back. No one will hurt you,” said Anjum Khan to Yelena. 

She glared at him. 

He just looked at her curvy ass and grinned. 

“Alright, that was disgusting,” interjected E’er Demutu. He then spoke in a low voice, “I’ve got some pleasure toys for you that you’d like, just ten thousand bucks…” 

Xia Lei was not in the mood to listen to this. He moved towards the radar quickly. However, he did not actually hate jokes like that because he knew that they had to relax before the big battle and this was an outlet. 

Good mood led to good outcomes. 

Even if they were heading to their deaths, might as well smile on the way there! 

Anjum Khan quickly found his sniping spot. It was a tree with a diameter of more than one meter. He climbed up quickly to the top, which was about forty meters to the ground. This was the height of about ten floors so he now had the advantage of looking over half of the island. 

Xia Lei did not pick a tree. He preferred moving between his sniping spots. 

Five hundred meters away from the radar. 

Xia Lei had already separated from the Zodiac Battle team. There was a man-made road in front of him. It extended from the forest to the radar and the military base. 

He did not take the road, instead opting to wade through the trees. He saw the map of the topography from his laptop in his mind’s eye, comparing it to the actual terrain as he travelled. 

He arrived at a spot, then snuck his way towards a tree by the road. He slowly crouched unto the ground and then peaked the tip of his XL2500 assault rifle from the bushes around the tree. 

Even without the crosshairs, he could see another sniper in a patch of grass at the end of the road. 

The sniper was covered in green and mud-coloured camouflage wear. If he hadn’t memorised this sniper’s location, Xia Lei might have been fooled. 

Both his left and right eyes were activated. His X-ray and scanning properties all activated at the same time. He saw that the sniper in the grass had his sights set on the other end of the road. This sniper was very patient, lying on his stomach without any movement at all. He was using a Barrett 82A1 semi-automatic rifle. The bolt had been pulled so all he needed to do was to fire when the target appeared. 

However, the SEAL team sniper did not see Xia Lei. 

With both eyes working together, a flurry of data entered Xia Lei’s brain. “Distance: four hundred and ninety-three metres, Wind: Class 1, blowing northwest, humidity…” 

Based on these numbers, Xia Lei quickly adjusted his gun and pulled the trigger with his right hand’s finger. 


With a gunshot, the sniper in the grass lost a third of his head. 

Xia Lei shook his head. “SEAL team? They’re worse than I thought.” 

Bang! Bang! Bang! 

Gunshots came from Xia Lei’s back, front and right sides. The SEAL team had determined Xia Lei’s position based on his gunshots and were not firing blindly in his general vicinity. They were using MK18 assault rifles, the best in the world in terms of power, speed and range. Of course, they were still not as good as the Gust assault rifle. 

The five remaining SEAL members fired aggressively without any restraint. But none of them were even close to Xia Lei at all. They were either lost or stopped by a tree. 

During the five seconds they spent firing at him, Xia Lei was already done re-adjusting the direction of his gun. 

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