Chapter 1070 - Surviving the Angry Sea

Tsukino Kyoko and E’er Demutu emerged above the water surface, immediately paddling towards Xia Lei. But before the duo could even do so, a gigantic wave came crashing over, forcing them to submerge. 

Xia Lei was gripped by terror but he could not help them. Before nature’s wrath, he too was merely a speck of dust. 

“Fucking hell!” E’er Demutu raged. “How dare they fire at a place like this!” 

Xia Lei relented, “They think we’re weak and the weak are always bullied. This is insanity, this is absolutely moronic. I will make them pay. I must get back at them!” 

Tsukino Kyoko quickly grabbed Xia Lei’s wrist. “Hold me tight, the three of us need to stay together.” 

Xia Lei heeded her instructions and reached out for E’er Demutu’s wrist. The three of them bopped and sunk, vulnerable to the raging waves like a three-leafed clover. 

Thankfully, Xia Lei had managed to make a deduction in the nick of time and instructed both Tsukino Kyoko and E’er Demutu to put on their life vests. If not, they wouldn’t be able to stay afloat for long in the choppy sea. As soon as their energy was depleted, they would drown. 

“There’s a board over there!” In the midst of their struggle, Xia Lei spotted a floating piece. It used to be part of the chopper that was thoroughly destroyed earlier. It looked like a plastic board that had a polystyrene centre. 

The three of them swam over to it. 

The plastic board was only about three square metres big, with just enough space to accommodate three adults on top. 

“Kyoko, you first.” Xia Lei supported her waist and lifted her up. 

Tsukino Kyoko gripped the sides and climbed up. But as soon as her palms had exerted pressure, the board began to tip over, causing her to fall into the water again. 

There was only so much physical strength could do when immersed in water. Plus, the board wasn’t fixed to the position. Even if she was an experienced ninja, this was a difficult task to accomplish. 

“One more time!” E’er Demutu swam over to the other side of the board and pressed it down. 

Xia Lei held her sides once again and brought her up. This time, Tsukino Kyoko managed to bring her weight to the edge of the surface. Now, Xia Lei had to lend her strength with a push to her bottom. 

The navy uniform set on her body was completely soaked. Just as she managed to bring her entire torso atop the board’s surface, an abrupt wave came crashing in. It lifted her skirt onto her hips, revealing her underwear-clad bottom all for Xia Lei to enjoy. 

The wet piece of fabric had clung to her like a second skin. It left nothing much to imagine. The shape of her peach buttocks was clear as day and the outline of her intimacy was shown without reserve. It looked like lush hills separated by a lovely small valley.

Xia Lei shook his head and scoffed, silently chastising himself for admiring her behind at a time like this. While this scene was presented to him without choice, Xia Lei couldn’t help but spare it a few more glances. 

Tsukino Kyoko finally made it onto the board’s surface. She turned around and held out her arm. “Quick, grab my hand.” 

And so Xia Lei took her hand and made it onto the board with her assistance. Then, Tsukino Kyoko carefully made it over to the other end of the board while Xia Lei climbed over to where E’er Demutu was. With a heave, Xia Lei pulled E’er Demutu onboard. 

The three of them finally allowed themselves to sigh in relief. If it wasn’t for this board, who knows what would have become of them. They would be dragged to the bottom after they eventually ran out of strength. The board was a life saviour that would help them save energy and add hope to their survival. 

Xia Lei pressed on his multifunctional wristwatch and used the satellite positioning mode. He zoomed in on the map interface and found Dagua island in no time.  He said, “We’re about one hundred kilometres away from our destination. Don’t worry, we’ll be able to get there in due time.” 

“I think we should contact Chief Yu,” suggested E’er Demutu. 

Xia Lei replied, “No. Wasn’t the incident earlier a good warning?” 

“Boss, I know you’re talking about the wireless digital barrier but those bastards are gone. One minute is all we need to reach Chief Yu. I’m sure he will arrange a plane or boat to rescue us.” E’er Demutu had his own opinion, evidently convinced that his proposal was feasible. 

However, Xia Lei pointed to the gloomy skies above. “Though we can’t see it, I’m sure there are American soldiers hovering above us. Based on what they’re capable of, the Americans will be able to pinpoint our location as soon as your call gets through. With what they’ve done earlier, do you think they’ll let us live?” 

Xia Lei's words let fear creep along E’er Demutu’s spine. 

Tsukino Kyoko agreed, “Yeah, you can’t make a call now. If our call gets tapped in by the American Intelligence Department, their agents would be able to conclude that our boss is in this span of time. Perhaps what will greet us later is tens of fighter jets and a warship. I’m sure you’re aware of how eager the Americans wish to take the boss out, right?” 

E’er Demutu shrugged. “Alright, I take back my words. Prolonging our stay in the waters in such weather is very risky.” 

Xia Lei uttered, “Let’s consider if a call is necessary when we’re tens of kilometres away from Dagua Island.” 

Following that, the three of them utilized their palms and paddled their makeshift raft towards Dagua Island. It was sheer luck that the wind was blowing in that direction as well, allowing them to conserve their stamina and travel faster. If not, they would’ve needed two full days to paddle over with their palms. 

Meanwhile, on the Chinese’s chaser. 

“Huh? What do you mean you can’t reach them?” Yu Zhenhai was positively shaking with anger. “What the fuck are you doing?! If you lose him, you won’t be able to compensate even with your life!” 

On the bridge, a large group of navy officers and ship operators stood silently. Yu Zhenhai’s extreme wrath was warranted because onboard the missing chopper was Xia Lei, the hero of China. Xia Lei and his Thunder Horse Organization were changing international dynamics in their favour. If Xia Lei was caught up in a tragedy, the country would suffer an irreversible loss. 

“What are you stalling there for?! Go find him now!” Yu Zhenhai screamed at the top of his lungs. “Continue attempts to reach the chopper! Also, request for aerial support. Have the Air Forces search the area with their planes! Call the Dagua base to dispatch search boats right away!” 

The bridge immediately bustled with activity. 

“General!” The radar manipulator exclaimed urgently. “An unidentified flying object has appeared ahead of us!” 

Yu Zhenhai clambered over, noticing a red dot moving towards them rapidly on the radar screen. He furrowed his brows. “Open the public channel and have them report their identity!” 

The correspondent quickly followed through his order. “This is the territorial waters of China. This is an illegal invasion, please report your identity.” 

There was no response.

“With this speed, it’s most probably a large chopper.” A military officer continued, “I presume that this is an anti-submarine chopper, probably America’s Aquaman.” 

“The Americans are out of their minds!” Yu Zhenhai seethed with raw fury. “This is our waters and they're scouting it out with an anti-submarine chopper! Illuminate it with the radar! If it refuses to leave, just bomb it right away!” 

There were anti-aircraft missiles on the chaser, it certainly wasn’t an issue for them to take down an anti-submarine chopper with ease. But what Yu Zhenhai had in mind were the ship cannons. This was merely a deterrent approach. If the chief had really wanted to wipe the aircraft out, he would need to report to the higher-ups and await approval. 

“It turned around,” reported the radar manipulator confusedly. 

“Hmph! They really think they’re the rulers of this planet, huh? This ain’t the Gulf of Mexico and this is not the Mediterranean Sea. This is not the place for them to let their warships and planes go wild!” Yu Zhenhai’s anger had no signs of dissipation.

But at this moment, the observer working the optical telescope exclaimed loudly, “Report! It is not alone. The helicopter is escorted by four armed helicopters. There are five helicopters headed our way!” 

Yu Zhenhai dashed for the ship-borne optical telescope and peered forward. Sure enough, four low-flying armed helicopters appeared in his field of vision. He immediately barked an order, “Prepare for first-level engagement. Those are the Comanche helicopters capable of stealth!” 

While stealth aircraft were practically invisible to radars, it was still observable by the human eye. 

If the four Comanches were trying to attack the chaser, it would be too easy. However, it was clear that they had no courage to do so. This was a chaser for crying out loud. The weapons the Comanches were armed with could not possibly destroy a military ship of this size. 

A few seconds later, piercing alarms blared all across the ship. All soldiers quickly responded to it. The cannon shooters raced to their stations and the missile manipulators were on standby.

Just as the alarms were sounded, the four Comanche stealth helicopters abruptly turned around and flew towards the Philippines. 

Yu Zhenhai clenched his fist and punched the window beside him. “They’re doing this on purpose! Fuck! We’re still steps behind!” 

The ship was burning with rage. 

On one of the Comanche helicopters, its Caucasian pilot snorted. “They didn’t even notice us when we’re so close. If a war breaks out, I wonder how long can their old-fashioned warship last?” 

“Hahaha! David, when our fleet enters their waters, they would be the laughing stock of the world!” His co-pilot chortled without care. 

“Kane, let’s head back to the base and have some fun with a few Filipino chicks,” David smirked deviously. 

Kane held out a fist and David bumped it with his own. “Okay, no problem. I know a place with younger girls…” 

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