Chapter 101

Keep It Quiet

The day after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The bright and spacious workshop was bustling with activity. Purchase orders transferred from Thunder Horse Workshop served to help workers get used to the equipment. Xia Lei had arranged for the normal orders from China Industrial Group to be done a week later to let the new employees get more used to the equipment.

Xia Lei was not expecting to profit immediately in the beginning. He’d have reached his target if he could keep the business running, have money to pay his employees and pay for employee insurance. It would always be tough in the beginning and he could hope for expansion when everything started to go smoothly. This was also Xia Lei’s business strategy. He had never been one to be impatient and was always steadfast and realistic in what he did.

Walking through the aisle in the workshop, he saw Zhou Xiao-Hong from afar holding a mop and mopping the floor. Her blue work clothes wrapped around her hips, emphasising a full figure like a lotus leaf in a pond or a ripened peach, and was very attractive. Because she was leaning forward, her bosom hung forward, straining against the material of her top, almost bursting through it. Quite a few of the new male employees sneaked looks at her breasts and bum every so often.

‘She already has quite a curvy figure so shouldn’t she know to change into work clothes a size bigger?’ Xia Lei smiled wryly and walked over.

“Big Brother Lei… Chairman Xia.” Zhou Xiao-Hong saw Xia Lei when he approached and stood straight. She had a bit of the allure of a professional working woman.

Xia Lei was about to warn her of peeping-toms but changed his words when he spoke, “Um, Xiao-Hong, are you used to the new environment yet?”

Zhou Xiao-Hong blushed for no reason, “I’m okay. It’s just… Putting me in charge of over 30 people… I’m not confident that I’ll do well.”

Thunder Horse Manufacturing had three workshops and Zhou Xiao-Hong was only in charge of one of them while Yang Ben-Cai and Liu Xue-Bing were in charge of the other two. Cui Yong was Yang Ben-Cai’s assistant and Liu Xue-Bing’s assistant was Wang You-Fu. Zhou Xiao-Hong’s assistant was Chen A-Jiao. All the old employees from Thunder Horse Workshop had been promoted and Xia Lei could consider his promise kept.

“It’s okay. You’ll gradually get used to it. Chen A-Jiao is your assistant so you can get her to help you keep an eye on things. And you can arrange for someone else to do work like this. You need to behave like a Workshop Director since you are one. If you’re too nice, the workers will not respect you and may even ignore what you say sometimes.”

Zhou Xiao-Hong nodded, “I understand. I won’t let you down, Big Brother Lei.”

Xia Lei smiled, “I’ll go check on the other places.” He took a step, then suddenly stopped and said softly, “Xiao-Hong, go change into a set of larger-sized work clothes. Several workers are sneaking looks at your bum.”

“Eh?” Zhou Xiao-Hong’s face flushed red. She hurriedly covered her bum with her hands and asked anxiously, “Do I have a hole in my trousers?”

Her words seemed to trigger something and Xia Lei’s left eye twitched uncontrollably, making him see a large area of snowy skin. He looked away awkwardly and said quietly, “No, your trousers are too small. Your bum fills the trousers out fully, so those young graduates keep looking at it.”

Zhou Xiao-Hong was so embarrassed she could die, “What can I do about its size? This is already the largest trouser size.”

Xia Lei was speechless.

“Is m,my bum ugly?” asked Zhou Xiao-Hong anxiously.

“No, it’s a nice bum.” Xia Lei realised his mistake once the words left his mouth. Wasn’t this telling Zhou Xiao-Hong that he was also looking at her bum earlier?

Sure enough, Zhou Xiao-Hong became even more embarrassed. She bowed her head till it touched her chest and didn’t dare look Xia Lei in the eye.

The atmosphere became awkward and Xia Lei couldn’t find another topic to switch to, so he quickly walked away.

Xia Lei went to the other two workshops and made a round of the premises before going back to the offices on the fourth floor. His office was also Liang Si-Yao’s office and the 50 square metre space had just a glass wall separating it.

Liang Si-Yao was busy at the desk. She was so busy that she did not even get up to refill her empty cup with water.

Xia Lei walked quietly over and took the cup to fill it with some water for her.

Liang Si-Yao only noticed that Xia Lei was back when he put the cup of water on her desk. She pushed the spectacles up higher on her nose-bridge and pursed her lips, “All okay in the workshops?”

“All okay. I’m going to let the employees practice over the next few days and let them do regular orders from China Industrial Group once they’re more familiar with the equipment,” said Xia Lei.

“Relying on orders from just China Industrial Group is not a viable long-term plan. They’re only making normal orders because you can do the special orders for them. If any problem arises… There are over a hundred mouths to feed in this company, and insurance expenses are also high,” said Liang Si-Yao, “We need to have our own products and our own brand. We won’t be entirely dependant on others this way.”

“Did Guan Ling-Shan, Yin Hao and the others have any good ideas?” asked Xia Lei.

Liang Si-Yao laughed and said, “They are just fresh graduates. They have knowledge but no experience. In my opinion, you should be the one to decide what we manufacture.”

Xia Lei smiled, “Okay. I’ll think about it but I can’t come up with anything so quickly for a big matter like this. You think about it too - maybe you’ll think of some better idea.”

Liang Si-Yao stretched, arching her back and quirked her cherry lips, “My neck’s sore and I’m out of inspiration. Maybe my inspiration will come back if you massage me.”

Her lazy look and cotton-soft tone made her look like a coy kitty. Her snow-white thighs extended from under her black office skirt, long legs jade-like and indescribably alluring. Her snowy neck was completely exposed to the air, making one feel like ice-cream in summer; one would melt if the temperature was just a little higher. Who could reject her, like this, with this sort of request?

Xia Lei felt that it was inappropriate but he was also soft-hearted and worried about Liang Si-Yao’s tiredness. It would be good to let her relax. With that thought in mind, Xia Lei walked behind Liang Si-Yao, reached his hands out to encircle her snowy neck and started to massage her gently.

Liang Si-Yao’s skin was smooth and delicate. Xia Lei was rather cautious when rubbing his fingers on her skin; he was afraid that he would tear her skin or something if he used too much strength.

The gentle massage made Liang Si-Yao relax. She closed her eyes and stretched her neck back to lean on Xia Lei’s lower abdomen, little sounds escaping from her mouth, “Mm, harder, a little lower, nnm, it feels so good.”

The sounds she made had some sort of magic which made Xia Lei’s heartbeat quicken. He’d started with the intention to help her relax but that had soon changed to trying to please her and make her even more comfortable. His fingers moved in wider and wider circles, massaging not just her neck but her sweet shoulders, his massaging becoming harder and harder.

His vision also entered another mode on its own. In his eye, Liang Si-Yao had turned into a tribal girl from a primitive tribe and was just coming out from a bath in a clear spring…

No one knew what he saw and it was his own secret. He was also used to these beautiful scenes which other men would not be able to enjoy in their entire lives.

“So good… Nn, harder… I can take it. Mm, good, that’s it… Lower…” sweet sounds came from Liang Si-Yao’s cherry lips. She had long forgotten the matter of thinking of new ideas.

Xia Lei’s cheeks were red and his breathing had become short. He was providing a massage service to Liang Si-Yao which made her very comfortable but made him uncomfortable.

At that moment, a tranny cough came from the doorway, “Ahem…”

Xia Lei was startled and hurriedly moved away. He looked up to discover Qin Xiang in the doorway.

Liang Si-Yao also opened her eyes in a rush and blushed red all over her jade-like skin. She hadn’t given a second thought to the sounds she had been making when Xia Lei was massaging her but it was totally different with ‘an outsider’ in the room.

“Uh-uh, I didn’t see anything.” Qin Xiang entered the office with a catwalk and his fingers in the hand pose of a lady in Chinese opera*.

“We didn’t do anything,” explained Xia Lei.

“Uh-huh, didn’t I say that I didn’t see anything? You don’t need to explain,” said Qin Xiang.

Xia Lei’s attempt to explain made matters worse.

Liang Si-Yao’s face grew redder.

Xia Lei quickly changed the topic, “That’s right, did you make any progress on your end?”

Qin Xiang smiled crookedly, “Take a look at who’s doing the job. Can there be no progress?”

“Spit it out.” Xia Lei was a little worried.

“I went to borrow some supermarket purchasing data last night and found a lot of information on suppliers like their prices, billing methods and so on; you name it, I have it,” said Qin Xiang.

Xia Lei paused. The ‘borrowing’ that Qin Xiang said he did definitely meant that he had stolen it.

Qin Xiang continued, “I discovered that some supermarkets need to pay upfront when the goods are delivered while some suppliers require a paid portion first, and the rest monthly. Some popular items have to be paid in full first or you won’t get the goods. After borrowing the supermarket supplier data, I tried calling over ten numbers. They were most willing to work with us when they heard about the location of the supermarket. We can have a face-to-face meeting to decide on the supplying of goods, payment method and prices. So, I’m here to ask you, Chairman Xia, when you’ll be free so I can make an appointment for them to come and have a talk.”

Xia Lei smiled, “I have to hand it to you. I thought this would be very difficult to do but you produced results so quickly. I’ve handed this matter over to you to handle so you can just talk to them directly. And, the supermarket is fully under your charge. You have to take care of hiring too.”

Qin Xiang waved his Chinese-opera-lady-hand, “Okay then, I’ll go have a business talk with those suppliers. About hiring, I’ll get my sisters from before to come over, as well as the aunties in our neighbourhood. Getting people won’t be a problem, hee hee.”

Liang Si-Yao finally got a chance to put a word in and said, “You must mention our location when you go talk to those suppliers. Also tell them that we have our own storefront and we can sell a lot of goods but we are strapped for cash right now so please be understanding. We won’t owe them a cent when the business is up and running well.”

“Yes, yes, Little Sister Si-Yao is clever. Some guy would be so lucky to marry you.” Qin Xiang looked at Xia Lei as he spoke.

Xia Lei looked away and focused his gaze on the water dispenser.

“I’m off. You guys continue. Remember - keep it quiet. It doesn’t matter if I see it but you’ll have trouble if other colleagues see.” QIn Xiang left them with those words and walked off, swaying his hips.

“Tranny,” muttered Liang Si-Yao under her breath. She then looked at Xia Lei and said in a gentle voice, “Lei, give this senior disciple a massage again. Qin Xiang turned up when it was getting good. I haven’t had enough yet.”

Xia Lei glanced furtively down at his trousers, then bit the bullet and moved in close…

First official day of work and Chairman Xia was doing this?

*Chinese Opera hands

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