Tome of Troubled Times

Tome of Troubled Times

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Ji Cha
A young man plagued by recurring nightmares finds himself visiting a blind fortune teller, who sends him to a world of martial arts that looks a lot like the wuxia stories he used to read. 
In the sky of this world, a tome shines every now and then, revealing the hierarchy of mighty beings that seek power amid troubled times. Determined to unravel the mysteries of his involuntary journey and the secrets of the world he has ended up in, he endeavors to ascend the tome's rankings, all while looking for a path back home.
Official Chinese blurb
Wandering the jianghu with a blade and wine, where beauties' grace is filling one's mind.
A youth, saber on his back and wine gourd at the waist, strides forth, yet the jianghu of his heart seems only more elusive;
With each flipped page of the Tome of Troubled Times, decades of nights soaked in rain pass over the jianghu.
As he suddenly turns to look back, he finds that the mortal world has shattered in his wake.
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138 Chapters
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China Literature


Release Rate: Two (2) chapters every day at 10:00 PM GMT+8

Translated by TipToe (discord: astraltiptoe). First 50 chapters were translated by Ash

Edited by penguin

21 Reviews
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23 days ago
I am really intrigued by the start. I heard this novel is one that was top ten in Qidian. The story so far is of a university student who has been suffering nightmares where he partakes in battle, fighting with a saber that he picked up. He then gets transmigrated trying to deal with it (unsure yet if he is only dreaming or not) and the story seems to start.

The character interactions seem to be quite good and the story reads smoothly. This review is being done at chapter 15 and I will update it in the future as I continue reading.

18 days ago
Banger of a read.

In the entirety of wuxiaworld, this is the only other novel I would give a 10/10 besides star gate.

The rarest and most unique aspect of this novel is that despite it being a wuxia (martial art's) world, the romance is done extremely well, a singular trope (not going to say which) is used extremely, and I mean extremely well to build the connection between the 2 characters, in a way reminiscent of the soul land 2 series (hint). I couldn't believe how invested I was on the subtle interactions and thoughts they had, at certain moments I even clapped like a teenage girl reading a romcom.

More on the novel itself, if anyone read, or at least ATTEMPTED to read dao of the bizzare immortal, but couldn't get hooked and kept dropping it like me, this novel in my opinion, is able to use the premise a lot better.

A dream to transmigration.

The cultivation system is well-explained, and could be considered standard, the classic external + internal cultivation technique's but the author doesn't shit on external ones, acknowledges the strengths of both, explains the difference AND states the fact that all true masters should practice both and doesn't treat it like some grand reveal only the mc can do. Which I greatly appreciate.

Another very unique thing about this novel is, the mc doesn't have a cheat system per say, instead he recieved a tarro card divination, hinting at 3 items he needs to acquire. The entire premise is very interesting and it relies on the mc on whether or not he can get them, 30 chapters in, it's still shrouded in mystery as to whether or not what happens if he rejects them or doesn't find them, however it definitely doesn't give the mc cheats, the mc has to use his brain and calculate his martial arts without being overly-reliant on some bs system that solves everything for him.

The chapters are long,

And the translation is excellent.

21 days ago
Up to Chapter 24, translation good, premise good, world building is very wuxia with an amusing twist to it.

It feels like the world is a bit small though not really a negative yet. Character dynamics are good and the hero's super power is very funny in many situations.

I'm not sure if the current setup is enough to carry the story forward so expect shit to hit the fan sooner and things to change but for now it's interesting enough to give more time.

The book in the sky gimmick is very convenient for making nonsense happen and reminds me of the face of the god in beyond the timescape, but the story has yet to make use of it much.

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