Chapter 99: What are you trying to steal? (2)

“Hey blackie. Don’t just bite his ass, bite the front too.”


Anubis seriously debated after hearing Ju-Heon's order. Should he listen to a damn human's orders or not?

However, he didn't have to think long.


Anubis opened its large mouth toward the bellboy's little son. It wasn’t that he was doing it because Ju-Heon ordered him to do so.

He just found this human who disturbed his sweet slumber to be rude!

Yoo Jaeha who saw that gasped and pulled the savage Anubis back.

“Aigoo, bad boy! No! You can’t bite there! Do you really want to do that when you're a male too?!”

Yoo Jaeha was pulling with everything he had.

“Captain-nim! Please stop him!”
“Why should I?”
“What did you say sir?”

Yoo Jaeha ended up being dragged by the close to 70kg Anubis. Of course, Anubis was trying to bite the bellboy even as he dragged Jaeha with him.

That wasn’t the only thing…

[Do not grab me with your dirty human hands!]

“Eek, don’t bite me!”

Anubis viciously growled at Yoo Jaeha who was holding onto him as well.

Yoo Jaeha was huffing as he started to shake the picture once the rope bound the bellboy.

"Alright, now spill it. Who the hell are you guys? Why do you have a picture of us?”
“Like I said, I just picked this up……!”
“Damn it, I can't understand you. Speak English instead of Chinese!”

Ju-Heon sneered at him.

A vicious dagger stabbed the bellboy's right arm at the same time.



The bellboy screamed at the terrible sight. However, the hand he thought was cut off was completely fine.

The dagger had stabbed the bracelet he was wearing and not his arm. It was a red bracelet. However, the bellboy who thought that his wrist was going to be cut off was shaking in fear.

“Picked it up my ass.”

Ju-Heon picked up the bracelet he had cut off. Ju-Heon who understood the things the bellboy had been saying in Chinese started to wave the bracelet around.

“Can I just send the bill for the compensation for using my photo to your superior? Chinese excavation team < Team Red >'s Corporal Liao Yu?”

Both the bellboy and Lee Seol-A gasped after hearing his question. The name was one thing, but he was able to figure out the excavation team information based on a bracelet with not much features! Even Yoo Jaeha asked in shock.

“The Chinese excavation team? This bellboy bastard is part of it?”

Ju-Heon looked toward the bellboy and Lee Seol-A as if he found this amusing.

‘I guess it's about time for the C-R Alliance to start moving.’

China and Russia had both rejected the invitation from Pandora, the International Artifact Administration Organization consisting of many nations.

It was to be expected.

Joining Pandora meant that they would all share tombs and artifacts.

China would find it terrible to even think about foreign soldiers, especially US soldiers, entering their territory.

Even if they came with a justification such as for excavating a tomb… It was a way for them to infiltrate the country and gather information. China had even protested Korea installing the THAAD missiles in the past.

The artifacts and tombs had even caused a second Cold War in the future.

They hired talented artifact users to excavate tombs and quarreled with each other.
‘Well, a war between countries for benefits is none of my business.’

Ju-Heon saw both Pandora and the C-R Alliance in the same light for using artifacts to rip the world off.

Anyway, he had wondered who Lee Seol-A was working for, but it seemed as if she was a lackey for China. But Ju-Heon who learned of this fact quietly clicked his tongue.

Of all places, why did it have to be China?

‘I don’t like China because it reminds me of that lunatic.’

The Four Emperors of the past were Keira of the US faction, Ali of the Middle East faction, and Kwon Tae Joon of the Guerrilla faction.

As for the last person…

It was the Monarch of Gluttony of the Chinese faction.

She was the most difficult to handle, the strongest and worst enemy of all artifact users. Ju-Heon had almost died because of that worst predator as well.

But in the end, Ju-Heon was the final victor.


For some reason, she had committed suicide in front of him.

That extremely strong woman… Even though the situation had not called for it…

Anyway, Chairman Kwon who was in second place rose to her Emperor position after that.

Of course, it was still shocking as he thought about it. That was why he treated her as a lunatic and didn’t want to get involved with China if he didn't need to do so.

‘But it shouldn’t matter in the present time.’

That lunatic shouldn't be connected to China yet. It wouldn't be bad to take the initiative first.

Ju-Heon who came to that conclusion walked over to Lee Seol-A and started to speak.

“Looks like you were aiming for Anubis's artifact to tackle the 7 Great Tombs.”

Ju-Heon continued to speak.

“Your superior must have told you about the 7 Great Tombs, right? Hand that information over.”

Lee Seol-A flinched but did not lose her calm.

‘He wants me to hand over information about the tomb?’

There was no way that was going to happen.

She needed a strong artifact such as the one from the 7 Great Tombs to get away from China. She would not give up on this tomb so easily!

And then…

She bit down on the rope that was binding her.

Lee Seol-A had figured out the rope's weakness while being bound for almost twelve hours.


The rope suddenly started to flail in shock as if it was bitten on a sensitive spot.


Lee Seol-A quickly attacked Yoo Jaeha as soon as the rope loosened.

“Hand over my artifacts!”

Lee Seol-A who could even take down soldiers kicked Yoo Jaeha in the ribs.



Yoo Jaeha curled over in pain as Lee Seol-A gathered her artifact and sneered at him.

“You’re so weak.”
“This woman……!”

Lee Seol-A then instantly ran over to the terrace. Gildal’s artifact would be able to easily handle landing from 15 stories up.

‘I'll reassess the situation after running away!’

But the moment Lee Seol-A artistically jumped off the terrace!

Why did you bite a weird spot?! Why did you bite it?!


Lee Seol-A was caught by the rope, making her jump useless.

The sniffling rope had grabbed Lee Seol-A's foot as she jumped.

It then started to tie her up in a peculiar manner. It had held itself back and tied her up like a mummy in the past, but the rope wasn't going to go easy on her anymore!

I'm going to punish you, punish you!

“Hey! Let go of me! Kyaaaaa!”

It tied Lee Seol-A's arms, legs, and all sorts of other places as it liked, hung her upside down, and started to dig through her clothes.

The rope squirmed in through Lee Seol-A's boobs, and even slid into her hotpants and rummaged inside her underwear.

"Wait, over there-!”

Lee Seol-A became flustered at the rope that was squirming around her body like a snake and screamed.

“Ah, hold on, where the hell do you think you’re going? Kyaaaa!”

The fact that her black bra was visible for a moment might have been her eyes playing a trick on her.

But then…

The rope that had been harassing Lee Seol-A for a while unexpectedly moved over to Ju-Heon and handed him something.

It was a small memory chip the size of a section of a finger.

She was hiding this! She was hiding this!

Ju-Heon had not found anything when he searched her body earlier, so she must have been hiding it deep inside her body. A woman’s body had many places to hide something like this.

But the rope that handed him the chip was huffing as it moved its body side to side like an angry snake.


It seemed to be extremely angry after having its weak spot bitten.

Ju-Heon patted the rope without thinking much about it.

“Good job.”


The huffing rope was extremely shocked. It wondered if it was hearing things at this unexpected praise.

But the rope started to jump up and down in joy as if it had never been angry after realizing it actually happened.

I was praised! I was praised!

Of course, Anubis was shaking its head at the rope's reaction.

Lee Seol-A who was sexually harassed by the rope, failed to escape, and had the information about the 7 Great Tombs stolen was grinding her teeth.

The information popped up once Ju-Heon plugged the memory chip into his laptop.

There was a password on it, but it didn't matter.

“Blackie, go find out the password.”

Anubis started to frown as soon as he heard the order.

[Human, you seem to have the wrong idea. I, I am not your dog……]

“You don’t have to do it if you don't want to be restored. Aren’t you in pain after using your powers at the shrine?”

Anubis started to grind his teeth in humiliation.

[Do not threaten me! You will die from the risk before I die, you bastard!]

“I know exactly what your risk is. I won’t die from such a thing. So stop the nonsense and do as I said.”

Anubis was shaking in anger as he bit the bellboy's front parts.

[What the hell are you doing?! He said to tell him the password!]


“Aaaaaaaaaak! No! Stoooooop! It’s going to fall off!”

In the end, Ju-Heon who was informed of the password through peaceful(?) means inputted the password as Yoo Jaeha groaned and walked over.

“Ugh, Captain-nim. Is it opening?”
“Shut up. I'll give you some money so go get checked out at a hospital.”

Ju-Heon looked through the vast information on the memory chip.

It had simple files about tombs and locations of artifacts. They seemed to have hacked Pandora as well as they even had the top 50 people of concern that Pandora determined through the party.

Ju-Heon was very satisfied.
‘I got something quite useful.’

Ju-Heon then started to look for information on the 7 Great Tombs. The 7 Great Tombs were Disaster-Grade tombs under the large-tomb category, but most importantly, they were random tombs. He needed to know if the tomb was the same as the ones he remembered.

‘I might end up dying if I don't check this out.’

Ju-Heon was also concerned about what the crow had told him on the Holten ship.

[There are leaders among the artifacts. They are the ones who imprisoned me. They will truly hate someone like you who ignores the authority of the artifacts. So, be careful. Tombs that go beyond your expectations will start to appear in the world.]


[Yes. It’ll be good for you to train the Tomb Raiding skill properly.]

‘Is that why you keep provoking me with those messages?’

The 7 Great Tombs were most likely part of those tombs that went beyond his imaginations.

However, Ju-Heon started to smile.

Maybe it was because a thief’s natural instincts became oddly excited after hearing about a dangerous tomb or because he accepted this dumb challenge from the artifact bastards.

Either way, he finally opened a file containing information on the Great Tomb that was to open in Kyoto.

“Ah, this is driving me nuts!”

Richard looked toward Chairman Kwon who was angrily hanging up the phone.

“Did something happen?”
“You remember how we sent an excavation team to Kyoto for one of the 7 Great Tombs?”
“Of course. I remember you paid special attention to that. Did they all perish inside?”
“No. They couldn't even go inside!”

Chairman Kwon started to grind his teeth.

“They all perished without even making it inside.”
“Excuse me?!”

Richard’s jaw dropped in disbelief. There was a reason Chairman Kwon was able to procure a lot of artifacts. His excavation team was extremely talented.


“Something like that has never happened before. How could they perish at the entrance?!”
“It’s not just our excavation team.”

Austin Rockefeller, Julian, and other excavation teams who had noticed something was up had headed for the entrance with large numbers of people.

But nobody could get through the entrance.

“I plan on going there myself but it seems like there’s something annoying inside the tomb.”

Yes, it would definitely be annoying.

At least for them, that is.

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