Chapter 97: Is that all you got? (2)

It was hard to believe even while looking at it with his own eyes.

Simon blanked out after seeing the dead that his necromancy could not compare to being summoned while Yoo Jaeha and Sasaki plopped down on the ground in shock.

“W, what is this?!”

He expected that Ju-Heon would use Anubis, but what the hell?!

‘He’s at a different level.’

This was not a dream no matter how many times he looked.

The mummies that crawled out from the ground had Egyptian helmets, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories while the blue swords and maces looked as if they could ruthlessly destroy these possessed believers.

Not only that…

“Wow, what the hell, Genghis Khan’s cavalry's here too! Then are the cavalry from Goguryeo here?”

Yoo Jaeha could tell them all apart because he had studied different cultures and their clothing for art.

That was why he could tell the identities of the ghost soldiers quickly, but he probably would have been able to tell even without that information because most of them were extremely famous ones.

The overwhelming number of dead soldiers that could easily stomp on the 2,000 possessed soldiers threatened Simon.

“F, f*ck, this crazy bastard.”

That was why Simon subconsciously fell to the ground.

Even without the numbers advantage, these soldiers were all people who made significant marks, whether good or bad, on history.

It’d be weird if he didn't get scared.

Ju-Heon who had summoned the soldiers smiled wickedly.

‘A man should make people fall for him with his actions rather than his words.’

In fact, everybody here was mesmerized by Ju-Heon right now.

Simon who became anxious started to shout to his believers.

“What the hell are you doing?! Get rid of them, take care of them now!”

Lee Seol-A who had blankly been staring scoffed.

This crazy bastard seemed to have lost his mind.

‘Who is going to take care of whom with just 2,000 people?’

Even if they were possessed, these believers were all still human.

‘Does he really think they could take down those zombie soldiers?’

She must have been right as the possessed believers did not dare to move because of the enemy’s overbearing aura. There were some interesting situations as well.


One of the spirits possessing a believer seemed to have been a subordinate of one of the generals Ju-Heon called forth as the believer knelt down and shouted like this.

“I dare not go against you, General-nim!
Please kill me!”

Simon was flabbergasted.

“Are you crazy?! Hurry up and follow orders!”

However the number of kneeling believers started to increase. Ju-Heon leisurely motioned with his hand and the Egyptian mummy soldiers attacked Simon.


The mummy soldiers seemed to turn into ashes and disappear before instantly appearing in front of Simon and pointing a sword at his neck.


The mummy’s heinous appearance looked so scary even the toughest of men would pee a bit in fear. However, Ju-Heon was not even flinching while standing among the 2,000 corpses as he calmly started to seduce(?) the women.

“I will make you all happy. Get rid of your shitty master. He’s the type to ditch you and run away first when things get though.”

“I, is that bastard crazy?!’

Simon could not hold it in and shouted to his believers.

“What the hell are you doing?! It's your job to protect your master!”

Although the believers usually would have responded to him, they did not move.

Simon became confused.
“Hey! Why aren’t you moving?! Get to work! You damn slaves! Get rid of them!”

However, Simon gasped in shock while looking at his believers who were slowly starting to peek at Ju-Heon.

‘N, no way, right?’

Had he lost them to this bastard?

Ju-Heon who confirmed this was the case started to speak as if Simon was ridiculous.

“You should know the difference in class between you and me.”

Ju-Heon pulled a sword out with a loathing expression as he walked over to Simon.
“And you are not qualified to even say the word, slave.”
“You make your subordinates attack even when you know the difference in quality? You don’t get it. Being a master means that you take responsibility for your slaves' safety and quality of life in exchange for taking away their autonomy and freedom. You are the worst kind of trash, using your subordinates as shields.”

Yoo Jaeha chuckled at that statement.

Now that he thought about it, his slave contract had mentioned something similar as well.

It said that he would have to work his ass off but that Ju-Heon would guarantee his safety through all kinds of danger.

A message popped up in front of Ju-Heon.

[The hypnotized people are starting to become interested in you.]

"What? Slaves are just slaves! Such thoughts…….! Hey! You guys! I’ll buy you everything you like! Clothes, bags, you just name it! Just hurry up and take care of this bastard!”
“You stupid idiot.”

[The opponent's charm is starting to fail.]
[The harem’s focus has changed!]

[2.000 believers are now in your hands!]

[You have completed the Avesta Sacred Texts’ requirements for usage by taking away the leader’s popularity and believers!]

Ju-Heon saw the messages and started to laugh out loud as Simon was self-destructing and the believers turned around from Ju-Heon.

This situation was to be expected.

Casanova's artifact really was a harem artifact. It would allow anybody to easily create a harem.

However, it had a critical weakness in return for allowing the user to easily hypnotize people. if there was a more charming person next to the user, the focus of the harem would change.

‘I was planning on using a different method if I needed to do so, but I guess I don't need to do that.’

And because of that… Ju-Heon who had gained 2,000 women nonchalantly said the following.

“Ah, I really, really want the artifacts on him.”

The possessed women's eyes turned scary as they charged at Simon and started to rummage through his pockets. They were both consumable artifacts so it wouldn't be hard to take them away.

“Hand it over! Hand over your artifacts!”
“You’re not going to hand it over?! That esteemed sir said to hand it over!”

Simon tried to remove the necromancy but he could only scream as he was pushed down by the strong women.

“U, ugh!”

His expensive clothes were ruthlessly ripped, he was punched, kicked, and ended up a giant mess.

"Where did you hide it?!”
“I'm going to take it!”

Simon almost instantly lost both the harem artifact and the necromancy artifact! Everything had happened in the blink of an eye.

This was driving Simon crazy.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

What were they doing?

“They’re just moving from a junk car to a Mercedes.”

The harem was destroyed. Simon who had been using the women as his weapons had lost his trusted weapons. There was only one result for Simon who was now empty-handed.

"Alright then, my first order.”

Ju-Heon waved Casanova's artifact while smiling.

"Stomp on that bastard.”

“Ahhh! Save me!”


Simon was ruthlessly bound and thrown into the ocean by the 2,000 women.

“Save me! Save meeeee!”

However, the women who had been in his harem turned around without even looking at Simon.

And then later, inside one of Kyoto's fanciest hotels…

“W, who is that person? Is he a celebrity?”
“I guess he must be famous?”

Yoo Jaeha, who was eating with Ju-Heon, was laughing. It was fine that they threw Simon into the ocean.

It was also good that they picked the best looking hotel nearby, but……

“Ju-Heon-niiiiiiiiiiim! Please show us your face!”
“Where are you going without us?!”
“We got rooms here too!”
“……This is crazy, 2,000 women?”

The hotel lobby and the area around the restaurant were full of the 2,000 women who were here to see Ju-Heon. It was funny because people who didn’t know what was happening would think that they were fans who were here to greet a celebrity.

‘There are high school students, college students, tourists, married women…… There’s a whole array of them.’

The women were going, ‘Ju-Heon-nim, Ju-Heon-nim.’

Their eyes were sparkling with desire as well.

Furthermore, Ju-Heon who was wearing stylish sunglasses was tall and handsome. He would do well to dress better but it made sense why people might think these were fans here to see a celebrity.

‘And I'm the manager. Damn it.’

Yoo Jaeha's hands were shaking while holding the desserts he was talking to Ju-Heon.

‘Damn it. I'm so jealous. i can’t live any longer because I'm so jealous!’

“Captain-nim! Please let me use the harem artifact too!”

Yoo Jaeha sniffled thinking that things were unfair. Ju-Heon just snorted and told him to hand over the dessert. Yoo Jaeha put the plate down and started to pout.

“What are you going to do with those people now? You’re putting the hotel employee in an awkward situation! We can't take them all home with us!”

Ju-Heon obviously knew that was the case as well.

Furthermore, he had already achieved his goal, so Ju-Heon waved at the women waiting for him outside as if he wanted nothing to do with them.

"Alright, you guys can go away now. I don’t need to see you all anymore.”

The women screamed in response.

They seemed to want to stay with Ju-Heon. However, Ju-Heon had no plans on keeping these women with him.

‘I mean, a harem is great.’

But there was no way he could realistically have 2,000 people with him. Especially since the entire world was loudly talking about this kidnapping incident right now.

“That is why all of you should go back home and live your lives. Gather back when I call for you. I have nothing else I need from you guys.”

The women seemed disappointed to hear that, but they started to disperse.

The clueless people watching thought that they were very reasonable fans.

They watched what was happening with their jaws dropped.

Yoo Jaeha soon asked as if he was okay.

“What a pity to disband them. The harem artifact is a short-distance artifact. The effects would disappear once they move away……”

But Ju-Heon just shook the Avesta (Sacred Text) artifact.

“It doesn’t matter. I have this.”

Ju-Heon who had completed a contract with the Sacred Text at some point was satisfied.
“I filled up all 2,000 believers at once.”

He had successfully contracted the Avesta after meeting the requirements. That meant that his artifacts should rank-up as well. There were some that had actually risen in rank already as if he was being given a reward.

[3 artifacts have moved from D-Grade to C-Grade.]
[The Smelly Brothers’ Sweet Potato (D-Grade) has become The Sweet Potato Bomb (C-Grade).]
He didn't know how useful it would be for this sweet potato to rank-up, but this was an amazing sign.

And most importantly…

[Shakespeare’s pen (A-Grade) has ranked up to Teenage Shakespeare’s pen (S-Grade).]

He didn’t know why it had to be Shakespeare’s pen of all things, but anyway, there was one that had risen to a high rank!

‘This can be useful in the 7 Great Tombs.’

He didn't know whether it was because he had a low number of believers or because their belief was weak… But he couldn't do anything about the fact that none of them had become Divine-Grade artifacts.
‘Now I just need to get the believers to be crazy about me. I also need to increase the number of believers.’

Then he could turn any artifact into a Divine-Grade artifact! Level up! Level up!

And with these numbers, he could even use an artifact like the Valkyrie artifact that would allow him to create a strong army of women!

Just thinking about that made Ju-Heon smile wickedly.

Yoo Jaeha gasped after seeing that smile.

“I'm sorry to disturb you while you are enjoying yourself, sir, but…

Even if you keep them together with the Sacred Text, the believers will leave if you don’t continue to provide them with faith. Can someone as busy as you do something like that, Captain-nim?”

More importantly, how could this greatest thief under heaven give any kind of faith to people?

But Ju-Heon seemed relaxed.

“It’s fine since I'm not going to do it myself.”
“Excuse me?”
"Sasaki said she’ll try to do that. She said something about handling my image making and evangelism……? Anyway, I said give it a go since she said she’ll help deify me.”

Whether it was celebrities or politicians, the person who won the image battle was always at an advantage. Even in the past, there were plenty of people who used all sorts of means to get out of trouble. Ju-Heon also planned on not caring about the methods or means.

“You never know. This might end up being a wildcard in the future. I plan on leaving it alone and see what happens.”

Sasaki used to be the president of an idol's fan club and an obsessed fan, so she should be talented in evangelism(?) or at least gathering fans.

But Yoo Jaeha just sighed.

“It just looks like you are enjoying the harem…ugh!”

But it was funny since he never expected the girl from the Future Diary issue to end up being useful like this. Either way, it was fine as long as the results were good and he could use the Avesta properly. It was perfect to go up against the other Monarch-Grade users who would fight with their connections.

If all ends failed, he’ll just go into an olympic stadium and use the harem artifact or something.

But at that moment… The rope that was in the shape of a bracelet on Ju-Heon’s wrist seemed to be expecting something.

There was a simple reason for it.

[The rope artifact’s risk is approaching.]
[You suddenly have a desire to praise.]

Ju-Heon flinched as the rope artifact’s risk struck for the first time.

If the rope had eyes, it would be sparkling brightly in anticipation.

‘Praise, he’s going to praise me.’


“Hello sir, this is a gift we give to our VIP guests for staying with us.”

They must have thought Ju-Heon was a celebrity as a hotel employee brought over a fancy plate of food.

It looked extremely beautiful with expensive caviar and other things on it.

Ju-Heon was wowed and started to speak.

“Oh wow, this is extremely beautiful. Such color and decoration, I can clearly see the chef’s great sense. It is also very delicious. I've never tasted something like this before. This hotel truly is in a class of its own to have such an amazing chef. Please let the chef know we’ll enjoy this very much.”

Yoo Jaeha almost spit up the dessert he was eating at this amazing praise that would usually never come from Ju-Heon while the employee was filled with joy. And…

[You have satisfied the risk.]

The risk was satisfied while the rope who saw this was in shock.

The rope realized that it did subconsciously put a risk on Ju-Heon so that he had to praise.

However, it never stated who or what Ju-Heon had to praise!

The rope who realized this shocking and disappointing truth started to cry.

I'm an idiot. I'm an idiot.

Once the employee bowed almost 90 degrees and disappeared, Yoo Jaeha looked toward Ju-Heon wondering if he was sick.

“C, Captain-nim? Umm……”
“Shut up, I'm not crazy. It’s a risk.”

It was at that moment.

Ju-Heon who was eating the caviar with a stoic expression as if he had never said any compliments looked to the side and started to smile.

“Why don't you hurry up and get out here? How long are you going to peek at me while hiding?”
Ju-Heon ruthlessly dragged someone out as soon as he said that.

There was a familiar person there.

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