Chapter 96: Is that all you got? (1)


Anubis's mind became chaotic as it watched the human smiling calmly and holding out his hand.

‘What? Hand?’

Did this human really just ask him to give him its hand? How dare he treat a Divine-Grade artifact like a damn dog!

However, Ju-Heon started to smile.

Ju-Heon liked Egyptian mythologies and even liked Anubis as a god, but the thing in front of him was just a damn tool that wanted to harm humans.

‘A proper education is the answer for idiots who don’t know their place.’

Even if this shit was a Divine-Grade artifact, it was still a Jackal, which was part of the canine family, making it a little doggie. Its body and face was like a vicious wolf, but this was a doggie!

That was why he shouted again.


After continuously being treated like a dog, Anubis's golden eyes flashed.

[You dare to act up without knowing your place!]

As Anubis viciously glared and tried to charge in again!


It ended up foaming at the mouth again after being choked by the rope. Ju-Heon chuckled as he watched.

“Looks like you're the one who doesn't know his place.”

[You bastard……ugh!]

The rope was showing no mercy to Anubis who was trying to hurt its master.

He said hand! Hand!

The rope who became a living dog leash was doing its best to annoy Anubis.

Whether it forgot that it was going up against a Divine-Grade artifact or if it was overflowing with courage was up for debate.

However, the results were quite effective!

[Ek, ekk!]

It might be a different story if it was at full power, but Anubis really felt like it was going to die right now.

It also could not understand the rope at all.

How did this make any sense?

[Hey you, rope! Ugh! Shouldn't an artifact take its fellow artifact’s side?! So, why?!]

However, the rope got angry as if it didn't care.

Hurry up and hand! Hand!

Anubis was giving off a venomous aura as if it won't leave this rope alone if it got its powers back, but for now, it was just a doggie being choked.

[This bastard!]

In the end, Anubis gave up.

[Damn it!]

Even he did not want to suffocate, no, receive more damage and end up destroyed. Anubis was huffing as it put its paw on Ju-Heon's hand.

Of course, it was not submitting without resistance.

‘I'm just playing along for a moment.’

As Anubis put its paw on Ju-Heon’s hand with disgust, Ju-Heon chuckled as if he had been waiting for this.

“Good. Other hand.”


Anubis was grinding its teeth but still put the other paw up as well.

“Good, sit!”


Anubis plopped down as if it was annoyed. However, Ju-Heon started to frown.

“Who told you to lay down? Sit down properly.”

Anubis wanted to swear up a storm but did as it was ordered for now.

Anubis was feeling extreme indignity but thought that things were going according to plan.

‘Good. Now that I did as he said, I need to find a chance to kill this human……’

However, Anubis was too innocent.

“Good. Looks like you’re smart enough to go through the other training properly.”


A branch flew in the air as soon as Ju-Heon said that.

And then…


Anubis started to shake after hearing his shout.

[Hey human! Watch it…!]

However, the rope was not going to just sit still.

He said fetch! He said fetch!

The excited rope started to fly in the direction of the branch. Anubis who was being dragged by this leash felt as if it was going to die.

‘This bastard!’

The rope's eyes(?) sparkled as it fetched the branch and returned it to Ju-Heon.

Master, I brought it. I brought it.

Of course, Ju-Heon who took the branch clicked his tongue.

“Hey, who told you to fetch?”


The rope realized it made a mistake but Ju-Heon just brushed it aside and threw it again.

And as the rope was about to run off again out of instinct!

‘Damn it, I'm going to die like this.’

Anubis kicked off the ground as it expected to be dragged again. It ran out at the speed of light.

Finally, the large black dog that had muscular legs jumped up and caught the branch in the air.

Yoo Jaeha and Sasaki were amazed by its nimble movements.

“Wow! Nice catch!”

Large dogs really did look cool catching things in the air. Of course, Anubis who landed on the ground with the branch in its mouth was huffing and grumbling.

‘Damn it, that motherf*cking human!’

However, it had no choice if it wanted to survive!

Its pride as an artifact was being cut down following Ju-Heon’s orders, but it was still okay.

‘It hasn't been cut enough for me to be dominated by a human yet.’

Honestly speaking, artifacts like Anubis that had strong wills required their pride to be cut down in order to be dominated.

That seemed to be why Ju-Heon had chosen to do this dog training, but Anubis viciously bared its fangs.

[Bring it on! I will not submit!]

Anubis was one of the artifacts with the strongest will power, its loyalty toward its master Ra was high, and it could maintain its calm to make calculated judgments. It was not an artifact that would easily be defeated by a human.

It would keep its pride no matter what he made it to do.
However, Anubis suddenly saw the world flip over. Ju-Heon had pushed Anubis over with his foot.

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly as if he wanted to see how long Anubis could last.

"Alright then, show me your belly and act cute.”


Anubis looked at Ju-Heon as if it was shocked. Sit! Hand, fetch! Those were bearable.

But what?

He wanted to see it show its belly and act cute?

An animal showing its belly was showing complete submission. Furthermore, acting cute in such a position was an extremely shameful act. But that was what he wanted to see?

But Ju-Heon just chuckled.

“Hurry up. Don’t you want to be restored? I’ll restore you all you want if you do this.”

Anubis was tearing up but laid down after hearing that.

‘How did I end up showing my belly to a human and acting cute?!’

It felt as if its pride as a Divine-Grade artifact was crumbling, but it had no choice.
It needed to survive in order to rescue Osiris and Set who ended up in similar positions and recover Ra's power from that thief, the motherf*cking crow, as well.

‘I can’t give up on life like this!’

A message popped up in front of Ju-Heon at the same time.

[The ferocious Anubis's pride has been cut by more than fifty percent. You can now contract with it.]
[You have already satisfied the requirements to use it. You will be able to use the artifact right away after the contract is completed.]
[Requirement: Strong conviction, cold judgment, near-death experience]

Ju-Heon then laughed as if he had been waiting for this. A tattoo of light appeared on Anubis's body along with the laughter.

That tattoo moved onto Ju-Heon’s arm and Toombglyph spelling out Ju-Heon’s name appeared on Anubis’s body as well.

He had successfully contracted Anubis!

However, Anubis, who had chosen to submit to Ju-Heon in order to survive, glared at Ju-Heon.

[Alright, human! I did everything you wanted me to do! Now restore me! Did you not call me out so you can use me?!]

Ju-Heon called Yoo Jaeha over as that was indeed the reason.

“Restore it.”
“Ah, yes sir!”

Anubis’s body started to shake in joy.

‘I can finally be restored! It was worth dealing with the shame and indignity!’

However, Ju-Heon would not let this artifact bastard cry tears of joy without doing anything.

“Ah, right. Don't fully restore it and only restore it to the point it won't die.”


Ju-Heon chuckled.

"What's with that expression? What is it? Did you think I would restore your powers to full strength?”

[W, what?]

“Hey doggie. You are my slave from now on.

I am going to make you work and restore you each time only enough so that you won’t die.”


"So, I suggest you be good and listen to my orders.”

Anubis started to cry. It felt as if it had been scammed for some reason.

“That is the leader’s room!”

Sasaki, who had been guiding them while avoiding other people, pointed to a building. This shrine building seemed as large as a gymnasium, and this seemed to be the leader’s area.

"The leader usually does not come out of there.”

Ju-Heon chuckled.

They just had to barge in if he didn't come out.

But the moment Yoo Jaeha tried to take a step!

“I knew you would come here.”

Lee Seol-A and the believers suddenly appeared as if they knew Ju-Heon would come here. They were in front of them, to their sides, and even behind them.

There seemed to be at least a couple hundred of them.

Lee Seol-A, who was thoroughly guarding the entrance, called Gildal out to threaten Ju-Heon.

“Looks like you've gathered some more people but I will not let you go if you take even one step forward.”

Yoo Jaeha, who saw Lee Seol-A for the first time, dropped his jaw as he shouted in admiration.

“Jackpot, she's a total babe!”

Maybe she was his type. However, Ju-Heon scoffed at him. It was touching to see the members of his old Tomb raiding team meeting each again, but…

“Don’t fall for her. She’ll take your soul.”

Lee Seol-A started to frown while looking at Sasaki.

She could not understand how Sasaki got out of the leader's hypnosis.

‘It shouldn't be easy to get out of Casanova's artifact's hypnosis.’

Had this man broken it?

Lee Seol-A's mind became chaotic while looking at Ju-Heon.

She was working together with the leader because it was beneficial to both sides, but she was one of the people who would be placed in a complicated situation if the leader's hypnosis was broken.

Ju-Heon tried to threaten the women at that moment.

“Step aside if you don’t want to get hurt. I have n……I do have business with all of you, but step aside for now.”

He would normally have no business with them, but it was different now. On the other hand, Lee Seol-A who was thinking things over bit down on her lips. The important thing was to take care of these bastards before they could get to the leader.

‘Protecting the leader is my way to survive.’

But at that moment…

“Why is it so loud?”

The door to the leader’s area that they didn’t expect to open suddenly slammed open. The man who usually never came out walked out.

Yes, it was the leader. Lee Seol-A was shocked that he chose to reveal himself.

However, Simon laughed with scorn while looking at Lee Seol-A who allowed the intruders to get here.

“You let them get all the way here. You're so useless.”
“No, this!”
“Shut up. I'll let the Chinese government know that you are useless. I'm sure they’ll kick you right now.”

Lee Seol-A glared at the leader but Simon just scoffed and looked toward Ju-Heon.

“Are you the one who came into my holy harem with dirty feet?”

He sneered at Ju-Heon while looking at him up and down.

He was just thinking this was another useless guy. Maybe he felt that he was a superior man compared to this punk.

“I apologize for greeting you with such useless fools. I'll take care of you myself.”

He then activated Casanova's artifact. The 2,000 believers who had been spread out all started to gather together. Their numbers were so large that just looking at them made a person feel pressure.

But there was more.

“Alright! Possess their bodies! Come, 2,000 soldiers!”

He used the necromancy artifact to have the souls of past soldiers possess the bodies of the believers.

The believers’ bodies flashed before the weak believers turned into strong warriors.

Their bodies had not changed but their gazes were different.

This was clearly because of the possession.

Simon started to laugh.
“Here are 2,000 famous soldiers of the past! You guys are just ants in front of my army!”

He snickered while telling them to take it as an honor.

“I will give you special treatment and let you die in a woman’s arms, you damn punk!”


“2,000 possessed soldiers?”

Ju-Heon scoffed as if that was nothing.

And then…

“Then we have 2,000 immortal soldiers.”

The ground split open as soon as he said that. Simon and the believers were shocked.

‘An earthquake?’

No, it was not an earthquake.


The ground was shaking so loudly as if the world was coming to an end!

Magma was flowing through the cracked ground as mummies started to crawl up. These were the strong Egyptian warriors who had protected the pharaoh.

These valiant warriors who were called out of the afterlife gave off overbearing auras.

But they weren't the only things to appear. Skeleton warriors and ghost warriors that seemed to be summoned from the depths of hell were showing off their auras as well.

Based on their armors, there seemed to be Romans, Spartans, Europeans, Chinese… Soldiers from all different eras.

There were also some Generals on horses along with the soldiers.

He had used Anubis to open the Gate of the Dead, not just the Egyptians but for all different cultures!

Simon started to shake in fear while looking at their overbearing appearances.

This was not at the level of his necromancy! This was not something humans could do!

Ju-Heon, who summoned the dead as if he was telling these human-type possessions to get lost, started to laugh.

“Listen carefully. You need to at least bring out something like this if you want to run your mouth. Got it?”

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