Chapter 93: Alright, fall for me (2)

‘Good, here’s a masterpiece that will make its mark on history.’

Ju-Heon who was done with most of the writing smiled in satisfaction. He was thinking this was a pretty decent erotic novel(?).

‘Something like this should make Rockefeller look like a chump and make people fall for me.’

Ju-Heon, who had that thought, quickly printed the text. Once he had the five or so pages of A4 paper, he called his subordinates who were working hard over.

“Hey guys.”
“Come read this novel I wrote.”

They were shocked.

“What did you say sir?”
“A n, novel?”

The thing he had been writing since earlier was a novel? They gasped after receiving the manuscript in confusion. How could they not?

< The Slutty Secretary - Master, I am Your Slave >

This clearly seemed like a title that needed a 19+ tag next to it!

They looked toward Ju-Heon with disbelief.

‘Unbelievable. The Captain-nim wrote this?’

It made no sense!

Seo Ju-Heon was an artifactphile who would pick an artifact over a sexy beauty without any hesitation.

But that person wrote what kind of novel?

A 19+ novel?

Did this thing even have adult scenes?

Yoo Jaeha asked with an extremely questioning gaze.

“Umm, Captain-nim?”
“What is it?”
“Does this…… Have those scenes……that we are thinking about?”

The Oh Seung Woo group focused on Yoo Jaeha's question as well. Ju-Heon just triumphantly laughed as if there was no need to ask such a question.

“Yes, it does have those scenes you guys are thinking about. Do I need to add some category tags for you to believe me?”

However, his subordinates became scared of him for a different reason at that reaction.

‘Just what the hell did he write……?!’

‘He didn't write a novel where the MC is an artifact, did he?’

As their minds all became chaotic…


Irene, who was left alone, spoke up.

Ju-Heon didn’t give her a manuscript for some reason, but Irene was very curious about the story.

It was because Ju-Heon had written it. She became curious about anything Ju-Heon did, whether that was writing a novel, painting a picture, or scamming someone.

That was why Irene slowly approached Yoo Jaeha and Oh Seung Woo.

“Umm, can’t I read it with you? What is the title?”

However, the men’s reactions were quite intense as soon as she got close to them.

“Damn it, please stay over there!”
“M, Miss Irene, this isn’t for you!”

They suddenly felt like they had diarrhea as soon as they ran away from her, but it was fine.

‘The Captain-nim at least knows something since he wrote about a secretary.’

The excited men started to read the novel once the pain disappeared. Ju-Heon smiled with satisfaction while looking at these perverted bastards.

Things were going according to plan based on their reactions.

‘I am fully aware of all of your preferences.’

Ju-Heon had been extremely upset that Yoo Jaeha had been brainwashed because he was Rockefeller's fan.

Why the hell did it have to be him and not some other author?

He felt that way even more after reading Rockefeller's book to see how amazing it was.

Rockefeller's novel did not meet Ju-Heon's expectations and it kept dragging on.

That was why Ju-Heon was confident in his work.

‘I will show you the difference in class.’

A few minutes later…

His subordinates seemed to be done reading as they flipped the papers over. Ju-Heon started to smile.

“You guys are already done?”
“Yes sir, we read it all.”
“And your thoughts?”

Yoo Jaeha smiled brightly at that question.

“It’s really the best. It’s the best erotic novel I’ve ever read!”

Yoo Jaeha who once dreamt about being an author as well wanted to compliment Ju-Heon so much that he almost started clapping.

It was an obvious reaction.

‘It takes skills to write a terrible novel like this.’

That was the truth.

Ju-Heon's writing?

Yes, it was good.

He knew about a lot of things and he must have researched on how to write as his writing skills were superb but that was all.

He sold off all suspense to Andromeda and it wasn't funny at all.

Furthermore, an erotic novel was trying to educate people!

How does that make any sense?!

Imagine turning on an adult video ready to please yourself and instead of the scenes you want to come up, it starts talking about politics or some other random thing!
It felt as if he was listening to a lecture on men and women’s purity for 100 minutes.

‘You'd turn into a Saint after reading the first line.’

What was the intentions of an erotic novel?

Why did people want to read these novels?

Would it have been different if he had not called it an erotic novel?

The problem would be even worse if that was the case.

No suspense or clear progression and the ambiguous conversations.

This made that novel about an invisible reptile seem charming!


That wasn’t the only reaction.

“What is it?”
“Umm, there’s a part I can’t get past because there’s a word I don’t understand……”
“What word don’t you get?”
“Umm, what does …… neumryeol 늠렬 (凜烈) mean?” [2]
“It means that it’s extremely cold.”
“What about……chisung 치성(致誠)?”
“Giving it your best.”
“And gihwi 기휘(忌諱)?”
“That means reluctant……but those are all things that come up in the first line of the novel. Are you saying you're still stuck on the first line?”
They started to cry instead of responding.

“Damn it, you damn restorer! How the hell did you finish this?!”
“Come on hyung-nim, that bastard is an Ivy League graduate. Of course he can read it!”

Yoo Jaeha scoffed in response.

He couldn't understand over half of it either.

Anyway, there was a reason this could be considered a candidate for one of the 10 worst books in the world.

‘How could he have such stellar writing skills but write a novel that seems to have come from an alien world?’

This truly was a talent of its own.

Yoo Jaeha couldn't hold back anymore and decided to bite the bullet.

“Captain-nim, you really haven't read an erotic novel before have you! Wait, have you ever watched porn before?”
“I have, but why?”
“Then why the hell is the secretary we are waiting for not there and you just talk about damn artifacts?! Are you fishing?”

Ju-Heon looked confused.

“She’s there. She’s the Tomb Raider's secretary.”
“Shut up! There’s just one line about her! She’s not even human! Damn it, the rope could probably write something better if I gave it a pen!”

Ju-Heon seemed completely shocked after hearing that.

He wouldn't usually be affected by something someone said, but comparing him to an artifact was like giving him poison.

Ju-Heon turned serious as Yoo Jaeha expected he would.

Most comparisons would be fine but he thought a damn artifact would write better than a human?

It was that bad?

However, the rope who heard its name grabbed a pen and started to move.

Master! Should I try writing one? Should I try writing one?

Ju-Heon looked at the rope and started to grind his teeth.

“Then what do I need to write to gain fans?”
“I looked into it and apparently something like this was popular with high school girls in the past.”

High school girls?

Ju-Heon became interested but soon ended up receiving multiple shocks.
It was because the novel that was said to be popular was like this.

[“You’re the first to kiss my lips --^ How are you going to take responsibility for it? ==^”]

Soh Eun-Yul, the strongest student, rubbed his lips as he became angry. ‘Why the hell?! It wasn’t my fault at all -0-;;; but it's best to beg in such a situation!’

[“I'm sorry ㅠ.ㅠ ah that damn motherf*cking class rep ㅡㅡ^ Wait no, I mean, I'm sorry ^^;;;”]

Ju-Heon received quite the culture shock and just said one thing.

“……I'm done with novels.”

This was not a territory he could replicate.

‘It’s an extremely profound world.’

So, he’ll just forget about novels.

‘Let’s just go explore some tombs.’

Ju-Heon gave up on becoming an author.

Of course, he could always write the famous novels from the future to become popular. But Ju-Heon was someone who believed the original owners deserved that fame.

His subordinates were relieved at Ju-Heon's decision but Ju-Heon started to think.

‘Hmm, then how would I gain followers?’

Yoo Jaeha smiled bitterly while watching him think.

“I know you’re trying to figure out a way. It’s disappointing, how about just giving up on upgrading the artifacts’ rankings? Politicians and Entertainment companies would not struggle so much if it was so easy to gain a massive following.”

But at that moment…

[The bizarre incident in Kyoto where only women are disappearing is still continuing.]
[This incident is suspected to be related to the nearby cult.]

[The base of this cult is extremely mysterious as anybody who tries to enter are all murdered by the female believers.]

[Furthermore, there is a large tomb inside this cult’s territory that is currently being investigated to see if there are any relations to the missing women incident.]

Ju-Heon's subordinates and Irene all had some to say about this.

“Wow, the leader of that cult is suspicious. Maybe that damn leader bastard is kidnapping the women.”
“It could be the tomb as well.”

Ju-Heon chuckled.

He had not paid any attention to this missing women incident because he wasn’t interested. But Ju-Heon knew the culprit behind this incident.

‘That’s definitely the harem artifact’s doing.’

It was obvious even if he didn’t know the details.

‘That cult leader used the harem artifact to kidnap women.’

He just ignored it because he wasn’t interested right now.

‘Even if I get it, it’s just an artifact I'd sell at a high price to a pervert.’

Ju-Heon explained and then men were extremely envious.

“Wow, a harem artifact. There’s only a sausage fest here.”

Yoo Jaeha flinched at that comment and raised his hand as if he wanted to ask a question.

“Captain-nim. I am going to ask a serious question.”
“What is it?”
“Does our Tomb raiding team have a ban on women?”
“No? What’s with the sudden question?”

Yoo Jaeha's face lit up and his eyes started to spar-kle.

“We’re at the age when we’d be longing for women. Please pick some female team members……and let us have some chances at some intra-team relationship……”

Ju-Heon started to laugh.

“I guess you have a ton of time on your hands if you can say such nonsense. Fine. I'll give you some more work.”
“N, no. It’s not like that!”
“Shut up.”
“Damn it!”

‘This wasn’t what I wanted!’

Yoo Jaeha sniffled and Ju-Heon turned toward Irene and smiled.

“What nonsense when you get to study with a beautiful lady every day.”
"Well, Irene, she!”

Yoo Jaeha was about to say something before he stopped himself.

Although this artifactphile wasn't interested, anybody could tell that Irene was quite interested in Ju-Heon.

‘I’m so jealous.’

Ju-Heon chuckled at that comment.

“Well, don't worry. There’s at least two women I'm looking for.”

Ju-Heon’s Tomb raiding team had two female members in the past.

But those two would probably not be interested in these guys at all.

But Irene immediately started to become curious about the two women Ju-Heon was talking about.

Actually, becoming concerned would be more accurate.

“Aww, then that means that this sausage fest is going to continue for a while.”

Ju-Heon just started to laugh at Yoo Jaeha’s comment.

“No. I'll let you see plenty of women.”
“E, excuse me?”

Yoo Jaeha questioned his ears at that moment.

“What did you just say……”
“I will use them to create my fans.”
“Ex, excuse me? I thought you said you weren’t going to write anymore……”

Ju-Heon smiled wickedly while they looked anxious.

“Why should I work hard to create fans myself?”
“W, what?”
“I just need to steal the fans someone else has gathered.”
“W, what did you say?”

Their jaws dropped.

What was he thinking?

“Umm, are you talking about swiping those women who are gathered together in that cult……”
“It's perfect. I'm concerned about the large tomb that appeared in that cult’s territory as well. It might be one of the 7 Great Tombs.”

They became anxious.

"Are you sure you are interested in the tomb?!”

Ju-Heon then got up regardless of what they had to say.

It seemed as if he was planning on adding the title of Monarch of Harem to his list.

1. Comparing it to the novel Invisible Dragon, famous in Korea for being SO BAD. If you want to give it a read… but do it at your own peril.

2. Left those words as is because 1. It is explained in the next sentence and he’s not that dumb to ask what extremely cold means. That’s the case with all words down below as well.

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