Chapter 83: Goodbye, first to be eliminated (3)

Keira felt as if she was going to go crazy.

It was still acceptable that she turned into a damn grub because of the artifact’s risk. But why did she have to get caught by Ju-Heon while looking like this?!

‘Damn it, I'm f*cked.’

She wouldn't be able to say anything if she turned into a medicinal ingredient like this.

As for Ju-Heon, he was smiling wickedly as if he was going to boil her and eat her.

“Hey General-nim, I never expected to see you looking like this.”

Yoo Jaeha and Irene were shocked after hearing that while Keira became frantic. It was all because of this motherf*cking rope!

‘I need to get away from this bastard.’

However, the rope that found Keira was swaying side to side as if it was looking forward to something.

Will you praise me now? Are you going to praise me? It moved to Ju-Heon's right and then to his left, back and forth.

And the moment Ju-Heon looked away from the rope for a moment…

Keira did everything she could to activate her powers.

Making a Divine-Grade artifact go berserk was gambling with her life, but it would still be better than being captured by this bastard!

‘All of you can die!’

But the moment Keira tried to activate the artifact’s powers!

Ju-Heon took out something unexpected from his pocket.

It was a bottle of soju.


He then twisted the cap open before throwing Keira into the bottle.


Keira who was instantly submerged in soju started to scream.


But nobody could hear her as she was a bug.

“Guzzle, guzzle!”

Keira who was submerged in soju couldn't help but swallow the alcohol. Yoo Jaeha and Irene couldn't help but blankly watch what Ju-Heon did.

“C, captain-nim?”

He seemed to have brought that to deal with Keira. That seemed to be the case as a message window popped up in front of Ju-Heon's eyes.

[The tyrannical goddess of war is starting to feel good because of the alcohol.]
[The goddess of war's tyrannical power is becoming weaker.]

Ju-Heon started to smile after seeing those messages.

Yes. All artifacts had their natural enemies. Her Sekhmet’s Artifact had one as well.

Sekhmet was the goddess of massacre who was sent by Ra, the greatest of the Egyptian gods, to destroy mortals who conspired against him. According to the myths, she liked alcohol too much and got drunk after drinking all the beer in the world and led to humanity being saved.

As this was an artifact that was born from such a myth, Sekhmet’s Artifact was weak against alcohol. Ju-Heon had used that fact in the past to kill Keira as well.

‘She got knocked out by beer so there’s no way she could stand soju.’

The Oh Seung Woo group had bought this when he told them to go buy some alcohol, but it seemed pretty effective.

There was more.

Ju-Heon who had placed Keira inside the soju bottle violently started to shake the bottle. The person inside was screaming.


Keira who now felt as if she was suddenly placed in a laundry machine ended up drinking a lot more soju.

“Hiccup! Hiccup!”

Ju-Heon looked at the dying Keira inside the soju bottle and started to laugh viciously.

“Alright, be a good girl and turn into grub-ju.”

And that was how the infamous goddess of war ended up falling unconscious.

“Your parents and your brother will be here soon.”

At the Holten residence…

Ju-Heon's group and Irene were waiting for the Holten couple and George Holten here. The Holten couple who were saved by the Herb of Eternal Youth were at a large hospital getting a checkup at George Holten's insistence. Of course, the doctors were just gasping in shock.

“My brother seemed to be fine as well.”

Irene seemed to be very happy thanks to Ju-Heon. Ju-Heon smiled in satisfaction as well. It was nice seeing a beauty like her smiling so happily, but a greater joy was waiting for him after this.

It was as if sweet honey was waiting for him after enduring so long.

He was looking forward to the reward he would get as a result of this long-term project.

‘The Holten family is on my side now.’

However, there was someone who was going crazy.

[Terrible terrorist Keira who destroyed New York City.]
[Keira did not appear at her hearing.]
[US, Decision made to expel Lieutenant General Keira Clark and put her on the most wanted fugitives list]

‘Wait, a terrorist?
Someone on the most wanted fugitives list?!’

Keira who Ju-Heon had toyed with for the past few days in the Holten family's annex was going crazy.

She could handle being toyed with by being thrown into a pile of grubs, being placed on a drying rack to be used as a medicinal ingredient, and even almost ending up as food for the Holten family's pets.

‘But expelled and a terrorist?!’

Keira wanted to complain to the president that she was innocent but she was a bug right now.

‘Damn it! Seo Ju-Heon!’

Keira cursed Ju-Heon while inside the soju bottle. She slammed into the sides of the soju bottle trying everything she could to escape.

‘They say that even grubs are talented when it comes to rolling!’

But grubs are talented in rolling was some bullshit.


The soju bottle started to roll around again.

“Puuuuu puuuuu!”

She heard someone sneer at that moment.

"What is this woman doing now?”

Ju-Heon was speaking as if he found her to be stupid. The rope artifact had picked up the soju bottle and brought it over to Ju-Heon.

Ju-Heon placed the soju bottle next to him again and looked at the rope.

The rope had not returned to its bracelet form for some reason and continued to roam around Ju-Heon. It had actually been doing this for a few days.

He didn’t scold it for not returning to a bracelet as it had been useful, but he had no idea why it wasn't changing back.

‘What’s up with this thing?’

The rope just continued to tilt side to side as if it was waiting for something.

Master, are you not going to praise me? Are you really not?

Ju-Heon who had no way of knowing what it was thinking seemed to be checking the time.

“It’s about time they showed up.”

The rope became upset.

It happened at that moment.

“Hand over General Keira-nim!”
“We are going to arrest the kidnappers!”

The TSOF had charged into the Holten residence. The TSOF who barged in through the main door seemed to have tracked Keira’s artifact down as they continued to search every room.

The Holten servants became anxious seeing the soldiers suddenly barge in, but Ju-Heon was welcoming them with open arms.

He had been waiting for these bastards on purpose.

‘You need to take care of the worker ants too when taking care of the Queen Ant in order to prevent any future trouble.’

Ju-Heon liked being thorough with his business. That was why Ju-Heon looked out before urgently shouting.

“Number 1!”
“Yes sir! Everything is ready!”

But it was at that moment.

“The bastards are in here! Get them!”

The TSOF seemed to be experienced in this type of thing as they looked comfortable entering the house.

‘There’s more than I expected.’

But as Ju-Heon became a bit wary and took out Hwarang’s sword…

“What the hell is this thing?!”

The rope started to flail. The rope artifact that had been roaming around Ju-Heon bound them up as if asking where the hell they thought they were coming.

The rope seemed frustrated for some reason.

Humans! Get lost! I'm angry! I'm angry!


Ju-Heon looked at the rope that had almost instantly taken care of the soldiers who had come in and started to laugh.

“Good job. You're quite useful.”


The rope froze in place after hearing that and looked toward Ju-Heon.

The rope looked at him as if it could not believe what happened before it started to shake in joy.

‘I finally got praised, I got praised!’

The rope who heard that single praise went berserk in joy.

I'm going to hear more of it, more of it!

“Ahhhhh! Save me!”
“This rope bastard! Aaaaaaah! My bones!”
“My legs!”
“Ahhh! My underwear!”

Of course, the TSOF bastards were the victims of its berserk state.

“Hand over General Keira!”
“We already know she’s here!”
"We will arrest the Holten family and all of you for unlawful imprisonment!”

Keira’s personal brigade had all come to the Holten residence.

They had received orders to get Keira’s artifact back, but honestly speaking, they just wanted their superior back.

‘We will definitely save you. General-nim.’
‘We can't let her get expelled like this.’

They wanted to save Keira and clear her of these false charges even if it meant they would be severely disciplined.

“Didn’t I tell you to hand over the General-nim right now?!”

Yoo Jaeha who was looking down at them from the top of the staircase whispered to Ju-Heon.

“Captain-nim, what are you planning on doing now?”
“Have you heard of Franz Kafka’s < The Metamorphosis >?”

Ju-Heon threw the soju bottle at them instead of responding.


They were shocked.

Ju-Heon threw the soju bottle out of nowhere so they wondered if he was attacking them, but there was a struggling bug inside.

The bug seemed extremely drunk and out of it.

However, she was filled with emotion at the sound of her subordinates’ familiar voices.

‘My subordinates. My praiseworthy subordinates came to save me…!’

She crawled to her as best as she could to respond to their loyalty.


Tang tang!


She was suddenly bombarded by bullets. The TSOF that had shot the bullets shouted in anger.

“Didn’t I tell you to hand over the General?!”
"Are you mocking us?!”

‘Your General-nim is right there.’

Yoo Jaeha felt bad for her.

As for Keira who was attacked by her subordinates, she coughed while covered in injuries.

‘These stupid idiots!’

Of course, it was her fault for only telling her close confidants about the risk.

‘It’s fine, I just need one of them to notice my artifact’s aura!’

There was one subordinate among them who knew about the risk. She just had to go to that one. Keira crawled toward her subordinates with that thought on her mind.

However, the soldiers continued to fire at the bug.

“We don’t need a bug like this!”
“Hurry up and hand over the General!”

‘It’s me! You damn idiots!’

Keira ended up a bloodied mess at her subordinates’ hands but her subordinates still had not realized it was her.

Ju-Heon chuckled while looking at the message that appeared above her.

[The artifact of war's risk is currently activated]
[Transformation will be maintained for 1 minute 48 seconds]

It was now only about a minute before that woman returned to normal.

Ju-Heon picked up a S-Grade artifact and started to laugh.

‘Your role is done.’

[The artifact of war's risk is currently activated]
[Transformation will be maintained for 30 seconds]

“I'll return your General-nim to you since you're asking so desperately. Just wait 30 seconds.”

Ju-Heon wickedly smiled and started to count.

“Are you messing with us? Fire at that bastard!”
“3. 2. 1.”

A bright light soon flashed.

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