Chapter 75: The Man who left to search for the Herb of Eternal Youth (4)

The problem was where he ended up finding her.

‘Why did she have to be somewhere like this…’

Ju-Heon was looking at something in shock.

Honestly speaking, it wasn’t difficult for Ju-Heon to find Irene.

The Hand of Midas gave off a very strong aura because it was a SS-Grade artifact.

Ju-Heon who was quite sensitive to artifact auras could easily find her.


‘Why a motel…?’

He was certain.

This was a motel. It didn't look like the motels in developed countries, but he was sure. Ju-Heon pressed his temples after getting a headache.

He had wondered if her risk had activated, but…

‘Did that sort of greed come out……?!’

Ju-Heon had an ominous feeling and urgently walked into the building. A black woman welcomed Ju-Heon as soon as he entered the dusky but clean building.

“Are you alone?”

Ju-Heon asked back in British English?

“Did a blonde beauty come here?”
“Ah, she did. She came with quite the infamous thug in this area.”


The black woman chuckled as if she was amused by Ju-Heon's response before handing him a key.

"Are you that pretty lady’s boyfriend? She's in room 304.”

Ju-Heon took the key as if he had no other choice and walked up the stairs.

It seemed that after growing up in an extremely strict and conservative family, Irene seemed to have quite the interest in men.

The way she kept hugging him was also an example to prove that was the case.

Anyways, it would be a bit complicated if she had seduced a random guy because of her risk. Ju-Heon quickly opened the door to room 304 as it was possible that a weird guy might attach himself to her and demand shares of the artifact.


And inside the room…

“Ahhhh! Aaah! Right there, ahhhh! That feels so good!”

A black man and a white woman were intertwined doing some lewd acts.


‘It’s not Irene…’

And forget being pretty, this woman couldn't even compare to the bottom of Irene’s foot.

Ju-Heon checked inside before clicking his tongue and walking back out. The man and woman in the room were shaking wondering what had happened, but Ju-Heon didn't care.

Ju-Heon then focused and started to detect the Monarch of Destitution's artifact. He thought that this probably would have been the best method from the start, but he quickly pushed that thought away as he felt the artifact’s aura.

‘This way.’

I hope there’s no guy in there.

Ju-Heon soon opened the door to room 405. It wasn’t hard to open the door. It wasn't an electronic lock, so he just had to break the door.


However, Ju-Heon scoffed after rushing into the room.

Yes, Irene was inside.

However, she was just sleeping on the bed tightly hugging Ju-Heon’s bag.

She also had a random artifact with her that he had no idea where she could have gotten it.

‘She truly is the woman with the artifact of wealth.’

She had brought over something that could make her money.

Ju-Heon laughed out loud and then started to shake Irene.


Irene twitched and started to speak.

“Hey miiiiister, I told you the answer is no even if you ask like that. I won't goooo with you.”

Irene was drunk.

She was extremely drunk.

Ju-Heon started to get a headache.

‘I guess the risk of greed this time was for alcohol.’

Based on her brother’s personality, he probably never let Irene drink, so this desire she was usually suppressing might have come out.

She probably came to the motel after drinking because she was sleepy?

‘I guess I should praise her for getting a room on her own.’

Ju-Heon continued to shake Irene who grumbled in a way she probably would never do before turning around.

“Miiiiiiister Ju-Heon tuwold me not to follow random peeople. So, I'm going to sweeeeep…mister policeman, mister pervert, bye bye…I will make both of you go bankrupt if you keep bothering me……”

‘What is this woman saying?’

Ju-Heon scoffed before poking Irene and asking a question.

“What are you doing here? And why are you hugging my bag?”

Irene's eyes opened wide after hearing Ju-Heon's voice.


She seemed to have realized that Ju-Heon was the person talking to her.

“Ah, it's mwister Ju-Heon!”

Irene then smiled brightly and jumped up toward him. Ju-Heon couldn’t help but be shocked.


It was because Irene hugged him and then kissed him.

She first kissed him on the cheek so he thought she was simply greeting him, but her soft lips had slowly landed on his lips. She smelled a bit like alcohol, but the delicious scent that only a woman could give off filled his nose.

Irene, who was pushing her lips against his, shyly pushed her tongue in as well. Ju-Heon flinched in shock for a moment, but Irene whose risk had activated did not easily let him go.

A quiet but quite sloppy noise soon echoed inside the room.

Irene smiled with satisfaction after a while.

“All done.”

It had happened in an instant.

Of course, Ju-Heon who had been attacked just scoffed in shock.

‘It felt really good, but this woman, she really…’

However, Irene soon slumped over in Ju-Heon's arms and fell asleep. He heard her quietly mumble thank you or something, but he couldn't really hear it.

She was probably extremely thankful that Ju-Heon cared for her and her parents.

‘My goodness.’

Ju-Heon just pushed all of this aside as it was her risk's fault before taking out his phone.

Now that he found Irene, he needed to call Irene’s guard who must be frantically searching for her.

‘I'll let Irene sleep here.’

But as Ju-Heon tried to call the guard with his phone!


Something Ju-Heon did not expect happened.


The sleeping Irene suddenly reached her hand and pulled Ju-Heon to her.

Ju-Heon lost his balance and fell over to end up lying on the bed.

He had dropped his phone as well.


Ju-Heon tried to pick his phone back up but Irene who was tightly hugging him as she slept was stronger than he expected.


Irene was now sleeping with her head pushed up against Ju-Heon's chest. He could smell a bit of alcohol, perfume or the scent of a woman as he felt her soft skin and her chests pushing up against him.

Thanks to that, his healthy 23 years old brain was saying, ‘look at this! It’s a woman, a woman!’ It was extremely excited.

Ju-Heon started to get a headache.

‘Damn it. I was going to go loot a casino to cool my head off.’

But what could he do?

This was restitution for using the artifact of destitution.

[Something bad has happened. General Keira-nim!]

Keira found it odd to see the woman on the screen.

That damn curse that turned her into a baby had finally ended and Keira was getting ready to capture Ju-Heon.

But she got a call from Ghana at that moment.

“You are… Mary Wilson who is taking care of things in Africa, right?”

[I am honored that you remember who I am.]

But Mary Wilson looked a bit odd as she saluted her.

"Was there a battle? You seem to be injured.”

[Ah, to be honest with you, I was attacked by a weird powder artifact…I was able to return to normal thanks to a voodoo priest in this area but the others are still in a zombie state…]

‘Zombie? Weird powder artifact?

Ah, is it maybe the zombie powder that Chairman Kwon had before?

I thought Seo Ju-Heon stole that artifact from him, so why is that in Africa?’

Mary Wilson started to explain what happened in Africa as if to answer her question.
It was the story about the two weird Asian men who had come to the casino.

Keira instantly looked like a vicious ghost after hearing the story.


It was because she immediately recognized the man Mary Wilson described.

“That damn moldy bread-like bastard.’

It was obvious after hearing the story.

It was that bastard, Seo Ju-Heon.

The artifact he used in the casino was probably the same one he used in the airport.

[Umm, those bastards might infiltrate your tomb, General-nim. Will it be okay? If the information about what is going on inside is leaked or if they are trying to take your artifact…]
“Don’t worry about it. You've seen inside the tomb as well. They can’t even reach that part without meeting the special conditions. Furthermore, I control that tomb so the situation is completely different than in Turkey.”
[Ah, yes ma’am.]

In fact, Keira focused on something else.

It was regarding the artifact Ju-Heon was looking for.

‘Why is that bastard looking for Xu Fu's artifact?’

Xu Fu had received virgin boys and girls, gold and silver, and even soldiers to go find the miraculous medicine, but he had not managed to return.

Rumors say that he became a Daoist immortal, he ended his life at Jejudo or became a king somewhere, but…

In the end, he received all of those things but never returned with what he promised.

Therefore, Xu Fu's artifact was something that made a lot of promises but never fulfilled them.

It could seem like a desirable artifact based on its promises, but the artifact itself was not very useful. It was because the risk was total shit.

So, why would he want such an artifact?

There must be a reason for it.

The sharp Keira was quickly able to come up with a hypothesis.

‘Is it maybe the Herb of Eternal Youth?’

There was the information from Edward in the past that the almond tree Chairman Kwon lost out on seemed to be a healing artifact for some reason.

Furthermore, the person who won the bidding for the almond tree was the Holten girl.

That wasn’t the only thing.

They were also unable to contact the Holten couple for some reason.

‘A healing artifact and the Holten couple who cannot be contacted.’

Keira got up as if she thought about something entertaining.

She was thinking that she could find Irene Holten’s weakness and use her and the entire Holten family for her benefit.

“Miss Irene! I was worried that something happened to you!”
“Damn it, do you know how scared we were because we couldn't call either of you all night?!”

Irene's guard and Yoo Jaeha were both saying things to Ju-Heon and Irene. However, the reason the two of them were angry were a bit different.

“You spent the night together, did any satisfying things happen?”

The guard became angry at Yoo Jaeha’s implied lewdity.

“How dare you say such terrible things. The Holten family will sue you. But please tell me nothing happened!”

Irene became anxious and told the guard not to get angry as Ju-Heon snorted.

“I'm not interested in being an animal who would jump on a drunk woman who cannot control herself.”

That made Irene sad while the guard was huffing that this was defamation of her character. However, Yoo Jaeha, as a man, had to seriously think about this.

Wasn’t it weird? A female client was drunk so he got her a place to sleep? Then, they were together all night but nothing happened?

It was fine that Ju-Heon was saying that. It could totally be true.


‘The fact that this scammer is the one saying that makes it lose all credibility.’

It happened as all three of them were having different thoughts.

“Hey, baggage carriers. Shut up, we’re almost there.”

Ju-Heon who was driving the rental jeep was looking somewhere with a pair of binoculars. The road wasn’t paved so the Jeep was shaking quite a bit, and it was still far away, but it was definitely located in the lush African grasslands.

‘It’s a tomb.’

It looked as if it was naturally made at first glance, but it was a large stone mountain. However, it was definitely a tomb based on the Toombglyphs and the aura coming out of it.

An urgent message popped up as they got closer to the tomb.

[Warning, you have entered a Tomb Appearance area where only young children may enter.]
[You will suffer a terrible risk if you ignore this warning.]
[Furthermore, this tomb has already been conquered by the Artifact of War. The artifact in this tomb already has an owner.]

Ju-Heon chuckled as he read that.

‘I guess that bitch Keira has already claimed it.’

It seemed as if she did not close the tomb even after gaining possession of the artifact. Usually, the owner orders the tomb to close after gaining the artifact as the tomb itself became useless and just remained as trash.

‘But the fact that she didn’t close it…’

That meant she was doing something in secret inside.

Xu Fu's artifact as well as the food-type artifact growing inside this tomb should both be inside.

Another message popped up soon.

[Entering a possessed tomb is considered trespassing.]
[Warning. This is not a regular tomb entrance.]

Ju-Heon chuckled as he read that.

Why would I care about any of that when I am a tomb raider?

Ju-Heon pushed down on the accelerator.

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