Chapter 68: It was just a bad match-up (1)

‘Test Irene's artifact?’

The sharp Yoo Jaeha seemed to have realized what Ju-Heon was trying to do.

“You’re not talking about using the destitution ability to f*ck them up, are you?”
“Yes. You're absolutely right.”

Yoo Jaeha could not close his mouth after seeing Ju-Heon's smile.

Although he was saying that, Ju-Heon actually believed there should be an artifact administration organization.

There needed to be an organization that could take care of artifact dealing, ranking, user handling, civilian protecting, and artifact-related laws, things that a country could not do on their own.


‘The current Pandora can’t be that organization.’

It’s members were a serious problem. It was also an issue that a terrible law was issued because of them, not allowing him to use artifacts.

“I need your cooperation for that reason, is that okay?”

Irene nodded her head at Ju-Heon's question.

She was happy to cooperate as much as he wanted.

Ju-Heon was her savior, and based on the broadcast, she would end up as a terrorist like this as well.

That was enough reason to cooperate, but…

“But Mr. Ju-Heon. I’m not very good at using artifacts yet…!”

Ju-Heon started to smile.

“That’s okay. Just do as I tell you.”

Of course, it would not be easy to handle a SS-Grade artifact. However, the basic methods were the same regardless of whether they were low or high grade artifacts.

Ju-Heon then calmly started to speak.

“There are Dominance, Affinity, and Fit when it comes to handling an artifact, but Fit is useless and you should just feed Affinity to your dog. So, just follow after me. You will be using your Dominance.”

Ju-Heon grabbed Irene's left hand and interlocked their fingers. It was so that he could suppress Midas's Artifact if it went berserk.

However, his hand movement felt very practiced and somewhat erotic that Irene became nervous and flinched.

“Ah, wait.”

Ju-Heon ignored her response, smiled, and started to speak.

“Okay, shout after me.”
“Ah, yes!”

Ju-Heon smiled as if he was satisfied with that response.

“Okay. First, ‘How dare a damn artifact!’
“H, how dare a damn artifact!”
“H, how dare a damn artifact!”
“Your voice is still too quiet!”
“H, how dare a damn artifact!”
“Good. Next. Artifact, submit to me!”
"A, artifact, submit to me!”

Yoo Jaeha had a suspicious expression on his face as he watched.

‘…Is it just me or does this feel like he’s scamming her?’

"We captured a total of 14 artifact users at the airport!”
“Reporting in! The artifact users resisted, but we were able to successfully suppress them!”

Pandora’s Colonel Morgan smiled after hearing the reports coming in.

“Good. We were able to protect the citizens from the dangers of terrorism thanks to your acts.”

The people who had taken over the airport had received the important first mission of announcing Pandora’s beginning.

They were to confiscate artifacts from civilians and punish the artifact users.

There was a simple reason for it.

They were using them as examples.

Humans needed to be dominated with fear, so they were severely punishing artifact users to make everyone else not even think about owning an artifact.

Furthermore, they were instilling the thought that artifacts were things they should fear and stay away from.

‘This should make it smooth sailing for Pandora.’

Pandora’s influence would be embedded deep into the world.

They were trying to scare people into thinking artifacts were disasters instead of tools to desire. Their plan was to make people support Pandora overseeing the artifacts without any question.

As for the part where they were supposedly doing this for the citizens?

‘They can eat shit.’

The artifacts they legally confiscated would be handed to Pandora's members, sponsors, and member countries in the name of protection. People associated with Pandora will use artifacts and receive significantly high annual salaries as well.

That was why they were shouting with all their might as they roamed around the airport.

"Artifacts are disasters that threaten humans, anybody using them are all future terrorists! Please cooperate as we confiscate all artifacts!”
“All you have to do is stand still. Pandora will take care of everything.”

They received a new piece of information through their wireless communicator.

[Reporting in! We have located an artifact not too far away! There are three people.]

They were using long distance search artifacts to investigate. Although there were many different search-type artifacts, they were mainly using inspector-related artifacts.

[Police Notepad belonging to Javert who could not catch Jean Valjean (B-Grade:Rare-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]
[Scotland Yard’s Inspector Lestrade’s Inspection Log (A-Grade:Treasure-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]
[The Sharp Eyes of the Woodcutter looking for the Bathing Fairy (B-Grade:Rare-Grade - Consumable Artifact)]

Of course, the investigation team had over ten other artifacts in addition to those.

Morgan who had easily arrested those other artifact users talked as if he found this to be ridiculous.

“There truly are many people who were hiding artifacts. Things could have been terrible without our Pandora.”
“That’s right. We must protect the citizens from the terrorists.”

Of course, they were more interested in benefiting from the artifacts than the safety of the citizens.

It was at that moment.

[Reporting in! One of the artifacts detected on the three people seems serious!]


[One person has an art-type restoration artifact, another person has miscellaneous artifacts and a sword-type artifact… But the last person seems to have an artifact related to wealth!]

Morgan started to smile after hearing that.
He didn't pay attention to anything else.

He was thinking…

‘Artifacts related to wealth are especially desired.’

Pandora had artifacts that they gave a high amount of points for bringing in. Naturally, artifacts that would benefit countries and the colossus would get high points, and artifacts related to wealth were one of them.

Morgan was someone who had risen to Colonel because of his pretty high artifact Dominance. As someone who was greedy to get an even higher position, he was overjoyed that he could earn some points with this.

‘We will get rid of them and steal the artifact.’

“Where are they located?”
[They are near Gate 4!]

Morgan moved the soldiers after hearing the location on the wireless communicator.

‘This is an issue that can get me promoted.’

They quickly moved until they located three youngsters.

The brown-haired boy who seemed to be around mid-170cms in height seemed innocent but the boy who was around low-180cms in height looked like someone who would punch you if you said the wrong thing. Then the skinny girl was so beautiful that his jaws dropped.

Morgan started to frown while looking at them.

‘The only thing that is certain is that one of them has the wealth-related artifact.’

They confidently pointed their swords and surrounded Ju-Heon’s group. They were all people who had received hellish training to deal with artifact users.

They were all artifact users who had enough physical strength to suppress other artifact users. Every artifact user inside the airport had been suppressed by them.

“Don’t move!”

The civilians screamed and moved away after seeing around fifty soldiers pointing their guns. Yoo Jaeha also raised both hands while shaking.

Ju-Heon was the only one not shaking during that situation.
In fact, Ju-Heon looked as if he was looking down on them.

“What is it? You're going to try to catch us?”

Pandora’s soldiers started to frown.

“Hand over your artifacts without resistance. Otherwise, you will be considered as terrorists and killed.”

Ju-Heon just scoffed.

“Under what authority?”
“This bastard must not understand his situation. This is based on international law. This is all legal! Are you planning on turning the entire world against you?!”
“The items in your hands are dangerous items similar to nuclear weapons! Hand them over right now.”
“This is all for the citizens.”
“We will question the three of you after that.”

Yoo Jaeha who had been holding back sneered as if he needed to say what he needed to say.

“Hey moron…I mean, hey mister. I get everything you are saying, okay? I get that you are working hard for the citizens, but this lady's artifact is stuck to her body so she can't put it down, okay? What are you asking her to drop?”

He said that thinking it was a way out, but the Pandora people did not budge.

“In that situation, we will move you to Pandora’s isolation facility. Based on the inspection results, you will either be completely isolated or learn how to use the artifact properly within Pandora’s facility. Everything is for the safety of the citizens.”

Although he was using so many words to say it, they would be forcibly moved to Pandora’s facility either way.

Irene would have to use her powers for Pandora if she ended up being dragged to the facility.

There was no way the three of them could feel good knowing the true intentions behind these bastards’ actions.

However, the Pandora soldiers triumphantly smiled.

“Now then, the woman can follow us while the other two can hand…”

Ju-Heon snorted at that moment.

“Get lost.”

The soldiers questioned what they just heard.

“What did you just say?”
“I told you to get lost. Unless you wish to die.”
“Hey bastard, how dare you say such bullshit!”
“We’re past the warning phase. Fire!”

They started to shoot once the command was given. However, something shocking happened at that moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


The area was suddenly full of screaming.

The weapons they tried to fire had exploded and injured the soldiers. They couldn't help but become anxious.

"Why did our weapons suddenly?!”

However, Morgan who realized the situation quickly started to shout.

“This is not something we can take care of with weapons! Quickly proceed to phase 2!”

They quickly took out numerous artifacts Pandora had assigned them. They were consumable artifacts that were only to be used if they could not suppress the users with weapons.


“Who did you say you were trying to capture?”

Ju-Heon laughed as if they were ridiculous.

Pandora soldiers definitely were all talented artifact users. Many artifact users were captured by them in the past. Quite a few were captured by them now as well.

However, Ju-Heon was an infamous artifact user among all those artifact users. It was normal for him to be chased and threatened as if he was on the International Wanted List.

He did not live such a soft life to be captured by these bastards.

‘It’s obvious Richard, Keira, or one of those bastards plotted to steal my artifacts.’

Ju-Heon threatened them instead.

“Let me give you a warning. Put your artifacts away instead of wasting their limited uses. Otherwise, you will get hurt.”
“Don't pay him any attention! Use them!”

The different artifacts started to roar and show their abilities after the Colonel shouted.

They were all strong artifacts as they were assigned to handle artifact users.


I see humans, kill them!
How exciting! Let’s kill! Let’s kill!


“Don't say I didn't warn you.”

Ju-Heon then peeked toward Irene. Irene quickly activated the strong Hand of Midas after receiving Ju-Heon's signal.

She was not using Midas's golden field but the destitution field!

A bright light soon flashed before the ill omen of disaster descended upon the airport.


And that might have been the day all those artifacts died.

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