Chapter 43:There’s someone who can fly above someone who can run (3)

The door was easily destroyed by the kick.


Yoo Jaeha screamed after seeing the intruder.

The person who entered was a handsomely tall man. He looked like a real cool and handsome dude, but he definitely did not look like a good person.

He had a knife in one hand and his smile looked like the smile of a mass murderer!

Ju-Heon sighed as he was both happy to see Yoo Jaeha and disgusted at what he had tried to do.

‘I got you now, you bastard.’

He was younger than in his memories, but this was definitely Yoo Jaeha. Ju-Heon was very happy to see Yoo Jaeha. It was the feeling of seeing an annoying but still lovable disciple or friend.

Yoo Jaeha had meshed well with Ju-Heon and a talented friend and subordinate, but he annoyed the hell out of Ju-Heon quite often because he would run like a bat whenever he seemed to be in a bad situation.

However, Yoo Jaeha was still one of the Chiefs he definitely needed to obtain. Restorers were necessary subordinates for monopolizers and Yoo Jaeha was a restorer with unmatched abilities.

However, unlike the happy Ju-Heon, Yoo Jaeha could only plop down on the ground as his legs grew weak.

“U, umm.”

Ju-Heon then asked a question like a jaguar looking at a deer.

“Where are my items?”
“Excuse me?”
“Where are they?”

Yoo Jaeha gasped and quickly pointed to the safe after seeing Ju-Heon point the knife at him.

“O, over there!”

He seemed to have been afraid of the knife. Ju-Heon looked toward where Yoo Jaeha was pointing. He could see an iron safe nearby. He was probably on his way to take it and escape by car.

“And the passcode?”

Yoo Jaeha rolled his eyes for a moment before answering.


Ju-Heon headed toward the safe without any hesitation. Yoo Jaeha scoffed internally as he watched Ju-Heon.

‘You stupid retard, do you think that is the right passcode?’

It happened as Yoo Jaeha looked for an opening to crawl toward the exit.


[The safe has been unlocked.]

Yoo Jaeha questioned his ears at that moment.

‘W, what?! The safe has been unlocked?

What the hell?!’

Ju-Heon who casually unlocked the safe was smirking.

‘7407 my ass.

Your passcode has always been 1028.’

Apparently it was the birthday of an AV actress he had a huge crush on when he was younger.

‘You stupid idiot.’

Ju-Heon had assumed he would be using the same code 15 years prior to that conversation. Ju-Heon was never planning on trusting Yoo Jaeha’s words anyway.

Ju-Heon's artifacts were present once he opened the safe.

Thankfully, they seemed to be the real ones this time.

Real or not, the person who was about to go crazy right now was none other than Yoo Jaeha.

And lo and behold.

“Damn it, hey! How the hell do you know my passcode?!”

His shocked beyond belief appearance was quite entertaining to watch.

On the other hand, Ju-Heon started to smile.

“How do I know? You blurted it out every time you got drunk, you bastard.”

Yoo Jaeha became extremely flustered.

“W, what? Y, you know me? Damn it, did I make another mistake?”
“Who knows?”

Yoo Jaeha stepped back after seeing Ju-Heon walk toward him with the knife up.

“Eek, don't come near me!”

Yoo Jaeha then tried to call the cops with his cellphone. However, Ju-Heon sent it flying with a kick before saying something to someone(?).

"What are you waiting for?”

The rope artifact burst out of the safe in response. The rope quickly flew through the air and bound Yoo Jaeha.

Yoo Jaeha who was now dangling in the air could only scream.

“What the hell is this? Damn it!”

Whether it was disappointed it wasn’t a woman or excited because it was a hot guy, this rope artifact whose gender was impossible to determine was tightly binding Yoo Jaeha.

Play with me, human! Play with me, human!

However, Yoo Jaeha was about to suffocate to death.

“Hey, let go of me! Hey! Ugh!”

The rope artifact then bound Yoo Jaeha’s mouth as well as if it was saying he was being too loud.

“Mmmmph! Son bi let mmph o! (Son of a bitch, let me go!)”

However, Ju-Heon debated for a moment while looking at Yoo Jaeha who had turned into a dried yellow corvina. It was because he knew it would not be enough to just make this bastard his work slave.


Because Yoo Jaeha was like a bat. He would wag his tail and go over to the other monopolizers if they promised him more money, and would sell Ju-Heon off as Judas had done if he found himself in any danger.

In the past, he listened to Ju-Heon who was Chairman Kwon's right hand man because Chairman Kwon had Yoo Jaeha’s weakness.

‘Well, I just need to use the Code of Hammurabi.’

However, there was something Ju-Heon had realized while fighting over artifacts in the past.

It was that money, power, and weaknesses could not buy a person's heart to completely win them over.

That wasn’t the only thing. Yoo Jaeha was a Divine-Grade artifact user. He didn't manage to get a Divine-Grade artifact yet, but he could easily escape if he ever found a good artifact.

‘That is why I can’t use force to make him submit.’

He was not someone that Ju-Heon was planning on throwing away after using once; trust was extremely necessary as he would leave his precious artifacts with this bastard.

However, it was impossible to teach this bastard a sense of loyalty. Maybe it was because Yoo Jaeha was stabbed in the back by someone he trusted, but he had ended up a twisted person who didn't trust anybody.

So, how could he make such a bastard follow him?

‘I’ve never tried it, but do I need to be gentle with him and care for him?’

It happened as Ju-Heon seriously thought about something that the normal him would never care about.

“You, f*ck, let me go! What did I do wrong?! It’s the fault of the people who are tricked! You bastard, turn into a damn eunuch! You retarded psychopathic bastard!”

His swearing that flew out like a waterfall made Ju-Heon smile brightly.

‘People really can’t try to do things they don't normally do.’

“My troublemaking subordinate bastard, I was trying to treat you well this time, but…”
“Haha, what f*cking non…!”

The former devil captain flicked his finger. The rope handed a fountain pen to Ju-Heon like an obedient child.

It was Shakespeare’s fountain pen.

[Shakespeare’s Pen (A-Grade:Treasure-Grade/Consumable Artifact)]

However, Yoo Jaeha who didn't know what artifact it was started to scoff.

“Ho. What, are you going to stab my eye with a pen or something?”

Ju-Heon started to write in beautiful cursive English on the canvas. It was as if he was writing an act in a play.

And then…

[Poor Yoo Jaeha (26 y/o) who is dangling in the air will suffer intense pain as if he was dying.]



Yoo Jaeha instantly turned pale.

An unbearable pain had struck between his legs. It only took a moment for what sounded like a dying pig to fill the gallery.


Yoo Jaeha could not breathe properly after a pain starting from the top of his head made his entire body feel paralyzed.

“Damn…f*ck! Damn, ow, ah……!”

The way he was groaning made it seem extremely painful. It was obvious that Shakespeare’s pen was impacting Yoo Jaeha. Yoo Jaeha had turned into the main character of a tragedy thanks to Shakespeare’s pen.

However, Ju-Heon who was calm throughout all this started to speak.

“Alright, one more time with something else?”

‘This devil bastard!’

The only thing that Yoo Jaeha knew for certain was that he did not have the upper hand. He didn't know what artifact Ju-Heon would use next!

‘Damn it, I don't think I can run away because of the pain!’

Yoo Jaeha who hated pain could only beg for survival.

“Damn it! Sir, I won’t charge you for the restoration. I'm sorry for tricking you! I, I'll do whatever you want so please don’t kill me!”

Apparently he was in enough pain to beg for his life. Yoo Jaeha who grabbed between his legs gave up before Ju-Heon could do anything else.


Ju-Heon then started to scoff.

“It’s only natural that you won't charge for the restoration. Go bring a contract.”
“E, excuse me?”
“An exclusivity contract.”

Of course, it would be called an exclusivity contract but be written like a slave contract.

Yoo Jaeha who was still holding between his legs as if there was still the aftershock from earlier was shaking. The reason for it was simple.

It was because of the contract he just signed.

Of course, it was fine to sign a contract.

He liked making money. Furthermore, the fact that this guy talked about an exclusivity contract must mean that he had no plans to harm him.

So, it was fine to sign a contract as long as he wasn’t in anymore pain, but…

“What kind of slave contract is this?!”

Ju-Heon calmly chuckled at Yoo Jaeha’s desperate shout.

"What is it? What’s wrong with it?”

Yoo Jaeha held back his tears as he looked at the contract.

It was an 8 page contract, but to summarize:

1. All restoration will be free. (However, travel expenses will be covered)
2. Will come whenever to wherever I call you. (However, transportation expenses will be covered)
3. The duration of the contract is for 10 years. (Contract auto-renews at the end) (Pension will be provided)
4. Can only take restoration jobs for the promisee (Seo Ju-Heon).
5. Will do whatever the promisee tells you to do and will not complain about promisee's actions regarding all things related to the contract.
8. The promisee and the promisor will both sincerely abide by the contents of this contract and will be punished by the Code of Hammurabi should they break the contract.

Such were the contents of the contract.

‘Do as he says? What is this, some modern-day slave contract?!’

Yoo Jaeha started to shout as if he could not hold it in anymore.

“Hey! Do you think this contract is normal?!”

Ju-Heon scoffed at him.

"What is it? You were the one who signed it. Did you not read it first?”

That almost made Yoo Jaeha go crazy. How could he thoroughly read through it when he was in so much pain?! He signed it because he was told to sign if he wanted his ‘son’ to be safe!

But the contents!

‘Nope, this won’t work, it looks like I need to report this bastard………’

Ju-Heon chuckled as if he knew what Yoo Jaeha was trying to do.

“You’re free to call the cops, but you know you are at a disadvantage, right?”

Yoo Jaeha started to grind his teeth. He didn’t know what it was, but there was this thing called the Code of Hammurabi. Although he didn’t know what it could do, but the contract said that he would be punished if he breaks the contract.

Yoo Jaeha could only continue to think about what he could do.

‘Damn it, why is the thing that disappeared from the Louvre Museum with this bastard?!’

Ju-Heon started to speak as Yoo Jaeha continued to grind his teeth.

“Think carefully as not everything in there is terrible for you.”

There were some parts of the contract that were indeed tempting for Yoo Jaeha.

6. The promisee will provide the promisor an annual salary of $50,000,000 should the promisor dutifully abide by the contract. (A bonus will be paid for every artifact restored)

7. During the duration of the contract, the promisee will be responsible for the promisor's necessities of life, safety, and health from illnesses.

However, Yoo Jaeha was still pulling his hair out. It was tempting, but Yoo Jaeha was not dumb enough to stick to this bastard whom he had just met.

In addition…

‘Damn it, how can I trust such a young bastard?! Chairman Kwon is a million times better!’

How could a weird thug compared to the Chairman of a global company?! It was obvious sticking with Chairman Kwon would be a more reliable option. He could extend his network and get anything he needed to succeed!

But he ended up getting dragged by such a weird bastard!

‘Damn it, I was going to partner with Chairman Kwon!’

He had played hard to get to raise his worth. However, his eyes sparkled at that moment.

‘Right. Chairman Kwon Tae Joon might be able to take care of this bastard for me!’

It happened at that moment.


Yoo Jaeha received a call. He became shocked after seeing the caller. His gaze then changed and he asked Ju-Heon a question.

“Can I go take a call?”
“Do whatever you want.”

Ju-Heon who let him go without any issues was tapping on the table as if he was deep in thought.

‘In order to capture this bastard's heart….’

It wasn't like there was no method.

But would it work?

However, Ju-Heon who came up with a method started to smile as if there was no need to worry about it.

He would only know if he tried it out.

On the other hand, Yoo Jaeha who had no idea what Ju-Heon was thinking snuck out to pick up the call. It was none other than Chairman Kwon who was calling him. Chairman Kwon was personally calling him because he had been playing hard to get.


Yoo Jaeha started to shout as soon as the call connected.

“Chairman-nim! I'll restore it for you! I'll do whatever you want!”

Chairman Kwon who had made the call became anxious. He wondered if this was the same guy who had played so hard to get just a few hours ago. However, Yoo Jaeha was desperate. He felt as if everything would be resolved as long as he could escape from Ju-Heon.

[What made you change your mind?]

Yoo Jaeha started to run as Ju-Heon might hear as he asked for help.

“I'll do it, I'll do whatever you want Chairman-nim, so please save me! I'll restore every artifact you want!”

[Save you? What do you mean?]

“Some crazy bastard appeared!”

[Who is it that is making you……]

It happened at that moment.

“Who else would it be? It’s me.”

Yoo Jaeha gasped.

Ju-Heon was standing there with his phone and a smirk on his face.

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