Chapter 410: Epilogue 1

“Fuck! He’s a damn bastard like his dad! He stole artifacts from my workroom again!”

Inside the large Penthouse Valhalla that was being used as Ju-Heon's house…

Jaeha’s shouts were echoing out of the eastern section that was mainly used for business.

This ironclad palace used to be a defensive fortress just for the Majesty, but Ju-Heon created a special area on the eastern section for talented workhorses…no, talented individuals Ju-Heon had selected.

It usually wasn’t too loud around here but that changed a few months ago.

Jaeha, who had been placed as the administrator of this entire area was going crazy.

It was because of the little young master who kept barging into his workroom at his will starting from a few months ago.

“I'm really dead if the Captain-nim finds out! Seo Ah-In! Get out here right now!”

He just heard a laugh mocking his shouts.

"What the hell? You were looted again? You retard.”

Jaeha frowned while looking at two people walking into his workroom.

The two people were Ilya and Julian who were visiting Valhalla for the first time in a long while.

“Damn, your workroom is so fucking huge no matter how many times I see it. Is this about 200 pyeong? I'm so jealous, pushover. You really made it in life. Should I have accepted it when the Captain offered me this place?”
“You’d just be stuck all day looking after the Captain's artifacts all day while eating dumplings.”
“It'd be a blessing if it was just the artifacts.”

Jaeha’s face turned angry as Ilya sneered.

It was because of Seo Ah-In.

“The Captain's damn son broke in again?”

Jaeha started pulling at his hair in rage.

“Fuck, it really is like father like son!”

That was right.

Seo Ah-In.

This boy was Ju-Heon's son who was born four years ago. He was a cute baby who just slept all the time but his appearance and action turned extremely mischievous ever since he could start walking.

“Shit, he ran off with the SS-Grade artifact I restored this morning! That one is dangerous! He could really die if he mishandles it!”
“Yes, someone could die. But that someone will be you in the Captain's hands.”

Julian clicked his tongue.

Seo Ju-Heon version 2.0 who looked just like Ju-Heon followed Jaeha very well.

Well, followed is probably the wrong word…

‘He must have realized who was the easiest to mess with at first glance.’

Ju-Heon believed in survival of the fittest. He was a scary father who said that he needed to raise his child to be strong whether they were a boy or a girl and threw a one year old to face a SS-Grade apocalypse artifact.

He was loved very much as well but how could a child not be scared after that?

He used to be a good kid who was always by Irene’s side but when had the trouble started… [1]

Ah-In started to get curious about artifacts once he turned four years old.

‘The problem is that he is only interested in the dangerous artifacts.’

Maybe it was his natural instincts leading him to be interested in strong artifacts.

Furthermore, he was more interested in destroying artifacts than using them.

“He’s a damn troublemaker like his stupid dad!”

It’s not like Seo Ju-Heon had any trashy artifacts on him.

The Majesty's personal restorer's workroom turned into Ah-In’s playground while the restorer was always angry.

“The Captain-nim put some defensive devices but I'm dead if he finds out it was stolen!”
“Man, you live being suppressed by the Captain's children as well. You poor bastard.”
"What?! It’s fine because the kids are cute! You're the poor bastard since you have a girlfriend but can't even hold hands with her! You damn eunuch!”

Ilya frowned.

‘Look at this bastard stabbing someone where it hurts……!’

“You bastard! I know that you've gone nowhere with Nina either since you're busy being the nanny for the Captain’s kids!”
“What?! I'm much farther ahead than you guys who haven't even been able to kiss for four years! Can you even say that you’re really dating?!”

Ilya almost plopped down on the ground after that sentence hit him like a strike to the head.

It wasn’t common for him to lose a battle of words with Jaeha, but what could he do?

He was able to reunite with his former lover thanks to Ju-Heon but their relationship had been unable to progress.

He just had happy days of hopeful torture that cruelly continued day after day.

It was because Galina, who was reborn through a holy artifact, was rejecting the devil artifact inside Ilya.

“Fuck, if it wasn't a holy artifact…!”
“Haha, I heard that you guys moved to a bigger house not too long ago. Did you move to a bigger place so you can sleep in different rooms?”

Ilya wanted to cry.

It was because Galina really did ask about using separate rooms.

She said it because Ilya seemed to turn into a perverted masochist after dealing with the pain for so long that he wanted to stick to her despite suffering serious burns.

Julian patted Ilya on the back.

“At least you can touch her for about five seconds now.”
“Shut up! Even I can’t send her to bliss in five seconds!”

Juilan just ignored that part.

“Anyway, that’s not important right now. The Captain will return from another dimension soon.”

Everyone's faces lit up.

"The Majesty is coming back?”

It was surprising because Ju-Heon was extremely busy.

Ju-Heon was the King of the Artifacts as well as the great and mighty recorder who was necessary for the birth and destruction of artifacts.

He had always been busy dealing with artifacts but he had recently become much busier.

It was because they had discovered a suspicious hole.

It was a gate created by an artifact. The Majesty and his rope had gone in and out of the gate because he was worried that the gate would threaten their world.

‘But it looks like he's still in the scouting phase.’

Nobody knew whether that hole was connected to the past, the present, a completely different world, or an area of nothingness.

What they knew was that Ju-Heon returned with all sorts of extraordinary things whenever he came back from there.

“Has it been about a month since we’ve seen the Captain? But it looks like he's coming back pretty quickly this time. Why is that?”
“Why else? It’s because of sister-in-law!”

Ilya nodded his head.

“Irene's due date is coming up, isn’t it? I can't believe this is already the Captain's third kid.”

That was right. Ju-Heon, who was now in his mid-thirties, already had two kids.

‘The shocking thing is that he had all these dreams of having daughters but they both ended up being sons.’

Anyway, this child would be his third.

Jaeha snickered while looking at Julian.

“Man, Kongming… Look at you being worried about him again after arguing with him and telling him to go die in the gate. I will take care of our Captain-nim even if you don’t pay any att…”
“No. It’s none of my business whether that damn Majesty returns or dies.”
“The important thing is the gender of the baby Irene is carrying.”

Ilya and Jaeha frowned at the same time. It was because they recalled Ju-Heon's extremely odd deeds.

“Now that I think about it, the Captain raided a shamanic exorcism artifact this time, right?”
“He bought peaches that cost 10 million won per fruit by the farmful, he gifted a school of flopping golden carps… he even did a bunch of superstitious prenatal things for the baby.”

It wasn’t that Ju-Heon didn't like that his children were boys, but still… He really seemed to want a daughter.

They recognized it when Ju-Heon found a Samshin Halmoni artifact and just blurted a bunch of girl names to her. [2]

"So shouldn’t it be a daughter this time? It better be after everything he did. What did the doctor say?”
“Similar to how it had been for the other kids, the baby’s innate power is too strong to use regular machines.”

They were all the Majesty's children after all.

Modern medical devices were destroyed by a mysterious power while artifacts ran away in fear.

Ilya gasped as he thought about what had happened in the past.

“I guess we need to wait for the baby to pop out to find out.”
“Man, I really want a niece.”

But at that moment…

“Dream on. It'll be a son this time too.”

Julian snickered.

“It’ll be another General this time.”

Both Ilya and Jaeha frowned after seeing Julian’s oddly certain smile.

‘Did this son of a bitch…’

“Hey… you didn’t…”

Ilya and Jaeha gasped while looking at Julian.

Their reactions were to be expected.

Julian had been saying since four years ago that the world would be finished if Ju-Heon became a daughter idiot. [3]

Julian had even said that he would even go find a male heir providing artifact born from countries that are extremely strict with the number of children and seriously do not want daughters to get rid of the seed of misfortune!

“You’re the reason for his two sons?!”
“The first son was your doing?! The second one too?!”

Julian sighed as he answered.

“It was extremely difficult messing with it without the great and mighty Seo Ju-Heon finding out about it.”
“Man, you’re going to receive some Divine Retribution!”

But they understood why Julian had done it.

“I definitely see the entire male population disappearing off the face of the Earth if the Majesty’s daughter ever got a boyfriend…”
“More importantly, the Captain-nim looked really scary staring at the pictures of what his daughter is expected to look like.”

That wasn't all.

Once he found out that Irene and Seol-A were pregnant, he had gone crazy. He would call the busy Kongming 24/7 to make presentations related to daughters, order him to make some new laws related to daughters, and even make him investigate potential future friends even before the children were born.

Julian remembered how Ju-Heon had worked him like a dog for all sorts of weird things.

But that was just the beginning. Julian truly believed that Ju-Heon having a daughter would be a disaster for him.

But the others were concerned about him.

“Man, but still… You’re dead if he ever finds out!”

Dying would be the easy way out. Ju-Heon would probably do much worse things.

At that moment…


[No, he should be fine.]


Nina had sent the message.

It seemed that she was stalking Jaeha and eavesdropping on the conversation as usual while hiding.

[The Majesty reversed the stupid things my idiotic brother did last time and the time before that as well.]

Basically, Julian’s plan had failed.

For example, when Julian used a boy producing artifact, Ju-Heon kicked it away as if he found it disgusting.

Other times, he would use the Akashic records to change it into a girl producing artifact.

The problem was that they were not very effective.

‘So she is saying that it was just a coincidence that he had two sons.’

The Majesty’s right hand man didn't seem to know that as he smiled wickedly.

“Anyway, we don’t need to worry about it this time either. I prepared thoroughly so it will definitely be a son. No, it better be a son.”
"Ah, our poor Kongming……”

How much stress must he have received from his liege that the pure hearted person changed so much?

He probably only used blessing artifacts and not curse artifacts based on his personality, but still…he had fallen quite far.

“Hey. Should we hope he has a son again then?”
“Well…… there’s nothing wrong with that, right? The Captain will love all of his children anyway. We should be relieved that he has only had sons until now.”
“But the Captain might really cry if he ended up with three sons in a row…”

It was at that moment.


“Jaeha oppa, are you here?”

Ju-Heon’s sister suddenly burst into the workroom.

Joy, who had become even prettier, greeted the other two before urgently holding up her phone.

“I got a call from the hospital!”
“My sister-in-law… it sounds like Irene went into labor!”

Their eyes opened wide.

“She already went into labor? Her due date is still far away, isn’t it?”

Ju-Heon and Irene’s families were gathering at the hospital.

The one who called them from the hospital was Seol-A, who had come to the hospital with Irene.

Based on what she told them, they had come for a regular check-up when her water suddenly broke.

George, who just got here, looked around.

"Where’s Ju-Heon? Has he still not come out of that suspicious tomb?”

Ju-Heon did not plan on leaving his wife and children like this.

He especially did not plan on it with Irene’s due date getting so close.

However, the gate that appeared was so dangerous that it almost swallowed a city.

Irene had sent Ju-Heon to take care of it, saying that she would be fine and that he should take care of it before something really bad happened.

Julian calmly responded to the concerned George.

“You don’t need to worry about that guy. He’ll be here soon.”

It will take him a bit but it should be okay.

Julian, who had sent a message artifact to tell Ju-Heon to hurry, turned his head.



They heard something break as well as some screams.

Julian's eyebrow flinched after seeing the spear that blasted through the wall and landed right on top of his head.

The team members could easily tell who had arrived based on this familiar sight.

Only one person traveled like this.

“How's Irene?”

Black smoke gathered together until a familiar face appeared.


Gungnir was whining and sounded as if it might be throwing up after rushing faster than it usually moved to bring Ju-Heon here.

Ju-Heon didn't care and just cast Gungnir aside to look for Irene.

Oh, he did say that he would fix this broken wall of the hospital later.

It was at that moment.


“Is her guardian here?”

Chloe, doctors, and nurses came out from the delivery room.

“How's Irene? What about the baby?”
“It could have been dangerous but it ended up fine. Both the mother and child look healthy.”

They all look relieved after listening to Chloe who had observed the delivery.

“That’s a relief!”

A relieved Ju-Heon tried to head toward Irene and the baby.


“Hold on!”

Someone asked a very important question.

“I, is it a boy? Or is it a girl?”

Ju-Heon turned toward the main doctor as well.

1. Now that it revealed Irene as the mother, I can say this. Irene in Korean starts with the character for ‘ah’ (Ah Ee Rin) so Ah-In uses the same character for ‘Ah’ but the English equivalent (Ian) doesn't fit the Korean style or the pronunciation, so Ah-In it is.

2. the triple goddess of childbirth and fate in Korean mythology

3. Ddal babo or daughter idiot is a Korean slang term for men who pretty much go crazy and will do anything for their daughters. Most men end up as ddal babos and it is believed I too will become one when princess rifle is born.

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