Chapter 399: Side Story 13 - Good News

Irene and Seol-A's jaws dropped at Ju-Heon's words. Actually, the rest of the team had their jaws dropped as well.

They weren’t just shocked at this surprise proposal. It was because of what Ju-Heon said.

‘Wait, what did he just say?’

‘Did I hear correctly just now?’

There was nothing wrong with their hearing.

“Hey! W, w, what did you just say? Both of them?!”

The first to speak was naturally Julian.

“Are you crazy?! Did you just propose to two…mmph!”
“Shh! He’s proposing right now!”

The others dragged Julian back and covered his mouth, but they were shocked as well.

They would normally not even bat an eye at Ju-Heon's actions, but…

“Holy shit, I didn't think he would pick one over the other, but he really did choose both of them!”
“I didn't see this coming…!”
“Hey Kongming, is this okay legally? Do they need to move to Egypt or something?”
“Well… They should be okay in England or Australia too if they get wed out of the country.”

It didn't really matter.

‘The Majesty is an exception to most laws anyway.’

This was just not an issue of privilege. Anything related to artifacts used artifact laws instead of regular laws.

The Majesty, as the person who controls all artifacts, followed the artifact laws most of the time.

‘Ah, I do remember the artifacts laws had something about marriage as well…!’

There were detailed provisions, but both polygamy with one man multiple women and one woman multiple men were allowed.

It wouldn’t be weird if the world would be willing to create a Ju-Heon multiple women provision either.

However, the righteous Julian seemed to be having a mental breakdown.

‘Even still! How can he so confidently and shamelessly say it?!’

Only one person did not seem as shocked. Chloe seemed to have known about this situation already. She knew who Ju-Heon was planning on marrying since the beginning.


She heard it directly from Ju-Heon. He came to her for advice about gifts, comments, and all sorts of things women would like.

And at this moment…

Irene and Seol-A were still standing there with their jaws dropped after Ju-Heon's surprise proposal.

Of course they were both happy that Ju-Heon proposed to them. They were so happy that they wanted to cry and jump for joy. They were the ones who had been dreaming about this moment the most.

They wanted to jump right into Ju-Heon’s arms, but…

‘B, both of us?’

Did they hear right?

“S, so you are proposing to both of us…?”
“Yes. To both of you.”

The two of their pupils looked as if there was a major earthquake going through after hearing Ju-Heon’s calm response. Both of them seemed to have realized something at that moment.

“Ah…! You're going to marry the one who survives?”
“I see!”

They instantly went into Battle Royale mode in their minds.

Their eyes flashed and they called out their artifacts. The team members foamed at the mouth at the scary sight of their artifacts about to go to war against one another.

Jaeha was especially anxious.

“Aaah! The Palace will be destroyed! It’s going to be destroyed again! Stoooooooooop!”

It was at that moment.

“Hey, who told you two to film Battle Royale?”

Ju-Heon gently grabbed their arms. The two women’s artifacts suddenly lost power, probably because Ju-Heon used his Majesty’s authority.

The palace calmed down and Ju-Heon looked at the two of them and added on.

“I want both of you to marry me like I said.”

‘Is he talking about polygamy?!’

"W, wait, Mr. Ju-Heon…!”
“Captain-nim! T, that……”

The two of them were looking at each other before they looked back at Ju-Heon.

The two of them were willing to do anything to be with Ju-Heon, but…!

“Please pick just one of us!”

This was an issue of their pride.

“I can’t accept this proposal if it is not for just one of us!”
“That’s right!”

They showed their firm resolves.

Ju-Heon nodded his head as if he understood.

“Okay then.”

He nonchalantly moved his hand to take their rings away. Irene and Seol-A were now having mental breakdowns.

They were sure of it.

Ju-Heon was really going to take back the proposal. The two of them screamed as the rings were about to slip off their fingers.

"W, who said I didn't like it?!”
“No, I don’t not like it! I like it!”
“Why? I thought you didn't want it. Give it back to me.”

An angry rope was bobbing up and down behind Ju-Heon.

Give it to me if you are not going to marry him! Give it to me!

Ju-Heon was trying to take back the proposal and the rope was trying to take their rings.

“N, nooooo!”
“N, not this! I will never give this up!”

Irene and Seol-A covered their rings and ran for their lives.

[Breaking news. The Majesty’s official wife-to-be has been revealed.]
[The Monarch of Destitution, Irene Holten, and the Monarch of Ghosts, Lee Seol-A, have both received the Majesty’s proposal.]
[The Majesty has proposed to two Monarchs…]
[The questions regarding if the Majesty is converting to a religion that allows polygamy or is acting this way because of an artifact’s risk is being spread around…]


At the Holten residence…

Irene’s brother, George Holten, silently turned the TV off. The butler and maids were extremely wary of his current condition.

“Umm, young master George?”

The staff were anxious after seeing the look on George’s face.

Anger, craze, or sorrow…

They would have preferred any of those. George’s current expression couldn't be described with such words.

‘He looks like a ghost.’

That was right.

His mouth was clenched shut, his eyes were wide open, the veins on his forehead looked ready to burst…he looked as if the power of his anger could make his hair fly up.

His face resembled the face of the ghost capturing ghost from Eastern Buddhist art.

It did not look like a human face at all.

“Umm, young master Geo…”
“Is it really Irene?”
“E, excuse me?”
“Is he really going to marry Irene?!”
“Y, yes sir!”
"She’s going to be his wife?”
“Y, yes……”

George’s artifact of torture went berserk. He had become the Monarch of Torture after receiving an Heirloom from Ju-Heon.

He was also the administrator for the Heaven’s Eye System. The ‘Judge Team’ he was on was responsible for punishing the bastards who broke the artifact laws.

Because of that…

“Arrest the Majesty immediatelyyyyyyyyy! I am against this wedding!”
“Y, young master-nim!”
“His crime is theft! I got in his way so much but he still took my sister away? And what? He wasn't satisfied with that?! He has one more wife?! Fuck, Irene might not even be the first wife?!”

Some people shouted at George who seemed as if he would shoot fire out of his mouth.

“George! You’re being too loud!”
“We can't eat because of your squealing!”

They were Irene's parents.

They scolded their eldest son saying that they could not enjoy their meal because of George.

Of course, the eldest son being scolded truly felt wronged.

“Father, mother! How can you be so calm after hearing this news?!”
"What's wrong? Why shouldn't we be calm?”
“Irene is going to get married!”
“What's the fuss? The Majesty came to discuss it a month ago. Did you forget that you were there?”
“N, no, at that time…!”
“Why did you spread some weird rumors about how he is going to marry the British princess when he told us?”
“W, wait!”
“Are you denying reality or do you already have dementia?”
“Father, mother! Okay fine! Let’s say that I am okay with the marriage! But he is taking another wife in addition to Irene! How does that make any sense?!”
"Well, I would be lying if I said that I had nothing to say, but what can we do?”
“Excuse me?!”
“Apparently it is the Majesty's risk.”

That was right.

That was the reason Ju-Heon was being a polygamist.

He had no choice but to choose multiple wives.

‘Did he call them the Majesty’s Guardians?’

The former Majesty also had multiple wives. That was partially because polygamy was more prevalent during that time, but it was also because of special artifacts.

The Majesty’s wives, as the Majesty’s Guardians, were able to use special artifacts given to them.

They could look like regular tools, a room, a building, or even living creatures. They were slightly different from the Majesty’s Treasures that Ju-Heon used.

Anyway, apparently it would make things difficult for the Majesty if they did not use those artifacts to guard Ju-Heon.

As the Majesty (artifact tamer), Ju-Heon was the most important person in the world right now.

This world would have already perished if it wasn’t for him.

As a result, pretty much the entire world was treating Ju-Heon as a precious treasure.

But things would become difficult for the Majesty? He would become weaker? He would have issues?

That would make the whole world freak out. That was why they wanted him to take multiple wives even if it was one Ju-Heon multiple women. [1]

“Our benefactor is a trustworthy man and he is already very close to Irene, so I am happy as long as Irene is the first wife.”
“We need to prepare some delicious food for our benefactor…no, our son-in-law. What should we prepare?”
"We need to prepare some gifts as well!”
“Holy shit, fatheeeeeer! Motheeeeeeer!”

George shouted with sorrow.

‘One Ju-Heon multiple women my ass! This bastard is probably scamming us all!’

Unfortunately, it was not a scam. There were indeed Treasures that only the Majesty’s wives could use.

June was explaining this inside a cafe.

“If his Majesty was taken out by the apocalypse artifacts and his sister became the Majesty, the situation would be the complete opposite right now.”
“Then Ju-Won would have been surrounded by husbands?”
“Yes. Partners are necessary for the Majesty to use the Treasures. Well, the Captain-nim just seems to want to make them his partners without even thinking about needing to use those special Treasures.”

Jaeha nodded his head.

“Well, both Irene and Seol-A are special to the Captain-nim…but why the hell do you look like that?”

Jaeha scoffed while looking at June.

It was because June had turned into a girl.

June responded with sorrow.

“His Majesty really restricted me from coming near him for trying to get rid of all women in the world……!”

It was trying out the rope’s suggestion.

Jaeha gasped before turning to look at Seol-A.

Her expression was changing every second while looking at the ring Ju-Heon gave her.

She looked so happy that she could die because she received a ring from Ju-Heon. But then she looked upset that she would have to share the Captain-nim with Irene.

These two expressions were taking turns in a loop.

“Just choose one or the other. Are you going to accept the Captain-nim’s proposal or not?”
“T, that……!”

Seol-A seemed hesitant.

The reason was simple.

‘I thought that I would never be connected to the Captain-nim.’

She was a team member who needed to protect her Captain-nim.

She chose to be his team member instead of his girlfriend when Ju-Heon gave her the chance in the past.

She believed that she would be happy enough just watching him from the side.

Well, she did tell herself from time to time that she would be okay being a mistress as long as she could bear him a child.

This was a chance that would never come back.

“Okay, I've made up my mind.”
“Ohhhh! Finally!”

But at that moment…

“Hey, you look good.”

Some unfamiliar faces came to look for Seol-A. Jaeha was shocked after looking at them.

“Uhh, uhhhhh?”

It was because they were people who were unfamiliar but also familiar to Jaeha.

‘These people are…?!’

“I heard that you’re getting married?”
“O, oppa?”
“You’re getting married to the Majesty? Isn’t it tradition to give some gifts to the wife’s family?”
“Hand over some money before we barge into the Majesty’s house.”

That was right. These were her family members, the ones responsible for Seol-A being forced to work for China in the past.

They were pretty much cancers.

Jaeha couldn’t help but drop their jaws in shock.

‘I'm sure the Captain-nim took care of them…!’

He didn’t know how they made it back alive, but they must have come here after hearing about the wedding.

And then….

"Even the Majesty can’t act this way. This is one of the major moments of a person's life.”
“How can he be so rude?”
“He should have at least given us a gold bracelet! He should have given us something!”
“That’s right. How can such a rich person be so rude?!”

Seol-A sighed. She was concerned that Irene would be inconvenienced because of her.

She also didn’t want to be a burden on Ju-Heon.

‘Should I just wish for Irene's happiness?”

Because of that…


Seol-A tried to take off her ring.

“You must be mistaken. I am not getting ma…”

But before she could finish…

Tap. Tap.

“Excuse me. Can I speak to all of you for a moment?”

Irene was the one to address Seol-A's family members.

1. It flows much better in Korean. They make a play on words with one man multiple women in Korean to change it to one Ju-Heon multiple women

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