Chapter 380: Ragnarok (2)

Julian flinched and shook in fear after hearing the voice.

‘This voice is…!’

And then….

There was a light chuckle and then an explosion.


The explosion was extremely strong!

He heard the noises right behind him.
The door that had been impregnable was destroyed in seconds.

The iron walls of the monsters’ castle that the other Monarchs could not breach had been ruthlessly destroyed.

‘What the……!’

Even they had had trouble sneaking into Valhalla.

It was different from the Druid’s Clocktower. That Druid’s Clocktower had been a castle with iron walls that had been created to Merlin's liking.

She used the Valhalla artifact to create her own little castle. It was a processed good of sorts.
It was just an imitation created by a human and not by a god, an inferior product might be the best way to describe it.

But this palace was different.

‘This is the real Valhalla.’

It was truly the palace of a god.

It had been turned into a palace of monsters by the apocalypse artifacts but it was the ruins of the Majesty’s palace from which he ruled.

“Such a ruin…!”

The intruder who broke the walls of this ruin picked his ears.

"The ruins of the Majesty? I thought it was some antique warehouse.”

Ju-Heon leisurely walked into the ruin. Julian was relieved to see that Ju-Heon was safe but he soon realized something and asked.

"What about the monsters outside?”
"Ah, those extracts?”
"E, extracts?”

Julian gasped after turning around.

“What are all those things?!”

There were corpses of monsters that couldn’t be distinguished anymore scattered around where Ju-Heon had walked past. They were slashed, ripped, and turned into liquid to the point they splatted around the ruins like wax.

That wasn't all. Ju-Heon had brought their extracts in bottoms as if they were healthy juices.

“Ho, hoho-”

Even if those monsters were the lackeys of the apocalypse artifacts, this was too much.

“We had to work our asses off to get in without running into those bastards……”

Ju-Heon just continued to pick his ear as if he could care less about that. Seol-A soon snapped out of it and shouted toward him.

"Captain-nim, Ju-Won…!”

Ju-Heon nonchalantly laughed.

“Yes, I heard.”

They then heard Jaeha screaming while catching up to Ju-Heon from the distance. Ju-Heon cracked his knuckles and his eyes flashed.

"That old bastard really sucked up to those apocalypse bastards?”

It was insolent but understandable. The apocalypse artifacts were extremely dangerous artifacts.

No humans were capable of handling them.

‘But I didn’t expect that old bastard to act this way.’

Ju-Heon scoffed and started walking farther into the ruin. Something shocking happened with each step.

"The palace……!”

This old golden palace…

The ruin that was dull from dust and moss started to change shape.

[We greet our king.]
[My king!]

Ju-Heon's every step made the palace change some more. The old and rusty decorations had their colors restored while the broken pillars and furniture started to be restored as well.

This was not the palace getting a face lift.

‘The time in the ruin is turning back!’

That was right.

The flow of time in this area was regressing. It was returning to the Majesty's era when everything in here had been radiant.

It was returning to that time with the memories of the former Majesty.

The proof of that was that the servants appearing in the ruin were bowing to Ju-Heon but Ju-Heon was able to walk past them as if they were ghosts.

This entire palace was like the ghost of the past. But these ghosts were able to influence the people of the present.

“Captain-nim! Watch out!”

One of the traps in the palace activated and attacked Ju-Heon. These were the extremely strong traps that Julian and the others had barely managed to dodge.

Steel spears that seemed to have recognized Ju-Heon as an intruder shot out of the paintings on the wall.

[Intruder! Get rid of the intruder!]

But the moment the steel spears struck Ju-Heon!


A spear that had aimed for Ju-Heon's neck broke. It crumpled from the tip all the way down to the handle.


Ju-Heon smiled and entered into the domain of the gods. Ju-Heon was now inside a large hall!

An urgent message popped up the moment this radiant tomb regressed to the past.

[Warning. It is the domain of the gods from here on.]
[You may not be able to protect yourself in here.]

The dignity of the gods and humans were said to be separated by the levels. Gods are always looking down at humans from above in all mythologies.

Hlidskjalf, the throne located in the highest spot, was one of those artifacts that symbolized the view of a god.

It was a place where the god could see everything in the world.

Basically, this golden palace itself was the Majesty’s almighty authority and power.

The former Majesty might have tried to use this power to enter into the domain of the gods as well.

‘It is located in the deepest spot of the palace.’

Julian urgently stopped Ju-Heon who was trying to head to where Joy would be.

"Wait! It is not an ordinary place up there! It’s full of apocalypse artifacts as well…!”

Julian and the other team members flinched.


An extremely bright light shot out from next to Ju-Heon.

[Calling out Chaos.]
[Calling forth the gate of destruction that will return everything to nothingness.]


A young man respectfully kneeling on one knee appeared with the light.

“My king, your loyal subject has responded to your summons.”

It was the Majesty's Cradle. June was speaking to Ju-Heon with sharp yet elegant movements.

The rest of the team gasped at the appearance of this familiar face.

“How did that kid…!”

At that moment…


[I smell the terrible stench of Seo Ju-Heon.]

Apocalypse artifacts burst out from inside the hall.

That wasn’t all. They could see hordes of monsters through the hole in the ceiling of the hall.

There seemed to be thousands of monsters.

They were not all famous disaster artifacts.

[We don’t need you, you bastard! We don’t need you!]

Black formless beings were squirming and releasing their malice toward Ju-Heon.

These bastards were the ones who were unable to be recorded in the Akashic records and had been forgotten by people through the passing of time. There were also some that had purposely been removed from history by the victors.

The apocalypse artifacts that had been causing chaos all over the world had rushed over after smelling Ju-Heon's scent.

The most destructive of the apocalypse artifacts soon revealed their fangs.

[That bastard Seo Ju-Heon really did show up again!]
[This arrogant son of a bitch doesn’t know his place!]

They were extremely triumphant after having captured Joy.

[But you’re too late. We’ve already finished the preparations to transfer the Majesty position!]
[We will kill you here!]
[It will be the changing of the throne!]

The monsters charged to attack Ju-Heon.

But at that moment…

"Alright, open the gate! Chaos!”
“As you command.”

June smiled and a golden light blasted out next to Ju-Heon.

June turned into a ray of golden light and shot up into the sky.

The long ray looked sort of like a rope and sort of like a squirming Dragon.

Then the moment the ray of light created a circle in the sky!


A gate appeared in the sky.


Dark clouds gathered in the sky and created a black dot that looked as if they were looking at the eye of the storm. The black dot looked like a tightly closed steel gate upon taking a closer look.

There were many long designs on the gate.

The clouds started to roar with this spot at the center.

The apocalypse artifacts gasped after seeing what was happening. These bastards all knew the identity of this strong power.

[H, hold on! This is?!]
[T, the Cradle! This is the Cradle!]
[It’s the Imagery world! Fuck, that gate has opened!!!]
[Fuck, Seo Ju-Heon has called out Chaooooooooos! We're done for!]

This was the world that Prometheus had tried to send Ju-Heon and the entire Great Prison away.

The Imagery world.

It was the ocean of birth where artifacts were born and died. This was Chaos, the place full of chaos, dust, and gas, a place full of human memories and imagination.

This Cradle was where all artifacts gained life to appear in front of humans.

Even the mighty apocalypse artifacts feared this place!

[Aaaaaaaaaak! No! Save me!]

They refused to accept this was happening.

[Fuck, it’s a lie! There’s no way that Seo Ju-Heon can use this artifact!]
[That's right! No human is capable of controlling Chaos!]
[He won't be able to open the gate!]

However, at that moment…

“I order you as the Majesty! All of you, return to dust!”


Something eerie happened at the steel gates on the black dot.


The long patterns that looked like decorations opened their eyes.


The gate of Chaos that had been tightly shut finally opened.


[Chaos is opening the gate of time and space.]
[The gate of destruction is opening.]

The apocalypse artifacts looked completely stunned. The gate opened and sucked in all of the apocalypse artifacts and released a vicious gust of wind.

[The dimension of birth, Chaos, is swallowing the apocalypse artifacts.]

[No! Hold on! Aaah!]
[Damn it! Seo Ju-Heeeeeeeeeeeeon! He even managed to open the gate of Chaos!]
[This is unbelievable! It's fucking crazy!]

The apocalypse artifacts that had tried to gobble Ju-Heon up were dragged into the gate of time and space instead.

They looked as if they were being sucked into a hurricane.

They tried to escape but it was useless.

[It is the order of the King. Return to nothingness.]

Mysterious ropes appeared out of the black dot along with June's voice. Those ropes were made of black aura and they squirmed like jellyfish tentacles to bind the bastards trying to run away.

[Aaaaaaaaaak! Save me!]

The apocalypse artifacts that had been destroying cities all around the world were sucked into Chaos.
These bastards who were trying to destroy human society and proclaim the end of the world were forcibly removed.

People around the world could not hide their shock as they watched.

“M, my goodness! The monsters are being sucked into there!”
“W, what is that?”
“Look over there, it’s Seo Ju-Heon! It’s Seo Ju-Heon who opened that weird gate!”
“What? Really?”

Jörmungandr that was wrapped around a building, monsters eating people, and even Armageddon that would appear for the final judgment was being dragged into Chaos.

The apocalypse artifacts’ asses were on fire as they tried to come up with a plan. They had no time to fool around anymore.

[Hurry! Activate the Akashic records before we are swallowed by Chaos!]
[That's right! Seo Ju-Heon is the one who opened the gate of Chaos! There will be no issues if we kill him!]
[Hurry! We’re in a rush! Everybody gather here!]
[The rest of you quickly make the Majesty switch happen! What are you doing?! Hurry up and use the Akashic records! That’s the only way!]

The high-grade disaster artifacts tried to do everything they could to stop Ju-Heon. But Ju-Heon just smiled and started walking.

One step, two steps…

He took steps into this golden hall without any hesitation, and…

[Damn it! Seo Ju-Heon is heading over here!]

The apocalypse artifacts who had Joy somewhere around here gasped.

It was because Ju-Heon was heading toward the only room connected to this golden hall, the place where Joy was imprisoned.

It was the place of the highest god in Valhalla.

Ju-Heon started walking up the golden steps connected to that room. The artifacts inside the room became anxious the moment Ju-Heon stepped onto the steps.

[It's fine. Hurry the fuck up!]

They urgently looked toward Joy.

[Alright, stop resisting! Hurry up and activate the Akashic records!]


The apocalypse artifacts that were choking Joy shoved the Akashic records toward her.

[Hurry up!]
[Hurry up and get rid of Seo Ju-Heon’s existence!]

Joy activated her Affinity and kicked the artifacts away.

[This bitch!]

“……Huff! Get lost. I told you that I can't do it!”

[Wait! You are the woman who has split a soul with Seo Ju-Heon. That means that you can handle any artifact that is contracted to Seo Ju-Heon.]


[Now hurry! Hurry up before we make you regret it!]

The disgusting apocalypse artifacts pervertedly grabbed Joy's legs. And as they were about to strip her…

"These fuckers want to get wrecked.”



The apocalypse artifacts holding onto Joy exploded.


Joy smiled while looking at Ju-Heon.

And the moment Ju-Heon blasted the door and entered into the king’s domain…


The large wolf that swallowed Odin burst through the wall.



Ju-Heon frowned.

[Your mistake was taking Odin’s weapons!]

Fenrir was the monster wolf that was said to have swallowed the almighty Odin during Ragnarok. Ju-Heon, who possessed Odin and quite a lot of Odin's artifacts, couldn't help but be vulnerable to Fenrir.

Fenrir opened its jaw wide knowing that was the case.

The Crow immediately went into defense mode while warning Ju-Heon.

[Warning. This is the worst possible match-up.]
[You must forgo your rights to Odin's artifact immediately.]

But as that message popped up…


Something shut Fenrir’s stout!

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