Chapter 38:What did this bastard say? (1)

Anubis was about to go crazy right now. It was because of this crazy human in front of him.

“Alright, hurry up and ask me the 42 questions again. Little black doggo.”

That was indeed the case.

Ju-Heon was using Muramasa to threaten Anubis. ‘Give me the test again because I will make you mine!’ That was what he was saying.

Of course, Anubis had no thoughts whatsoever about submitting to such a human. Furthermore, tombs never gave a test to the same human twice. No artifacts were generous enough to test a human who failed their test once already.

In simple terms, the bus had already passed by. But this bastard wasn’t satisfied with pulling the bus back, he was basically saying he didn't like the bus and would change how it looked as well.

So, it would be weird if he wasn’t shocked!

[You deplorable human bastard! You dare!]

“I dare?”

[That’s right. Asking me to test you again, do you not know that there is a rule that doesn’t allow us to test the same human twice?]

However, Anubis had to feel a terrible pain and scream as soon as he said that. It was because Ju-Heon started to scratch Anubis's bracelet with Muramasa as soon as he finished speaking.

‘Pain is the artifacts’ weaknesses.’

Although artifacts were sadists who enjoyed causing pain to humans, they could not handle much pain themselves. This was one of the artifacts’ weaknesses that Ju-Heon knew about. Other people couldn't hear the artifacts’ voices and would not know about this weakness because they cherished artifacts.

That was why Ju-Heon did not go easy as he scratched the artifacts.

Screeeech, screeeech.

Ju-Heon’s hand was moving like a craftsman cutting down gold or a fisherman slicing fish. Anubis's bracelet would not be cut because it was not made of wood, but it was extremely painful for the artifact. It probably felt like his body was being sliced with a saw.

As expected, once the metal, no, 99% pure gold dust started to scrape off the bracelet, Anubis screamed and started to cry. Osiris and Set who had been injured by Ju-Heon already shouted in shock as well.

[Human! Please stop!]

They were also crying as if they were experiencing this unbearable pain for a man together.

[F*ck, human! I told you to stop, you crazy bastard! Don’t you feel sorry for him?!]

‘Sorry my ass.’

“Haha. I’ll make a good amount of money gathering and selling these gold dust.”

Ju-Heon purposely started to saw away at Anubis's body even more cruelly. He would not do something like this normally, but you had to make do with your gums if you had no teeth. He couldn’t forcefully dominate a Divine-Grade artifact and he needed a test to earn the artifact.

‘I will not stop until he gives me the test again.’

Set found it extremely difficult to hear as the sound turned similar to someone scratching a chalkboard.

[Ahhh! Stoooooop! Do you want to receive divine punishment, you human bastard! Aigoo, that bastard will really die! He’s going to die!]

‘His body is going to get fully cut away!’ It was to the point where it would probably be better to submit to the human. Of course, Osiris seemed to be avoiding the truth or fainted in shock as he was silent.

However, Anubis was quite persistent unlike the other two.

[Ugh! You think I would submit to a human with just this?!]

Well, he probably could say such things because he knew Ju-Heon could not really destroy him.

‘These damn greedy humans cannot destroy artifacts.’

It was similar to how someone who was greedy for money could not throw it away or burn it. However, Anubis was completely wrong about this.

“I see. Then die.”

Anubis started to scream.

‘I'm really going to die like this.

How could there be such a human?!’

That was indeed the case. Most humans would never do something like this to artifacts. The greedier the human, the more they would cherish the higher grade artifacts so that they could use the artifact’s powers at least one more time.

In the end, Anubis quickly asked for a time out.

[H, hold on! Wait!]

Ju-Heon who was sawing away with the sword finally stopped moving his hands.

“Sure. Did you decide to give me the test again?”

He would have threatened the artifact to stop this damn mutiny if the weapon in the human's hand was an Egyptian weapon.

Although it didn’t have a 100% chance of success, Divine-Grade artifacts were able to talk to most artifacts from the same cultural area and influence them. However, Ju-Heon’s Muramasa was a Japanese artifact. It had never seen or heard about an Egyptian god.

That was why Anubis only had one option here.

[Fine. I will make a special exception and allow for a retest.]

A bright light flashed and the golden presiding judge appeared again. The scale of justice and the 42 jury members were the same as earlier as well.

The only thing different was the situation the two of them were in.

Anubis soon started to speak.

[The judgement will now begin. You will now be given 42 questions. If you can answer yes to all of those ques……ugh!]

Anubis felt another terrible pain and started to grind his teeth. However, Ju-Heon started to speak with an annoyed expression.

“You talk too much. Hurry up and move to the next part.”

‘This bastard!’

[…T,then here is the first question. [Did you never steal any………ugh!]

“I said to move to the next part but not for you to ask as you please, you bastard.”

‘Damn it, this human bastard hit me with intentions of killing me just now!
However, Ju-Heon just smiled and sternly started to speak.

“Hey, item. You shut up and ask the questions as I tell you. First question. Did you ever steal anything.”

[You bastard!]

Anubis could not handle this indignity anymore. The retest itself was unbelievable but now he wanted to change it to whatever he pleased?

Anubis started to shout as he could not hold back anymore.

[I cannot accept such a cheating meth……ugh!]



“I don’t like repeating myself. Repeat after me if you don’t want to die. Okay, did you ever steal anything.”

[Ugh…! D, did you ever steal anything…!]

However, Ju-Heon did not seem pleased as he lifted Muramasa in the air and started to frown.

“Your voice is too quiet.”

[F*ck, did you ever steal anything!]

Ju-Heon raised Muramasa again and started to shout.

“Get rid of the swearing and speak respectfully! Have respect for humans!”


‘I will definitely kill this human.’ However, Anubis whose body was shabby because of Muramasa's curse could only do the following.

[S, sir, have you ever committed theft?]

Ju-Heon finally had a satisfied smile on his face as if this was the 100 point answer.

“Yes, I have.”

A message window popped up in front of Ju-Heon's eyes.

[The artifact has felt severe indignity and its will has been broken.]
[The chances of the artifact resisting has decreased due to the broken will.]

Of course, Anubis who had instantly submitted to a human was about to cry. However, this artifact had only gotten past the first hill.


Anubis still had 41 questions to ask.

“Speak. The 38th question. Seo Ju-Heon-nim, have you ever stolen someone’s money?”

[S, Seo Ju-Heon-nim, have you ever stolen someone’s money?]

“Of course. You moron. Okay, next question. Senior Seo Ju-Heon, have you ever hit someone back in anger after they hit you?”

[Senior Seo Ju-Heon, have you ever hit someone back in anger after they hit you!]

“Of course, why would I just sit back and let them hit me? Okay, next question. The world’s most talented Seo Ju-Heon-nim, have you ever ogled a woman who was passing by.”

[T, the world’s most talented Seo Ju-Heon-nim, have you ever ogled a woman who was passing by.]

“Are you even a man if you don't look? Okay, last question. You figure out the title on your own!”

[T, the world’s most talented and most handsome Seo Ju-Heon-nim, have you ever lusted?!]

Ju-Heon chuckled and responded.

“Of course, it is natural for humans. If you understand, never ask those kind of questions ever again!”

Ju-Heon said that and kicked Anubis in the air as Anubis's bracelet started to shine. The tomb’s test had been completely cleared after passing all 42 questions.

A message popped up in front of Ju-Heon at the same time.

[You have successfully completed the tomb’s test in a magnificent way!]
[One of the three artifacts that manifested the Great Tomb Appearance has completely submitted!]
[You have perfectly cleared the Anubis's artifact’s tomb!]

The message windows disappeared and Ju-Heon grabbed Anubis's artifact from inside the shining light. It now looked like an ankh, a cross with a dome-shaped top. It was the item Anubis was always holding in the Egyptian wall arts.

A different message window soon popped up.

[Your dominance over Egyptian artifacts has increased after successfully making an Egyptian Divine-Grade artifact submit.]
[Your tolerance toward death-attribute artifacts has increased thanks to Anubis's artifact.]
[The Tolerance skill has increased to C-Rank.]
[You have received the title of < Great Tomb Appearance Explorer > and your Tomb Excavation skill has increased to E-Rank. Your understanding of tombs, traps, and missions have increased.]
[You have received the title of < Dishonest Excavator > and your affinity with artifacts has slightly decreased while your attributes as a Tomb Raider has increased.]

Many messages passed by and Ju-Heon shouted with Anubis's artifact in his hand.


Light flashed and a message related to the tomb appeared.

[A portion of the Great Tomb Appearance that has covered the world is starting to be destroyed!]
[The other two artifacts that helped manifest the Great Tomb Appearance have received severe damage as well. This has resulted in their inability to maintain the tombs and the Great Tomb Appearance will soon completely disappear from the world.]

The Egyptian architecture slowly started to crumble. Most turned into dust and flew away or became absorbed into the ground.

Ju-Heon grabbed the ragged Set and Osiris's artifacts as that happened.

‘I wonder if I can head out now.’

The crow had long disappeared from the tomb. He was concerned about the artifacts’ discussions from earlier, but Ju-Heon decided not to think much about it. The important thing was that the crow had helped him this time and that it had some type of special power.

‘You get whipped around by artifacts if you pay attention to what they say.’

Furthermore, he needed to focus on the bastard in front of him right now.
And lo and behold.

“You should have something to say to me. You old bastard.”

The person who crawled out in front of Ju-Heon was Chairman Kwon. Of course, he could only suck on his thumb and do nothing this whole time because he was stupidly being held captive by a mummy.

However, Chairman Kwon had clearly seen it. He had seen Ju-Heon clear this tomb and take three Divine-Grade artifacts. There was no way Chairman Kwon would not be greedy for them.

‘I need to take those away.’

However, Chairman Kwon’s greedy gaze was unexpected not on the artifacts but on Ju-Heon.

‘Artifacts are one thing, but this bastard is a talent that goes beyond my wildest imaginations.’

Ju-Heon had knowledge about artifacts that others did not have.

Not only that, he had the sense and skill to handle artifacts well enough to use lower-grade artifacts to take on higher-grade artifacts and the dexterity to pickpocket and steal artifacts. Furthermore, Ju-Heon also had something that allowed him to be fine even against his conquest artifact.

‘I need to grab him. Such a talented individual!’

That was what Chairman Kwon’s conquest artifact was telling him.

‘This bastard would allow me to easily gather artifacts.’

Yoon Shi Woo and lawyer Lee Jin-A were nothing in comparison. This was because he had seen some of Ju-Heon’s abilities, but also based on his strong instincts.

That was why he pompously started to shout.

“Young man, is there nothing you want?”

Ju-Heon tilted his head wondering what this bastard was saying, but Chairman Kwon's eyes started to sparkle as he continued to speak.

“As TKBM's Chairman, I will give you whatever you want. A high salary, status, talented subordinates, power, I can give you everything you want. I can even let you borrow my precious artifacts. I am also working with the government of many different nations and multiple colossus throughout the world. That will allow you to enter the tombs more easily.”

Chairman Kwon knew how it was.

He knew what kind of terrible thoughts, what kind of greed filled the minds of the artifact users right now. He had gathered people using all sorts of methods.

That was why he could confidently say the following.

“Artifacts will change the paradigm of the world. You are not someone who should be rotting alone like this. You should play in bigger waters. I want to help you grow. So, come work for me. Let’s sweep artifacts together and become leaders of the new world.”

This was the Chairman of a global IT technology company praising and reaching his hand out toward a simple thug. Chairman Kwon who was thinking that was the case thought that he was making an amazing offer.

However, Ju-Heon just scoffed at him.

“What nonsense from a stupid phone salesman.”

Chairman Kwon's reaction was quite the view.

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