Chapter 375: The Final Treasure (3)

Irene’s skinny body slipped right into Ju-Heon's arms.

The team members who were watching gasped in shock. Jaeha was the most shocked.

“T, this guy… Is he fucking crazy?!”

‘Actually, he might not be crazy. This is probably something every guy would have wished for at least once.’

But this was still wrong.

“Hey! No matter how pretty the Monarch of Destitution is, damn it, I'm so jea……no! You’re really going to get fucked up! This is not a joke!”

Jaeha still seemed worried for Ju-Heon.

There was a reason everybody ran away when the Monarch of Destitution appeared. Just being near her would put them in danger, so who would get so close to her?

The Crow's aura seemed to be twitching as well.

[Warning. An extremely strong power of destitution is descending on you.]
[This is at a completely different level. It is very very dangerous.]

Was it telling him to hurry up and move away? Even the rope that had turned into a ball of yarn slowly crawled out of Ju-Heon’s pocket and seemed to be smacking his legs.

But Ju-Heon just hugged her even tighter.

He could cop a feel if it was the other Irene, but he held himself back.

Another message popped up.

[You should probably stop hugging her right away.]

Ju-Heon just ignored it.

‘It's fine so just activate your ability.’

Ju-Heon's eyes turned red with that order. The Crow's power that he should not be able to use in this timeline had activated.

[Activating 50% of power.]
[Consuming the power of destitution.]
[Consuming the power of destitution.]

Irene, who had no way of knowing about this, was extremely anxious.

“Doing this will put you in dan…mmph!”

Ju-Heon just pushed on Irene’s small back and brought her closer to him again to shut her up.

Irene was truly flabbergasted.

Although Ju-Heon looked really weak because of tomb syndrome, his chest was firm and wide.

‘He smells good…’

Her face instantly turned red. Ju-Heon ignored her reaction and her eyes flashed.
He then reached his hand into Irene’s bag!

‘My Treasure!’

Irene flinched as Ju-Heon put his hand in her bag. Her power came out out of instinct.

[The power of destitution is reacting.]

Ju-Heon caressed her head as if to calm her down.

“There there, stand still for a bit. You're going to break everything.”

Irene was flustered for multiple reasons.

Her power of destitution wasn't working and she was being hugged by a man.

“Ah, found it.”

Ju-Heon pulled something out while saying that with an excited voice. It was a pair of panties inside her bag!

He then swiped that perverted stick from Irene’s hand as well.


“Please give it to me!”

A shocked Irene tried to take it back but Ju-Heon moved his hand out of the way and smiled mischievously.

“Oho, why do you want something like this when there is something better right in front of you?”

‘Something better?’

Ju-Heon laughed out loud as he broke the perverted artifacts in half. The broken artifacts started crying.

[Aigoo, sire! Siiiiiiiiiiiire!]

Ju-Heon then threw it to Jaeha and gave an order.

“Fix it.”
“Fix it, you son of a bitch. Are you deaf?”

Jaeha couldn't believe it. Ju-Heon had never put him to work like this before.

“Man, this guy fucking breaks it in half and wants me to fix it…?!”

He started sweating after seeing Ju-Heon's gaze.

“…I guess that’s understandable. It’s not that hard so…I'll just charge you 10 million won. No, just 1 million won is fine.”

Jaeha rolled his eyes as he grabbed the artifacts. He really didn't seem to want to touch it as he poked at them with a branch to restore them.
Irene glared at Ju-Heon.

"What are you doing?”
“I really need those things. Here’s your refund.”

Ju-Heon threw Jaeha’s phone to her as he added on.

“This son of a bitch’s bank password is 8407. Feel free to take as much as you want.”
“W, what? Hey!”
"As for how to remove the curse… I guess next time?”

Ju-Heon gently caressed Irene’s smooth cheeks before starting to move.
Irene’s pupils were shaking from his touch. As Irene subconsciously tried to grab Ju-Heon…


Everybody became shocked because of the sudden strong earthquake.


All of the birds in the country urgently started to fly somewhere. Actually, it wasn’t just the birds.


A shocked June was pointing at something.

June was pointing at a tree and the ground.

There were ants on the ground and pigeons in the sky all moving somewhere.

"Even the bugs…!”

The entire city was in chaos.

“Kyaaaa! What the hell is this?!”
“Aaah! Save me!”

Ju-Heon quickly looked at his artifact watch while wondering what was going on.

TKBM had its own system at this time.
He heard a voice on the watch.

[Warning. A tomb stronger than known warning levels has appeared.]
[The signs of the tomb are…]

The information about the tomb that TKBM’s system had analyzed appeared on top of the watch. A holographic image popped up with information as if the terrain had been scanned with a 3D scanner.

Ju-Heon’s face stiffened after checking the information.

‘This is?’

He was sure of it.

‘This tomb wasn't supposed to come out for a few years.’

It was a tomb that was supposed to come out pretty much right before he died. That wasn’t all.

[Warning. A mysterious tomb has appeared.]
[This is a rare tomb with no similarities to any tomb in the database.]

Ju-Heon frowned after seeing the information about another tomb.

‘This tomb is…?!’

It was to be expected.

"What is this tomb? I've never seen a tomb like this before…!”

Jaeha seemed anxious after looking at the activated TKBM system as well. He was checking it on his phone he grabbed from Irene and not his watch.

The analysis showed that the disaster level of this dangerous tomb was above anything they had ever seen.

Even someone like him who did not go into tombs that often could tell it was weird.

“What is up with these numbers?! They’re all higher than the max we’ve seen!”

Ju-Heon felt that this was odd.

‘These are all tombs that should come up later, just before I die.’

It was as if events that should happen years in the future were being pulled forward. The precursors and signs were all the same.

Even the news was reporting it the same way.

[Breaking news. Pandora has stated that a tomb that transcends the disaster levels has appeared…]

It was the exact same comments and the same male and female anchors.
And in a few seconds…

‘The man is going to die.’

It was at that moment.

[Kyaaaaaa! Are you okay? Somebody call an ambulance! PD-nim!]

The man foamed at the mouth and fell over as Ju-Heon expected. It was clearly a symptom of being impacted by Tomb Appearance.

Jaeha’s jaw dropped at this unbelievable sight.

The tombs had appeared in the Amazon and South America. There was no way that the effects of the Tomb Appearance would come past the Pacific Ocean.

“What kind of tomb is this…?!”

Ju-Heon received a message from a friend at that moment.

[Ju-Heon! What is going on?! My kid is sick but all traffic has stopped!]

‘As expected.’

The contents were exactly the same to the point it was giving him the chills. Ju-Heon became sure of it because of that.

‘It’s the Crow’s tomb.’

Someone was messing with things.

They were pulling up things that should happen in the future. As for the bastards who could do something like this…

[Warning. The apocalypse artifacts have started meddling with things.]
[The axis of time is being warped.]

‘I knew it.’

The apocalypse artifacts seemed to be doing their best to hinder him.

They wanted to make sure they got rid of him here. They needed that to happen so that they could pick a new Majesty.

‘I guess they must have realized that I was looking for the Cradle.’

There was no other reason for the apocalypse artifacts to be doing this.

The Cradle was the only thing that the apocalypse artifacts feared.

Irene was dragged away by her secretary who had followed her as well.

“Irene-nim! Hurry! It’s urgent!”
“Please wait…! I still….”

She looked toward Ju-Heon for some reason but Ju-Heon waved his hand to calm her down and let her know that it was okay.

Ju-Heon immediately inspected Byeon Kang-Soe and Ong-Nyeo’s artifacts.

[A strong aura of the Cradle can be felt from both artifacts but they are not the Cradle.]


Ju-Heon started to frown. He had expected this, but…!

In fact, he was feeling the aura of the Cradle somewhere else now.

“Captain-nim, this…!”

June was pointing to a thread that was dangling out of Ju-Heon's pocket.


It was the rope.


‘No way, right?’

It was at that moment.


Ju-Heon frowned while looking at the person who was calling him.

[Chairman Kwon-nim.]


Ju-Heon looked quite angry as he picked up. How had he forgotten to change the name of this bastard on his phone for this timeline?

"What do you want, you son of a bitch?”

Chairman Kwon was at a loss for words at this unexpected greeting. But he quickly snapped out of it and started speaking.

[You…are watching the news right now, right? You heard about that tomb that appeared in the Amazon?]

“So what?”

[There is apparently an extremely special artifact in there. Go get it. Then I will forgive you for everything you did. Don’t you need to protect your family and your team members?]

He was telling Ju-Heon to enter the Crow's tomb.

Ju-Heon laughed out loud.

“Eat shit. You're just a retard who would be a stupid phone salesman if it wasn’t for me.”

Ju-Heon was about to hang up as if he didn't want to waste his time.

But at that moment…

[Hold on! I already sent your subordinates there.]


[I know that your subordinates are talented but I don't know if they can survive in that tomb without their captain.]

Ju-Heon’s eyes flashed.

‘Is this the work of the apocalypse artifacts as well?’

Were they pulling the future forward to kill him?

Ju-Heon calmly hung up and tried calling his team members.


[The person you are trying to reach is currently unavailable……]
[I am currently on a work trip out of the country. Please leave a message…]
[Hello, this is Julian Miller. Please press 1 for legal advice, 2 for artifact purchase…]

None of them picked up.
Ju-Heon knew what this meant.

‘Did they already head for the tomb?’

They were most likely using Ilya’s devil to head over to the Amazon.

It was at that moment.

Jaeha, who was next to Ju-Heon, felt his phone go off.

[Vacation information]

This is a friendly reminder for TKBM employees and their vacations.

Employee number 384728, Section Chief Yoo Jaeha’s five year anniversary bonus vacation dates have been determined. The vacation starts today and will continue for 9 nights and ten days with a round trip plane ticket to Hawaii and all accommodations paid for by the company.

PS. Please visit the TKBM HQ before the end of the day. Otherwise, the vacation will be canceled.

“Huh? Vacation? Why all of a sudden?”

Jaeha seemed flustered at this unexpected vacation information. Ju-Heon frowned while looking at it.

The data of familiar tombs… This bonus vacation for Jaeha…
He was sure now.

‘This is the Crow's tomb.’

All of this had happened right before he died.

Jaeha’s bonus vacation should have originally come five years later. That was the reason Jaeha had not been a part of the team to clear the Crow's tomb.

Jaeha apparently got to live the life with multiple women in his arms while they were dying in the tomb.

‘Well, he apparently cried his eyes out and regretted things later, but…’

Jaeha saw stars at that moment.


“Ow! Why are you hitting me?!”
“I was just angry.”

A message soon popped up.

[It looks like an apocalypse artifact has arrived.]
[You must quickly use the Cradle.]

That was the only solution right now.

Ju-Heon immediately called out to June and Jaeha.

“Both of you follow me. We need to go somewhere.”


“Oh yeah, Hawaii! It’s Hawaii! And it’s freeeee~! Aloha~~”

Forget following him, the excited Jaeha was heading toward HQ.

“Oh yeeeah! Hawaii! Booze! Women! Partaaay!”

‘That retard.’

Ju-Heon's eyes flashed as he smacked the clueless Jaeha on the head.

“Shut up and follow me if you don't want to cry again.”
"Fuck, what the hell! No! My Hawaii… my vacation!”

Ju-Heon grabbed Jaeha and dragged him away. June quickly grabbed their things and followed him as well.

‘Just wait a bit. I will be there.’

The power coming out of Ju-Heon's body was slowly getting stronger.

As for Jaeha, he was flailing like an animal being taken to be slaughtered.

“No! Nooooooooo! My vacation!”

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