Chapter 37: Have you heard about Tolerance? (3)

[You seem to be in quite a difficult situation. You foolish human.]

Ju-Heon frowned after hearing the familiar voice. He couldn't see anything because of the black smoke, but he could clearly hear that voice.

And that voice definitely was…

‘That crow from that time.’

It seemed that only Ju-Heon could hear the crow's voice. The proof of that was the fact that the Egyptian artifacts had not noticed the crow's existence yet. They were just busy laughing at Ju-Heon who was caught within the powers of hell.

[Fall into hell! You human bastard!]
[There's no way for the living to defeat the dead!]

However, a different message was popping up in front of Ju-Heon's eyes.

[The crow's blessing has temporarily increased your Tolerance from D-Rank to A-Rank.]
[Your temporarily explosive increase in tolerance has completely healed the continuous damage that had not been visible.]
[Your flesh that has been rotting because of the dead has temporarily stopped.]

It was clear that someone had temporarily messed with Ju-Heon's Tolerance.

But who could it have been?

The crow started to speak again as if to answer Ju-Heon's question.

[We meet again, you lowly human.]

The voice itself was overbearing no matter how many times he heard it. However, it was slightly different than the other artifacts. Maybe it was showing goodwill to Ju-Heon, but it didn't seem to treat humans like insects like the other artifacts.

However, something like that was not important to Ju-Heon at all.

‘It is still one of the artifact bastards.’

Artifacts were enemies to humans whether they whispered sweet words to him or shouted arrogantly at him.

That was why the rational Ju-Heon only paid attention to what the crow was saying.

‘We meet again?’

That was the case. The crow was speaking as if they had met before. Of course, he remembered that bastard. However, this was not the past. That bastard should not know who he is.

The crow lightly laughed as if it was reading Ju-Heon's mind.

[There’s no need to wonder about how I can recognize you. I am one no matter what era we are in.]

It sounded like a riddle, but the smart Ju-Heon immediately understood what he meant.

‘It probably means that this bastard is connected whether it is the past or future.’

However, that only lasted for a moment as the crow continued to speak as if this was not the time to have such a leisure conversation.

[I will stop them for a moment.]

A bright light flashed at the same time. That forced the dead holding onto him to scream and try to escape underground.

Thanks to that, the three artifacts could not help but be shocked.

[W, what is going on?!]
[What else could it be?]

The three animals turned to look at a single spot after hearing that familiar voice. They saw a crow sitting on the Egyptian architecture.

The animals started to frown after seeing the crow sitting above them and laughing. It was because seeing this crow made them angry.

And lo and behold.

[Why is that motherf*cking crow here?!]
[Where does he think this is?!]

The artifacts’ responses were explosive.

[We clearly sealed him in that tomb!]
[How was that bastard able to get out here?]

Set growled viciously and Anubis quickly started to speak.

[Please calm down for now, sir. Let’s first take care of that human bastard……]

However, the viciously smiling crow released its powers as Anubis tried to make a move. Anubis coughed up blood and fell over after being hit by a strong attack.

The 42 jury members and the judge that Anubis had called forth disappeared as a result. His ability had been canceled.

That was why Anubis could only grind his teeth.

‘That bastard…!’

However, the crow didn’t care that Anubis was grinding his teeth and glared at him as he gave a warning.

[Stay still if you do not wish to get hurt any more than that. You guide dog of the underworld.]

That made Anubis start to shake as he continued to grind his teeth.

‘Who the hell is a guide dog?!’

However, the three Egyptian artifacts who were hit by the crow’s attacks could only shake.


It was because the power the crow just used was the power of the Sun God Ra, the greatest Egyptian god. He was a god that stood above minor gods such as Anubis, Osiris, and Set.

That was why the artifacts could only curse the crow that was using that power.

[That damn thieving crow bastard. He dares to use that power he shamelessly stole again!]

They were grinding their teeth even as their bodies were shaking. It was because they were afraid. Of course, that crow had been a regular Divine-Grade artifact like them in the past. However, it seemed to have gone crazy one day as it started to destroy other artifacts and gobble up their powers. Thanks to that, this crow bastard ended up something that a few Divine-Grade artifacts could handle on their own.

But the artifacts were even angrier at the fact that he had done it for the damn humans!

But that traitor bastard appeared again?

Set started to shout as he could not hold it in anymore.

[Enough! We need to let the others know about this! We need to tell them that the damn artifact predator bastard has reappeared!]

They didn't need to think long about it. Anubis was defeated, there was a crazy human bastard who wasn’t affected by their attacks, and this damn crow had appeared as well.

There was no reason to stay here anymore!

Set soon used his abilities without caring about his body being cut away. It was the same for Osiris as well this time.


The disaster created from the combination of Set and Osiris's powers started to head out to the world with Las Vegas at the center. Earthquakes started to destroy places again and the dead from hell in the form of mummies started to rise from the cracked ground.

They then shouted toward Ju-Heon as if they were mocking him.

[You stupid human bastard, we don't have time to deal with you anymore. Try to survive until the end, you damn insect!]

Something amazing then started to happen. The greyhound, the black dog, and the necklace shaped artifacts all disappeared as if they had been mirages.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue as he watched.

‘They ran away.’

He had expected it, but those three had not been their main bodies.

That was why it was the same as what happened with the gold-axe silver-axe. No matter how great they claimed to be, they were still artifacts, inanimate objects.

Unless they were creature-type artifacts, they were just useless junk that could not move without humans.

That was why they needed bodies they could move freely, making them create clones of themselves. It could be considered forms to contact humans.

It was similar to how the snake mountain spirit had come out and threatened him with the gold-axe and silver-axe. That snake was a clone of the gold-axe and silver-axe.

Similarly, those bastards were hiding somewhere while sending their clones here.

The crow was looking at Ju-Heon once they disappeared, as if they could finally chat.

[It looks like you are using the present I gave you to good use.]

He then squinted his eyes but Ju-Heon cut him off.

“Shut up, crow. I don’t have time to chat with you.”


It was as he mentioned. He didn't have time to deal with this crow bastard right now.

The shit that the trio of Egyptian artifacts left behind was gathering around him. Male, female, young, and old, all sorts of mummies were starting to walk aiming for the lives of the living.

Ju-Heon clicked his tongue as he watched.

“Damn, it’s like a zombie city here.”

The crow that was cut off commented out of spite for being cut off or to mock Ju-Heon.

[Human. You have already failed the tomb's test and they have escaped. There is no way for you to escape this Great Tomb Appearance they created now. You will die here in the end as well.]

However, Ju-Heon was not someone who would fall for such provocation.

“Who says there is no way?”

Ju-Heon stretched while looking at the slowly approaching mummies.

“Find the true bodies.”

Clones could not be far from the artifact’s true bodies.

That was why those trio of arrogant artifacts must be hiding somewhere around here as well.

‘They must be hiding around here controlling the mummies.’

It was simple what he would do once he found them.

“I'll have to force those bastards to listen to me.”

Ju-Heon knew how to do that very well. The crow chuckled and gave him a hint.

[Those bastards are hiding among those mummies.]


[But how would a lowly human find where the artifacts are hiding?]

Ju-Heon scoffed in response to the crow mocking him.

“I don't want to lecture to an item but I will tell you something.”

Ju-Heon took out the Egyptian priest’s knife from his pocket as he smirked.

“Don't look down on the humans who uses your tools.”

The crow laughed with satisfaction and Ju-Heon was able to look inside the mummies thanks to the activated artifact.

[This is driving me crazy. Why did that crow suddenly appear?]
[Who cares?! We need to first restore some of our strength and let the others know about this!]

On the other hand, the three artifacts who were recovering while hiding inside a mummy were angry.

[Did that thieving crow perhaps pick that human?]

It was not abnormal for that crow who ate other artifacts for humans in the past and stole their powers to help humans out once again.

[Seo Ju-Heon, does that young human have that much value?]
[What are you talking about?! If you consider just their dominance, that old bastard next to him had a much higher level of dominance!]
[Why would he pick someone like that?]

However, they decided to stop thinking about it.

They had been injured by Ju-Heon's Code of Hammurabi and then by the crow so they needed to focus on recovering their strengths.

‘There’s no way a human can find us anyway.’

How would anybody be able to find their hiding spot when there were so many mummies here?
Anubis had that thought as he picked a dark corner and tried to fall asleep.



He heard Set scream from a nearby distance. Anubis woke right up in shock.

He wondered what was going on but Anubis could not help but be startled after looking outside the mummy's body. Set's artifact that had been far away from him was now nearby, being stabbed by a Japanese blade and getting destroyed.

That Japanese blade was Muramasa.

It was a thug of an artifact that released a curse that became stronger depending on the strength of the enemy and increased its destructive power.

And that was not it.

Ju-Heon who took care of Set then headed toward Osiris next with a horrifying gaze on his face. He didn't pay any attention to the other mummies. It was as if Ju-Heon knew exactly where Set and Osiris had been hiding.

The artifacts could only scream in shock as a result.

[T, that human!]

How does he know where we are?!

However, they didn’t question it for long. It was because of the other knife in Ju-Heon's hand.

It was a double-bladed knife with Egyptian text on it and a black jackal symbolizing Anubis at the hilt!

‘That is!’

Anubis almost fainted in shock after seeing the knife in Ju-Heon's hand.

‘That is! That’s a blade that has my blessing!’

That was an Egyptian embalmer’s knife and Anubis was the god of funerals and mummies. In simple terms, this embalmer’s knife became stronger because of Anubis’s power that was nearby.

The embalmer’s knife that was stronger than ever thanks to Anubis's blessing was slashing away at the mummies with excitement.

All of you, die! Die!

Mummies were humans in the end. It was normal for it to be excited at killing humans, but the problem was that these humans were summoned by some Egyptian god artifacts.

In simple terms, it was excitedly destroying things created by its superiors.

Thanks to that, it was no wonder Set was cursing.

[Damn it! Hey! That’s one of your subordinates! What the hell are you doing? Stop it!]

However, Anubis's artifact had no idea about the identity of that artifact. Ju-Heon was hiding the artifact’s aura like a ghost and he couldn’t feel the presence of that artifact at all.

And in that slight moment, he heard Osiris’s scream behind him this time.


The second artifact was destroyed by Muramasa. Of course, Set and Osiris could not be completely destroyed as it was going up against Divine-Grade artifacts.

It was better to say they were being cursed and destroyed just to the brink of death.

Basically, they were in serious pain.

[T, That human bastard!]

There was only one left now.

Ju-Heon seemed to be treating the mummies charging toward him as if they were doctor fish coming for the dead skin on his feet as he moved forward without any fear.

Set shouted desperately from a distance.

[Stop him!]

However, Anubis had already lost a lot of strength already. Forget blocking the embalmer's knife, he could barely focus on restoring his powers!

He had no choice but to hand over his neck to the viciously charging wild animal.



An Egyptian-style golden bracelet flew up into the air once Ju-Heon slashed a mummy. Ju-Heon did not miss it and used Muramasa to slash Anubis.


Anubis felt a terrible pain at that moment and his mind started to falter.

[T, this bastard!]

The bracelet that was broken into two soon fell to the ground. Anubis was in pain, but Ju-Heon was not someone who would go easy because of that.

And lo and behold.


Ju-Heon stepped on the broken pieces of the golden bracelet as he started to speak.

“You're a Divine-Grade artifact, I know you’re not destroyed yet.”


“Alright then, shall we restart the test?”


Ju-Heon squinted his eyes as if he was planning on making sure to leave with Anubis's artifact.

“I'm saying start those damn 42 questions again. I'll answer yes as many times as you want.”


Ju-Heon was holding Muramasa and smiled as if he was threatening Anubis.

“But you will change the questions to the ones I tell you to ask if you do not want to be in pain. Got it?”

He would just change the test if he couldn’t pass the original one.

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