Chapter 344: What a great weather to teach a lesson (3)


John became anxious after hearing the scream through the phone. It was because the scream came with an explosion.

[What the hell?!]

It was definitely Henry's voice!

John urgently shouted to check on his friend.

“Henry! What happened? Henry!”

Unfortunately, the call abruptly ended.


He could only blankly stare at the phone. The priests coming out of the Vatican noticed John and asked about it.

“John, what’s wrong? Why do you look so serious?”
“……It seems like something happened over at Pandora.”
“I might have to go back to the US earlier than expected!”
“Wait, John!”

John had an ominous feeling about this.

‘I hope Seo Ju-Heon didn't do something.’

The reason he had come to the Vatican in Italy was to meet with the Pope.


Now that he had information about his past life, he needed to discuss Seo Ju-Heon with the Pope.

He had an idea as to how he got his old memories back.

‘It must have been the power of that artifact.’

Which artifact was it?

The Majesty's Treasures were said to be special items that could even control the fate of all artifacts and humans.

One of these Treasures was the < Majesty's Library >.

That Majesty's Library was the same artifact the Crow used to restore the memories of everybody on Ju-Heon’s team.

This Library was also known as the Akashic records.

It was a Grand Library where the records, history, emotions, memories…well, everything about everything in the world was stored.

Ju-Heon was able to return to the past thanks to that artifact as well.

The Crow had basically backed up Ju-Heon’s memories, emotions, and experiences stored in the Akashic records and installed it in the Ju-Heon 15 years in the past.

That wasn't all.

That library artifact was a place where things about people and artifacts were recorded, which meant that these records could be modified or even deleted.

Basically, the history of things that have happened and even the abilities of artifacts could be modified.

There was no way the monopolizers would not go crazy about such an artifact.

So, where was that artifact?
It was right here in the Vatican Library!

They were hiding it in their secret library!

But Pandora’s Executive Board was somewhere with people of all different interests.

That was why John had kept this information from Prometheus and his rival knights, but it was definitely here.

It was in this secret library that was known as one of the most restricted areas in the world and difficult for regular people to enter.

The entire library had turned into the Majesty's Library. John was in charge of handling both the throne and the library.

‘Well, I can't handle them completely since I am not the Majesty.’

He was basically just able to lick the surface.

Anyway, that was the reason John ended up being influenced by the Akashic records to the point where it would randomly send information into his mind.

He happened to get lucky that information about his past life had flooded in at one point.


‘Why did it have to be when Seo Ju-Heon sent Gungnir?’

It would have been great if he got that information a bit earlier. Then he would have been able to stop Seo Ju-Heon.

Well, it didn’t matter.


‘Please don't do anything stupid.’

He cursed his easy-going friend as he quickly left the Vatican.

As for Henry…he was foaming at the mouth.

“Ugh, I'm dying.”

He had burns all over his body.
That wasn’t all. There were soldiers groaning in pain around him as well.

“What the hell……?!”

It was an extremely intense explosion.

Extreme heat had burst out the moment Henry activated the key.

Henry was fuming with anger after losing the artifact and lying there with burns all over his body.

‘It must be that woman’s fault…!’

Sadly, he realized it too late.

Henry still couldn't forget how Joy had smiled as she brushed her hair behind her ear.
Her first impression was a bit cold and he thought she was shitty because she looked a bit like Ju-Heon, but the way that she smiled was so beautiful and lovely.

“Damn it, I was going to make sweet love to her all night…!”

His subordinates shouted at him at that moment.

“Henry-nim! This isn’t the time to lie around like this!”
“Yes, we need to hurry back to the R&D facility and fuck that girl up.”
“Are you okay sir?!”
“Ah, I'm fine. That girl is so dumb. An explosion like this is nothing for the knights…?!”

It was at that moment.

Something rolled over and sent Henry flying.


It was a burning wheel that was going berserk!


It was burning wildly while roaming around this 1km restricted zone.

This thing had come out as soon as he had activated the key.

The soldiers became anxious.

“Was that explosion just now because of this artifact too?”

It wasn’t Sleipnir that had gone viral lately.

They thought it might be some artifact from Japanese mythology because it was a flaming wheel, but…

“We know what that is! It’s Helios's Chariot!”

The wheel seemed to respond to it and suddenly turned into an unmanned motorcycle.


The berserk motorcycle then forced Henry on top of it. Of course, getting on top of an artifact wasn’t necessarily a good thing.


Henry ended up attacking his subordinates and the Pandora facilities!

“Aaah! What the hell is this?!”

It must have been set to carry the person who activated the key.

Henry wanted to cry.

‘Please ask me for any specific options you would like. I’ll put it in as a service.’

‘Really?! Something destructive! Something so destructive that it will instantly kill any enemies that touch it! Wow! It’d be nice to have something that burns up for the first time in a long while.’

'That was what he had ordered, but…!

“I didn't ask for a chariot like this!”

Helios's Chariot was known for being the chariot that the son of the god of the sun, Phaethon, had asked his father to use.

He was unable to control it and ended up burning up people and the land until he died by Zeus’s lightning bolt.

Furthermore, this was an artifact of disaster that was unable to be controlled just as Phaethon had been unable to control it in the story! It was a crazy berserk motorcycle!

The motorcycle crashed into Pandora’s buildings and Henry’s subordinates and put everything on fire.

It made his subordinates even more desperate.

“Henry-nim! Please get off it right now! We're all going to burn to death!”
“No! Since you are on it, please control it! This is your shot at getting a Divine-Grade artifact!”
“Are you crazy?! I can't control this and my body is stuck so I can't even get off!”
“Excuse me?!”

But when it rains it really pours as Henry then heard something even more aggravating.

“Henry-nim! This is bad!”
“Fuck, what now?!”
“Apparently Seo Ju-Heon has infiltrated the R&D facility! The emergency alarm just went off!”

He finally figured everything out.

‘Fuck, the two of them were working together!’

That was why a Greek artifact had burst out once he activated the key.

‘That bastard took all of the Greek artifacts from the Great Prison and used it like this…?!’

Henry realized everything and quickly tried to head to the R&D facility.


His flaming driving(?) was killing people left and right. The bike only hit Henry’s allies!

It was quite understandable since it was an artifact that knew how to cause the most pain to humans.

Actually, it might be because his Affinity level was high.

He started swearing in frustration.

“Fuck! Seo Ju-Heon had no problem driving something like this! Why can't I do it?!”

‘I can't even go back to the building like this!

The other bastards are all elsewhere right now too!’

That was why it was problematic.

“The Un-known we are producing is there!”

As for Ju-Heon, he was currently laughing in front of a room.


[You have discovered Un-known.]

He had just found the room where Un-known was being produced.

“So everything in here is Un-known?”

The Allenby couple’s expressions were quite the spectacles.

Ilya, who had quickly gone through the couples’ minds, let Ju-Heon know about the things he had seen.

That was how they ended up here. It was in a thoroughly locked artifact testing area, but…

The Allenby couple shouted at Ju-Heon who was doing everything he could to break the door.

"Stop it!”
“That artifact is not something a bastard like you can touch!”
“Yeah! Get your dirty hands off right now!”
“So loud.”

The rope instantly covered their mouths and even started choking them.

“Mmmmph! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmph!”

Michelle started to cry.

“Mommy, daddy!”

Ju-Heon walked over to the couple and smiled viciously.

“What did you say earlier again? The reason you tried to adopt the two of us was because of orders from above? From that Merlin or whatever?”
“You guys don’t know the reason? You guys are still ‘taking care’ of Joy because Merlin keeps giving you artifacts for doing it?”

Ju-Heon smiled brightly as they started to roll their eyes.

“What kind of fucking bullshit is that?!”

Gungnir was flailing viciously.

Ilya frowned, as if he was disappointed that he couldn't get more info for Ju-Heon.

“Captain, I can go into their subconscious to see more of their memories.
“No. You'll only harm yourself. It's unnecessary for bastards like them.”
“The copy of the Raven’s Tears is enough. That should give us more information.”

Ilya nodded his head.

“So we don't need to deal with that for now.”

Ju-Heon licked his lips while looking at the glowing Un-known.

“We need to hurry up and get this bastard out. The security devices have activated so they're going to come in droves soon enough.”

The couple looked toward their daughter at that moment. Michelle was slowly crawling to run away.



“Where do you think you're going? We need to go through your head next.”

Ilya used his long limbs to stop Michelle before he smiled in a way that gave her the chills.

"That experimental tube with Un-known in it. What is the passcode? Our Captain wants to know.”

Michelle was shaking in fear as she ran in the opposite direction.

She was thinking that this damn tomb raiding team must pick people based on their looks as this druggie looking bastard was oddly handsome as well, but…

He also seemed like a psychopathic druggie!

She felt as if she would be killed the moment she got on his nerves.

‘Fuck, where the hell is that pushover Henry?! The alarm even went off!’

Of course, it would not do much good even if he showed up in his current condition.

A desperate Michelle tried to do what she could to buy them some time.

“Umm, handsome aftermath clean-up crew oppa?”
“You make me want to barf. Don't act like we know each other.”

Michelle did not stop trying to act cute.

‘This should work well on all men.’

"Umm, oppa, your hair color is different from what is on the wanted poster. Did you dye it?”
“No? It’s because of an artifact’s risk.”

Ilya slowly walked toward Michelle.

“D, do you have any plans to dye it back?”
“Nope. The Captain likes this because it reminds him of the past.”
“T, then how do you use your devil artifacts? Pandora couldn't figure out the Fit requirements to use them!”

Ilya started to smile.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”
“……I, I don’t not have one…why?”
“Then kill that guy. You'll be able to use it too.”

Ilya’s cold gaze seemed empty for a moment. Michelle turned pale after hearing that.

“A, are you crazy? Kill my boyfriend? Really?”
“Of course not. You dumbass.”

Ilya smiled mischievously before breaking her chin.

He couldn't believe this stupid girl actually helped him achieve the conditions to use his artifact.

How so?

Freud’s artifact required him to chat with a person before he could activate it.

And then…


Michelle foamed at the mouth and fainted at the pain that was so intense that she wished she would die instead. Ilya cynically informed Ju-Heon as if he had not been smiling at all.

"The passcode is ‘incomplete treasure’ in Greek.”

Ju-Heon immediately entered the Greek for it. The experimental tube with Un-known finally opened.

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